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Whenever, if ever, you feel like taking prompts, I think it'd be so cute if there was a sterek moment like in Love & Other Drugs, where they're about to have sex and for some reason, Derek can't get it up and it's too funny to Stiles, bc what happened to that werewolf stamina?, and he laughs but sees how embarrassed Derek is and cuddles him and says its whatever until they start joking around/laugh kissing and happy, lovey Stiles always gets him and he's back to normal and loves stiles up pls

“Oh my god.”

“Shut up.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll stop—” Stiles tugs on the covers, trying to reign in the laughter. “Derek, come on! This is funny!”

“It is not!”

“It happens to everyone.”

“It does not.”

“You’re tired—”

"That’s no excuse.”

“It happens to the best of us. Hell, it happened to me last winter!”

“We were fooling around in a snow fall! This is our bedroom,” Derek glowers at his unresponsive dick, “This is poor showmanship!”

Stiles snorts, covers his mouth when Derek snaps his head up to glare at him. 

“To be fair, boo, if you keep telling your dick off, it’s never going to work again.”

“I wasn’t telling it off, I was just—”

“You got super mad at it. Your poor dick,” Stiles looks down at it sympathetically, “Poor, yelled at dick. It’s okay, I still love you, even if you never work again.”

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