on the plus side i like the colours

dan and phil tour bus bed theory

this has probably been covered like a quadrillion times but here we are!!!! hello!!!

so like ever since dnp released the tour bus tour video (on i think phil’s channel) people have been thinking that dnp shared the same bed, the bed that phil “won” in the rock paper scissors battle.

and of course, a lot of people have denied this happened but like there’s so much proof lol???

here’s some if you don’t believe me

(if you use these photos, please credit me)

also, you see that side table with the tissues, water bottle, phil’s earplugs (yeah don’t ask how i know that) and the remote? yeah, remember that table?

see that? they exactly match.

plus, i was going to compare the remotes but you can’t see the colours on the buttons of the right remote. but they did have loads of dvd players so there would be many remotes anyway.

also, one more little tiny thing..

okay that’s it

if u have any more things to add! pls do!!! 


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dude did u even R E A D kosme's callouts she's done some bad shit

This is the only one I found: https://kosmecallout.tumblr.com/post/155030521417/callout-for-kosme and the link on it to another callout doesn’t work (it just sends me to an ad, idk if it’s a problem on my end or with the link).

…and the first thing on there is a Snow filter being called yellowface. I use those filters, they’re not yellowface, they just make your eyes look bigger and your face look smaller. They’re just cute.

Okay, here’s the thing, the problem with blackface is that it’s got a cultural history of being used to insult and mock black people via caricature, so when someone paints their face black or brown in that style and for the sole purpose of being a black caricature it’s bad, but when someone paints their face black because of a separate cultural practice (ie Morris dancers here paint their faces because the miners who used to dance painted their faces black with coal, to help people focus on the bright colours and movement of the dance rather than individual people or faces) or paints themselves for a cosplay (like the person who cosplayed Garnet) it’s an entirely different scenario and it’s not blackface, and when someone tans or uses fake tan it’s definitely not blackface. It’s also not blackface to wear clothing or makeup that is popular among black people, and so wearing clothing or makeup that is popular among Asian people is not yellowface… and using a face morphing feature on a popular app definitely isn’t.

Before I go on, I just want to say that it doesn’t matter what this girl has done - there is absolutely no excuse to stalk and harass someone irl.

Moving on with the callout post.

Oh it has links explaining why Snow is yellowface! Let’s see…

1. It’s kawaii and an Asian person says so.

2. It’s “imitating” people who are striving for features they don’t have.

3. Another girl did the same makeup with the goal of looking like an Asian.

So, for one, kawaii fashion is a fashion, it’s not poorly imitating an Asian person’s skin for the purpose of mockery like blackface. Cultures and fashions are shared amongst people who enjoy them, that’s life. For the second one… like… neither the Asian people doing the makeup nor the white people have those features or necessarily appeal to the beauty norms without the makeup, plus individuals doing it on both sides do it for far more reasons than to “imitate features” like that they simply like the fashion. I mean, your argument is “society tells people to look like this so we try to look like this but you’re not allowed to try to look like this”??? And for the third, first off, they’re imitating a fashion style, a makeup style, not parodying a person’s skin colour and race; secondly if you think calling an Asian fashion trend that was inspired by English fashion “yellowface” then you’re dumbing Asian people and cultures down to a fashion that originated in western culture and saying that wearing that fashion is a parody of Asian people, which is bollocks. The girl who did the Korean makeup tutorial on YouTube (a different girl to the one the callout is even for) is clearly a YouTube makeup artist showing off her makeup abilities. Sure, the YouTuber is dressing up as an Asian and some people might take offense to that and I can kinda understand, but it’s not the same as blackface - blackface doesn’t even involve trying to look like an actual black person for one thing; they smear on black or brown facepaint and giant red lips, it’s a mockery, an insult. Calling it “yellowface” is undermining what blackface actually is, just as calling things that aren’t blackface “blackface” is. (PLUS none of that actually addressed the Snow filter, it’s all about makeup and fashion.)

Back to the callout.

She insulted a Mexican one time (no context for that so no idea why she said it - everyone uses insults that they later regret while in heated arguments or when annoyed at individuals, I have no context for whether she said it because she actually hates Mexicans or whether it was just one individual that she insulted, but in the context of the callout it’s being used to make her look racist when it could easily be a spat between two people that she went too far in, so I’m reserving judgement on that). She also sassed back to anons and people going after her, oh the audacity.

Whether she apologized to this Mexican person is apparently up for debate, but all of the screenshots the callout post claims to have are showing up as URL not found. So I’m reserving judgement on that one too.

The IDing outside of her race thing confuses me - are we talking kintypes or Dolezal? I’d like some more context on that. What Dolezal and people like her do is insert themselves into minority support groups and advocacy things under false pretenses, appropriate transgender language and thus imply that there’s a “white brain” and “black brain” which simply isn’t true (and has gross race realism vibes), and they don’t appreciate the culture or share it pleasantly but instead claim to be something that they’re not in order to feign what would be seen in their ideology as a “legitimate claim” to that culture - if that’s what she’s doing I’ll complain about that, but if she just has a kintype or something that’s Asian then that’s not a problem, it’s not the same situation. Again, this fucking vague ass callout is making it hard to actually judge the situation.

As for the last thing, yeah, she fucked up on that one; telling people to slit their wrists and die is not cool. One question though: why does this callout once again claim something without providing links to the majority of the claim… it says that she’s talking about one specific group, mixed race people, but doesn’t provide proof that that’s actually what she was using “race faker” to mean? I mean, this callout post needs to provide proof of that because that sentence, telling anyone to die, is bad enough, but if she genuinely does mean mixed race people then you can report that as hate speech.

…notice how I said “report that as hate speech” not “go harass her and then stalk and bully her irl at a convention”. Vigilante mob justice isn’t the solution to this or anything.

~ Vape

Meet Dot Pfft yeah didn’t have any other ideas for a name for him
He is mah Dustberry child
Which @6agentgg9 Inspired me to make him
Plus I didn’t have enough room but he has boots for shoes (XD I dunno what to make the colour thought)
Not one of my best drawings but I’m proud of it now onto stuff about Dot

-he seems to be rather rude and violent like a certain one of his parents. Until you get to know him which he shows a more energetic and cheerful side
-He has a lot of self confidence but not a lot to make himself sound mean
-he likes to say that he’ll be better then mom(blueberry) one day
- he can make violence and do it with out any remorse but he likes to try Blue’s ways with being friendly first before he does

im kind of late but whatev

fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies

Malum! Fleshlight

So this is smut, with visuals! (The visuals are so hot I can’t even)

Pairing: Michael and Calum

Words: 2.6K

Warning: So don’t read this if you’re uncomfortable with gay on gay..or if you’re uncomfortable with swearing, dicks and if you’re muke af (that was a joke I welcome all shippers)

Summary: Calums catches Michael getting off in a fleshlight and gets really horny by it.

Ima put the keep reading bit because its pretty raunchy

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Maybe this is just me, but I totally think the sunset red and orange dress that Daisy wore to the Star Wars Celebration looks like something Rey would wear to a formal event. The vivid desert-like colors and her messy updo hairstyle totally scream Rey. Plus the style of the dress is very Rey-ish: simple, flowing, but still mobile. Could this be a hint that we will one day see Rey in a fancy dress? Even Leia wore one once.

I don’t think it’s a hint at any future costumes for Rey, though I will say I find it significant that she wore red (a colour of the dark side) and I would love to see Rey wear a beautiful formal gown one day.

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For the ship prompts: Percy/Vex funny in the mansion walk of shame? Your choice for who is doing the walking and who catches them :D

i LITERALLY rolled dice to make the choices lmaoooo - a d4 for either percy or vex (even vs odd), and a d6 to see who catches them (the rest of VM + cassandra, ordered alphabetically). also, idk how funny this is gonna be, but hope it does the trick anyway <3

Vex giggles as Percy presses more kisses into her hair. She snuggles further and further into her embrace as she jokingly tries to duck his kisses, and Percy laughs along with her.

“You are a terrible man,” Vex tells him lovingly, planting a small kiss of her own on his chest, just above his heart, where a bullet hole has scarred over, “Go make me coffee.”

“Go make your own coffee,” Percy shoots back, and Vex slaps his thigh. Percy chuckles before dipping his head forward to give her hair another kiss. Carefully, he untangles himself from her, and as he gets up off the bed, Vex reaches across the bed to give him a sound smack on his bare arse. Percy barely flinches, and turns to briefly give Vex a wink. He throws on a pair of trousers and the first shirt his hands can find before leaving, trying as quietly as possible to close the door. But then –

“Oh, hello.”

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I bought these boring brown monk strap shoes for a bargain price. But they were desperately begging me, shouting “Paint me like those French shoes Leo” Begging to be dyed and coloured up like a classy whore and shined up to a nice patina. So taking inspiration from our shoe lords and saviours over at Dandy Shoe Care I dabbled with a little creative dying. Then realised how bloody hard it is to blend dark and light colours together via dye. I’m still not sure how they do it, I’m gonna put money on black magic voodoo but it could be anything for all I know. But baby sacrificing alchemy to one side I tried my best and I think the results arnt too bad. Plus they do get better each time I wear and polish them. Age really is the best patina but I just gave it little boost of colour to start its journey off, and all without sacrificing any children…

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Besides Lyra's behavior in last weeks episode, I've kind of found her frustrating since she first showed up. It sort of felt like the show just threw her in to give us another alien since M'Gann was gone. She would have been a fantastic 1-3 episode guest but I had kind of hoped her and her brother would move to start over or something after the art thief episode. In a show that's already having trouble maintaining it's focus bringing another character just feels like overkill.

Plus M'Gann (and Sharon Leal) deserved more. I do hope she’s back for good. The show needs more women of colour.

Yeahhhh, gross Crazy Girlfriend crap aside, it seems like they hooked her up with Winn to give us an extra foil for the Kara/Mon-El dynamic even though a) we didn’t need it; and b) she has now outlived her usefulness as a side character. But what was a little interesting to me in 2x18 is that they positioned Lyra within Winn & James’s relationship in the same way both Mon-El and Maggie sit as wedges of a sort between Kara & Alex – and made this very overt by having James give that “you’re my brother” speech. I’m assuming this was intentional in preparation for 2x19.

THAT SAID, Lyra’s characterization has been uneven and in this past episode outright distasteful. However … there’s also been some hints of implicit discrimination showing up on the fan end because she has an atypical-looking face. So that’s interesting, because how much of that is the fans’ fault versus the fault of bias on the production side by falling into the “ugly character = bad” trope? (Note that I’m not suggesting Lyra is ugly, and the show’s narrative doesn’t think so either, but they explicitly brought this up during her date with Winn, and it has manifested in fan reactions to her.)

100% agree that we need and deserve more M’gann. She’s a fascinating character who embodies the spirit of the show in so many ways. The fact that M’gann & Alex or M’gann & Kara never had any substantial scenes about their own lives and issues is a source of never-ending frustration to me.

Beauty Isn’t Everything - RapMon X Reader

anonymous asked:
Can you do a Rap Monster scenario where one of you is doing the other person’s makeup, but it’s really bad so you get into a cute play fight? Thank you~ (P.S. This is the same anon as the sad Rap Mon one)

A/N: Hi! I know we kinda did this request last minute, but hopefully you don’t mind. I hope you like it!

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1450

“Baby, wake up” a voice rung in your ears as you rolled over to the other side of the mattress, groaning in response as you covered your face with the blanket. You heard a deep chuckle before you were tackled on the bed, being tickled at all sides. You squirmed around, trying to escape from his grasp. He pulled the blanket away from you, resulting with you crossing your arms across your chest, as if you were naked, and rubbing your arms from the cold, frosty air.
“Namjoon! Why can’t you ever let me sleep in peace?” you say, chucking a pillow at his face.
“Because…” He moved closer to you, embracing you from behind on the bed, warming you up, “it’s almost noon already” he said, giving you a kiss on the cheeks.
“What?” you glanced over at the clock, it was 11:58, “Oh” you breathed. Namjoon sat up, pulling you with him, practically dragging you away from your comfy empire of pillows and blankets. You could feel the cold air rush through the rest of your body as you hit the floor.
“You’re such a dick, Joon” you laugh, “the first day you’re back, and this is how you treat your girlfriend? Where’s my “Princess” treatment?” you tease. Namjoon gives you an approving stare before shaking his head and walking up to you. He picked you up with his muscular arms, carrying you out of the room, bridal style. He plopped you down on the couch, “Anything else, Princess?” he questions, serious tone in his voice, “No, thank you” you smile sweetly before grabbing the remote to turn on the television.
You surfed through almost all the channels, sighing when nothing you liked was on. You left the TV alone as you went on your phone, scrolling through social media. You swiped through tumblr and stopped at a video of one of BTS Stylist Noona’s makeup tutorials. This wasn’t just any stylist noona, this was one of your best friends, the person that introduced you to Namjoon in the first place.
The makeup tutorial looked effortless and easy, but then again, this was something she majored in. You watched her techniques as she angled the brush to create perfect strokes on her brow and eyelids. You absentmindedly found yourself trying to do the same hand movements as her, wondering how she could have her hand in such uncomfortable positions for such a long time. Namjoon sauntered over to you from the kitchen, handing you warmed up leftovers from last night’s dinner at the boys’ place.
“Thanks” you said, picking up the bowl and munching away, your eyes still locked on the simple makeup tutorial. One led to another, which led to another, and so on until you were watching videos about tattoos.
“Whatcha watching there, baby?”
You glance up at Namjoon who’s trying to peer over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of what you seemed to have found so entertaining. You quickly turn your phone off and place it on the table, “It’s nothing” you say as you continue eating your food.
After cleaning up and washing your plate, Namjoon suggested for you to have a “Stay-at-home” date since it was too cold and wintery outside for your liking. You happily obliged, rather being in the comfort of your own home than freezing outside in the cold. Your blanket and heater were your best friends for winter.
You felt inspired to do something with makeup. You only ever wore makeup on special occasions, but usually, you wouldn’t put in the extra effort of getting up earlier to put on a new face. So, you weren’t the best, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t want to try.
As much as you loved bare faced Namjoon, Namjoon with makeup is one hell of a sexy combination. Maybe you could do his makeup and see how it goes. And if you failed, then you’ll let him do yours. You thought about it and giggled, but that didn’t stop you from wanting to try.
“Joonie~” You call out sweetly as you pull out some of your makeup from your drawers, placing it on top of the dresser.
“Yes?” He answered, popping his head into the room you were in, noticing all the tools you were pulling out. He walked up next to you as you continued, “What are you up to, baby?”
You pause, staring up at him, “Can I do your makeup?” You ask him with a smile.
“Can I?” You plead, tugging on his shirt at the hem as a cute gesture to make him give in.
“I want to try my makeup skills” you say, pouting at the fact your shirt pulling technique didn’t work
“Is that what you were watching on your phone? You want to try it? But why me? Why don’t you try it on yourself?”
“Because I’m afraid I might poke my eye”
“And you’re not afraid about poking mine? What if I go blind”
“Don’t be stupid Joon. Besides, you wear makeup more often than I do, so you know what it’s supposed to feel like. If I’m doing something wrong, then tell me, okay?” he sighed in defeat, “what do I get from this?”
“Well, if I fail, you can do my makeup”
“Oh, so you trust me more than yourself? I feel honoured baby” he said, touching his chest
“Whatever” you laugh

You pull him to the kitchen. You would go to the bathroom, but It would be too crowded. Plus, you didn’t want him to see himself until the end.
“Don’t make it girly. The last thing I need is rainbow coloured eyelids”
You giggled, “Aww, you foiled my plans” You tease, winking afterwards. He holds still as you do his makeup. The first eye going smooth and okay. The eyeliner was a bit too bold and a bit on the wavy side, but you could deal. It could look like you meant for it to be that way if you could do the exact same thing to the other side. You sighed after you finished one eye, “tired already baby?” He coos. You only roll your eyes before going on to his next one.
Namjoon was getting bored sitting there for so long. He decided to toy with you. He poked your stomach just as you were about to take the liquid liner off. You swiped it right across his forehead, “Namjoon!” He only laughed, not caring about the black line on his forehead, “You suck” you pouted.
“Aww, it’s okay, but since you failed, can I do your makeup now?” He smiled. You didn’t bother answering, you just sat down in the chair.
“You’re gonna look great” he said, picking up a brush and studying it, “What is this for?” He asks himself
“Well shit. I’m screwed” you laugh
“Shut up!” He presses it to your eye makes stokes of colour, “Woah, this is so cool!” He says as he lets his mind wander away. By the time he was finished, you felt like you had a pound of makeup on.
“shall we look?” He says, happy about what he has done. You nod and head into the bathroom together, “Oh my god” you start to laugh so hard that your stomach was hurting, “I look like a fucking clown!” You say, giving Namjoon a light punch in the arm
“You?! What about me?” He laughs, “I look like I have a unibrow!”
“That’s entirely your fault! You poked me in the middle of doing your makeup!”
He laughed before picking up your lipstick, putting them on his lips, messily, “This is what you look like after we have a make out session” he says. You punch him again, embarrassed. He suddenly turns to you, “Hey baby”
“Yes?” You say, continuing to laugh at the red blurb on his mouth, “You know I love you right?” he says as he walked closer, opening up his arms
“Wait what? No no no!” you squeal as you try to run away. You couldn’t get out with Namjoon standing right in front of the door, thus allowing him to swallow you up in his embrace, peppering kisses all over your face, leaving red lip marks everywhere.
You both stand there for a while before someone moves, “But seriously, I do love you. You should know because I have tolerated with you for so long” he laughs as he pecks your forehead.
“Shut up you dummy” you say, your words muffled from his shirt, “Excuse me? That’s not what you’re supposed to say back” he teases. You look up at him, into his eyes, “I love you too”  

~Admin Luna


My headcanon for Drakken and Shego a few years after the finale.

Since they did help save the world in the end, I imagined Betty Director offered them secretly to head their own specialised departments at Global Justice. Both of them accepted… provided that the other villains don’t know about it.

Drakken gets to build all the stuff that he’s never got to now that he’s got all the funding in the world. Meanwhile, Shego does secret infiltration work and trains rookies on the side.

Idk but this was in my head forever and I needed to get it out.

And also yes, I made Drakken lose the ponytail. I imagined him to be more confidant with who he was (plus I betcha he’s super skilled with those plant powers of his after a few years), so loosing the ponytail is like him being out of midlife crisis or something idk.


HOSHI: idw to talk about it im still hurt
VERNON: do i even know the difference

lindsue  asked:

What is his bike tho bc I have very specific thoughts about this


So, there’s very little canon in the BOOKS to suggest at all what type of motorbike it is but my biggest pet peeve on this website is people who use quite frankly wrong or inaccurate motorbikes in their Sirius/Marauders edits. ANYWAY, this is going to be long as fuck but I think this site is in need of an in-depth insight into Sirius Black’s motorbike. 

What we know from all the written canon; 

  • the motorbike was fast faster than a normal motorbike (Prequel
  • can fly (Prequel, PS, DH)
  • it could easily handle corners (Prequel)
  • when in Sirius’ possession, had no sidecar (Prequel, PS)
  • seats two (Prequel)(unless riding with a fucking giant)
  • small enough to ride through a narrow side street (Prequel)
  • bike was enlarged ON THE NIGHT Sirius lent it to Hagrid (PS, POA)
  • emphasis on lent (POA)
  • the bike is a kickstart (PS, DH)
  • it has one singular headlight and one singular tail light (Prequel, PS, DH)
  • the bike is modified by arthur weasley (DH)
  • additions include shouting walls & blue dragon fire out of exhaust pipes
  • acrobatic in the air (DH) 
  • already a top class motorbike with a magnificent battery (DH) 
  • unable to handle magical additions (DH)
  • affected by hagrids weight, even though enlarged (DH)
  • had a sidecar as a later edition(DH)
  • lost the sidecar (DH) 
  • (never gained the sidecar back?) 

(I’ve included all the quotes I could find in the read more but warning - some of them are very sad) 

Now there is absolutely no way to know for certain what type of motorbike Sirius had on such little and generalised information. What we DO know is that Sirius “loved that motorbike” (POA) and in his room at 12 Grimmauld Place there are “many different pictures of Muggle motorcycles” (DH) what a teenage boy I love him so much 


Usually, I wouldn’t pay much attention to film credit but for once, I absolutely love the film’s choice for Sirius’ motorbike in the first few films. 

In the Philosopher’s stone, a white/light blue ‘59 Triumph Bonneville T120 is used. I adore this choice and here is why

  • 1959 is the year Sirius was born, making the bike the same age as him and the marauders
  • is a kickstarter bike
  • has a 649cc engine, a good size for the type of bike it is 
  • this would explain how he was able to get it - the Triumph T120s were manufatured in Britain from 1959 to 1975, this is the perfect time period for Sirius to have purchased a bike like this second hand or at the end of it’s tether
  • of course he could have got it brand new, but the idea of the marauders all working together to create this magically flying bike is just wonderful 
  • TRIUMPHS ARE THROUGH AND THROUGH BRITISH BIKES they were popular in England in the 60s and 70s
  • now i know Sirius had gotten away from all of that, but he was the heir to a pureblood dinestry once upon a time, you can bet he’d grown up always expecting the best
  • this bike is no exception 
  • launched in 1959 and heralded as the best motorbike around, though discontinued soon in favour of the larger engined T140, there were many made
  • Triumph Bonnevilles are FAST bikes, they’re built for speed and agility - like Sirius’ seems to be (they’re named after the Bonneville salt flats, an area in Utah where all landspeed world records are created in motor vehicles) 
  • models made later than ‘71 were modified so the fuel flowed through the piping an the frame, instead of a large fuel tank, increasing agility (and in the case of supporting a giant, strengthening the frame.
  • popular with bike enthusiasts, very personal bikes, appaeared in all motorbiking magazone over the years AND Triumph posters were the most popular (aside from BMWs) in promoting that passionate bond between rider and owner and knowing the character of Sirius Black, that is very applicable to him


(Though the colour is never mentioned, I like white but it’s Sirius Black, lets be honest he’d probably have black and also embellish his name onto the seat ) 

Now, there may be some reading this like - but that isn’t the bike in the displays at the various Wizarding worlds, and yes, you’re right! It’s not. In the Deathly Hallows the production team swapped the T120 for a Blue Royal Enfield, for it’s bulkier frame and easier to attach side car, plus much more availablity, meaning they could film the crash scene many times over. 

Here’s a picture - 

Whilst still a BEAUTIFUL bike, also manufactured in Britain, very collectiblle and roughly in fitting with the time period, though a little later than the Triumph, this bike is much bigger, wider, sturdier and more importantly was a lot more expensive and sort after. It’s also a lot more practical, with the sidecar. They we’re as popular with the youth.
I can see the attraction with using it for filming but it’s just not… a Sirius Black bike. 

He loved his bike for the agility, evident in the prequel where he and James are zipping around narrow streets, Sirius never had the intention of attaching a sidecar onto this bike and using it to domestically. He was a teenager, he wanted speed and he wanted looks. It just feels, to me, like Sirius was more of a Triumph rider. 

To conclude, does it really matter? No. You could use either of these bikes! Or others that fit! The Triumph is just my opinion, but PLEASE PLEASE stop using Harley Davidsons, or Yahamas made in 2000 in your Sirius Black edits. 

Basically, just come and talk Sirius Black to me.

Quotes about Sirius’ bike can be found undercut because this got LONG

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zodiac signs as YA fantasy tropes

aries: neglected orphan who carries a single heirloom from the mysterious accident that killed your parents…or did it? aries, you’re a homeschooled jungle freak who’s a less hot version of every YA fantasy ever.

taurus:  untrained rookie member of the resistance who inexplicably outlives your infinitely more talented and competent friends. taurus, please just tell me because it’s killing me - how did you know what to do with the firestorm sword and that crystal pistol? 

gemini: unsettling, co-dependent twins who speak in unison, dress identically, and can probably read each other’s minds. one of you will probably turn out to be evil, and, let’s face it, either way, you’re not both going to survive. don’t worry, though, you’ll probably find some creepy otherworldly way to keep communicating.

libra: tokenised, marginalised accessory to the plot. generally far more interesting and loveable than the protagonist, but you’ll be killed off in chapter eight to drive forward the cishet white male protagonist’s character arc. sorry libra, you deserved so much better than this. 

scorpio: austere elderly witch who continually lectures the protagonist on proper and improper uses of their powers. you do not, however, recognise the irony of using your own to do stuff like fold and wash your socks. oh, and kill a tonne of people. but it’s for the common good, right? your magical laws MAKE NO SENSE, scorpio! 

aquarius: the prophet that foretells the dawning of a new age*. you’re probably just a cold-open for the series, but if you do manage to become a supporting character, i’m afraid you’ll succumb to the power of your prophecy by the end of the book. 
*sorry, you have no idea how hard i tried not to make a hair joke, but i had to, i had to 

cancer: arrogant first-crush of the protagonist. you laughed at them in the classroom when their jeans fell down or they didn’t know where Belgium was, but you won’t be laughing when you realise the one you ditched on prom night is the one who is destined to SAVE THE WORLD, or something. yeah, whatever, cancer, you fucking suck. 

capricorn: half jovial and half bloodthirsty faux-celtic dwarf. sometimes you stick with the hero, sometimes you’re buds with the bad guy, but wherever you’re aligned, you like axes and meat and know how to build a fire. you’re tough as old boots and you’re loyal to the very end. maybe have a wash, though, capricorn, there’s a smell of pee and i think it’s coming from you. 

leo: drippy love interest. you’ve got hair the colour of wheat and eyes the colour of rain, and as for the rest - well, the writer never thought about that. then you get killed off. apologies, leo. on the plus side, assuming fandom don’t viciously take against you, you’ll live on in a hundred thousand fix-it fics. 

virgo: magical-creature sidekick who has an unusually high-pitched voice and is heartbreakingly grateful for the smallest scrap of affection. you have a strange penchant for something a bit kooky and lolrandom, like apples, or hats or sugar mice. you get on my nerves half a page after your arrival, but i’ll still cry when you die in the last book, virgo.

sagittarius: there’s no easy way to say this, sagittarius, but you’re the bad guy. you put the ‘evil’ in devil and make ‘nefarious’ hilarious, with your unusually handsome, yet cold and cruel features, your swirling dark cape, and enough witty one-liners to sink your highly-guarded but easily-penetrable enemy battleship. if it helps, you’re about a thousand times more enjoyable than the hero, and tumblr’s got the fanfic to prove it.   

pisces: self-absorbed but well-meaning everyday average teen, who, instead of growing as a person by realising their small yet distinct place in a mighty universe, discovers the world actually does revolve around them, and still acts like - well - a brat. you’ve got a whole planet to save, get it together, pisces.

Etude House Magic Any Cushion~

Hello everybody! :) 

I’m back with a very late review on Etude House’s Magic Any Cushion. Few months ago I ordered the trial kit for Magic Any Cushion as I wanted to test out all the colours and see which one fits me.

The kit comes in a very cute pink box. In the box you have three of the Magic Any Cushions that are available.

On the back of the box you have information about the products. In the circles with you have the name of the colours of Magic Any Cushions and underneath that you have the information of which one is better for which type of skin colour. Pink one is called Magic Pink, green one is Magic Mint and the orange one is called Magic Peach. 

Unlike the actual size of Magic Any Cushion the trial kit comes in small travel size like pots with a twist off cap. The cap is in the colour of the Magic Any Cushion. If you have read my haul post with this trial kit then you would know that I’m not a big fan of face make-up bases as I don’t like to put many things on my face but I decided to try these anyway as I heard that you don’t really have to put on anything on top of these if you like the natural look but just want a better a natural looking skin. 

The pots are quite small but still has quite a lot of product inside. On the side of the pots you have information such as the colour name and SPF feature. These cushions have SPF 34 in them which is a plus for me as I wear SPF everyday.

On the bottom of the pot you have the production date of the Magic Any Cushion.

When you twist open the cap you get a sponge applicator unlike the air cushion that the Magic Any Cushion full size comes with. However the sponge applicator is actually a very well made one and not very different than the air cushion applicators.

When you pull out the sponge applicator (there is a plastic separator) you get the Magic Any Cushion. It is the same cushion that you get in the compact full size version. By just looking at it, you can tell that it is very moist and also very illuminating. It is the same with 3 of the colours.

The cushion is very soft and it is filled with the liquid. There is so many air bubbles in the cushion so a slight push gives you a lot of of product. With this kind of cushion products I think a little goes a long as I like a very thin layer for natural look to my skin. 

If you have seen the Etude House’s Baby Choux Bases then you would know that these Magic Any Cushion products are the same bases but in cushion formula. However Magic Any Cushion is a lot lighter feeling than the Choux Bases and it applies thinner too. 

The colours of the Magic Any Cushion are directed for all different type of skin colours, problems etc. Magic Pink is targeted towards pale and dull looking skin to make it look brighter. Magic Peach is targeted towards darkened or spotted skin for a more even highlighted look and Magic Mint is targeted towards people with redness on their faces.

For Magic Any Cushion the formula and the application for 3 of the colours are the same. They all apply the same way and feel the same way. However the biggest difference about them as mentioned above is obviously the colour. Out of the 3 my favourite is the pink one. It really does brightens my skin to look very healthy and it really feels light on my skin. I always apply my Laneige BB Cushion on top of it and it looks great! During the winter it kept my skin feeling very soft and moist and during these summer months it helps to keep my make up in place for a longer time! 

I have tried the Magic Mint on my cheeks where I have slight redness on some days and I realized that it really does evens out the redness on the face and makes the BB Cream or the foundation look better. However unlike the other 2 colours I recommend applying Magic Mint (or any other green make up base) only on the red areas rather than the entire face as it can create a very chalky look on the unnecessary ares. I recommend Magic Mint if you have redness on your face. Even though it is a very light coverage product it does help ease the redness.

For Magic Peach my feelings are very complicated… I have tried it several times and I can not see any difference on my face… I’m a very pale person and it makes me look weird so I can say it is definitely not for pale people but I have also tried when I got a tan and I only saw a slight difference. I think Magic Peach would look good on bronze or olive toned skin for highlighting and illuminating the face points such as nose bridge, forehead and cheek bones rather than the entire face. 

When applied and blended evenly it gives a very nice glow to the face. It is very natural and thin. I hate applying a lot of things on my face but this you can barely feel it or see it on your skin. However you can definitely see the difference. As you can see in the photo above Magic Pink and Magic Peach doesn’t make a lot of difference on the skin colour wise but Magic Mint definitely makes a difference in the colour of the skin. It takes away the redness and creates a pale, non under-toned base to work with. 

If you are someone that doesn’t need high coverage or doesn’t like a lot of product on the skin but still want to try a make up base for better looking skin and make up application then I really recommend the Magic Any Cushion. The application is very easy and it really lasts for a long time during the day. It keeps your make up in place and your skin looking healthy. You can even put it on just by its self for a very healthy looking, no make up skin look or on the days you just want something on your face but also nothing on your face! 

★★★★★ 5/5

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Panic Attack (Malec)

Here ya goes. I actually really like this one

Ragged breaths were being ripped out of Alec’s cheat. His chest that felt like someone was pressing a 3025 pound weight into.

His breaths weren’t even really there. It was only a few scattered screeching of them that were ripped out of him. And it hurt when he did so.

He knew what brought it on and that it shouldn’t have been a big deal but here he was sat in the corner of his and Magnus’ bedroom drowning in his own tears. Alec’s panic attacks had been worst lately and this one was killing him. He didn’t know what to do. All he wanted to do was shrivel up into nothingness of a black abyss. He couldn’t do that though, it wasn’t possible. Sadly for him, it was all he wanted in that moment in time.

Alec’s mind was racing over the events that had happened over that evening with his father. Alec had just came back from patrolling with Jace and Isabelle and needed to stop back at the institute when his father met him at the door. He yelled at him and fought with him about how he was a disgrace to the Lightwood name, how he should get his runes stripped, how he wanted to call the clave for him to be stripped of his runes but his mother wouldn’t let him- the list went on. Alec had turned and left, heading straight for his boyfriends apartment where everything that had built up suddenly let loose and he went into a state like this. His mind racing, heart pounding, barely breathing, shaking, crying state. It made him feel disgusting like it too. It made him feel like most of his fathers words were right and that no other shadowhunter would do this and it was wrong for him too.

He stuck his hand over his mouth trying to quiet down his loud heaving breath that kept getting caught in his throat, trying to make the ugly crying noises quiet down, trying to make sure Magnus did not hear him. That was all he needed as he heard the door open and Magnus’ soft humming as he came into the apartment. He needed Magnus not to hear him so he wouldn’t get concerned about his boyfriend having a panic attack in the corner of their bedroom.

        “Alexander?” He heard Magnus call from the kitchen cautiously. “Where are you? You never answered my texts but Izzy said you came home. Alec?”

        Alec didn’t know what to do. He wanted to be by himself- a shadowhunter wasn’t supposed to break down like this and there was no way he wanted his boyfriend to see him at such a weak level over something as stupid as his father-

        “Alexander.” Magnus said barely a whisper as he walked into their room. His eyes instantly went to his red faced boyfriend crying in the corner. Alec was scared. What would Magnus think of him after he saw him like this? Surely he would think it was unattractive. Magnus walked towards his boyfriend cautiously. Very slow, with a look on his face filled with love and sorrow. It made Alec unable to hold himself back anymore; he started crying more and the ugly screeches came out worst as he panted for a breath.

     “I-I’m So-o-rry.” Alec stuttered out of his tears. Magnus looked at him with a worried expression and placed his hand in Alec’s black hair to turn his face towards Magnus. When Alec locked eyes with his boyfriend Magnus slowly dragged his hand down across his cheek.

“For what?” Magnus whispered. He took Alec’s hand in his and gave him a loving look. “Is everything okay, Alec?”

“For-r be-eing such a-a screw-w up! For you-u-u ha-aving to deal-l with m-me l-ike this-s!” Alec exclaimed angrily while motioning to his body.

“You’re not a screw up. I’m okay with helping you through your panic attacks. I love you so much, Alec. I want to help you because I love you. It’s not like you’re annoying or faking it. I know you think less of yourself because of these, but you don’t need to. I love you, Darling.” Magnus smiled as he spoke softly. It made Alec almost smile. “Did someone say somethings to you about us?” Alec frowned heavily.

“Robert.” He whispered through his tears. Magnus let out a small gasp before throwing his arms around the smaller boy and pulling him towards him. Alec and Magnus ended up in a tangle of limbs as they sat together with Alec’s face buried into Magnus’ chest and Magnus’ face on Alec’s shoulder.

        “Oh, Alexander.” Magnus kept his voice a whisper. “You don’t need to tell me what he said or did. It’s alright, okay? Whatever he said isn’t true. You’re wonderful, you are a great shadowhunter, you are not a disgrace, you’re a wonderful boy who has a horrible father.” Magnus praised Alec as he held him. “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.”

        “He said-d he wanted-d me to g-get m-my runes stri-ipped.” Alec whispered as he calmed down the tiniest bit.

        “They aren’t going to strip your runes because you are a boy who likes boys.” Magnus muttered and kissed the top of Alec’s hair, his black locks tickling Magnus’ face. Alec pulled Magnus even closer to him as he wished that there was a rune for emotions. “You like boys, so what? You’re the first shadowhunters to come out in this day in age. I only knew one before and they were special. But with your father, that shows how strong you are Alec.” Magnus poked his finger under Alec’s chin and turned his face towards Himself. Alec stared into the loving cat eyes of his warlock. “That’s why I love you. You’re so strong, kind, smart, and to top it all of you’re beautiful.” Alec calmed down a little. He his tears had stopped coming out but he was still actually crying with his ragged noises, shaking body, and his eyes were puffy. He couldn’t get the thought of what his father said and the vision of him telling him to get out of the institute replayed over and over in his head.  He couldn’t stop it and he definitely couldn’t believe it. His own father did that to him all because he was gay.

“How about we go up to our bed and cuddle for a bit, hey?” Magnus never waited for Alec to answer and Alec was thankful for that. He didn’t want to even have to talk. The few words he had gotten out before had hurt him enough to barely ever want to speak again but he knew he would have to once his panic attack was up. He wanted it to be so bad. But it just wouldn’t let up.

Magnus awkwardly picked up his boyfriend and carried him over to their bed where he gently placed him down and laid beside him. As soon as Magnus’ body hit the bed Alec was already pressed against him. Alec smushed his face as hard as he could into Magnus’ neck as he latched himself around him. Alec stayed there trying to drag his mind of these horrendous thoughts as Magnus rubbed his back and kissed his shoulder. He repeated to his boyfriend over and over, “It’s alright, you’re okay, I love you. It’s alright, you’re okay, I love you. It’s alright-” Alec breathed deeply. Slowly and deeply, in and out, calming his nerves.

“Talk to me.” He managed to get out as he heavy breathed. He was proud of himself for not stuttering. At least that meant he was calming down. “What’d you do toda-y.” Sadly Alec did not get to fully finish his sentence without stuttering.

“Well, Tessa called me the week and said she hasn’t seen me in a while. We decided to go out to a coffee shop she knew a long time ago that was still open. She’s doing fine, she said she might come over tonight with Jem to see us. She hasn’t been here in a while. We talked about a friend of ours kid from… I don’t know how long ago, about Will, how her and Jem’s doing, you.” Magnus quickly explained. “How great you are, what a awesome Shadowhunter you are, how smart you are.” He paused for a moment. “I gotta say, I really love bragging about you.” Alec almost smiled, but didn’t. He did move his head a bit to kiss Magnus softly then put it back in his warlocks neck for safety. That was when Alec fully calmed down. A few minutes later the ragged noises had slowed to a stop, he had stopped shaking, and the voice in his head about his father was only a whisper now instead of screaming. He still couldn’t help how puffy his eyes were. Magnus seemed to notice too. “Are you calming down?”

        “I’m almost fine. Sorry about that. I know it’s probably a inconvenience.” Alec apologized, still not letting go of Magnus, he honestly never wanted too.

        “Alexander,” Magnus sighed. “You are not a inconvenience at all to me. You never were, you never will be.” Alec leaned up to kiss him softly, lingering on his lips for a moment just because he could and he knew how much his warlock loved him.

        “Same to you.” Alec whispered on his lips softly. He was fine now, the only thing wrong was the puffy red patches underneath his eyes. He still just wanted to cuddle with Magnus for a bit. “Is Tessa and Jem going to be coming over after?”

“I guess. She said they may so that means most likely.” He said as his phone went off. “That’s probably her now.” He reached down to pick up his phone and seemed to scrunch up his nose while reading it. “How did Izzy find out about what your father said? She said she’s almost here.”

“Can you, uh, fix my face?” Alec asked motioning to his red eyes where you could see he was obviously crying. Magnus knew Alec never liked asking for his magic so when he asked he was surprised, so he reached his hand up over Alec’s face and let his magic trickle over him fixing his skin to its perfect colour. He had just pulled his hand away and back to his side just as Isabelle ran into their room.

“Are you okay?” She asked in her worried sister voice.

“I’m okay. How’d you get in?” Alec questioned. She didn’t have a key so she would need to buzz up to get in. Plus their door was still locked.

“Don’t ask I just did.” She smiled and sat on the end of the bed. Alec squirmed away from Magnus and sat up. “I heard Dad say to Mom what he said to you. He was mad and needed to take his anger out and it just so happened you walked in apparently. Which is no excuse to do that to your own son. I don’t understand why he does it Alec, you’re his only living biological son and whenever he gets mad he goes back to treating you horribly like when you first came out.”

“Yeah well I’m fine.” Alec mumbled.

“I wasn’t sure, something might have happened like when you were little and had a panic attack.” Isabelle said worriedly.

“No, he was fine, I came home a while ago as he was sleeping.” Magnus tried covering it up. Alec sighed and made a brave decision.

“No I wasn’t. He’s lying for me. I had a panic attack. They’ve been coming back lately and I had a bad one this evening. Magnus found me and calmed me down.” Alec explained softly.

“Oh.” Isabelle said. “He probably wouldn’t be like it if he never cheated on Mom and messed up their relationship. That’s when he became so… Ugh.” Alec pulled Isabelle towards him to hug her for a second. “I just can’t believe he would do that to his own son.”

“He did.” Magnus sharply told her. “He always has.”

“Well not always. Only since he found out I like boys.” Alec muttered. He didn’t want to talk about it anymore. “Now, let’s be done with it, do you want food, Izzy?” He desperately wanted to change the subject as he got up and walked out of his and Magnus’ room and food seemed to be a good option.

“Can you just get me water or something.” Isabelle said, realizing her brother didn’t want to talk about it any longer.

Alec gladly went and got his little sister a drink, thankful for the fact his panic attack was over, and they didn’t have to talk about his dramatic day that day.

Sehun Personality Analysis

This kid is an enigma, and it took me a while to figure out what I felt about him. From first impressions, he came across as very sure about his own beauty, aloof, kind of moody and very hard to impress. I still feel the same way about him, but seeing his personality come out through interviews and recently, Showtime, I have completely fallen for him. He’s really not as cold as people assume he is at first glance. I really do think it’s because he’s shy and doesn’t have the best people skills, so it can come across the wrong way when he’s not super bubbly during interviews or doesn’t always beam at the fans. He’s still a teenager after all, so you have the right to be moody sometimes! And the truth of the matter is, he isn’t even as grumpy as people like to claim he is. He’s one of the biggest derps in the group, and his laugh and other noises are so lovably dorky thing I’ve ever heard.

Despite his insistence that he does not have aegyo, this boy is adorable. I genuinely believe that he wants the best for the rest of EXO and sees them as big brothers who he always wants to be with. His breakdown on Sukira when speaking of how he wants EXO to stay together forever shows what a sensitive and loving person he is, when often his blank expressions during interviews makes people think that he is cocky or cold. With the right people (aka, pretty much all the EXO guys), Sehun is extremely affectionate and loving. I think he deeply loves his fans, because he definitely seems like the type who says exactly what’s on his mind and can’t put on fake facial expressions, so when he says he loves us, he means it 100%.

There’s also the recent story of him playing with a baby while in the economy seating of a plane, which shows that he’s far from the self-obsessed idol that some assume him to be.

External image

Sehun’s talents lie strongly in the field of dancing (oh, and being the visual ;) We all know that Lay and Kai are EXO’s main dancers, but in most dance routines, my eyes are drawn to Sehun’s elegant figure and effortless moves. There’s something about the way he moves, it’s always graceful and smooth, but strong and energetic when it needs to be. I would like to see more of Sehun’s talents: more lead dancing roles and a lot more parts in the songs. SM, please, stop underestimating his talents and let the boy sing, rap, whatever! Fans have hardly heard his voice (what was it, under 50 seconds in the XOXO album?)

Overall, Sehun is one of those people that you can’t help but love. Yes, he is whiny and sometimes bratty, but being the maknae, this is expected of him and it’s endearing and loveable in its own way. Admit it, we all love his occasionally bitchy remarks and fabulous attitude, and we also love to see his goofy, carefree, loving side. It seems like there’s something about him that makes people WANT to spoil him and pamper him, and I adore Sehun’s personality, and now us fans just want to see more of his talents. Plus, how does he have the ability to rock so many different hair colours and styles?? 

External image

Let’s send lots of love to our precious maknae! 

More analyses here: http://yehet-for-exo.tumblr.com/analyses

So mAny lies

Let’s start with pretty much everything Charlotte said when she revealed herself as Charles (aka A?). First of all, she claimed she was transgender and born as Charles DiLaurentis. And then just happened to name herself CeCe Drake during her transformation. CeCe Drake. There’s no way I’m gonna believe she has the same last name as Mary Drake out of coincidence. Sure, Jessica and Mary being twins must mean that Drake was also Jessica’s maiden name. But CeCe was born when Jessica already was married (as she’s about the same age as Jason) so I bet she just was born with her mother Mary’s last name.. which happens to be Drake.

Now her not telling the truth about that to me basically means she probably made her whole story up. This includes this:

the relevant part begins at 01:58

It was always strange to me how CeCe talked about her mother and some really good lies.. making up a story and showing how good of a liar she really is. Right before Bethany pushes Marion off that roof and blames it on CeCe (which she does in a pretty convincing way imho. Just look at how shocked she is). And for what reason? To keep her from finding out the truth about CeCe? Is that a legit reason for Bethany to KILL Marion? I think what really happened is that CeCe took the real story.. her being on that roof with Bethany, making some crazy plans and Marion finding out these very plans - resulting in Cece pushing her off the roof.. and just twisted it. Twisted it in a way that left some pieces of the truth but made Bethany look guilty and crazy.

Talking about it..

Watch next on from 0:50 on:

So Bethany doesn’t know if she can trust anyone in the DiLaurentis / Drake family. And we find out Jessica was having an affair with Bethany’s father.. Well, can we be sure it was Jessica now that we know she has a twin? What if it was Mary who had an affair with Bethany’s father? And on top of that having children with him? Like Bethany and CeCe? Are we even sure Kenneth really is anybody’s father in this mess? I mean - Jason is Mr. Hasting’s son. If CeCe is really Mr. Young’s daughter - why shouldn’t this also be the case for Ali? Now before you start calling me crazy hear me out: In the halloween specials we learn that the twins fight over everything - even their dolls. To a level where one of them would be capable of stabbing the other (although for this to work she of course survived) and be sent into a mental institution. If you have a twin like that it not too unlikely she’d try to steal her sister’s man, too.. and if it’s just by being with him without him even knowing there is a twin sister and he’s not with the woman he thinks he is in some moments.

Here’s the twin story in case you forgot:

Now let’s say Mary was sent to Radley for stabbing her sister. She somehow met Mr. Young and had Bethany and CeCe with him (with Jessica pretending to be her and get pregnant with Alison somewhat in between the birth of the other two). This would mean the following things:

1) One twin being on the board of Radley meant she could be sure to have her twin under control any time she wanted. Plus somehow make it possible her children could stay with her although she was in a mental institution (this way she could keep away everything and everyone that belonged to her sister)

2) There’s an explanation how CeCe, Ali and Bethany could look that much alike to be mixed up constantly the night Ali disappeared

3) At least one of the twins has to be absolutely crazy and evil and taught at least CeCe and Ali how to lie. Plus there was some unknown place-switching between the twins going on here and unfortunately it was planned by the evil one.

You can see it here.. the evil twin was not the one to be locked away all the time. I think the innocent one somehow always ended up as the victim in the other one’s plans.

Anyway I think Bethany was the most pure-hearted out of the three blonde girls. The reason I think that is first of all the story Charlotte told (in the video above). You can clearly see how Bethany messes up her try in making up a good story. Plus, I think she was shocked about what happened to Marion.. and how Jessica/Mary covered it up and LIED about everything.

That’s what her paintings were all about.

Now Mary (let’s just say she’s the evil one so it stays a little less complex) did not like that about Bethany.. and wanted to get rid of her. Her original plan was to switch places whenever she wanted and have all three girls as her daughters (like the dolls she wanted from her sister as a child). But Bethany didn’t want to play her way. Therefore she started a huge scheme: Ali was supposed to fake her death, which she thought of as an awesome idea because..

yup, she planned it..

But there’s more. The reason Ali was supposed to do this was that Bethany could be found dead and mistaken for Alison (as all three girls looked a lot alike). It was no coincidence all three of them were wearing the same yellow top that night.

Don’t believe it? Look at that:

(sorry, I couldn’ add more videos to this post)

Jessica said the yellow top was waaay to revealing. (Plus, a sweet side note of Ali being able to hold her breath forever.. e.g. like in could be buried for some time before being pulled out again)..
then all of the sudden she finds that yellow top on her bed with a note saying “great colour for you - Mom”. Sudden change of mind? Coincidence? I don’t buy it.

One more interesting thing to watch: Jessica trying to keep Ali away from Charlotte because the friendship was “toxic”

As Bethany said in the second recording she also was able to make plans though. I think it’s totally possible she somehow managed to turn the odds in her favour.. and be the one that’s pulled out of her grave in the end, leaving Ali behind (and looking like her a lot.. be aware we still have not seen her face, there’s gotta be some reason behind that!).
This explains Ali’s extreme change.. it’s not really Ali. And it also gives us Mary’s motive.. First Ali is dead and it’s Bethany’s fault, now CeCe’s also gone.

Now why would Bethany welcome Charlotte to her home like she did and love her as a sister like she did? The reason is she thinks Charlotte really changed and went through a lot.. plus after all she really was her sister. Exactly that’s also why Uber A thinks Bethany (a.k.a. the Ali we know right now) killed Charlotte. (Plus in this case it is possible that this is the real killer and motive here).

Some more evidence:

One of the Mrs. D’s for some reason giving clothes to CeCe:

Aaand maybe Melissa buried Bethany (or Ali?) less accidently than she claims.. remember there was a little something found right at the stables one of the Mrs. D.’s used to take Bethany to?


Sorry for the long post, hope you liked it ♥