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A Promise


Rating: M

Status: Completed in August 2017

Word Count: 1,179

Summary: I know everyone has their own speculations of what Darren’s green ring means but I’d love to think that Chris gave it to him as a sign of his love for him, and that it would be the first of many more. It also appeared the day after the beautiful Dublin kiss, so how could I not affiliate that ring to Chris?!

Tropes/Genre: CrissColfer fanfiction, canon!CC, Glee Live Tour, romance

Lynne’s review: O.M.G. This is perfect. 

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TDB REWATCH (1x19): Throwback Thursday

Remember the golden days of Glee fandom and the 2011 Glee Live Tour. Safety Dance was one of my favourite numbers (especially as the Tour went on and things got crazy and everyone joined in). Gah! The good ‘ole times!


There is so much going on in this gif; I don’t know where to start.
1. Dianna is walking around, looking like a lost puppy (and wearing a dalton tie as a bowtie???) when Lea grabs her arm, and for some reason she has glitter in her hands so she proceeds to blow it away. Lea finds this hilarious.
2. Chords walks up, looks at Dianna, then the crowd, then back to Dianna, sees the glitter and the decides he must help Dianna blow it away. He doesnt seem to be helping.
3. Naya comes up and slaps Lea’s butt. ‘Nuff said.
4. Cory walking backwards at an unusual speed?!

Yup, defintely my favorite gif.

Those Are Not The Words

Author: blackmustache

Rating: G

Status: Completed in April 2012

Word Count: 2,239

Summary: Darren stays on in the UK after the tour ends, and distance (and some texting) puts a few things into perspective. 

Tropes/Genre: CrissColfer fanfiction, canon!CC, Glee Live Tour, fluff

Lynne’s review: I got SO. MANY. FEELS.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. What's the difference between the green ring and all his other rings? Sorry, new to this.

Anon, I can honestly say, we simply don’t know.  He has about five of them. He wheres them interchangeably. We associate each of them with Chris.  The first ring appeared right after the Glee Live Tour. Started on his ring finger and quickly switched to his right middle finger.  

I always associate the green one with music as he wore it for the entirety of the Listen Up Tour. But that is just my brain making an association that likely has not foundation in reality.

The one he wears the most consistently is the silver one and my guess that has the most significant meaning.

This is one of the many CC mysteries and likely this is one we will never know the answer.  It certainly is on my top 10 list that also includes Skating Riot Pic and the Entire Too Much Love Photo (head included).

anonymous asked:

Remember glee live? And how fun the fandom was during that tour??? I hope this will be like that. Then again, not sure if recording will be allowed

Recording isn’t technically allowed, but I mean. Last tour still gave us Dan giving someone advice like “Stalking him until he loves you, right guys?” for how to get a boyfriend. So I have faith that fandom will provide the illicit goods. 

Would You Have Me - araliya - Glee RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Yay, a tour fic!!

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Glee RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Chris Colfer/Darren Criss
Characters: Chris Colfer, Darren Criss
Additional Tags: Sleepwalking, First Time

During the Glee Live Tour of 2011, Darren manages to share a room (and eventually a bed) with Chris every single night. Various sleep shenanigans ensue.

anonymous asked:

Hey lovelies! Any crisscolfer fics involving the 2011 tour and the bet? Just wondering! Thank you darlings! xx

Here are the CC Glee Live Tour fics!  Enjoy!

Sometimes We Take Chances

The Odd Couple is on ICH.net and its sequel, Our Boys is on FF.net. Finally, the third part of that story, Unexpected Perfection is on FF.net

CrissColfer prankwar (6K)

Beginning (one shot - The aftermath of July 3, 2011)

Teenage Dream and Piano Flirting by Do_Or_Die_Now

I was on tumblr and i found a gif of crisscolfer (i’ve never seen it before so you may not have seen it too, i don’t know) and i wanted to share it.

It’s hard to see what’s going on and where is darren so here is a pic to explain.

“Glee Live Tour 2011. Chris was dancing while Darren passing and gave him a little touche or nudge that made Chris stop dancing a bit.” (via i don’t remember the source sorry)

anonymous asked:

"I just do not for the life of me understand why..." It's because you are too smart to understand what these people think and say with their little brains. I mean, we're talking about people that accuse D of RAPE for kissing C during the Glee live tour. The funny things is that THEY are the reason why Chris is so paranoid about his private life.

I know there is no point in asking, it just defies logic to me. Its like they need them to hate each other or the world will end. This is beyond saying we are wrong about CC.  They literally cannot stand the thought of them choosing to spend time together.  

But alas, what you say is true.  They did not even listen when Chris told them to stop via twitter. They certainly aren’t listening to you or me.

Glee Cast on Ellen (3.12.15)

Glee Cast on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Warner Bros. Studios (3.12.15)- Burbank, CA 

Before they sing their final melody, LEA MICHELE, CHRIS COLFER, JENNA USHKOWITZ, CHORD OVERSTREET & DARREN CRISS are coming by to discuss the final episodes of “Glee” with Ellen!

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