on the go makeup


a goblin with an actual angel. 😭😇🌟

everyone should go see courtney act’s ‘the girl from oz’ at edinburgh fringe if they get the chance! she is unbelievably talented, charming & hilarious 💛

me when i realize that nothing is permanent and i need to stop clinging onto the idea that if i achieve this or that i am going to unlock the secret to happiness as if happiness was a fixed point in one’s life and not a multifaceted and elusive state when life is just a series of challenges and ups and downs and i must learn to go with the flow and accept that things will always change whether it’s my emotions or my relationships or my Self™ and that everything tends towards entropy it’s a permanent cycle of death and rebirth throughout all aspects of my life


some positivity for boys because sometimes we forget boys suffer too

here’s to all the beautiful boys out there (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


barefaced selfies because there’s nothing wrong with eye bags, acne, and redness

“full face” selfies because there’s also nothing wrong with putting on, loving, and feeling great in makeup

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Hello I am remaking my blog and to celebrate I’m going to do a peach-tastic giveaway to thank all my followers for sticking with me and to maybe make some new friends!

the fabulous prizes

  • tonymoly peach punch sweet foam cleanser
  • tonymoly peach lip balm 
  • too faced sweet peach eyeshadow palette 
  • too faced sweet peach lip oil in the shade of your choice
  •  embroidered peach tee shirt from urban outfitters in your size (not pictured)
  • enamel peach pin (not pictured)

ground rules

  • you must be following me @peachtrick
  • each reblog is an entry! likes don’t count. reblog as much as you’d like without being annoying to your followers
  • no giveaway blogs please
  • this ends on 9/1/17
  • for extra entries you can follow my girlfriend @cherrysinners and follow my instagram @/taylorthemorris. please send me a message if you follow either of these accounts.
  •  If you follow my insta please like my photos and be an active follower
  • if this does not get a minimum of 1,000 notes I will not go through w the giveaway because I will be spending my own money on this and I want their to be real interest 

Alright everyone I’m so excited to post this and to start this new blog! I haven’t been “peachtrick” in over a year and I’m so happy to finally have my old URL back!!! Send me any questions you have please!!!!!


You guys don’t know how how thrilled I am to see my Spanish Lunatic back. And Grif was gold throughout this whole peisode. I have… so many feelings…

  • Bo Burnham's lyrics: *Stack up consecutive double and triple entendres in syncopated rap rhythm, including dense, intensely clever wordplay that you won't fully register until the fifth listen in your car on a cloudy Saturday afternoon*
  • Bo Burnham's lyrics: *Make satire out of privilege, romance, gender roles, most genres of mainstream music, and the performing arts as an entire industry in a way that is universally comical but also genuinely thought-provoking*
  • Bo Burnham's lyrics: *Address heavy societal issues in depth but generally keeps everything lighthearted with his own brand of optimistic nihilism. Are well-read and often make references to classic literature. Provide insight on religion and existentialism on the level of a TED Talk*
  • Also Bo Burnham's lyrics: "Here's my impression of a broken jet ski. Padadadadadadadadada. Fill me with gas. I'm a jet ski."
  • everyone: the prince's beast growl
  • me: the prince in full black swan makeup