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Daryl’s darkness

I was listening to Empyr, my favorite French band, and I realized this song could reflect what Daryl must be feeling inside in this moment. He is in a dark place now without his light at the end of the tunnel.

“Water Lily” by Empyr

Put your arms around me
Remember how it feels
I’m dead since you’re gone
I’m dead ‘cause there’s
No more tomorrow for us, for us
No more tomorrow

Put your arms around me
Put your arms around me
I’m lost
Put your arms around me
There’s no more tomorrow for us
And no more tomorrow for you

I’m dead since you’re gone
My head on the ground

*Pictures found on Internet, music by Empyr.



Expert Saber Sparring: Lee Smith vs Richard Marsden

Things that keep my faith in Beth’s return (updated)

*That flash image in the credits (it seems that there are at least three people there: Beth, the doc, and a cop?) I hope this image will get less blurred in the last part of season 6 and we could see it completly in season 7. That would be an awesome effect.

*Daryl still keeping her knife (the camera has focused on that knife more than a couple of times and EK mentioned it too in an interview).

*Denisse’s lack of medical skills to save Carl (those cheat sheets won’t be enough to save him, girl…!!).

*The Dixon mark that Sasha left (someone will have to find it. Who else knows Daryl’s last name?).

*Daryl stealing a figurine (it must mean something. Is Daryl going to start playing with dolls? or does he collect figurines as a hobby?, Why is it useful for him?).

*Daryl’s depressive state ( Daryl is getting emo again. They’ll have to give him a reason to live at some point. Who else could make him smile again? Where is his light at the end of the tunnel?).

* The special attention they gave to Steven for Glenn’s return and their “ concern about the fans feelings” (It means that they are aware of fan’s discussions and theories).

*Beth’s cheesy “death” (strange shooting angle and why would Beth attack Dawn with scissors when it was evident she had a bulletproof vest?).

*The strange way TWD cast ( EK, NR, “bad cop”, “good doc”) and TWD official related  pages act on media when asked about the subject or post something.

*Breathe, this is just a TV show based on a comic. Everything is possible (infinite ammo, vans that fall from bridges and end up upright leaving passengers without internal injuries; people whose limbs are cut or are shot and lose part of their faces-coming soon-and survive without infection in an unhealthy environment and without enough medicines; the existence of zombies, etc,etc,etc. Is it so difficult to believe that a girl can survive from a gunshot in the head?).

*The quick flashbacks in episode 9 of season 5 in which Rick, Glenn and others are scaping ( it seems that the event from those images takes place after Grady).

*Rick’s offering to the cops, “ you can come with us if you want”, wich was not answered( I really expected that at least the doctor would join the group in episode 9 but nothing happened and the whole thing remained unexplained. It is like everything related to Grady has that fate).

*Pictures from locations that haven’t been shown in the show (the white house and the dark room).

* TD theories that hasn’t been refuted yet.



A Web Within a Web by Michael Andrew Keerdo-Dawson
Via Flickr:

so i was curious on how mimiya would look on the other races...

especially since the hair she has now actually WORKS for the other races, sooo i started to dick around on character creator and wanted to share with you all the results:

how mimiya looks now (with bonus poof tree back drop lighting) and the results underneath the read more:

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Interview: Nzingha Prescod Is America's Leading Black Fencer  - Saint Heron
A now Columbia graduate and prepping for her second run at the Olympics in Rio next year, the 23 year old is breaking down race and class barriers in the game and advancing her way into stardom as a pop culture icon being featured in Glamour’s Top 10 College Women, along with features in both Nylon and Ebony Magazines.

In a world where Black women are almost always faced with prejudices of colorism or sexism through their career development lives Brooklynite and Olympian fencer Nzingha Prescodwho at a tender age beat all of the odds. For the past 14 years she has been claiming her spot on the throne as the Princess of the elite in the art and sport of fencing.