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Okay but imagine Futaba and Pidge being adorable dorks and snarky nerds together, hanging out (hacking together), changing clothes and glasses to mess with people, pulling sass on others. Futaba sitting with her legs close to her chest while Pidge sits crosslegged like they always do. Just two dork geniuses being best friends casually hacking the government. Just. IMAGINE.


That is the best idea

I guess I’m…. getting a phone today.


Best friend Jungkook includes:

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  • him being the competitive one in the friendship
  • will literally take anything as a challenge like boy re l a x
  • virtually good at everything
  • meaning he’s constantly making you look bad
  • constantly
  • especially in front of your mum
  • “honey why can’t you be more like jungkook”
  • “mUM”
  • saving the other with a heartfelt nickname on eachothers phones
  • “why the fuck is my name ‘annoying ass bitch’ on your contacts, jungkook?”
  • “cause you named me ‘this friendship was a mistake’ on yours, tf did you expect?”
  • constantly making memes out of eachother
  • and him teasing you 24/7
  • cause lets be real, if you’re not making fun of eachother then what’s the point of this friendship
  • helping him annoy his hyungs
  • “you didn’t hear this from me, Yoongi, but jungkook and I saw Taehyung take your headphones the other day”
  • “no wonder I couldn’t find it, that lil shit”
  • you being his wingwoman cause you’ve finally found something he’s bad at
  • “I don’t need your help with girls, Y/N”
  • “oh really? cause the video I have on my phone of you trying to ask my friend out but failing miserably says otherwise”
  • deadass the friend to leave you on the sidewalk if you trip or something
  • so
  • many
  • inside jokes
  • and 
  • so 
  • many
  • intricate handshakes
  • him insisting on practicing these hand shakes at least twice a day so that you don’t forget
  • he deems all type of physical affection unacceptable
  • which you call bullshit on cause he’s the one that initiates the hugs and arm links 
  • honestly ppl thought you guys were originally dating  because of how close you two are
  • he loves to put on a tough front but really he’s just a soft bunny
  • but even tho he’s a soft bunny, he’ll still fucking b o d y you to the floor when you guys are play fighting
  • thus resulting him getting scolded by the others cause he accidentally gave you a black eye or a bruised arm
  • #nomercy
  • you stealing his shit cause lets be real he’s buff as fuck so all his stuff is like 10x bigger than you making them more comfortable
  • so to get back at you he steals your underwear and leaves them all around the studio and dorms where the boys can see 
  •  you giving him the spare key to your house cause you’re tired of having to get up at like 1 am to open the door for him cause he couldn’t sleep
  • texting you late at night to describe the wild ass dream he just had
  • sending ugly snapchats to eachother
  • karaoke nights that leaves you pissed off cause he’s meant to not take it seriously and sing really badly not outshine you with his angelic voice ffs
  • but his angelic voice is what makes you feel better when you’re feeling like shit
  • as much as you hate to admit it, you take comfort in him singing softly to you on your bad days and low days
  • he may not be good at talking to other girls but he seems to know the right words to say when you’re crying into his shoulder
  • and to return the favour you show up to his door with a bag full of snacks and ice cream and his favorite games if he too is going through a rough patch
  • or if he’s feeling extremely down, you’ll just cuddle up with him with the warmest blankets you can find and watch a film or sit in comfortable silence
  • cause after all, what are best friends for?

I found an iphone 4s in my car.. I have no idea whose phone it is and of course its locked.. the only hints I have is
1. that they love Kpop, panic at the disco, and fall out boy among a few others

2. they get notifications from Oklahoma state, last given note was 717 days ago meaning its been in my car for like a year and a half
(I live in florida so wtf? WHO ARE YOU)

3. they have alarms set in the morning from 2:12 am to 8:11 am in a weird fashion; including 4:20am

4. their world clock is set for new york, cupertino, and tokyo

5. that they have a friend named L (or at least nicknamed)

and finally 

6. that they played tsum tsum and have a line account. 


(edit: this is driving me nuts, if anyone has any tips on how i can get into it PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Also siri wont work cuz its not connected to the internet, poo)

EDIT! I FOUND OUT THROUGH THE ALARMS THAT LET ME SEE THEIR MUSIC ON THE PHONE THAT THEY HAVE A 235 SONG PLAYLIST CALLED TO FLORIDA! ..not like thats a big hint but ahskjdfslskfgja at least it didn’t teleport there from oaklahoma

About 5 years ago or so, under the gloomy street light and freezing rain of winter, I told the only one-sided love I ever had, that I don’t want to ever meet him again. I don’t care where he was or how his life would be, I have enough of this one-sided feeling, so its better to cut tie. Just an hour ago, he told me he finally had a girlfriend again and I knew, I knew thats the end of our friendship.

He was one of my best friends since high school. I never cared about him, until he had his first girlfriend and something insided me ticked. I suddenly thought “Hey hes cute” and we got closer. He was the only one that told me “please cry, I’ll listen” when he heard that my dad commited suicide; and all my strong pretending face crashed down, I cried alone in the bathroom with him listening via phone. Perhaps I fell for him after that, it was my fault. I ruined our friendship just because of that, and ruined my chance with others because of that too.

Only when he left for Japan did I recognized finally I did loved him. But its like a goose chase, he ran I chased he chased I ran. Its like we always missed each other, missed the feelings that we supposed to have or to me, I think Im just too proud for a woman.

I tried you know, the tomboy me never cared about make up or hair style finally took the time to work with it. I wanted to be someone Im not, I tried to be girly in front of him. I learnt to be more woman like, wear high heel and such. It didnt work. Nothing worked.

When I heard he said, he had someone it finally registered to me that he never thought of me more than a friend. You might think I cried, but I didnt. I confessed in that cold night, told him lets never be friend again and we should never meet. He asked “Do you have to be so cruel?”

Yes, because after 5 years everything we said that night I still remembered and it still makes me want to cry. You are the only one that ever defeat the me so completely and innocently.

You really did miss me //Shawn Mendes

Request: Can you do one where Aaliyah and y/n has been best friend since birth and Shawn saw them grow up and started to fall for the reader and when he saw someone flirting with her (she was uncomfortable) he got jealous and protective and did something and they get together

Authors note: I have no idea if Aaliyah plays ice hockey

“Next time we go into the city, I’m buying another dress. I can’t keep wearing this one every time we go out.” I complain to Aaliyah, who was siting on her bed, scrolling though her phone while I finished putting my shoes on.

“You look fine Y/n, you know that dress looks amazing on you.” She reassures me, sending me a smile.

“You’re my best friend you’re supposed to say that to me.” I grin and she rolls her eyes.

“Lets go, I haven’t seen Shawn in ages.” Aaliyah says, following me down the stairs to the front door. I feel my heartbeat increase by the mention of her brothers name. He’s be gone for around 3 months as he’d been away, on tour, and now he was home. Aaliyah’s whole family was heading out to a restaurant for dinner to celebrate her team’s win in ice hockey.

“Great.” I manage to choke up and Aaliyah sends me a confused glance and I shrug my shoulders.

The drive to the restaurant takes a few minutes, Aaliyah’s mom and dad both pile out of the car and I follow nervously behind them. I’m about to walk through the front door when I realise I’ve left my handbag in the car.

“Aaliyah, can I go grab my bag from the car- I left it there.” I whisper-shout to her as the foyer to the building was silent and our footsteps echoed loudly. 

“Dad, can Y/n borrow the keys, she left her bag in the car.” Aaliyah asks and Manny hands me the keys with a nod before turning back to the waitress who had her hair up in a fancy bun. 

“Be a second.” I tell her and she nods. I walk back outside into the frosty air and I unlock the car, finding my bag half hidden under the drivers seat where it must have slid when the car was in motion.

“Cold tonight?” I hear a voice and I turn around to see a guy, maybe a few years older than me, leaning against the hood of the car next to ours.

“Pretty chilly.” I reply, shutting the door and locking it. 

“Nice night though.” He comments, falling into step with me as I begin to make my way to the front door again. Why did Manny have to park so far away?

“Yeah,” I trail off, rubbing my arm awkwardly. 

“So what are you doing here tonight?” The guy asks and I look at him from the corner of my eye, his blonde hair catching my attention.

“Family dinner you could say.” I answer, wishing the doors were closer as Blondie was making me feel uncomfortable.

“Cool, cool.” He nods. There’s a moment of silence before he reaches a hand out to stop me from walking. “I’m going to be honest. I find you really attractive.”

My eyes widen in surprise. “R-right.” I stutter, unsure of how to respond.

“and I was wondering if I could have your num-”

“Y/n!” A deeper voice cuts him off. Shawn appears from behind Blondie’s shoulder and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Shawn.” I murmur, my eyes drinking in his figure greedily. 

“How’s it been?” He asks, continuing to walk forward until he’s right in front of me and his arms are wrapped around my waist, hands splayed against my back. 

“I’ve been good, happy,” I hug him back, his body pressing closer against mine.

He pulls away but not too far, his arm still chucked around my waist. 

“We should probably get inside, it’s cold out.” He never takes his gaze away from my face. He tugs the collar of my coat up higher around my neck and I shiver from the slight brush of his knuckles against my neck.

“Yeah.” I breathe, eyes locked on his. I tear them away to see Blondie allready inside the foyer, the glass doors swinging shut behind him. I shake my head, smiling slightly to myself.

“I didn’t like that dude.” Shawn growls. I look up at him to see him eyeing off Blondie from where we stood in the snowy car park.

“Join the club.” I grin and Shawn manages to drop his gaze back to mine.

“I missed you.” He mumbles, raising his hands to cup my cheeks. It was an inside joke between us. One we had attained from the many years of knowing each other from how close Aaliyah and I were. Whenever I hadn’t seen Shawn for a while, he would pinch one of my cheeks and say he missed me. Usually I hated it because it made the age gap between us seem so much larger. When he said it then however, it sounded different. It sounded like he actually meant it.

“I missed you too Shawn.” I chuckle, placing my frozen hands over his and he jumps in surprise.

“Gee woman, you have cold hands.” He wraps his hands around mine, our arms falling to swing between us.

“Thanks.” I say tonelessly. 

“I love your dress.” He mumbles, eyes flicking between me and the fabric that was revealed from where my coat fell away.

“I’ve worn it so many times.” I comment, my eyes following a car that was trying to find a car park in the busy parking lot. 

He pauses for a moment. “Can I try something?” He asks and I look back at him, the moonlight reflecting on half his face.

“What?” I reply, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. 

“This,” he moves so fast that my brain can’t catch up until I feel his soft lips press against mine, the taste of mint invading my senses. I freeze for a moment but then his arms snake around my back, pulling me into him, and I immediately respond. I wrap my arms around his neck, holding him to me.

I kiss him back with all I have until I pull back to catch my breath.

I can’t help the grin that follows, Shawn also smiling down at me.“You really did miss me.”

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Pray You Catch Me

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Hey it’s Jazmine! So my friend, Kayla, who was the one to request this whole Lemonde Series decided to write this imagine based off the first song. The one thing that kicked this all off. So please enjoy this!

     For the past few weeks you lay in bed with dissatisfaction. You and Calum had been together for so long happily and you couldn’t seem to figure out why now. Every time you kissed you could taste the dishonesty. It started with phone calls in the middle of the day and ended with late nights out, Calum returning perfume and lipstick stained. Cal was never good at lying to you and whenever you asked about the foreign stains he would pass it off as cavalier but you were aware of it all.

“Of course I’m coming over tonight. I just have to find an excuse to tell my wife” Calum whispered through the speakers. The words lingering in your mind for days on end. That was the first time. The second time you had overheard him was getting out of the shower. 

“You want me to try that new trick I learned tonight?” It made you sick that Calum could even touch another woman the way he touched you and you couldn’t bare to hear anymore of his infidelity. The final time you over heard Calum you decided to do something about it. You were cooking breakfast while Calum was sat at the dining room table. In that moment it was decided- you couldn’t put up with his late nights, his stench, the wounds, or the murmurs. You didn’t have to put up with the reality of the situation either but you did. You stood in the door way listening to Calum’s conversation with his unknown concubine. I pray you catch me listening you thought to yourself. Nothing else hurt like the smile on his face as he indulged himself in the one thing he shouldn’t’ve. You breathed deep and took your chance slamming the pots and pans to the floor.

“Yes it was. I had a great time too. Maybe we cou-” you immediately snatched the phone out of Calum’s hands and hung up.


You looked at Calum expressionless but you didn’t need an expression to get your point across, it was in your tone as you spoke.

“Who are you always on the phone with? I won’t ask you twice cause it’s a cause for concern.”

“You can’t be serious right now Y/N. It’s the guys. It’s Ashton. You know we’re always working and going out. That’s why I’m coming home late. Stop jumping to conclusions without any evidence.” You could hear the frustration in Calum’s voice and for a second you believed him, but you’d his conversations too many times. He’d covered it up too many times. He lied too many times. You looked into his eyes looking for any sign of regret or remorse and whispered.

What are you hiding my love?

Seeking:  Black Girlfriends

Recently I took an inventory of what my peer group has looked like over the years and I don’t see many black women in it. I remember one of my best friends in middle school was only half black and Filipino, but I could only relate to half of her. Looking through my contacts list in my phone right now, I’m counting a little over a handful of black women in my life. Those aren’t good #s and what’s equally disappointing is that they’re either extended family that I don’t talk to hardly, a friend of a friend or a business connect. The number of black men in my phone is twice as much, yet a quarter of those gents I’m only in communication with at various times throughout the year.

So, why is this? I remember as a kid–being one of the few black girls in a predominately white school, I had one bad run-in with a black girl who was a bully. Most of the few black girls in school at that time, stuck together and they all looked similar and were into similar things. But I wasn’t that girl. I was told I had “good hair”, an “ideal complexion” or my ethnicity was questioned at times for appearing indigenous or of mixed latin descent or they simply thought I was too soft and bourgie. I was definitely soft, but I grew up lower middle class and I was always a tomboy and wasn’t interested in talking about boys. Instead I was the one making friends with them while the girls were acting all coy. I wanted in on the action. I wanted to have fun. Sitting around talking about boys wasn’t nearly as interesting as joining them.

But as I get older and face all the social matters that affect my adulthood, I need more black women in my life. I need a grandmother, a mother, a sister, a friend, and an auntie. And it’s imperative. I have a severe blackness deficiency in my life and I’m tired of witnessing white nonsense without having someone to relate to on the matters at hand. Talking to white people or anyone passing for white about black struggle or colorism is pointless. They can’t empathize when they benefit from privilege. They just look at you like, “I’m sorry you have to be black, but you’re still a great person.” Then they go about their business while I have to figure out how to survive in a way that doesn’t get in their way so I won’t end up dead. Because a black person in power is always at risk for a premature death. Let’s be real. Even the Obamas aren’t immune.

Outside of coping with daily challenges, black women understand certain nuances about growing up being a black female that NO ONE will ever understand or know unless you are a black woman. Also, I’m just tired of suppressing my blackness. I really need to purge and get extra black. What that means, I will not say (for the white people reading). I just need to be around people who know how many desserts Patti Labelle has released in Walmart in the last decade.

So if you’re seeking a black girlfriend who is introspective, quirky, chill, and likes to have deep and uplifting conversation, please raise your hand. Spark a flare. Send a carrier pigeon my way with a message of existence and friendship.

Me and You

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Hello my friends, I told you Natasha was next and so Natasha is here. This probably sucks and Natasha is probably written out of character but oh well what are ya going to do. This was inspired by some of my own experiences through understanding my own sexuality so I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 2160

“Code Red!”  You frantically text your roommate, Natasha. The phone rested on your thigh under the table occupying one hand as you rest your chin in the other. Putting on a happy smile, you listen as your date Lane rambles on about his ‘fantastic’ job as a Podiatrist, glancing down occasionally. This was the fifth date in the last three months that had gone horribly wrong, and you were quickly losing hope in finding love. Lane was a nice guy, he was handsome and smart and as Natasha like to put in “was so fucking rich that nothing else mattered” However there was no spark, no butterflies, nothing, just an awkward one-sided chat about feet.

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I’m Not Jealous


Joe’s POV

Y/N had been broken before, a few times actually. Every guy that she has dated seemed really nice but ended up being a total dick. Even the guys that she has just hooked up with have been jerks. 

A few months ago, she had called me crying saying that she was over dating and that every man she has ever met sucked. Why she called me instead one of her girl friends I have no idea but I sat and listened as she opened up on about all of her past relationships, many of which I didn’t know had even happened. 

Y/N and I used to be close, very close. In the past 4 years I have gotten to know her so well that I couldn’t see her not in my life, but that all changed last year when she started dating the guy who had had fueled her tearful swearing off of men. Needless to say, I was very surprised by her phone call and even more surprised when all I heard were sobs on the other side of the line.

After that phone call, it was almost like things had gone back to the way they used to be, pre-boyfriends. It had been 3 months of homemade dinners or late night take aways, sleepovers and all nighters, taking absolute shit about the things we’d be doing if we had chosen a different career path. 

This was how we had gotten so close. Other than my sister, I have never opened up to anyone about what was running through my mind than I had done with Y/N. She knew all my secrets and I knew hers and when she started dating her ex, I was terrified that I had lost that person. 

That phone call broke my heart and I swore to her that I would never let anyone hurt her like he did. I loved her but not in a romantic way regardless to what all of our friends thought. I loved being around her because she made me laugh and could calm me down when work was getting to me. I valued our friendship and didn’t want it to be ruined by some guy who only had the intentions of sleeping with her.


Y/N was on her way over for one of our weekly dinners. She had canceled the past 2 weeks so we were overdue to catch up.

“Knock knock” Y/N’s voice floated through my flat and I heard the door shut behind here.

“In here.” I called out from the kitchen.

“Hi!” She said setting her things on the worktop before moving around it to embrace me in a hug, “I haven’t seen you in forever it feels like.”

“Yeah, two weeks is quite a long time. Especially for people who usually talk every day.”

“I know, I know. Works been rough and I’ve just been so busy.” She said taking a seat at the worktop.

It was like she lived here. She moved through my flat like I was the guest in her own flat. It was refreshing in a way to have someone be so comfortable around you.

“Well I hope you’re hungry because dinner is nearly ready.” I said as I watched her eyes light up.

“Oh I forgot to tell you,” Y/N said taking a sip of her drink, “I’ve been seeing someone.”

“What?” I said almost choking on my food.

“Yeah, I also want you to meet him and give me your honest opinion about him. He’s not like the other guys and we don’t really have that much in common but its kind of okay.” She said casually.

“When did this happen?”

“About 2 months ago. We met at the library of all places. I was struggling to find a certain book, you know that one that everyone is reading?” She paused to look at me and quickly realized that the title of the book wasn’t that important, “Anyways long story short, it turned out that he had just picked up the last copy and BAM!”

“Bam?” I asked looking at confused.

“He asked my to dinner, told me I could have the book if I promised to give it to him after I finished over dinner.”

“And you did?” 

“Yeah, we discussed the book on our second date. He let me keep it if you are looking for a good read.” 

“Um, I think I’m good. Thanks” I said standing up and taking our empty plates over to the sink.

“Okay…so would you want to meet him or are you just going to trust my judgment although that has never been the best.” She taking taking another sip of her drink.

“Umm, yeah sure.”

“Yeah sure?”

“I thought you said you were done dating?” I said, recalling the phone call in which she was in tears. 

“I didn’t mean it Joe. It was just in the heat of the moment thing- I was hurt and I was just talking shit.” She said sounding a little confused.

“It didn’t sound like shit Y/N. You were crying your eyes out, I could barely even understand you. I’ve seen you sad and upset, but never like that.”

“Joe it’s not like I’m going back to him. This is a new guy who is very different from any guy I have ever dated. And I can’t exactly swear off men if I one day want to get married and have kids, dating is the first step and for me, that involves men.”

“Yeah I know that. It’s just..it’s just stupid. Never mind. I’ll meet your new boyfriend if you really want me to.” I said not wanting to get into a big fight with someone I might lose to her new boyfriend.

“Joe what is going on?” She said standing up and walking over to me.

“Nothing.” I said resting my palms on the counter and hanging my head down.

“Obviously something is up, you’re never like this. If you ask me, you’re sounding kind of jealous.” 

“I’m not jealous Y/N. Why would I be jealous?” I said looking up at her.

“I dunno, you tell me.” She said giving me signature half smile.

That smile, that damn half smile thing that she does would make an innocent man confess in court. Its caring and loving yet firm and asserting and makes you just want to spill everything you have ever bottled up inside. Its the exact reason why we are so close, she flashes that smile every time she knows I need to get something off my chest and she knows it.

“Ugh, I really need you to stop doing that.”

“Then tell me whats wrong.”

“I’m not jealous. I just don’t want someone to take you away from me like last time. I also don’t want to ever see you that hurt ever again. You thought he was going to be the man you ended up marrying and remember how he turned out. Who’s to say that library boy won’t be the same?”

“Wow.” She said letting out a deep breath, “First off, that is exactly why I want you to meet him. I value your opinion Joe and if I’m not mistaken, you liked the last one too. Granted you ended up seeing through him before I did, but still. Secondly, I understand that that year sucked for us. I barely saw you and that was really rough. I’ve made it clear this time that I need you in my life and he’s actually excited to meet you. He wants to actually get to know the people who love and support me and believe it or not, you’re up there on the list. And thirdly, that sounded a lot like you’re jealous that I haven’t been spending time with you.” She laughed. 

I rolled my eyes as she continued to laugh and pull me into a hug. It was slightly annoying that she was able to go from sweet and sincere to funny and sarcastic in the same sentence.

“Don’t worry Sugg, I’m not going to let that happen again.”

“You promise?”

“Pinky promise. And I give you permission to do whatever it takes to make me realize that I’m being a shitty friend if it comes to that.” 

“Can I make a video about how shit you’re being and show the whole world?”

“Um, If it comes to that y…yes?”

“You know I’d never do that, but thanks for giving me the permission” I laughed and I hugged her tightly.

“I love you Joe, don’t forget that.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

“Great!” She said pulling away, “I’m really excited for you to meet him. and who knows, maybe he can join us on these dinners!”

“Um no he can’t. These are our dinners.” I said quickly shooting her a look.

“It was worth a shot!” She laughed as her moved to help me clean up dinner.

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I'm the pansexual anon with the cute crush. So what happened with the music thing is that we were sitting next to each other in the computer lab at our school and were allowed to listen to music with our earbuds in. I paused my music to talk to my friend and my crush looks at my phone screen and basically says "you're listening to Panic! At The Disco?? That's some cool music dude." I'm also happy because she also likes Twenty Øne Piløts and Melanie Martinez and so do I. She's pretty awesome.

Omg she does sound p awesome. She likes good bops. Use that Tøp pickup line and be like “aye I can’t trust you, cos Tyler andJosh say not to trust a perfect person”

When Clocks Break

Requested: Yes, “ So soulmate au that you have a clock on your wrist that counts down to the moment when your soulmate dies And the clock on Mark’s wrist suddenly jumps from sixty-something years left to a few hours (he hasn’t met the reader) and make it really sad and shit (Maybe if you’re going to include the reader, she’s watching his livestream whilst driving or something) “

Fandom: Markiplier

Pairing: Markiplier/reader

A/n: So I only made it three years instead of sixty. Sorry! Also my friend seems to be really into soulmate Aus so I’m warning you now, there aare going to be a few more after this.

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               Your phone buzzed with new notifications as you finally left the dead zone that you seemed to have been trapped in for the past hour. You had been driving all day, trying to get home from your visit to your sister’s place. There were lots of empty and wide roads so it would be fine if you checked them, right?

               You picked up your phone and began swiping through the many YouTube notifications. One caught your eye though. You plugged your phone into the aux cord and clicked the video, intending on only listening to the video while you drove.

               “Alright so for the next question.” Mark’s voice came through the speakers of your car. Apparently they were doing another Q and A. “How much Fanart do you get a week?” He read the tweet out loud.

               “We get a lot.” Amy said from somewhere behind the camera.

               “Oh, yeah. We get a ton. Like, we can’t even count them all! But that doesn’t mean we want you to stop.” Mark began waving his hands around. “Send us more! Lots more! We love them so much.”

               You looked down to watch for a minute before you looked back up and realized you had been drifting toward the cross traffic lane. You quickly swerved back and took control of the car. You couldn’t keep your eyes from drifting back to your phone, though.

               “Next,” Ethan began. “What does Mark’s soulmate clock say?”

               Soulmate clocks were what people called the watches on your right wrist. They told how long you had until you met your soulmate. Whenever your soulmate would get hurt physically, a scratch would appear on the watch and when your soulmate died it would speed to zero and crack before falling off.

               “Um, mine says I still have about three years.” Mark said showing his watch to the camera. You looked down at your phone again, ignoring the road. This seemed to be the last mistake fate would let you would make.

               You merged to the left, into a line that had traffic going the opposite way of you. A semi-truck turned around a corner and because he couldn’t see you from his previous position, he ran into you head on. You died moments after the impact.

               “And if I ever do-“ Mark’s voice still played through your speakers despite the fact that your car had been crinkled up like a ball of paper. He had been talking about what he would do when he did meet his soulmate.

               Mark stared in shock as the hands on his watch quickly sped backwards many times before reaching zero. Scratch after scratch appeared on his watch before multiple cracks spread out from the center. The latch that was supposed to keep it on his wrist until he found hi soulmate undid itself. A tear rolled down Marks face as his watch fell to the floor with a thud and just as his watch broke, so did his heart.

               “My soulmate just died.” Mark muttered. It was barely loud enough for his viewers to hear.

               “I think we should end the live stream here.” Ethan said as he watched mark get up and walk out of the room. A door slammed shut just as they canceled the livestream and Mark flopped onto his bed.

               For the rest of his life Mark would look at that broken watch and think of what could have been. If only you hadn’t done what you did, been so distracted. You could have kept him happy if you simply paid mind to the road. Sadly, that was only a fantasy now.

               Now, Mark had nothing. His life was lonely and the excitement he once had dulled to nothing. People’s clocks always broke and he knew it. He just never thought it would happen to him.

i think. im gonna quit my apprenticeship tomorrow. idk its just a very toxic environment, being the only poc in a tattoo shop w a bunch of passively racist white people n it just builds up and!! tattooing doesnt sound all that fun anymore. esp since theyre pushing the idea that “you cant do a lot of detail or colour with Darker skin” and it depresses me. i want to work in a shop thats inclusive and safe. they also said i would start handling machines “in the summer” and now summer is halfway over and ive been doing the same thing for weeks and havent learned anything new and im just dead and tired and waiting for the shop to close at the end of the day instead of waiting to be taught how to tattoo. i couldve spent all the downtime in the shop inking fruits instead of drawing the same shit over or being on my phone im fucking tired of waiting im done ive already tattooed myself and friends in private and other tattooers said i shouldve started by now so im!!!!!! done

im gonna take sm time off to make a portfolio w/o their influence and poke some more people and find another place to apprentice at whatever i guess

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