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13 Reasons Why Character Nastiness Levels

1. Hannah 3/10, She was hurting, but sadly pushed away the people that could have helped her.

2. Clay 2/10, Can act irrationally because of his emotions and will do/say dumb stuff, but ultimately has a good heart.

3. Tony 3/10, Extremely patient with lil ole Clay, does come off as a lil bit condescending, but means well. 

4. Jessica 5/10, She slapped Hannah and bam, friendship over, but she still kept an eye on her and was generally pleasant towards her.

5. Justin 7/10, LOOK, I’m not excusing what he did, but he DID ultimately realize he was wrong to keep the secret from Jess and cut off Bryce completely. Also, no kid deserves the home life he has.

6. Bryce 10000000000000/10, This lil fucker can rot in hell. He’s the one who started it all and HE NEEDS TO GO DOWN.

7. Alex 6/10, What he did probably didn’t seem like a big deal to him, but it enabled other guys to treat Hannah like an object, not a person. At least he had the decency to feel horrible about it. (also I hope he’s ok).

8. Zach 6/10, He was trying to be nice to Hannah, but she shot him down, and he did not take that well. Like Alex, at least he had the decency to feel bad and I’m glad we get to hear why he didn’t say anything.


10. Sheri 7/10, Honestly, the only reason it’s so high is because of poor Jeff. Otherwise, she did come clean and tried to make amends and was generally a kind person. I feel like Hannah just couldn’t handle keeping a secret that awful.

11. Courtney 9/10, What she did wasn’t the worst by far, but how she handled everything after was horrendous, just because she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin.

12. Ryan 9/10, Same as Courtney. His crime wasn’t that terrible, but I hate how he never felt bad about it AT ALL and just kept going around like he was so entitled.

13. Marcus 9/10 Same as the above two. These 3 were a series of shitty moments, but the way they handled the aftermath was just disgusting.

14. Skye 3/10, Not on the tapes or even associated with Hannah, but pretty prevalent in Clay’s life. She’s tough and rude, but luckily lets Clay in. Very happy they rekindled their friendship.


Appreciate OCs

Before I remake this blog, I got to get one thing off my chest. Appreciate and interact with original characters. Yeah, I know there are douchebag OCs who are overpowered or only want romantic ships, etc.. BUT DON’T LABEL THE MAJORITY BY THE MINORITY. Especially, if it’s a person you know who has a canon muse and is a nice mun. They aren’t going to change into a completely mean person just because they have an original character. 

As a person with quite a few original characters, lemme tell you: 

  • It takes time to get their personalities just right so they don’t come off as a mary sue/gary stu
  • If you have a female OC, good luck getting interactions because it’s 4x as hard for them [us]
  • It takes time to get a faceclaim that works just right OR if you draw your characters you will be forever in icon hell. 
  • And once you get that faceclaim. The manga/comic/anime caps can take DAYS if you are doing them by hand. Then you have to resize them, color them, put overlays on theM.
  • A LOT of times your faceclaim doesn’t have renders so you gotta do that yourself and design a flipping background for a container so you look “cool” because some reason you will be overlooked just because you don’t have it [WHICH SHOULD CHANGE!]
  • Backstory. Backstory. Backstory. It takes days of research to come up with this stuff and if you are building a world…holy guacamole. Some people draw maps, do languages, and even draw EVERYTHING. 


So. PLEASE. Respect original characters. Try interacting with them. If you’ve had a bad experience, I understand. But if it’s a person you’ve interacted with before [as in canon muses] then please try to interact with their OCs at least. Maybe expand your horizons after. Trust me there are so many fun OCs out there with the sweetest muns who deserve love and respect. 


An OC creator

Bygones of the Sun | 02 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 5.0k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03

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Playbill made a list of “LQBT Heroes” and they had the dude from Panic at the Disco on it???? But not Paula Vogel, arguably THE most celebrated and beloved lesbian playwright who got kicked out of her FUCKING HOME by her mother when she found out she was gay, and put herself through college anyway, and who is an amazing teacher and fighter for equality, Lisa Kron, another loved lesbian playwright who often writes about her experiences of being a lesbian so matter-of-factly, so HUMOROUSLY, and so honestly, and without ever any shame or sadness commonplace in lesbian stories, or Anthony Rapp, who has literally ALWAYS been out, even though at the time of the start of his career hardly anyone was, it was considered career suicide.
But yeah, sure. Put the guy who’s just now making his Broadway debut via stunt-casting in a very limited run.

It’s not even been a month since Sana’s season started and what I’ve seen out of this fandom is nothing but straight up ignorance and hatred, and I’m so fucking sick of it.

This is not the fandom I joined last November.

We don’t attack each other for our opinions. We sure as hell listen when someone tells us we’re wrong and attempts to educate us. We grow from our mistakes and we learn together, but some of you literally won’t fucking learn.

Season Three wasn’t a walk in the park. There were ugly fetishizers. There were people who shipped Tarjei and Henrik. There was plenty of ableism. The level of straight up islamophobia, ableism, biphobia, lesbophobia, transphobia, overall anti LGBTQ+ sentiment some of y’all have going on, and the abuse apologizing that I’ve seen across my dash these past few weeks is fucking astounding. 

How can you watch this show that is attempting to educate you and make you a better person and not come out of it leaving with a more broad scope of the world and be more accepting? How can you not sit and at least attempt to learn someone else’s point of view? 

I’m not a Muslim, but there are people in this fandom who are. They fucking deserve your respect, and their opinions hold more weight than any of ours could ever dream of having. If you cannot understand that Islam is a religion of peace and acceptance and have an issue with it, just leave. You aren’t wanted here. We don’t care about your opinion of what Islam is and isn’t. I’m a Christian, and I am not vilified for the mistakes of my religion and the hatred and ignorance that has stemmed from it in the past. I will not allow you to sit and do the same to Muslims. Respect the opinions of Muslims in this fandom. Don’t speak over them. When they say you’ve said something wrong own up to it and fucking apologize. Grow up and learn from your mistakes. Be a better person. It’s all you can do. 

The ableism I’ve seen is gross. It’s disgusting. Disabled and mentally ill people are fucking human beings who have feelings. There’s no argument there. Even is not his disorder. Even is a human being with a personality who has likes and dislikes who just happens to have a mental illness. That illness doesn’t define him, and it’s not cause for you to hate him. He’s not a fucking liar. He’s allowed to feel shameful for what his illness has caused him to do in the past. He doesn’t have to share it with Isak. Even is his own person, and Isak is his own as well. Don’t expect Even to reveal his darkest secrets to Isak when not even Isak would discuss the first half of first year with Even. Even is allowed to have secrets. That doesn’t make him manipulative. So many of us in this fandom are mentally ill, and this shit hurts us. The asks concerning all of this stuff can physically hurt. The way you say things can literally be life or death for some people. Don’t say ableist shit. 

The level of rude asks and opinions thrown towards LGBTQ+ individuals in this fandom is inexcusable. I know it’s a shock, but people are allowed to make everything gay. Everything can literally be fucking gay. If you don’t like it, get over it. I’ve consumed heteronormative media since the day I was born. You can handle a few headcanons on your dash about why Vilde is a lesbian. You don’t have to think she’s a lesbian. No one is forcing you to acknowledge that Vilde is a lesbian. You do you. If you think she’s bi or pan, that’s great, but you don’t have the right to go into someone’s ask and tell them they’re wrong for thinking Vilde is a lesbian. So many of you are clearly lesbophobic, and it’s funny considering you’re screaming “Evak! My small soft gay babies!” the next second. We don’t have to have permission to hc characters as gay. It’s not your fucking place to tell someone who’s trans/nb that “Isak doesn’t look trans” when they hc Isak as trans. If they want Isak Valtersen to be a fucking trans boy, they can. It’s not hurting you. All it’s doing is exposing your level of transphobia. We’re allowed to project our sexualities onto characters. If you have an issue with it, you’re homophobic, and you need to grow up and educate yourself. 

Another issue: biphobia. Some of y’all just really love vilifying Even don’t you? You really want to see him fuck up, and it’s exhausting. Even isn’t going to cheat on Isak. He’s not gonna fall in love with Mikael and ride off into the sunset with him. Isak and Even are in this thing called life together. Isak goes down with Even in that s4 trailer. They both love and support each other. Can’t you use your own eyes and see and respect that? You don’t have to fall back on old harmful stereotypes to fuel drama or have opinions. Even is in love with Isak. Respect that and acknowledge it. 

Lastly, today marked the return of our old pal William. William, who it was revealed literally made Noora feel bad after Nico. William who manipulated Noora onto their first date. William who shows abusive tendencies. There are no redeeming factors for William as a character. You can like William. I’m not going to sit here and say you can’t, but you cannot excuse his actions. You can’t sit and say he was okay when he manipulated Noora. You cannot say his actions towards her in London were in any way okay. You shouldn’t fucking defend him. Acknowledge that he’s messed up. After you’ve done that, if you really want to like a character who’s like that be my guest I guess. Abuse is so fucking serious. 

William is a manipulative person with abusive tendencies. Don’t compare him to Isak, Even, or Jonas. All 3 of them? They fucking grew. They learned from their mistakes, and they expressed regret over them. They apologized for them. William can’t even send Noora a fucking text message. Isak, Even, and Jonas literally don’t even deserve to have their names in a paragraph with William. Isak, Even, and Jonas are what every single one of us should be like. We all have fucked up and said shit when we were uneducated, but like them, we have to take responsibility and grow up and learn to be better people. 

Skam fandom, do better. Be better.

You are better. I know you are. 

Take a second before you send someone an ask and think about what you’re really saying. If you make a mistake, apologize and learn. Never stop trying to grow and learn and become educated. We stop progressing the second we let hate and ignorance dictate our thoughts. 


Friendlies: Christen is a starter (always), the best forward, midfielder, defender, beautiful, down to earth, all things nice, she played every position and had the best passing accuracy. Captain Becky is everything. Alyssa is #1. Dahlkemper can stay. I’m still looking for the midfield (call Colaprico thx). The only person who can replace Tobin is Cassius. Pinoe, Syd and Julie deserved better (Sonnett and Krieger too). Save SBR. Hinkle adiós para siempre. Last but not least, fire Jillian Ellis bring Rory. C i a o.

I know I have at least a few followers who either have BPD or who know someone with BPD and I just wanted to say (as a non-BPD) that after having lived with a BPD person for almost a year, experiencing it first-hand and learning a lot about the disorder from multiple perspectives and sources; I really deeply respect those that suffer from it and are still pushing on.

you guys fight an uphill battle every single day and most of the time you have no one cheering you on. the stigma surrounding your disorder is shitty and you deserve your shot at happiness just like everyone else. just thought you should know.

I am so incredibly proud of William Magnusson. All of his life he spent trying to please his parents, but especially his father. A father who had already drilled into him from a young age that he would never amount to anything unless he was a carbon copy of himself. The sad reality that William grew up in is that his parents could not have given a shit about him and his happiness. Yet, William continually tried to please him. William turned out to be a great guy with a huge heart even if its hard to see on the outside.

Why I’m proud of him is because today he made a decision. Today he finally chose himself. He chose Noora. He chose happiness. His family was never a family. William chose Noora because she is his family. William finally realized that nothing he will ever do will make his father love him the way he deserves to be loved. So he chose the girl who will and has. 

William is giving up everything he knows to be with Noora because she needs him and he needs her. He loves her so damn much and its beautiful. Not to mention, he’s giving up everything toxic in his life to become the best person he can be. His father literally told him that he’s being cut off and William doesn’t care. Because money does not equal happiness. William would be happy living in a cardboard box if that meant he could be with the woman he loves and make something of himself, He signed himself up for Law school. The boy who didn’t trust the legal system! Do you know how far he has come? When he had messed up and confessed, he chose to believe that it would all work out and it did. That’s true inspiration. Also, I am sure that the whole situation with Noora and NIco sparked that fire inside of him to make sure that never happens to anyone else ever again. William once wrote, “People need people.” and he’s dedicating his life to being a person that can be counted on. A  boy that has always been there for the people who needed him most. 

You don’t have to like William, but he has grown up in more ways than you can imagine. At least give him the credit where its deserved. 

I am autistic and proud of it. I love being autistic because I love the person it makes me.

I love how I can find beauty in everything, how in love I am with the smallest things and how easily I’m happy.

Sometimes, I even love the sadness and pain it can bring. Because I am able to transform it. Because I’m able to turn it into understanding for others who are also in pain, even though their pain differs from mine.

I love that it makes me more open for different and new things, because in a world full of allistic people, I always had to be. And I love how stubborn I am, how strong my sense for right and wrong is and how easy it is for me to stand up for what I believe in.

However, sometimes I still find myself being angry at who I am as a person because I’m autistic. I still sometimes hate myself for it.
And that’s okay. It’s hard to ALWAYS love yourself for being autistic when everyone else tells you that you shouldn’t. When you were raised to see yourself as flawed and weird and someone others would often rather not be around.

It’s an act of rebellion in itself to love yourself if others tell you not to. And I even love this struggle to love myself, this fighting for the self-respect that I deserve because it allows me to grow as a person. Because by learning how to love myself against all the hate autistic people receive, I’m also learning how to love others who get the same hate.

And I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. Because in this world, autistic people are still seen as “less than” allistic people by many.

Being autistic is sometimes hard. Loving yourself for being autistic is even harder.
But every autistic person deserves to love themselves for who they are. And the struggle to unlearn ableism is completely worth it.

If you are still struggling to love yourself, then I am proud of you. Because you’re taking the harder path and fighting through all odds thrown at you. Because at least you are trying to give yourself the love that you deserve instead of giving in to how others abuse you.
You are strong and wonderful and I fully support you.

Usually when I’m watching this scene, I’m more focused on the satisfaction of seeing Vlad’s own evil scheme turned against him. Danny’s been through a really awful night, and Vlad deserves every moment of what’s coming to him. (Gotta appreciate that at least Danny doesn’t really let Vlad believe he’s gonna get a five minute head start. Even here, Danny’s still the bigger person.)

But something else interesting is the post-Public Enemies implications. Danny’s able to turn the ghosts on Vlad by pointing out that Vlad’s their real enemy, and he’s surprisingly confident that they’ll listen.

The kid who usually fights ghosts on sight really is starting to understand them better. I’m proud of him.

An Apology


In early March, a former friend, Klaus, who worked with me on videos for my channel, put a ‘callout post’ on Tumblr about me. The post contains logs of a conversation we had after he came out to me that another friend had made him feel unsafe in skype chats in late 2011.

I handled this very poorly. I encourage you to read the logs Klaus has posted. [EDIT: You can find the post here. I originally did not link to it, because I was worried people would dogpile him, but on reflection if I’m saying you should read them it’s a mistake not to make them available, and I do not want to hide what I wrote.]

I believe that there is a proper way to react when a person approaches you with a story like the one he came to me with. It is always important to be kind to people who trust you when they tell you they feel hurt. When this happened, I failed to do this. Because I knew the person he was talking about, and I had been there at the time for many of the conversations Klaus had been referring to, I immediately went about investigating whether or not the claim was true. My first real response to Klaus opening up to me about his fears was to tell him that I doubted him, and to question if he was sure he was remembering things properly.

This behaviour was wrong. I had the opportunity to respond with care and understanding and instead my first instinct was to try to ‘check the facts’. This is not a kind instinct, and it is not a good way of treating anyone, especially a friend.

I write from a position of privilege. I try my best to be a good person and see things from a worthwhile perspective, but when it comes down to it I am a straight white man living in a very secluded part of the UK where most people aren’t affected by the worst of the problems I often talk about. I try to criticise the exact perspective this can engender, but when this happened I didn’t even notice I was acting it out myself. I failed to be compassionate to a friend who was confiding in me. Even if everything Klaus had said had been untrue, it was still nothing short of cruel to respond the way I did.

I want to be a good ally and stand up for people who have been hurt, and I very clearly still have a lot to learn from others. I wish I hadn’t needed to learn this lesson at all in the first place. I know I have disappointed some people. I recently reached out to my audience, asking people who have problems with aspects of my work to get in touch and tell me what they feel I should do differently, and I want to reaffirm that I read all of the messages that are sent to me, and take them seriously. I lost a very good friend, someone who was and still is important to me, because I failed to live up to the principles I believe in, and I do not want that to hurt anyone like that again.

A couple of other members of the community have shared the callout post and their disappointment with what I wrote. I am heartened by this behaviour –it’s good that people in our little corner of the internet are willing to criticise people’s actions, especially when they otherwise agree with them or like their work or share their goals, and especially when that person is me. This is exactly the sort of community I want to be a part of, and I hope I can do right by it in my work.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, and how I dealt with Klaus’ feelings is a big one. I was a bad friend to someone who deserved to be treated better, and can never undo that – but I can, and will, do better in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I can never apologise enough to Klaus. I don’t expect him to forgive me. His post relates that he shared this story because he wants me to do better in the future, and to grow as a person, and at the very least I hope it’s clear that I want to live up to his, and your, expectations for me.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that even though Jeff was a popular jock, he didn’t hang around guys like Bryce, Justin, and Montgomery - or at least we didn’t see him in the flashbacks, he was good friends with Clay even though he didn’t have to be, he tried to help Clay with Hannah even though he didn’t have to, he was a good person even though he wouldn’t lose much by being an asshole, Jeff was a cinnamon roll who deserved nothing but good that was in the world

The thing that upsets me the most about this Dae situtation and the musical is that Dae won that audition with his talent but ts is ruining his reputation by canceling schedules bc if their imcompetence of do ACTUAL SCHEDULES ON TIME…you think companies or stuff want to work with people who the company cancels their schedules? (at least if is something about health tho) that shows unprofessionalism and ts is making a good work in that…they hate b.a.p that much?? ughh….ts doesnt know what bussines ethics is? idk the thing behind their schedules canceled…but i hope is nothing that makes dae look like a unprofessional person…bc i swear i will *** ts.

Listen if you don’t like Stefan Karl or Lazy Town as a whole you seriously don’t have to be rude and laugh off his situation as a joke because he’s a “dying meme”

He’s a real person with real feelings who deserves respect, there’s absolutely nothing funny about this situation. If you can’t help and donate or say your respects at least be mature about it and just not say anything at all. Joking about his cancer isn’t funny it’s just pathetic and rude

You’re the Reason I Come Home (Part 2/2)

Summary: You and Bucky have been through a lot together. But when things become too much and Bucky breaks up with you, you find that you could lose him completely.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,800

Warnings: Language, slight mention of injury (nothing graphic), mention of death, slight depression, & OH GOD THE ANGST. (but stick with it, I promise)

A/N: This fic got a lot more recognition than what I was expecting, so thank you for that!! It’s almost to 300 notes now, so that’s pretty crazy for my first fic after hiatus. But I hope you guys enjoy this just as much (or even more) than Part 1, as this part is definitely my favorite. It was awesome to write & to be narcissistic, I kinda teared up a bit while writing the ending scenes. But I hope everyone enjoys this just as much as I enjoyed writing it <3

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Kane chronicles head cannons

- he knows a lot about dinosaurs because he went through a phase when he was 7
- has an educational YouTube channel with like three videos
- is the person who complains that the book was better before he’s even seen the movie
- he’ll listen to any type of music except country
- low key wants a pet but never gets one
• really good at math
• she watches a lot of Doctor Who and Sherlock
• she can’t live with out at least one cup of coffee every day
• she gets really grossed out when people call Carter cute or attractive
• she pretends to like horror movies but they freak her out
These books deserve so much more love than they get

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Headcannons: jikook soulmate au where you can hear a song in your head that reflects your soul mates mood. Jungkook is in a good mood most of the time so Jimin will often hear pop songs in his head. Jungkook however always hears sad songs in his head. One day instead of the artists voice singing, he hears his soul mates voice in his head. His voice sounds so broken whilst singing a beautifully heartbreaking song that Jungkook yearns to find his soulmate &give him the world. (They find eachother)

listen….this is so emotional and beautiful, give me some time to cry. the only thing about this that i’m going to change is that they are going to be like instrumentals…like they won’t hear existing songs just like classical music in their heads. i think it would be pretty. WARNING: talk of depression, also implied smut but no actual smut…NOTE: i’m definitely gonna do a part 2 of this bc there is a lot i didn’t finish that i still want to! so be prepared for that! (read part 2 here).

+ jungkook was working when he heard it again. he was serving a nice couple’s table when a song started playing in his head. he wished he could describe it as soothing or pretty but he couldn’t. it was almost heartbreakingly sad. jungkook hated these days but they were happening more and more frequently. 

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  • Jumin: Elizabeth the Third's bitch
  • Jaehee: Jumin's bitch
  • Seven: My bitch
  • Yoosung: LOLOL's bitch
  • Zen: Echo Girl's bitch
  • Saeran: My bitch (Part Two)
  • V: Innocent cinnamon roll who deserved better and is definitely not a bitch
  • Rika: Fracking bitch snake who needs to go back to the hellhole she came from OR at least the bitch who needs help and is hopefully going to learn from her mistakes and grow as a person :)