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This was the other video that was unique to the DVD and previously unreleased. Its a farcical interview with Becky and Joe followed by a bunch of behind the scenes clips. Enjoy it and share. 

If Becky and Joe tell me to remove it, it will go down,  I do have permission from Joe in the meantime, so enjoy!

when you studied, and graduated, and learnt languages but can’t afford to live by yourself.


Good news everyone, I got permission from Joe to share DVD stuff with you all!


Basically, I asked if it was okay to share stuff and he said he didn’t mind.

I’ve already uploaded the entirety of the “Kickstarter videos” segment from the DVD on YouTube, you can see it above. I’ll upload the segment with the interview Becky and Joe did that also included behind the scenes stuff. It’s hilarious. 

Keep in mind, Becky didn’t respond, so if they tell me otherwise in the future, I’ll be complying with whatever they ask. For now, I think we’re good to go~ 


Sole Party - Day 6 - Shenanigans with companions!

I already drew all my faves in one of the other posts, so I wanted to include some of the others in this one. :)

PS: I know Strong has armor on his arms, but I was too lazy to draw it. :P Also, in case it was confusing, the Strong image is not related to the fight between Cait & MacCready. Just an extra doodle to include the big buy.


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