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I’m currenly in love in Crystaldollhouse’s maxis eyebrows edit, sooo I recolored them in Poppet’s V2 colors (bc I mainly use Keoni’s hair defaults) and defaulted them! Also you can download custom version. Enjoy.

[DOWNLOAD DEFAULTS] (simfileshare)


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Friendly reminder: you can have only one default file per brows, so you should delate your old brow replacements :)

And it’s info time:

+ all ages, both genders, natural colors, grey for elders, binned & compressed (for both customs and defaults),

+ all needed photos in dl folders,

+ credits: Crystaldollhouse & Poppet (I also “borrowed” @poppet-sims’s color swatch, I hope you don’t mind)

Quite nice color preview under the cut!

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@autumnkepler asked:
“Can you please draw a baby version of all six sakamaki brothers (merman AU) cuddling on some soft corals ((idk about sea life •__•))”

But my! If the babies, so smols just look at Teddy’s size to theirs were in such a place, they’d be spotted and attacked immediately!
They were kept hidden in a small cave day and night, sleeping in the soft sand.
The surprising thing is, even if they went to sleep separated, they always woke up nestled up to each other…

anonymous asked:

i've recently been seeing one of my old high school friends on the dl. we smoke & kiss, send each other risqué photos (if you know what i mean)...but when i bring up letting our mutual friends know about us he's always like "this stays between us" i've talked to him about having a serious relationship & he keeps saying he's "not ready for that" yet he keeps wanting me around & i'm not really sure what's going on...i'm seeing him on wednesday night i might bring it up again, thoughts? (i'm 21 🌹)

you have the right to bring it up! you need to know what’s going on. maybe he will say that you’re just friends and i suggest (if he says something like that) to act like real friends this time because you might get hurt and you need to protect yourself and your feelings! i know it may sound cliché but i think it'e for the best guys are too complicated sometimes ugh