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DCAF 2017: Aisling 2015 - 2017

I wasn’t sure about the BG so I put in the plain version as well

I wanted to redraw my 2015 mermaid series, because I really wasn’t happy with having traditional prints at my booth. They were sloppy, and despite being fun to make, they really don’t reflect my style at all. I’m so happy to have finished one, and that it was Aisling - my sweet, calm girl. 

She calms me down. 

Announcement: Mini Hiatus

Starting tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll be going on a mini hiatus from tumblr for a week or two - I’m leaving my ask box open but I’ll be closing my messages to people I don’t follow. Also: I have a queue that will last for a few weeks so don’t worry about lack of content from me, I just won’t be on for a while.

My reason: tumblr fucking sucks. it’s toxic, and constantly makes me feel like shit, so I’m taking a break until I can get my shit together. I also need to stop being nice to people who are rude to me. I’m always fake online for fear of being called problematic, and it’s draining. 

So yeah, don’t unfollow, I’ll only be gone a few weeks, and there will still be posts on this blog, I just wont be here.

Queue! Also just to warn you guys (because I know how y’all are about spoilers), there’s a fic by Samrull in the queue that has major finale spoilers so if you don’t want spoilers, read it once you’ve watched it. Unless you’re going to ignore me and read it anyways, in which case - don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉 - Tiff

I Should Hate You (Trixya) Prologue - Bramble

Art Meets Club [Chap. 2] - Courtney

Straightjacket Feeling - Chp.5 (Pearlet) by Scarlet

And All You See is Glory (Trixya) - Imogen

A story about love //Chapter 1// (Vatya/Trixya) - Polly

So Emotional (Sashea) - Samrull

170624 SWCV at BKK

The standing area cleared about the first 100 queue numbers when the rain started. I don’t understand Thai but the shawol in front of me told her friend “… … SHINee” in a matter of fact tone and I laughed. She looked at me and said “You know what I mean, right?” and I agreed.

It’s an international language now: SHINee brings the rain where ever they go.

Omg I get a surprise mini camping trip!! I thought I wasn’t going to be able to, but my coworker took my shift at the last minute, so I’m leaving tomorrow morning and camping one night with my roommate & his boyfriend. YAAAAAY. So if I do what I’m supposed to and, like, pack, you shouldn’t see much of me til Monday. Enjoy the queue… :p

Lmao I have basically failed at poly week *headdesk* But I can’t help that I got so sick…UGHH. Anyway now I’m planning for the ~shitbang~ which will either be extremely smutty AMDAO-verse or extremely fluffy stoned!otapliroy cuddles and kisses. Let’s see if inspiration strikes while I’m camping huh? XD