on the one hand the pun

(An Oharo story)

I 👏 am 👏 the 👏 one 👏 dont 👏 need 👏 a 👏 gun 👏 to 👏 lay 👏 down 👏 a 👏 pun 👏 to 👏 get 👏 funyun 👏 up 👏 on 👏 the 👏 tumblr 👏 directory.

Under 👏 the 👏 sun 👏 the 👏 bastard 👏 scion 👏 , who 👏 cracked 👏 the 👏 alarm 👏 clock 👏 to 👏 save 👏 his 👏 memes 👏 and 👏 sanity.

👏 Nut 👏 shack 


👏 Sponge  👏 Bob

Fuckin’ figure eight 

By 👏any 👏memes 👏your 👏enememes 👏we 👏will 👏dunk 👏on 👏them 👏harder👏 than👏 Ness 👏did in👏 undertale.

But 👏now👏 you 👏weep 👏as 👏the 👏pain 👏will seep 👏while 👏Eirika 👏x 👏Valter 👏OTP 👏has👏 set 👏sail👏.👏

👏 FACE!!!👏

I AM THE ONE-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 👏👏👏👏👏👏

The signs as things said in math class

Aries: Okay one example done! Let’s stop

Taurus: That was easy so what’s the catch

Gemini: Where did that x come from?

Cancer: Did that Gemini really not see where the x came from? god

Leo: (some corny pun about pi)

Virgo: *after the bell rings* Wait what’s the assignment??

Libra: I’m dropping out lol

Scorpio: (in a defeated voice) Complete the square

Sagittarius: I’m just gonna go ahead and write “sorry” at the top of this test

Capricorn: Can yall shut UP while the teacher is talking im tryna LEARN

Aquarius: *raises hand* Um okay like….um…how did you….actually nvm, i got it

Pisces: *deep breath* x is equal to negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus four ac all over two a


A while back someone requested that I draw some Underswapped Soriel and I was all “oh heck ye that sounds adorable” and then I got to thinking about Toriel within this au.  And then I couldn’t stop thinking about Toriel in this au.  King Toriel, this motherly figure who has the blood of six children on her hands, who is simultaneously one of the most beloved monsters underground and one of the loneliest, who is powerful and beautiful and wise yet secretly youthful, teasing, funny, romantic….

King Toriel is the character I’ve been freaking dying for.

So what started as a cute request has turned into a big ol project I’m going to tentatively try and undertake that explores this character’s role in various timelines.  Maybe I’ll actually stick with it, possibly, idk don’t quote me on it but damn I really really love her.

Edit:  It’s important to note that this event takes place before all the time anomalies, so it’s a fixed point in the story.


Part Two | Extra #1

red vegeta vs saltsuke 

If I was in DMMD
  • Me:Are you sure your parents weren't mean to you because you were too noizy?
  • Me:*puts on gas mask* Have I made myself Clear?
  • Me:Minkle minkle little scratch, grab Aoba and slap his ass.
  • Me:Really cool that Ren never Ren away.
  • Me:Why have a trip for two, when you could have him all to yourself?
  • Me:*Clear falls from a roof* Looks like the weather's Clear today.
  • Me:If you think you're gonna be sick, try to stay away from Virus.
  • Me:Aoba, Sei something.
  • Me:Make it quick, I dont have much Tae-m.
  • Me:You're so fabulous, do you live in Glitter?
  • Me:Ouch, scrap! Was that a "snap"? ..Wait, did I just Rhyme?
  • Me:I think I scrapped my knee falling for you.
  • Me:Hey guys, don't fight. You're AllMates, right?
  • Me:Mizuki, are you drunk? So you had to Mipuki?
  • Me:Koujaku, I know you don't like Ryūde-hōs very much.
  • Me:*hears Noiz shouting in the background* Let's not talk Aoba that here, there's a loud Noiz.
  • Aoba, using Scrap:Stop.

The Brain Scoop:
Periods + Fieldwork

Wherein I answer one of my FAQs: what are some practical ways scientists manage menstruation while conducting fieldwork, oftentimes in remote locations, and for long periods (PUN) of time?! The information in this video comes from the first-hand experience of researchers, hikers, campers, explorers, wanderlust seekers, and yes, yours truly. We learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

Happy exploring! 

Harry Potter reread VIII: Tom Riddle, pungeon master
  • when Harry dreams about Voldemort and Wormtail, he overhears Voldemort saying that Wormtail is going to do a service for him, one that “many of my followers would give their right hands to perform.” give their right hands to perform. their RIGHT HANDS. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Voldemort is a fucking top notch joker. like this guy is a weird helpless fetus baby drinking snake milk to survive and he’s making jokes THAT WILL TAKE AN ENTIRE YEAR TO COME TO FRUITION. he’s PUNNING in ADVANCE.
  • “Halfway up the field stood an extravagant confection of striped silk like a miniature palace, with several live peacocks tethered at the entrance.” this is the Malfoys’ tent. discuss.
  • so either the Weasleys took out a mortgage on their house or they pulled the vehicular equivalent of a dine and dash because I can’t for the life of me work out how else they could have possibly paid the fare for two taxis from Ottery St Catchpole to London King’s Cross. this is the one thing that unsuspended my disbelief. dragons? sure. taxi fare from Devon to London? YOU’RE PULLING MY LEG, JOANNE!!!
  • Sirius Black is honestly about a subtle as a brick. ”don’t use Hedwig to send me messages, Harry! she’s easily recognisable! snowy owls aren’t native to Britain!!! h/o I’ll just tie this letter to a toucan and send it to fucking Surrey.” how this man remained at large for 3 years is honestly beyond me. not to mention the fact that, after hanging out with him for approximately 3 hours and exchanging a handful of letters, Harry knows Sirius well enough to be like, "he’ll probably come bursting right into the castle if I tell him someone’s entered me in the Triwizard Tournament.” Harry gets it. Harry remembers the whole “THERE’LL BE ONLY ONE MURDER HERE TONIGHT!” fandango. Harry fucking knows that Sirius Black is the biggest drama queen to ever live.
  • do you know what I’d completely forgotten? peoples’ ACTUAL reaction to Moody turning Draco into a ferret. I think I had the movie version superimposed over the book version in my head, and just assumed that everyone laughed and thought it was bantz. it turns out the entire entrance hall watches in “terrified silence” as Moody bounces Draco off the STONE FLOOR while Draco is SQUEALING IN PAIN. like when you’re 8 years old reading this scene it’s like “haha, Draco got turned into a ferret!” but when you realise that this guy is a disguised death eater, who’s w/out a doubt targeting Draco because he’s the son of a death eater who escaped punishment and renounced the Dark Lord, it gets really fucking sinister. “TERRIFIED SILENCE.” not a SINGLE PERSON LAUGHED.
  • on a slightly happier note: Lucius wanted to send Draco to Durmstrang, but Narcissa put her foot down because it’s too far away. one thing you cannot deny is that Narcissa loves her son; she’d do anything for him. what I’m getting at here is this: if everything had gone to plan, and Voldemort had risen and Harry had died and Voldemort had taken over the Ministry and Hogwarts and the entire country, Narcissa Malfoy would have quietly taken Barty Crouch Jr to one side, and she would have put him in the ground.
  • it turns out Goblet of Fire is the book that mentions Aberforth Dumbledore “practicing inappropriate charms on a goat.” I would like to know where the “DUMBLEDORE’S BROTHER FUCKS GOATS” thing came from, because I have literally heard this bandied about as fact, and I am here today to say: stop.
Guys, we have PTA Sans and PTA Mettaton

But what if we have PTA Toriel

What if Toriel, who teaches at a school purely for monsters, tries to integrate herself into human society by going to PTA meetings at Frisk’s School?

What if she and Helen were mortal rivals and would constantly try to one up each other at baking?

What if she threatened Linda with her flames when she tried to teach Frisk ‘quiet hands’?

What if Toriel constantly shot Linda down with her puns that usually insult her bigotry?

What if she started her own bake sale for the school after Linda held a bake sale sponsored by Autism Speaks?

What if she defended Asgore, FUCKING ASGORE, after Linda fat shamed him?

What if Gloria made an offhand comment about her dead children and Toriel would have to be held back by Sans and Frisk as she tries to beat the shit out of her?

What if she tricks Linda into eating a snail pie?

(bc im uncreative like that)

tibia honest it was just supposed to be quick doodle of Sans but then my friend said something about Gaster and, well, there he is. 

hes sketchy cuz he dosnt exist shhhhhhh

Josh Dun

Josh dun gives off light: Josh Sun
Josh Dun devotes himself to the Christian faith: Josh nun
Josh Dun becomes a baker: Josh bun
Josh Dun adds numbers: Josh sum
Josh Dun throws a party: Josh fun
Josh Dun goes jogging: Josh Run
Josh Dun is banned from somewhere: Josh Shun
Josh Dun makes bad jokes: Josh Pun
Josh Dun begins shooting: Josh Gun
Josh Dun weighs two thousand pounds: Josh Ton
Josh Dun gets 1st place: Josh Won

17 Things I Love About Wonwoo

1. Literally his visuals are blindingly beautiful and paradoxical cause he looks so cold and deathly handsome but he also looks like a cutie pie

2.  His voice that makes me feel WEIRD THINGS he could be insulting me and I’d be like, “yes yes go on” but also his high-pitch voice just kills me

3. I love how he FRONTS and pretends he can’t do aegyo, but when he’s asked to do it, he does it so well!!1!1!!!1

4. The fact that he assumes responsibility and faces the consequences for his past actions just makes him that much more mature and admirable

5. His sTUPID puns that I love so so much and can’t live without

6. His passion for his songwriting and rapping and dancing and singing

7. The way he eats just makes me so happy like I can’t even really explain this one I just love watching him eat (even roses wtf)

8. How he scrunches his nose when he’s laughing and starts clapping with his hands or on his knee or on other people

9. How he buries his face in his hands when he’s embarrassed omf what a cutie

10. His hands and collarbones!!1!!!11!

11. His endless love for books and how he glows up while talking about them and how he almost beat hoshi up for throwing his book on the floor and how he made a public service announcement for reading in Chuck

12. His overall dorkiness like in OFD he’s showing off his baggie items when he’s supposed to be cleaning and jeonghan’s like “boy wyd” and wonwoo’s just like “hi hyung”

13. His blank face look and how he just stares into space probably thinking about cheeseburgers

14. How much he loves and cares for his members like that one time he placed his hot pack on woozi’s lips cause he was stuttering (and also meanie)

15. His combination of being outgoing and playful but also reserved and quiet what a mystery???

16. He’s a rapper but also high key qualified for vocal team like who are you and why don’t you do this more often 

17. The fact that he’s in seventeen