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these are my soft clothing for neurodivergent ppl. they are designed to be really comfortable, loose fitting, light, with minimal seams and with soft stretchy fabric so they’re something you can actually wear! 

i am pretty fucked up money wise rn and autistic, so even if you can reblog this, please do! some neurodivergent person might see this and finally find clothing that they can wear without wanting to tear their hair out! all sizes are available. :)

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when you studied, and graduated, and learnt languages but can’t afford to live by yourself.


This was the other video that was unique to the DVD and previously unreleased. Its a farcical interview with Becky and Joe followed by a bunch of behind the scenes clips. Enjoy it and share. 

If Becky and Joe tell me to remove it, it will go down,  I do have permission from Joe in the meantime, so enjoy!

⇁ money shot (m)

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pairing⇁Yoongi x Reader 

genre⇁smut || pornstar!au

⚬ warnings⇁dom!yoongi, submissive!reader, verbal humiliation, spanking, roleplay, rough sex, cum play, dirty talk, this is porn ok and everything is consensual

word count⇁10.6k pwp 

[money shot] in a pornographic movie, refers to the sequence in which the male actor ejaculates onto his partner’s body

“Don’t look so put off. Min Yoongi’s indisputably one of the best in the industry. He’s extremely professional and experienced—and handsome to boot. You’ll be in the very best hands. He rarely works with newbies, so consider yourself special.”

or ; the author just really wanted to write a pornstar!au but got carried away;;

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