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Don’t let the echo chamber of negativity toward Reylo dampen your spirits. I  feel sometimes that people are peering too deeply into every little nitpicky thing and lose hope for the ship, because of their exhaustion with the fandom itself. Just look at all the raw material – canon evidence – that has been presented to us. Everyone can have their assumptions about what will happen, but the canon content is immutable. Period.

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Hey, hi. I have a question wrt your bad Tumblr discourse post. How did Egyptian statues lose their noses if they weren't removed by Europeans? This is an honest question, because I was taught that even in school.

Geez, really? Wow.

Anything protruding on a statue is going to be the weakest point simply because it’s weight without support. Arms, noses, even heads sometimes. Anything outside the central mass, no matter the material. Therefore, it’s more succeptible to getting eroded or broken off over time. Plenty of Greco-Roman statues are also missing noses, and those are statues of Europeans.

A quick Google search of “greek statue broken” turned up these results and many, many others. Go to any art museum and you’ll see plenty of noseless Greek and Roman statues.

Plus, I’ve seen no conclusive evidence (and by that I mean “not from a blog that also endorses the Dravidian Albino Theory”) that the intentional, racially-motivated nose-breaking happened. Now, they always said in my archaeology classes that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, so it could have happened at some point, in some isolated cases. But there’s like a 99% chance there was never any widespread conspiracy to make Egyptian statues look less African.

Did Europeans do a lot to perpetuate a popular image of the Egyptians as white? Yes, and that’s really awful. However, it was mostly in contemporary art, not in the defacement of artifacts.

RACISTS/NAZIS/ALT-RIGHT/WHITE SUPREMACISTS STAY OFF THIS POST (a disclaimer I have to add to everything now because if you criticize even the slightest popular Discourse Theory the neo-Nazis jump on it)

I’ll cry a silent weary tear
For those that need to love me
—  “Ready for the Storm” Dougie Maclean

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What if Obi-Wan was hopeless enough with children that he mixes up Luke and Leia? And like, little enough time that the event to introduce the new princess was about to happen, but Obi-Wan and Leia were already leaving the planet. And so Luke is introduced as the princess, and it isn't found out until after the party because that's the first time he needs changed. I see two senarios from this. They hide that he's a boy, and raise him as the Princess, or it turns into a joke through his life....

TBH seeing as most babies (especially newborn ones) are a bit… blobey it’s not that hard to mix them up. It’s why so many parents of multiples often have some decoration that clearly identifies which baby is which for the first bit. They are pretty easy to mix up even when non-identical. So it wouldn’t be that hard to see Luke and Leia being mixed up by Obi Wan, especially considering all the other stuff weighing on his mind at the time.

And while the hiding the fact Luke’s biologically male is interesting and leads to a lot of exploration of gender, identity, and the role socialisation plays in it. I do think it’s more likely they amend the announcement and it just becomes a joke for Luke’s entire life about how his parents mixed up his gender when they first got him.

So sorry for the recent inactivity on the blog guys, it’s been generally because I’ve been lacking motivation to write, and a tad bit of writer’s block? I guess?

I guess it’s also partially because I’m trying to find myself as a writer (as strange/cheesy/whatever as that sounds), trying to work out the right style of writing for me, and I guess a tiny little bit of insecurity regarding my writing, I’ve been kinda doubting my own writing ability recently (something which often happens after I read such amazing fics on here by such talented writers who I really look up to <3) which is probably what led to this slight lack of motivation?

I’m rambling again, but I think you guys understand what I’m trying to say~

Hey I just realized that I’m almost to 100 followers!! :‘3


Hanazawa Teruki: idol, gangster, phenomenal douchebag

This is the Hobo!Mob Ageswap AU’s take on Teru, who is even more arrogant and insufferable than in canon, no thanks to years spent in the limelight (there wasn’t a Claw to haunt him when he was growing up). By day, he’s a charming heartthrob in the Japanese pop idol scene; at night, he ruthlessly runs his own personal yakuza gang, one that’s become a thorn in the side of older, more established gangs. Of course, all of this was only made possible by the flagrant use of his psychic powers, of which he has a bit of an inflated opinion of (i.e. psychics are ahead of the rest of humanity and using their powers to benefit themselves is not just a right but a given).

Of course when he meets Mob face-to-face*, that all goes to shit.

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ive got music stuck and constantly playing in my head and rn it’s the wii shop theme mixed with bad n boujee and refrain boy amongst other things. it is. Almost not pleasant.

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I don't know if you're still interested in the Teenage Mecha Ninja Turtles short (but if you aren't, feel free to ignore this message), but I noticed that the children are also named after more contemporary artists that relate to their heritage. Frida = Frida Kahlo, Basque = Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kusama = Yayoi Kusama, Jackson = Jackson Pollock. As an art major who barely passed art history, I got all giddy for recognizing the names! Thought this might be fun to share!

holy shit the artist symbolism goes deeper

i’m kicking myself, that’s so great??? like i didn’t even know that stuff (art history was never my strong point, i was more the sort to do whatever the fuck i wanted in class and BS my way through everything else because **~art is interpretive~**), but i’m so pumped that it’s a thing!!

i’m so happy the creators of that short put so much thought into their work- the continuation of the artist names thing is really quite sweet, and shows how much they loved the story idea, (i love it even more now omg) not to mention that it states the races of each kid, which makes me even happier as a fan-writer. so much possibility, now that i’ve got canon info.

so yeah much thanks to you anon, i can work with so much more depth now that i’ve got this info. plus add jokes about fate since all the kids have artist names despite not being related (that we yet know)


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.