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I know this is a little off track I’m sorry! I just really really wanted to draw @mayor-aby ‘s newest addition Mayor Makku c: I just really loved how adorable she looked an her hair looked really fun to draw (It was).

I’ve been following her blog for awhile now and always kind of wanted to draw Aby but so many wonderful artists have already drawn her so when I saw Makku I was really inspired and I just really hope you like it Aby!

Sorry this is kind of out of nowhere but I thought it’d be a nice surprise!!

Please enjoy!  ♡  ♡  ♡

Bad Girls (BTVS 3.14)

This is part of my ongoing Buffy Project, where I write notes/meta for every episode in an attempt to better understand the characters and themes of the show. You can find the full list here. Gifs are not mine.

If there’s one thing I love talking about, it’s Faith and Buffy. Bad Girls highlights the differences between the two slayers. Faith is impulsive, risky, and confident. Buffy is cautious, a planner, and adheres to the status quo. I think both have things to teach the other, but Faith is dancing so close to darkness that she ends up scaring Buffy away from any loss of control. 

The episode starts with what’s become a classic Buffy/Faith interaction: Faith is trying to get Buffy to open up and Buffy is made uncomfortable with the direct line of questioning. This time it’s about whether she’s done it with Xander. Faith is kind of young to be so comfortable with sex and already be having one night stands. It implies she started early. 

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is introduced. He’s full of himself and extremely book smart but untested in the field. He knows the cult Buffy faced immediately, but fails to realize their leader is alive. There was some overcompensating in making Giles seem like the good Watcher this episode, with him fighting a lot more actively than he normally does. Faith is totally uninterested in the new Watcher and feels no need to take orders from him, but Buffy does. Faith does eventually show up to the mission and then forces Buffy to tackle nearly impossible odds and almost get killed. Faith lives on the edge, and Buffy’s starting to realize…she kind of likes it.

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