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onepancake replied to your post “onepancake replied to your photo “art-farting: I was looking at…”


“MARCO” “thats me yoi” “THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS”

Marco is too snarky to play and Polo cheats. They’re no longer welcome in the pool.


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Here is a draft I’m working on for @wanna-request-one ;) it’s in bullet point format, so ill just reveal the first bullet hehe

you’re a fairly new idol, having debuted earlier in the year with a couple other girls

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Infinite/Sonic Fanfic (SFW)

Sonic was sick of the red haze that surrounded him from all sides. He didn’t know how long he’d been trapped in Eggman’s base, but he knew that it was too long. He would’ve been able to spindash his way out of the room under normal circumstances, but with the red aura surrounding every inch of the wall, it was impossible. 

Giving up in body but not in spirit, he’d resolved to sitting slouched against the wall, staring hard at nothing in muted anger. He should be helping his friends. He should be saving his world from Eggman. But he was trapped here, like some prisoner. 

His green eyes shifted as he caught a flit of movement in his peripheral. He watched as the air in front of him grew distorted and the shape of Infinite slowly appeared. Sonic stood up, ready to defend himself should Infinite attack. 

“Interesting,” Infinite said from behind his mask, his voice dark and contorted. “Even after I take you prisoner and leave you here, forgotten and alone, you still continue to believe you have a fighting chance.”

Sonic only kept his eyes focused on the mysterious thing before him, anticipating Infinite to strike out at any moment. He wouldn’t let his guard down. 

Infinite chuckled and slowly floated closer to Sonic. “You are afraid. I can smell it. Allow me to help you.” He raised a hand toward the hedgehog. Sonic felt something both hot and cold rip cleanly through his head. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he registered that Infinite was toying with his head again. Everything seemed to slow down and he could hear his breathing in his ears. The world around him felt heavy and lightweight all at the same time. It unnerved him, but he couldn’t find it within him to be unnerved. It was as if Infinite had reached into his mind with ghostly fingers and stolen his fear and attentiveness. 

He was vaguely aware of his body falling toward the floor and something sure and strong catching him delicately, but his consciousness – or what little was left of it – didn’t understand what was really happening until he opened his eyes again much later. He found himself in the throes of an elegant waltz, with Infinite leading and gracefully pulling Sonic to and fro. 

Sonic’s first thought was to simply get away, but he found that he couldn’t. Infinite had a firm hold on him in his twisted hallucination, where he could faintly hear a melancholy tune playing from somewhere far off. He was spun elegantly, Infinite’s hands in his – not hard enough to stifle the dance, but firm enough to indicate that he was in command. 

“You are… worth fighting,” Infinite said slowly. “Not formidable or equal. But you do not seem to be deterred, even in your predicament.”

“Let go,” Sonic demanded. 

“I can sense it in you,” Infinite continued, completely ignoring Sonic’s words. “Fire. Strength. Light. Even with those, you will not win. But you will try. And that makes it all the more fun.”

The hallucination was beginning to unravel. The dainty music from somewhere far off had become nothing more than static and Infinite suddenly stopped. Sonic felt himself regaining control of his limbs and his mind, but Infinite was, once again, faster. With a wave of his hand over Sonic’s face, the hedgehog’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he slumped over and began to fade into unconsciousness. Infinite caught him with ease and leaned down to whisper into his ear. 

“Try, little blue savior. I will not be disappointed.”


uni! craig being a heathen and dadsona bearing (unfortunate) witness




Journey au

Part 1