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Stay - Part 1: Why Don’t You Stay? (Teaser)

There are always two sides to a story… Bev and I realized the song that were giving me serious Jensen feels was one she was doing for a challenge as well. So COLLAB. This is gonna be a small series - how many parts we don’t know yet but there will be two sides to each part. Follow Jensen’s POV with me and follow Y/N’s with Bev @chaos-and-the-calm67 - Here is my Teaser for part 1 which will be out Sunday 10 pm danish time. 

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Jensen collapsed on top of her, his forehead resting on the pillow beside her head. He was still buried deep inside her as his cock slowly started to soften. His hand was still tangled in her hair and his other hand was still drawing patterns on her leg that still rested against his hip, when she finally spoke.

“I don’t know what has gotten into you, but I like it,” she giggled turning her head and kissing his cheek. Jensen took a deep breath before carefully pulling out of her and rolling onto his back, staring into the ceiling. He knew he was out of excuses. There was no more reasons for him not to tell her. There were no more reasons for him, not to beg her to stay before watching her walk out of his life for good.

“Jay,” Y/N rolled onto her side and rested her head against her hand pressing her elbow into the bed. “Are you okay?”

Jensen had to fight his tears when he heard the worried tone in her voice. “Yeah… I just…”

Her phone went off on the nightstand beside her and Jensen quickly turned his face away from her. Hiding his anger and jealousy when she picked up the phone.

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The God King

Oh look I wrote some Charpocalypse, Ancient Egyptian au! Yes I know I have lots (lots!) of other WIPs I should be working but dammit this fandom needs some more En Sabah Nur/Charles! So…here’s a little taste to start, with more to come (and by more I mean pornz lol):


The God King comes when he is five years old, to take him away.

He doesn’t know why he must leave his mother and father to live with the great En Sabah Nur, only that all must obey the Pharaoh’s wishes and follow his command. His mother cries as she embraces him tight, and kisses his cheek; his father’s eyes are red and swollen when the Pharaoh reaches to take his hand.

“Come with me,” he says, soft and sweet, grip ever so gentle on his tiny hand. The Pharaoh is garbed head to toe in threads of silver and gold, bright and beautiful as the sun. “You are one of the blessed, gifted with great power. You will serve me, and love me, and help me guide this world to a better existence.”

He nods, to show his understanding, and then turns to say a hesitant farewell. But neither of his parents answer his call; instead his mother clutches desperately at his father’s hand, and the two of them collapse onto the ground, arms wrapped around one another as the Pharaoh steers him through the glowing portal.

Chaires never sees either of them again.

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oh gee how did this happen

So (over!!) a hundred people are following me. I slaved away to build this little block castle of fanart and fanfiction, only to realize I had sealed myself inside it, with no way out but to destroy all I had worked so hard to—okay I’m kidding. This was just a cute, silly idea.

Since most of y’all found me through my kid!Fatal post (or at least, that one has the most notes, for now—OMG people you love my shetpost don’t you?), and because everyone seemed to like the mini blue raspberry so much, I decided to draw more of him to thank you. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to color him as well. And y’know, it wasn’t. The castle of blocks on the other hand… whose bright idea was this anyway

I have an idea for another short comic starring kid!Fatal, so that’s a thing that might happen, but this will have to be enough for now.

*furtively sets up giant flashing neon signs leading @fatal-error-blog to this picture*

Uh I mean

Fatal belongs to @fatal-error-blog :)

And this version of him is based on the Momma CQ world by @alainaprana

To both of you, my followers, and everyone else who has liked, reblogged, and said such nice things about my work: you make me smile and sometimes have little excited freak-outs. Thank you all so much! <3


16 Days of Outlander: Day #03 - “The Way Out”

Favorite Shipper Moment

Jamie: Over here. Did you not see me waving? I nearly re-injured my arm.

Why is this my favorite moment?

This episode had so many wonderful shipper moments, that it was difficult to choose just one! It was all about them getting to know each other more and working together for a common purpose. I settled on this little moment between them, because I love how junior high it is. Jamie clearly has a crush on Claire and wants her to sit next to him. He automatically grabs her hand and she happily follows behind him. The smile on his face just adds to the sweetness of the little moment.

why do we crave love? is it for the hand holding, and the kisses? the flirting, and being someone’s idea of perfect? when we crave love, we think about the stupid stuff we see in movies, and television. with the laughing and infatuation with eachother, the cheesy dates, the fights where one of you ends up slamming a door and crying while the other begs to be let in through apologizing and getting teary eyed, no one knows what love actually is, because love is scary.
no matter what we say, love is scary. you may love someone and they may not feel the same. you can lose who you love, you know there are so many reasons why you should be scared of love. because in reality all love is, is this big black hole that consumes you, and lets your guard down. you may want someone to stand outside of your window with a boom box blaring your favorite song, as they confess their love for you or maybe you want them to knock on your window at 3am because they need to tell you they love you, and they can’t keep pretending they don’t. you want the love you see in the movies, but that’s just that a movie.
—  i really just want to star in a movie with you:-(
Jungkook Angst - Oblivious Ch. 1

Ch. 1 ~ Ch. 2

Summary - When someone’s oblivious, they’re bound to fall in love with the wrong person

Originally posted by jungeuks

Not one person has mastered the art of perfection. Many have multiple flaws, but some only have one. Jungkook’s was obliviousness. Only bluntness would faze him from his dream-like state. You, only the other hand, were the opposite. From fear of abandonment, you never fully told him the truth. Only subtle clues here and there hoping he would connect two and two together.

“Jungkook! I’m so proud of you with BTS gaining immense success everyday! It’s a surprise you didn’t forget me with your hectic schedule,” you smiled at him, truly showing your affection.

He looked to you with sincerity in his eyes, “Y/n-ah, you’re the one who inspired me to follow this path. Why on earth would I ever forget my closest friend?”

Friend. You were nothing more, no matter how much you hoped. You, along with thousands of other girls, could only dream of a relationship. Jungkook was a member of BTS, an internationally popular K-pop band. You worked at a small flower shop, attending college like an ordinary person. He deserved someone as talented as him, with a higher status, and model-like looks.

“I haven’t seen you in nearly a year, and I have so much to tell you. While touring, I met my girlfriend!” your face dropped immediately. Girlfriend?

“Th-that’s great Jungkook! Who is she?” you stuttered nervously, trying to calm your explosive pulse.

“I’m sure you’ve heard of her. You know Nari, the solo singer, right?”

No way. He couldn’t possibly be talking about her. The girl who acted as your mortal celebrity nemesis, was now dating the boy you loved? Your mind clouded, with too many thoughts spiraling your walls, almost similar to a hurricane.

Jungkook looked anxiously at you, “Y/n, you’re okay with us dating, right? I mean, you’re the first person I’ve told other than the boys.”

“Oh, um of course I’m okay with it. This is your first proper relationship since you’ve debuted. I’m happy for you, but I kind of need to go now. I’ve got a shift soon” you tried to focus clearly, and not let deep red blush build.

“I thought you cleared your schedule for today? Well, I’m glad we got to meet up. Next time, maybe you can meet Nari!”

“Yeah. Maybe.”

You quickly bid him goodbye and started your car. Tears blurred your vision, making it hard to drive. How could he have gotten into a relationship so soon? With her out of all people! You remembered the scarring experience from when you first met her. The mortal embarrassment surely lived with you to this day.

2 years prior

17 year old you shouted for your idol’s name, yearning for her attention. “Nari!” You were a huge kpop fan, knowing nearly all the singers and rappers there were in the industry. Having your best friend (and crush) currently being a trainee also led you to know more people. Nari by far was your favorite idol, though. Your bedroom was filled with posters, and your closet made up of pure merch. To say the least, you were borderline obsessive. At least that’s what Jungkook told you.

You were ecstatic to attend a fan sign of hers. The thought of being able to see her in real life seemed miraculous. She was everything you wanted to be; a kind soul, and a pretty face. Soon, it was your turn to meet her.

“Hello Nari! I’m such a big fan of yours!” you practically squealed with excitement as you rushed up to her. You fumbled out papers you wanted her to sign and took out your phone for a selfie.

“Um, hey. Can I talk to you about something” she replied rather airily, looking at her manicured nails at the same time.

“Yeah sure, you can talk to me about anything, really” you quickly replied, looking for her answer.

“Here’s the thing, I don’t like annoying fans. The ones that think they’re all that, and assume they know me. I’m an idol, and I don’t have time for their patheticness. You happen to be one of them.” She looked stonily at you, appearing to unlock secrets through your eyes.

“I don’t understand; I’ve done nothing to you. Why are you acting like you hate me?”

“I’m not acting, honey. I really do hate you. Your rather annoying behaviour drives me insane, and I would appreciate it if you would discontinue your obsession with me.” She looked unfazed, almost as if she’s done it multiple times before. You left abruptly, not wanting to stay anywhere near her toxic presence. You never told anyone of that experience, keeping the broken memory inside you.

Present Time

Romantic movies weren’t so far off depicting heartbreak. The pain was agonizing, coming in with relentless waves. Ice cream didn’t actually soothe the pain much, but alcohol definitely finished the job. Not thinking about the hangover, you drank your sorrow away. Would this ever end? Would you destroy yourself by one guy? As of now, it seemed like a possibility.

Jungkook POV

Nari was a pretty person, no doubt about it. She had a slim physique, and a beautiful face. Her personality on the other hand, was debatable. Around him, she would act like the angelic person she featured on national television. He could’ve sworn he saw glimpses of different sides of her behind the scenes. Multiple times, he heard echoes of her raging voice, or flames buried in her eyes. Fans often walked away from her, tear-stricken and cowering. Although everything pointed in a single direction, he ignored these subtle hints. It seemed as if to him, and only him, Nari would only ever be an angel.

“Noona! I’ve been thinking we could meet my best friend soon. She was a really big fan of yours, I’m sure she would appreciate meeting you” he looked to Nari, who was currently styling her hair for the next performance.

“Oh? It’s a girl is it? Does she like you? Do you like her? Wait, are you cheating on me?” A distressed look plastered on her face, making him feel uneasy.

“Of course not! You know I love only you! I just wanted to introduce you to the person who may or may not have caused us to meet. She did encourage me to join this industry you know.”

“Okay, fine. I’m sure I could find some time to meet up” she waved her hand, signaling it was time for her performance to start. You stayed back, and watched her get into position.

While your eyes fixated on Nari, your mind lingered on y/n. You guys haven’t talked much since your last visit five months ago. Even then she seemed a bit anxious to leave your reunion. Communication levels decreased drastically, only leaving a couple greetings here and there. What once was two best friends who spent all night talking was now two islands drifting farther apart.

It was time for a change. You couldn’t let your job be a priority before your best friend. She was far too important and precious to lose. You pulled up her contact and dialed the number.

“Hey y/n, we haven’t seen each other in so long!”

“Jungkook! I missed you so much, why haven’t you called?” her gentle voice echoed back, full of the familiar affection.

“Sorry y/n things have been pretty busy. I was just thinking we should hang out tomorrow. With Nari! She said her schedule allowed for some free time, and I’m on break right now” you told her excitedly, hoping to re-ignite the spark of friendship that was extinguished.

Her enthusiasm seemingly dropped, bringing her tone to a dull note. “Yeah, um, I’ll see if I can make it.”

“Great! You check up on that, and I need to go back to Nari’s performance. Hope to see you soon!” you pressed the red button, feeling content.

I know having two Jungkook scenarios makes me seem super biased towards him but this was requested! (don’t kill me) When I wrote this, it was super long, so I split it into two parts. Remember, requests are always open! - Kiwi

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Zinnia Fenhawke

zinnia: I mourn your absence. 

“Hawke,” he says, as he often does. Some days it’s a warning, others a plea. Sometimes he’ll gasp it into the dip of her throat and sometimes he’ll wake with it on his tongue, a pungent taste only swallowed when his frantic hands find the warm weight of her beside him.

Today, though – today it’s many things. A question – are you sure about this? Acceptance – I know why you’re doing this. Support – I am at your side. A plea – so take me with you.

A warning, to come back, because he knows he cannot follow down this path.

“I’ll be fine,” she says, breezily as is her way. “Varric wouldn’t send for me if it wasn’t important, but I’ll manage. I always do.” She tries to smile. “You’ll wait for me?”

It’s a question she knows the answer to, but she asks it regardless, and Fenris knows why. Because even a woman as strong as Hawke needs to know the foundation of her own life will keep standing, even if she lets go of the weight to help bear that of the world.

The hard line of her mouth is a sharp conviction, but grief is vivid in her eyes, heavy blue skies beneath the fall of her fringe. Fenris wonders when he’ll see them next. When, because he has no time for if – hasn’t the heart to imagine it, though he can tell her mind has already visited the thought.

A hand against her hair, fingers tangling in the dark strands, finding the smooth curve of her ear, her jaw, the leap of her pulse. He breathes in the salt and sun of Kirkwall, and wonders what she’ll smell like next – frost and Fereldan mud. He hopes. He hopes.

“I’ll miss you,” she says. I already am, he hears.

“You won’t be gone long,” he tells her. You already are, he knows.

She kisses him with fervour, hot and insistent with a sob on her breath, and what he wouldn’t give for one more night, just to be sure. Just to be sure he remembers, if–

But he has no time for if.

She’s already gone when she draws her lips from his. And she’s already gone when she boards the ship. She has been, since Varric’s letter had made its way into her hands, calling her to a duty that should not be hers but that is, no matter how far she runs.

She’s already gone, and he feels her absence keenly – has felt it for days in the restless tremble of her hands. Unspoken ifs sit on his tongue, waiting. He can feel them.

He wonders how long before he speaks them.

Richard Armitage 31 Day Challenge - Day 4: Why do you find him attractive?

There are so many things I like in Richard, both outside and inside.

If I am to interpret “attractive” in a physical way, then I’d say I like his smile, his smoulder, his hands, his beard (when it’s there), his voice, his body…. all of them make me feel like a teenager with a crush…

But then there are the inner aspects… his kindness, his sensitivity, his attention and care for others, his commitment to his job, his dorkiness, his (weird) sense of humour, his shyness and his naughtiness. 

All of them make him a SPLENDID man and I’m every day grateful to be following such a great man, both as a person and as an actor.