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I'm so embarrassed that I'm a part of this generation. Like where the fuck have you been, the ASOUE books have been out since 1999. Y'all are dumb a shit

Ur not a real ASOUE fan. Lol leave it to the professionals and back up buddy chum pal mate friend mate chum buddy pal bud

I might delete this later just because I don’t care for content like this on my blog. But these messages just…really made me laugh?

Child. Child. I was a teenager when the ASOUE books came out. I was a bookish kid who’d decided I was “far too grown up” for children’s literature. An absolutely foolish phase to be sure, but one most people go through. You’re probably going through a similar phase right now, judging by your tone.

The Netflix series made me interested in the books. I might read them, I might not. It really doesn’t matter to you or anyone else whether I do.

When someone takes an interest in something you like, you don’t mock them for not being interested in it sooner. What is that meant to accomplish? Are you trying to sour their interest in the thing you like? Why not encourage it instead? Talk to them about your shared interest, nurture it, and the creator whose content you like could gain a new fan.

Listen, everyone—watch the movie without reading the comic. Read the novelization without watching the movie. View the Netflix series without reading the book. Watch new Doctor Who without seeing the old series. Then read the book or see the movie if you want to, but only if you want to. There are more than enough real problems in the world without turning entertainment into some silly pissing contest. 

Because truly, there is nothing sadder than considering yourself elite for liking a thing before other people liked it.

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How come car is because & also parce is because ??

That’s a good question! You’re correct, both car and parce que mean because, however they have different uses. Car is a coordinating conjunction, while parce que is a subordinating conjunction. To put it practically:

Car is more formal and is often used in written French. It is used to justify a reason or support an explanation. It cannot be used at the start of a sentence.

  • Example: Il est le plus méchant homme du monde car il a volé mon portable.

Parce que explains why something is done by introducing a clause, explanation, or motive.

  • Example: Je ne peux pas dormir parce que j’ai bu trop de café

Parce que can also be used at the beginning of a sentence.

  • Example: Parce qu’il est malade, il ne va pas sortir ce soir.


  1. Conjunctions of Conclusion
  2. Difference Between Parce que and Car

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions feel free to ask! Also if anyone speaks French and wants to add/clarify/correct something, please do :)


Şpörŧàçüş ùŝėş āłļ ķíńđ øf ŵėéĥíçłėş ţø ƫŗævéł

Maltese Grammar: With

Depending on what you mean and what you are trying to say, there are two words in Maltese which both mean “with” in English.

{note that following are combined with the definite articles and obey the sun and moon letters’ grammar} 


This is used with the connotation of “next to,” but its translation is still with. 

Examples of usage: 
jien qiegħed ma’ sħabi - I am with friends 
il-ħalib qiegħed mal-ilma - the milk is with [next to] the water 
it-tifel kien mal-kelb ilbieraħ - the boy was with the dog yesterday 


This also means with, but has a different meaning and is usually used for food, clothing, when using something and languages. Ask yourself, “with what?“ 

Examples of usage: 
kafè biz-zokkor - coffee with sugar
ħriġna bl-ingravati - we went out with ties 
kisser it-tieqa b‘ġebla - he broke the window with a rock 
jien nitkellem bil-Malti - I speak Maltese

they are not interchangeable, because if you say jien qiegħed maż-żarbun (I’m [wearing/have] shoes) instead of biż-żarbun it would mean this:

Italian angry mum's quotes

Torna qui! : come back here

Ripetilo se hai il coraggio! : say it again if you dare

Sei in punizione! : you’re grounded

A letto senza cena! : go to sleep without eating dinner

Non ricominciare! : don’t start again

Non farmi arrabbiare! : don’t make me angry

Non costringermi a venire lì : don’t make me come over there

BASTA!!! : stop!

Non usare quel tono con me! : don’t talk to me that way

Ma chi ti credi di essere? : who do you think you are?

Perché l'ho deciso io! : because i said so

Torna in camera tua! : go back to your room

Veni qui! : come here

Non ci provare nemmeno! : you don’t even try…