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Actual conversation that just occurred when showing my sister and dad the reputation magazines...

Sister: is it just photos and lyrics?

Me: Yeah

Sister: I thought they were going to be like proper magazines with articles and stuff


Dad: Taylor says everything she needs to say within the lyrics of each song and the photos support that

Me: *is speechless*

Dad: the album itself is an insight into her life over the past few years and it is her best one yet

Sister: *is speechless*

Me: I’m so proud of you *single tear falls down cheek*

Dad: you’ve taught me well kid, also, now you have 4 copies of the album, can I have one for in my car?

Me: YES take anything you want, take them all, you deserve them

Sister: *is still speechless*

anonymous asked:

I knew Taylor wasn't going to perform! The statement is out from Victoria Secret people magazine posted about it the official performers Victoria secret say are Harry, Miguel, random girl from Hamilton and a Chinese act. I'm happy that's settled and ppl stop wondering if Taylor's doing it because now we know she's not!

Yeah it was all a mess and I’m glad she isn’t doing it anyway, the show this year doesn’t seem too great