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Some of y’all still don’t understand why I have such an issue with Octanakin and Ilian so I’m going to explain it in a little more detail:

The Problem:

  1.  Ilian literally serves no point to the plot except to further Octanakin’s story. 

The Evidence:

  •   We meet Ilian in Episode 4*02 (Heavy Lies the Crown), we see him standing in a field under ALIE’s control having killed his entire family. This is the setup for understanding Ilian’s vendetta against technology. 
  •  The next time we see him (still in 4*02), he is in direct contact with Octanakin. Octanakin and Kane confront the Trishnakru ambassador. Ilian expresses his need for vengeance to Octanakin, this establishes a connection between them on the basis of their shared need for revenge, it also reinforces his vendetta against technology. 
  •  The third time we see him (again in 4*02) he is once again in direct contact with Octanakin. They are waiting for the official challege from Trishankru to Roan. Ilian is aware that Octanakin has killed Rafael and he lets her know that he knows. Octanakin denies her role in Rafael’s death.
  •  The fourth time we see him (4*03-The Four Horseman) he is, big surprise, in direct contact with Octanakin. He takes the Flame and destroys it. One could argue that the destruction of the Flame moves the plot, but does it? Roan decides to cover up the loss of the Flame so no one knows about it. And we know that the Flame wasn’t actually destroyed and will probably make a return in 4*08 (with Gaia), but that’s Gaia influencing the plot, not Ilian. 
  • The fifth time we see him (4*05-Tinder Box) he finds and brings Octanakin back to Arkadia, but uses her as an excuse to complete his mission to rid the world of the evil that is technology. He saves Niylah and Octanakin from the fire and (instead of running away from the scene) he, for some reason, stays there and allows himself to be taken into custody. 
  •  The next time we see him is the first time he’s in a scene without Octanakin since his introduction, but his brutal beating at the hands of a mob still serve to put him in medbay, the same place Octanakin is. 
  •  Ilian and Octanakin being in the same place (medbay) allows her the opportunity to open the door so that the mob can once again gain access to Ilian, which allows her the opportunity to point a gun at Ilian (oh joy, another MOC, chained, on his knees and in the mud!!!), which allows her the opportunity to have flashbacks of Lincoln’s death, which means she runs off, alone, into the woods. Ilian is then freed by Kane and also runs off into the woods.
  • . When we see him again (our most recent visit with him-4*07-Gimme Shelter) he finds Octanakin in the woods on Helios. The acid rain forces them into a cave together and Ilian is used as objective for Octanakin to finally vocally emote about her feelings. This causes her to feel such despair (probably the reason Octanakin has been stonewalling) that she attempts to run into the acid rain. Ilian stops her and, in an effort to feel something, Octavia and Ilian have sex. When the acid rain clears, Ilian leaves, after offering Octanakin an opportunity to come home with him, but indicating that he doesn’t really care if she does or not. Ultimately Octanakin does choose to go to Ilian’s home, where I assume she will begin to heal more. 

So, as we can see above, every single one of Ilian’s appearances in the show is used to move Octanakin’s story line. Nothing that Ilian does affects the plot in any other way. He exists solely to be used as a conduit for Octanakin’s emotional state.

The writers have literally conceived and created an entire character for the sole purpose of supporting and evolving another. They then choose to cast a MOC in this role. Which means they have specifically cast a MOC in a role that’s only purpose is to support and evolve Octanakin. 

Octanakin, a character who has physically, verbally or emotionally attacked every POC she has ever come into contact with on this show. 

This is my problem with Octankin and Ilian. Even though it’s fictional, Ilian does not have the power in this relationship as he exists solely for Octanakin’s use (by the story). 

People of Color, do not exist for the enjoyment of white women. We do not exist to support white women. To evolve white women. To further white women. We exist for ourselves and no one else. 

How can y’all not see what the problem with Octanakin and Ilian’s relationship is?

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