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Love can be a miracle, darling

Pairings: Harry x reader in the beginning, Draco x reader in the end

Word count: 2281

Requested: Hey, can you write a Harry Potter x Reader where they have been dating for a while but the reader caught Harry cheating on her with Cho and they have a huge fight. After that, she keeps crying and Draco tries to cheer her up and they kiss. Pleaseeeee <3 by @partyiinthedungeons

A/N: I hope you like it and sorry for posting it so late. I did my best to finish it today because of my full schedule. Sorry for the mistakes because i am sure there are and let me now what you think ♥ 

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Being Harry Potter’s girlfriend had it advantages and disadvantages. The good part was the loyal friends you got by your side and the bad…well the bad are the slytherins always trying to offend you somehow. Well, they were mostly hostage toward Harry not me but the fact I was ready to kill everybody who had said something bad about him was enough for a way the others to mockery him.

But besides the bad attitude we got in fifth year, I was more than happy to be with him. Half of the school thought he was a liar, a boy wanting an attention and I were just a chick using him to become famous and so on. However, Harry never paid so much attention to those words but I did. I tried not to but it was hurting to hear such lies. Harry was so nice to stay hours after curfew to calm me down, to say he loved me and that’s all that mattered. He even said that if I wanted we would break up so he could see my smile again. I, of course, punched him slightly always exclaiming that he was much more important than some stupid students.  

We were going to Hogsmeade on dates, drinking butterbeers, shopping at Zonko’s, we basically tried everything there for such a short period. I did my best to stay focused when helping him with his homework but usually ended making out on the sofa in the common room. That led to an angry Hermione who didn’t skip an opportunity to remind us we were falling behind with it. But let’s come to the present where the interesting part is.

Today was just an ordinary Saturday. We had finally finished another rough week. Early in the morning I woke up and after dressing up, I headed towards the library. There was an hour till breakfast so I decided to spend it while searching information for Snape’s essay.

“Hey (Y/N)! Why are you awake so early?”, Hermione’s voice ranged through the empty library.

“I just want to get something done. I don’t want to fall and spending time with Harry isn’t helping me.”, smiling I sat down next to her.

“You managed to find the truth! Only for that I will lend you my notes, but don’t tell the boys.”, we both laughed and after promising I would not each one of us continued her work.

“If we don’t hurry we will miss the breakfast. Come on.”, I packed my things and with my friend we exited the room going straight to the Great Hall.

There weren’t a lot of people but our boys were already on the Gryffindor table. Harry was reading something while Ron was eating…a lot, as usual. A smirked appeared on my face as I went to my boyfriend as quiet as I could. He was facing me with his back so I used this opportunity to cover his eyes, well specifically his glasses. The boy jumped due to being surprised. His hands left the newspaper and touched mine trying to identify the person messing with him.

“(Y/n)!”, my boyfriend exclaimed seconds later and turned around to face me. There was a smile on his face which caused me to smile, too. I sat down next to him placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Don’t tell me you are still reading those lies.”, I took the newspaper from his hands but Hermione did the same to me, making the research instead of us.

“Well, you were late, so we had to take it.”

“You two are disgusting.”, Ron noted as he continued to eat.

“You will be too when you find a girl, oh my pardon, if you find a girl.”, Hermione retorted as she closed the paper and put it in her back.

We all laughed while Ron gave Granger a dead look.

“What are we doing tonight?”, although it seemed as an ordinary question, it wasn’t. Since some weeks, we were training spells in out secret group, or so called D.A.

“We have a studying session at 8 pm. as always (Y/n), how can you forget about it?”

“Oh, sorry Harry but when I see you I forget everything.”, we usually played this game of being so in love only to make no suspicions but we did enjoyed it, it always amused us.

After we finished our lunch we went to the lake. The weather was fantastic and neither one of us wanted to spend the whole day locked in the castle. We sat down next to a tree trying to stay in its shadow and began doing our homework. I can’t say we desired to do it but there was a trip to Hogsmeade tomorrow and I didn’t want to miss it because of stupid two meters long essays. Harry and Ron were complaining instead of working, Hermione used her energy to quarrel with Ron while I and Harry laughed at their ‘family problems’. The time was passing by and soon dinner came. After we were done, we agreed to go to the Required room separated so Umbridge won’t be able to catch us.

“What are you going to teach me today, Mr. Potter?”, I teased my boyfriend as we were heading towards our wanted direction.

“Someone is eager for knowledge? You should spend less time with Hermione.”

“Oh, shut up!”, I punched him slightly and laughed, “You are just jealous that I’m coping with school, while you might be failing.”

“That huts. That’s it! You made me cry, what kind of a girlfriend are you?”

“Come here and let me kiss you, you’ll feel better.”, leaning closer we shared a kiss that would had definitely turned out in a heated one if it wasn’t somebody’s cough to make us separate.

“Hey there lovebirds! You can continue that later, we have a work now.”, Fred Weasley smirked and entered the Required room. We followed his actions.

This time Harry showed us some others spells. I was with Neville who surprisingly was doing much better than me. I was doing well to be honest, practicing with Ginny, Ron, Harry, but maybe like 30 minutes later I didn’t fail to notice something. Cho Chang, a ravenclaw girl Harry used to like in his fourth year, was now watching my boyfriend carefully, trying to get his attention. That made me mad and that’s why I got hit my Neville’s spell that paralyzed me for a moment.

“I hit her, I did it!”, Neville screamed at top of his lungs happily, “Sorry (Y/n).” He then came closer and helped me stand.

“No problems. I am happy you did it, Neville.”, he was so happy that I couldn’t tell him I wasn’t paying enough attention to block the spell.

No matter what I did afterwards was, to put it mildly, horrible. I tried to practice but my eyes were glancing and Cho and Harry. I knew he was helping her but I didn’t like she was doing poor just for his attention. Harry was observing everybody and when he saw my actions he came closer and gave Neville time for a rest.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?”, I could read the care in his eyes and it made me feel a little better. Besides everything Harry was with me, not with her.

“I’m fine now.”

“If you wanted to train with me you could have just asked.”

Till the end of the lesson I was actually getting more and more capable of using the new spells. Deep inside me I felt pleasure to show Cho I was better that her. When the ‘class’ was over we were heading out by three. I wanted to stay and help Harry to clean but he refused, telling I’d better go and rest. I listened to him and left the room with Hermione and a tall Hufflepuff boy. We were already on the stairs when I realized I had forgotten my barrette.

“Wait for me, I’ll be back in a minute.”, after notifying Hermione I ran upstairs.

The door was slightly open. Cursing the stupid people who left it that way I entered the room but stopped where I was. My eyes widen when I saw Harry and Cho kissing in front of me. She had put one of her hands on his face, while Harry had placed his hands on her both sides. My eyes were filled with tears by now.

“How could you?”, was the only thing my mouth let out. I felt a strange feeling in my throat, not letting me to breathe or talk anymore. Harry and Cho jumped away from each other, both looking at me as a deer looking at the headlights coming towards her.

“(Y/n), I-”


I exited the room and ran in some direction not caring where I was going. Suddenly I felt somebody grabbing my hand and spinning me around. It was Harry with his messy hair and sad face.

“Stop.”, he said softly.

“Let me go, please. Let me go!”, I managed to find my voice again and screamed at him.

“It’s not what it seems.”

“Oh, really? Because it seems you still love Cho and was messing with me the whole time!”, he didn’t know what to say, he did try but nothing came out, “Have you ever loved me, Harry? Have you?”

“Of course I have, I still do.”

“Do not lie to me! Do not!”, licking his lips, the boy was about to talk but I interrupted him, “I cannot believe you used me like this.”

“I-I didn’t, I-”

“Are you sure because stuttering like this now shows me I am right.”, I bit my lips trying to prevent the others tears to roll down my face, “Look at me, look at my eyes and say you did not use me to forget Cho or to fucking make her jealous! Look at me for god’s sake and say it!”

But the boy was still looking at his feet ashamed.

“I loved you, Harry. Everything I have ever said was true. I showed you my feelings, I gave you my heart…and for what? To be your little toy!? To be the girl you would go to if Cho didn’t like you back?! To be the second option?! Fuck you Harry!”, I screamed at his face, spun around on my heels and attempted to get away from him.

“No, (Y/n), wait!”

“Don’t you dare touch me again or call me, Potter. Don’t you dare!”, this time my voice was low, almost calmly but I felt how he trembled from it. I didn’t mean to threaten him but his presence was no longer wanted around me.  

After minutes of walking I ended in the Astronomy tower. I sat down and let myself cry out all the pain inside me. How could he do this to me? I believed him when everybody thought he was a liar, I was beside him every time he was bullied…and what did I get? A knife in the back! As I was sobbing a voice spoke beside me.

“I see there are troubles in heaven, huh?”

“What do you want Draco? I am not in the mood for your stupid jokes”, but as soon as I turned to face him, his expression changed. With some steps he came next to me and kneeled down.

“Hey, hey. I’m sorry, I didn’t think it was that serious.”, he spoke with a soft and caring voice, something I’d never thought I would hear from him.

“Don’t act as you care.”

“I do care if you haven’t noticed, darling.”

Looking at him, especially at his eyes, some moments ran through my mind. He had always been good to me, never saying bad about me, helping me in Potions, not gloating when I fail… For the first time I felt I could tell him what happened, what I was feeling and he would care about it. All those small details were showing something deeper and complicated to be explained.

“I-Ha-Harry cheated on m-me.”, saying those words out made me sob again. Draco wrapped his hand around me, getting me closer for a hug.

“Hey, look at me.”, with his forefinger he lifted my chin up so now I was facing him, “He doesn’t deserve your tears.” He remover some of them, “He doesn’t deserve your love. You have to stand up, smile and show him what he has missed. Show him you are happier without him. You are the one who deserves better – somebody who would do anything for you, and by anything I really mean anything. You are so kind, funny, just amazing. I cannot explain it but each time I see you, my mood changes. I become more gleeful just because of hearing your voice, laugh or seeing the spark of joy in your eyes. You deserve somebody that can make you feel the same way you make me feel… ”

Without thinking I leaned closer and connected our lips. The kiss was salty due to my tears but was enough to make me feel butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t feel it only with my body; I felt it with my soul. It warmed me up, made me feel loved. That kiss wasn’t like the kisses I’d shared with Harry. It was kind of passionate but showing things that could hardly be explained even from the hand of a skillful poet. It was something not to read about but to feel it.

“I’ve never thought you could be showing such emotions.”

“Love makes miracles with everybody, darling.”, he smiled and leaned for another kiss.  


Getting Shit Done Beforehand!

SO my computer science teacher taught me a few healthy tricks to getting things done and how to study a bit more efficiently in the long run.

1. Have a rest day.
My mum keeps telling me to study, like all the time, so I do and I usually burn myself out. Please don’t do this! Let yourself rest once in awhile and take your time!

2. Don’t study all day.
Don’t study more, study smart. After you come home from school, you don’t have to study straight away until 12am. You can set yourself a maximum amount of time, let’s say 4 hours, and study for the whole 4 hours then have the rest of the time to yourself.

3. Use one day to catch up.
Or use the that day to study all your subjects, maybe an hour each! Just use the time so that you are confident in the topic you’re studying. Maybe use the hour to do practise test and the like.

4. List all the chapters you need to complete.
So in order for you to get organised, list the chapters in the course from the course outline that you need to complete in order to finish the course. This is continued in the next step.

5. Put dates next to the chapters.
Put a date of completion for that chapter. That way you know what you’re planning to study that day. Also, split up the chapter in chunks that. That way you don’t do a 20 page chapter in one sitting. Break it up so that it’s easier to accomplish and you can have the satisfaction of ticking it off the list!

6. Create a study logbook.
To hold yourself accountable, log all your study hours. For my logbook, I have the date, start time, finish time, subject - topic, time taken. This helps you look back at how much time you’ve spent studying on each subject and on that day.
But the most important part of this is that once you pick up your phone or start watching netflix you have to put down your finish time. Because 40 minutes on facebook at your desk, is still 40 minutes on facebook!

7. Create a day-to-day schedule.
And make sure you stick to it! I know its hard but if its easier if you plan out your day than to be lost on what to start studying. Make sure you put breaks in-between your study time.

8. Have your friends keep track of each other.
My friend and I are both going to be trying to stick to our programs. Sending each other our chapters and dates, we ask about how each other is going and, let’s be honest, it motivates you in a way that you want to complete everything on time and maybe even ahead of schedule. You don’t want to be the person who’s behind on their plan. #socialhonesty (is that a thing? lmao)

Hope this helped!

adele <3
(p.s thanks @grangergrades for proofreading this whole thing hahaha luv u)

The Preschool Chapter - Chapter 11

Just an author’s note before you read this chapter…

I spent hours…hours…researching information for this chapter. We are beginning the time of the story involving the legal proceedings of Jack’s custody. As you all know, I always try to make my stories as detail-accurate as possible, which is part of why it is more believable and relatable, I think. Not being from England, only knowing how things work here in America, I wanted to try to get the details of the custody proceedings as accurate as possible, but there was only so much info I could find. So please forgive me if you know something to be inaccurate, and enjoy the story anyway. Thanks for reading! xo

Grab your tissues, my loves!



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Infatuation - Part 7

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Summary: You are now a Pre-K teacher and you meet Jaebum, a single dad. 

Genre: Romance, teacher, crime, murder, single dad

Warnings: smut in later chapters, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

“So this is my house.” Yugyeom told you as you entered his living room.

You and Yugyeom had went to your house, so you could pack your essentials. As much as you tried to avoid it, it looked like you were actually going to be staying with Yugyeom. 

“Here I’ll show you the guest room.”

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This is a submitted series by a writer who wished to stay anonymous, so I will be transferring their submissions to text posts yay! I just wanted to make it known that this work is not mine, and all credits go to the original author that decided to submit their series to my blog. Enjoy! :))

Pairing: Peter Parker/fem!Reader

Rated: T
Tags/Triggers(?): reader has an anxiety disorder
Summary: When Y/N moves to New York to attend a higher-level science and math school she only goes with the hope of getting a good education. But a certain cute nerdy with a camera makes her hope for a few other things as well.

Currently estimating this to be about twelve/thirteen chapters long and I’m gonna shoot for updates every Wednesday.

Super excited to be submitting this to the truly lovely Krys and I hope you all enjoy!

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Day 8 of 100: Case study
Hi guysss!!! Yesterday my groupmates and I have started to evaluate a case study for our entrepreneurship subject. It was really tough analysing the whole thing. But, we have already finished identifying what’s the problem. It’s a good thing that we had coffee. Drinking coffee and studying is a really good combo. This photo was taken by my dear friend Dorothy! She’ll soon have her own blog. I hope y'all welcome her as you did with me. 💕

Lost Angel

A/N: I honestly hate myself for this! I cried my eyes out, even imagining this hurt so much! Enjoy and leave your comments behind! I may do a little bonus part! Depends on you guys! Picture is not mine!

 I slam the door behind me as I enter my bedroom, leaning against it. My body feels numb and I have no strength left in me anymore. My eyes are red and swollen from the uncountable tears I’ve shared no long time ago and all I do feel is pain. An unimaginable pain that kills me from the inside. An unimaginable pain that stabs me like thousand knives. An unimaginable pain that tears me apart. My legs no longer can hold me steady and I slid down the door, wrapping my arms around them and starting to sob again. How can my day end like this?

My happiest night turned out to be my worst nightmare. I still cannot process everything that happened in the last few hours. Everything went so fast and I couldn’t prevent it from happening. I have struggled with all my might but I wasn’t strong enough. I wasn’t strong enough to protect him. I wasn’t strong enough to keep him safe. I have literally failed.

Why? Is all I can think about. Why did it happen? Why did I have to lose him? Why? Why? Why?

My throat begins to ache as I scream out this question over and over again. Over and over again until I cannot handle it anymore and my vocal cords feel sore. I weigh my body back and forth, back and forth, trying to calm down but I can’t. The pain, oh the pain in my chest is too heavy. I feel like I’m dying. I feel like someone knocked the air out of my lungs. I feel like someone ripped my heart out of my chest, stomping on it in front of my eyes.

I want him back, just want him back. His kiss that he gave me for the last time still lingers on my lips. The feeling of his arms wrapping around my waist is still present. His beautiful scent, I can smell it like he’s right next to me. But he isn’t, not anymore. I will never see him again.

I will never have the chance to kiss him again. To feel him and to talk to him all day long. All these chances are taken away from me. No more hugs, no more late night calls, no more “I love you’s” escaping from his beautiful lips. If I had known what the night would turn into, I would have never agreed to go to this fucking party.

The darkness of my room is a perfect contrast to what I feel now. Empty. My other half is gone, leaving me alone with emptiness and a broken heart.

Still sobbing and choking, I tug at my hair. I try to erase the memory from this night, but I fail. That moment, that horrible moment is burnt deep in the back of my head. I think it’s my fault even though I know it’s not. I take the whole responsibility of what happened this night even though I shouldn’t. Because I had no control over what happened.  As I open my eyes, I can see it again, live in front of me. His motionless body.

“No!” I shake my head heavily. “No! No!” I want these images to leave my mind and never come back again. I never want to be reminded of the actions of this night. Never.

“Marcel…” I whimper out. “Please come back to me… please baby…”

-Few hours ago-

“Look at the stars. They’re shining very bright tonight, don’t you think?” Marcel pointed to the sky. We were strolling over the huge football field of our school, enjoying each other’s presence. His hand felt warm in mine as we walked around.

I looked up, staring at the stars that decorated the dark sky, shining like little diamonds. The wind lightly blew at our faces and the atmosphere fitted perfectly to the moment I was able to spend with Marcel.

“They’re beautiful.” I commented.

“Just like you, sweetheart.” He answered, kissing my temple.

“Aww, stop Marcel.” I pushed him gently away, my cheeks turning red from his compliment.

“But it’s true!” He laughed and pushed me back against his chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my face nestled into the crook of his neck. If you’d asked me, we could have stayed there all night long, in the middle of the huge football field, like this. Being in each other’s arms. I felt his strong heart beat against my chest. A wonderful sound that always calmed me down when I had to deal with anxiety or stress. My fingers wandered up his neck, playing with the tiny curls that he couldn’t treat with hair gel.

A pleased hum came out from his mouth. “Do you want to go back to the party?” He asked.

I shook my head no, rather spending some time with my boyfriend where nobody could disturb us. Also, I had no desire to meet all those people who had fun with making my Marcel’s life a living hell.

A few of them were supposed to be my best friends and I felt disgusted that I once hung out with them. I belonged to the famous students in our school but traded that label against going out with Marcel. And I didn’t even care. I didn’t care for fame. I didn’t care if the other’s described me as the nerd’s girlfriend. I was totally content with that name and I couldn’t complain about it.

“Come on, let’s take a seat.” Marcel suggested, leading us to the benches. As we sat down, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, keeping me warm at the same time. I’ve already gone out with many but no one ever made me feel like Marcel did. Special.

He treated me the way I need to be treated, with care, respect and love. Not even my ex Jason, also one of the famous boys in school, managed to give me those things. We have been dating, yeah, but I think for him it was more about being the hottest couple in the entire school. He never gave me the feeling that he was really interested in me. I think worked more for our relationship than he did.

“I can’t wait to graduate.” I said, leaning on his shoulder. In a few months, we would finish school. I couldn’t wait for it any longer. Marcel and I decided to move in together and to study in the same university. I was so ready to leave everything of this life behind me and to start a new chapter. I was looking forward for our common future. One day, I would marry him and we would have lots of children playing in the back yard of our huge house. Just the thought of it let my heart doing flips. A smile crept its way on my lips and Marcel noticed.

“What are you thinking about?” He inquired, giving me a loving kiss on my head. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his sweet gesture.

“I’m just imagining our coming future. You and me as a married couple with children. I’m really looking forward to that moment.”

“Oh my pretty angel.” Marcel said. “I can’t wait for it too. If you ask me, I would want us to marry and having babies now but we’re too young. First, we have to concentrate on our career. And when the times there and we both feel ready for it, I will go down on my knees and ask you to marry me. It’ll be special, I promise.”

“Marcel…” I whispered, tears threatening to fall down my cheeks. Sometimes, he made me so emotional that I couldn’t help but tear up about the promises that he makes me.

“Don’t cry my, love.” He responded, wiping away the single tear that escaped my eye.

“I love you so much, Marcel.” I mumbled, bending forward to capture his lips with mine.

“I love you too, my angel.” He murmured before our lips met to a passionate kiss.

Thousand butterflies erupted in my stomach and I felt tingles running through my entire body, every single part of me felt alive. Words could not describe how much love I felt for this young man in my arms. How much I admired and adored him. He was my everything. The air for my lungs. The reason why I woke up every day and went through life. The reason for my smile. I would never be able to love somebody else as much as I loved Marcel.

As we pulled back, a genuine smile decorated our soft lips.

“Do you want to go home?” He asked and I nodded. We stood up, his body pressed to my side as we walked along the whole field to the gate.

And that’s the moment where the nightmare began.

We noticed someone shouting in the middle of the night, probably some drunk students from school. There was a party taking place and everyone was invited. We saw them coming towards us. My nails dug into Marcel’s arm, an uneasy feeling was overwhelming me.

And as I realized that it was Jason and two of his friends, I felt more insecure. Normally, I wasn’t afraid of Jason but when he was drunk, he was someone else.

“Look who we have here!” Jason slurred, he was completely drunk. “(Y/N) and Marcel! What a lovely surprise! Haven’t expected you guys to be here! What were you doing?”

His two friends laughed and I rolled my eyes, clearly had no desire for his stupid behavior.

“Hey Jason.” Marcel said, standing in front of me like a shield and trying to protect me from my ex boyfriend. “We were about to go.” We tried to pass the three wasted boys however Jason pushed us back.

“But we just came!” He whined. “Why don’t you guys stay here and we have a little bit fun, huh?” His eyes wandered down my body, licking his lips. I felt disgusted and uneasy under his gaze. Marcel held me closer to himself.

“No thank you.” He spat.”We are going now.” I admired Marcel’s braveness. I was ashamed that I couldn’t say a single word.

Jason’s eyes turned into a darker shade and it scared me. He still couldn’t bear the fact that I let him down for Marcel. His stupid big ego didn’t understand and he refused to let it go and move on. Even though he knew I had another boyfriend he still chased after me. I knew he wanted a pay back. He wanted his revenge. And now, his veins filled with alcohol he made a dangerous appearance.

I felt a firm grip on my wrist, pulling me away from Marcel. “You can go, Nerd. We will have fun without you, right (Y/N)?” Jason growled.

“Let me go, Jason!” I ordered, trying to get rid of his grab. But he refused to take his hand off of me.

“Leave my girlfriend alone!” Marcel interfered, pushing Jason hardly away from me. Jason stumbled back, almost falling to the ground (he was that drunk), but managed to keep his balance.

“Look at that!” Jason laughed. “The nerd finally showing his balls! Very cute.”

“Stop it, Jason!” I shouted. I wanted to prevent a fight between both sides and just go home as soon as possible.

“What?” Jason laughed. It was obvious that he found it amusing.”C’mon (Y/N), you know I’m better than he is and he’ll ever be. Come with me and I will make you feel good.”

“It’s not the way you treat a woman, you asshole.”  Marcel said, anger was boiling in his veins I could tell.

“What did you just say?” Jason shouted, triggered by the word.

“Asshole. You’re an asshole. That’s what I’ve said. You’re sick, Jason. You have no respect for woman or for anyone else. You just care about yourself! And you shall be true man? I feel sorry for you!”

And that was a moment for Jason to explode. No one was ever allowed to insult or underestimate his masculinity. “You’re going to pay for this, you fucking wanker!”

He punched Marcel on his nose, making him fall to the ground.

“Marcel!” I screamed, wanting to help but I was held back by one of Jason’s friends. He held me tight so I couldn’t escape out of his arms.

I had to watch how Jason and his other friend began to beat the shit out of my boyfriend. They wouldn’t stop kicking him. “Stop!” I cried. “Please stop!” I couldn’t bear to see him getting hurt. Tears wouldn’t stop streaming down my cheeks, and no matter how much I struggled to get to my boyfriend, it didn’t worked.

One of them hit Marcel on his chest and he let out a suffocated sound. It was an agonizing sound in my ears. Marcel had struggles to breathe. His upper body lifted and fell slowly. And it hit me. Marcel had a heart issue. They would kill him if they didn’t stop now. “Jason! Please stop! Stop! You’re going to kill him! Please stop!” I begged and begged and begged but they ignored me totally.

“That happens when you mess with me!” Jason grunted, keeping hitting on my boyfriend. Marcel tried to fend off the kicks but I knew that he became weaker and weaker. His moans and groans burnt themselves into my mind.

Jason hit his chest again, so hard that Marcel screamed in pain. “Jason! Stop! Please, I’ll do what you want, please!” I would do anything he wanted me to. He just should release my Marcel.

As the two guys kicked him for the very last time, one of the kicks hit his chest right were his heart was, Marcel’s eyes met mine and I screamed so loud that probably the whole world heard me. He stopped moving, laying there motionless.

As Jason and his friends realized that Marcel wasn’t moving anymore, they fled. The boy, who held me back the entire time, pushed me to the ground and run away. I landed hard on my knees, tears streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks and I crawled on all fours to Marcel.

“No… No.. no no no.” I sobbed. His beautiful face was covered in blood and bruises. His glasses were broken. He looked terrible. “Marcel…” I whimpered, shaking his body. My fingers went to his pulse, checking it. I couldn’t find it. It wasn’t there anymore. Shock went through my body. I checked it again but I didn’t feel it. “No…” I didn’t want to believe it. He couldn’t be. He couldn’t be gone. He couldn’t be dead.

“No, Marcel. Don’t do this to me, please!” I tried to revive him, pushing on his chest, checking up his pulse. I never received a respond. No matter how much I tried. “Don’t do this to me, Marcel. Don’t die on me! Don’t die on me! Come on! Please!”

I was a crying mess, not wanting to believe that I’ve lost the love of my life. I watched him die, taking his last breath in the worst way ever. “Marcel, baby, don’t do this to me! Don’t die on me baby, please!” I kissed his forehead. His cheeks. His lips. Hoping he would open his mesmerizing green eyes again. “You promised Marcel, we were going to marry! You wanted to propose to me one day, asking me to be your wife. You can’t let this go! Don’t leave me alone, my love, I’m begging you!” I buried my face in the crook of his neck, my neck wetting his soft skin. “Marcel… What am I going to do without you?! Baby, you can’t die, you can’t leave me alone! Wake up please!” I screamed over and over again. “Please!”

As much as it hurt, I knew he would never come back to me again. My baby, my Marcel was an angel now.


“I love you… I love you so much, Marcel.” I sobbed, staining my pillow with my tears. It hurt. It hurt so fucking damn much. Even lying in my bed hurt. There have been so many memories in here and I felt trapped in my own bedroom. Without him, living made no sense anymore. Without him, living was not worth it. Without him, I will never find love again.

Journal - Yuta x Reader - College!AU


Word Count: 5432

Trigger Warnings: Some offensive language, Hints at anxiety and depression

Genre: College!AU, Angst, More angst, Seriously it’s a lot of angst

Hey, Yuta.

Wednesday, March 29th. That’s the day we first started talking. Now, yeah, you’re probably wondering what’s up with all this weird sappy crap. I also bet you’re reading this in my voice, aren’t you?

Anyways, I started writing this a little while after I found out I was eventually leaving. I hope I have another semester left, but in case not, I’m leaving you this.

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I am a runner

You may not think so by looking at me, but I run.

I’m not fast and I don’t run for long; the most I’ve ever managed is 1.25 miles at a 6 mile per hour pace.  In fact, I’m sure there are purists out there just waiting to tell me that I’m not a true runner.  I don’t have the right form.  I don’t compete in races.  I’m not fast enough. I don’t run long enough.

But, I am a runner.  I run almost every day and some days I run farther and faster than others. Even on days I don’t run, I am still a runner because I know that on another day, I will run and I don’t have to listen to the purists who tell me I’m wrong.

In the month of June and the first part of July, I completed at least two miles every day. I committed myself to improving my time and distance and I felt strong.  Then, I came down with a stupid summer cold and had to take a week off. When I finally felt able to run again, I realized that I had lost a lot of ground; my overall pace was two minutes per mile slower than what it had been just the week before.  I was frustrated, but I recommitted and am working – slowly – back to where I was.

This made me think of summer break and my students.  How much they will have lost over the ten weeks they are not practicing their analysis and writing.  How frustrated and discouraged they will feel when they come back to school and cannot perform the skills that they finally mastered last year. That so many of them claim so staunchly that they are not good at school or at a particular subject because they don’t perform as well as their peers.

I will remind them that they are readers, writers, and mathematicians. There will be times where they struggle and don’t feel up to doing what we ask, but that doesn’t make them any less all of those things if they’re willing to work toward improving, just a little, every time they try.  There will be purists who claim that they are not readers, writers, or mathematicians because they’re not good enough, don’t do enough, or don’t study all of the aspects, read all of the books, or write novels.

But, they are readers.  They are writers.  All it takes is the belief that they can go just a little farther tomorrow and do just a little more than they did last week. There will be good weeks and bad, good days and bad; sometimes, we’ll be lucky to put one foot in front of the other. Together, we can finish this marathon.  We may not win first prize, but we’ll  finish strong and remember the distant starting line as we look forward to our next race.

Day 43/100 | September 26
Finished the draft of our paper. It’s just being looked over before we submit now. 👍😃
I also completed a scholarship application, got through some of my assignment and organised a meeting with a professor I’m hoping to work with for PhD. So a fairly productive day overall. 😝📖📝📚

Don’t be stupid // Prof!Neville x Student!Reader // SMUT

Reqested by anon: hELLO beautiful human. Could you write some professor!Longbottom x student smut with a combination of 32, 180, 182 and 190 from the prompt list? Thank you in advance.

Thank you so much for requesting my beautiful anon

32: “I came to say good bye.”

180: “You have no idea what you do to me.”

182: “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

190: “We can’t do that here!”

WORD COUNT: 943 (sorry it’s a tad short!)

Having just finished Potions, you head over to Herbology. In your seventh year, you didn’t have as many subjects as you took before you reached sixth year last year. Most of the day you spent studying to pass some NEWTS and one or two OWLS and occasionally hanging out with your friends.

“Y/N! Come on! Stop dreaming about our professor!” Your friend Marina teases. You blush and shake your head vigourosly. You weren’t daydreaming about professor Longbottom, no, but you couldn’t deny that you sometimes thought about him when class was too boring. Basically, you did sometimes daydream.

“I wasn’t daydreaming about him, you were!” You shouted back, a big grin on your face.

As if the day couldn’t get any more embarrassing, the main subject of your conversation walked by. You and Professor Longbottom started going out at the end of sixth year, really clicking together and enjoying the company of each other. Not to mention- he was really hot and charming, even if he didn’t realize it himself.

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I feel like people who don’t have ADD don’t realise how much it fucks us over in literally every aspect of our lives?

Like the fact that I can’t concentrate in lecture or zone out during work is the least of my worries, I’m more worried about how I zone out while driving or networking or while working a service job

Im worried about how I find simple repetitive tasks like photocopying on par with torture, because that basically negates my ability to stand out or excel in an entry level job or internship, even though I know I’ll more than succeed in a job higher up the chain

I’m worried about how hard it is to balance work and school, because the side effects of ADD medication basically mean you’re studying during the day or pulling an all nighter (then risking falling asleep or making sleep deprived mistakes at work). We can’t just sit down and study in between work and class, or finish a quick assignment after our late shift unless we want to be up all night.

I’m worried about how my sensory overload makes being in certain environments impossible and how this is something that even the most empathetic neurotypical person will think I’m exaggerating or making up

I’m worried about how my impaired executive function/absent mindedness will make me seem lazy and incompetent to others, when in reality I work so hard and literally don’t realise the every day things I’m fuckjng up


9.25.16  ♡  8/100 days of productivity

Woke up late today because homecoming killed me. My cousin and I got our nails done but I messed mine up as soon as we left the salon. Typical. Did our homework right after and I’m trying to finish 3 essays today because I have a million more to write. Also bought Ariana Grande concert tickets today so now I’m broke but I’m really excited!

| 11.07.17 |

#novemberstudychallenge // day 7: current book you’re reading/studying

i’m reading this again for my english class as part of silent reading (yes, we still have those), and we’ll be doing a project about our books at the end of the term, so i’m very excited! this is honestly one of the best books i’ve ever read oml i can connect with the characters so well, and it brings awareness to mental health, which definitely needs to be talked about more. this is the only book that i was the ever emotionally attached to, so that’s gotta say something haha i highly recommend people read this book if they want to get their heart broken

Dear Journal,

This morning Regulus went to eat at our table. When he sat down next to Sophie, they both blushed. They are so cute. They haven’t asked eachother on a date yet but they are definetly waiting for the other to make a move! When the girls were done, they all went outside, leaving the boys behind.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Sirius asked Regulus.

“What do you mean?” Reg reaponded.

“Sophie is only waiting for you to ask her out Merlin! You’re so cluless sometimes Reggie!” He laughed.

“But are you sure she likes me back?”

“I heard that she does..” I smirked.

“Ugh.. this is so hard! I wish I were a brave Gryffindor like you guys..” Regulus said looking down.

“Hey it’s hard for us too! It took me years to finally kiss Remus!” Sirius laughed.

“It did!” I laughed too.

“Now come on! Go ask her!” Sirius said, standing up.

“But what about Mother? If she finds out i’m not dating the girl I’m supose to marry… Plus she’s a muggleborn Gryffindor! She would be so mad!” He said, fear in his eyes.

“Hey.. She won’t find out.. and If she does, I will protect you okay?” He said, both of his hands on his little brothers shoulders.

“I really like her Sirius..” he said.

“I know.. You go get the girl now!” He said tapping his shoulder.

Regulus walked outside and went straight up for the girls. He took Sophie aside and asked her. We were to far to hear anything, but once she jumped in his arms, we knew it worked. Sirius was smilling at his little brothers happiness. When Reg came back, Sirius ruffled up his hair.

“I knew you could do it Reg.”

“Thank you Sirius. I missed you the past years.. I’m glad we made up!” He said hugging him.

Sirius was suprised. He never gets hugs from anyone except me. He slowly layed his arms around his little brothers figure. I smiled to myslef. They were happy after all.

We spent the rest of the day at the library, studying and writting our essays. We were sitting on a small table in a silent corner of the library. I was curently reading my potions notes and i felt Sirius’ hand lay down on the small of my back.

“I’m trying to concentrate love… You’re not helping..” i smiled.

“We’ve been here for two hours! I can’t resist you longer than that!” He giggled.

“Let me finish this page first okay love?”

“Hurry up…”

I tried to continue my reading. I “tried”. Sirius was leaving kisses on my neck. It sent shivers through my spine and i gave up. I closed the book and took his cheeks in my hands. I crashed my lips against his and his hands found their way to my clothed chest. My eyes were shut tight as our lips touched. Every kiss was like the first one. Magical. Perfect. We kissed but got interupted by a first year boy. When i saw him, i pushed Sirius away from me and smiled to the little boy.

“Hum sorry..” he whispered looking down.

“Don’t be sorry mate, we were the ones kissing in the library!” Sirius giggled.

“Hum.. are you Remus?” He asked me.

“Yes. Do you need anything?”

“Hum.. the librarian told me you could help me find this book..” he said, handing me a small piece of paper.

“Sure! Come with me..” I left with the small boy and guided him to the section he was looking for.

“What’s your name?” I asked him, bending my neck to look at his small figure.

“Johnny!” He said smilling to me.

“You like books Johnny?” I asked him while searching for the book he wanted.

“I do. People tell me i should stop reading all the time..” he said, his smile fading away.

I bent my knees so I could be as short as him.

“Don’t. You do what you like okay? You are the only one who can choose. I like books too! And if you want me to talk to those mean people, i will!” I said, smilling to him.

I brang back his smile and he thanked me. I grabbed his book and handed him, telling him it was a good one.

“Was that your boyfriend? The boy with you?” He asked, blushing and playing with his small hands.

“Yes, he is.”

“Do you love him?”

“I do. A lot.”

“Do people bully you about it?” He asked frowning.

“Why do you want to know?” I asked, putting my hand on his shoulder.

“Do you think I would get bullied if I liked boys?”

“Do you like boys?”

“..yes…I think..” he said, looking down.

“Hey, you can love boys if you want.. you just have to be confident. Don’t listen to other people okay?” I said, smilling to him.

“Okay.. thank you Remus..” he smilled.

“You can come to me anytime okay? If you do what you want, you’ll be happy! Also if you want me to recommend you some books i will be more than happy to do so!”

“Okay!” He smiled.

“Enjoy your book!”

“I will!” He left with a big smile on his face.

I stood up and saw Sirius leaning on a near by bookshelf. He was smilling with his hands in his trousers pockets. When Johnny was long gone, he walked up to me and softly kissed my lips.

“That was really cute Re..” he said.

“You saw all of it?”

“Yes.. you will make a great dad that’s for sure..”

“You will too. You were great with Regulus this morning..” I said, smilling.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.”

Feburary 16th 1976


October 28 2017

I had the most wonderful day today everything was so beautiful

studybuddy and I finished all of our midterms! so this weekend we are taking a break from studying to enjoy life. The weather is finally comfortable too!!

today he last minute surprised me by taking me out to dim sum for brunch which already had me over the moon, and then we went to santa monica and the breezy fresh air was SOO needed after a week of having my nose in my notes. last night we started watching stranger things season 2!! and we finally got to sleep in this morning (morning classes are killing us slowly)

btw, I did very well on my organic chem and molecular bio midterms!! I’m so happy about that!! but waiting on the physics score to bring me back down :/

how was your day?

For many decades, my father used to walk across town to do his food shopping on Second Avenue. He often shopped at a Gristede’s around the corner from Miss Hepburn’s town house on East 49th Street.

One day he suddenly came face to face with Miss Hepburn, who was also picking up groceries. He acknowledged her with a nod, and she responded in kind. He began thinking of her as a neighbor.

In 1983, my senior year at Bryn Mawr, Miss Hepburn’s alma mater, I was frustrated and was doing poorly, and at Christmas break, I decided to quit. I had the romantic notion of running away to Scotland to write screenplays. My father was frantic. My mother had died two years before, leaving him with all the responsibility for his headstrong daughter.

He knew that Miss Hepburn had gone through her own struggles at Bryn Mawr, so he wrote her a letter asking her to intervene. “She’s a great admirer of yours, and perhaps she’ll listen to you,” he wrote. On the way to the grocery store, he dropped the letter in her mail slot.

At 7:30 the next morning, the phone woke me up. I answered it and heard that famous voice, crackling with command. “Is this the young woman who wants to quit Bryn Mawr?” I said it was. “What a damn stupid thing to do!” she snapped. She went on to give me a lively lecture, the gist of which was that I had to finish my studies and get my degree, and after that I could do what I wanted to do. There was no arguing with her imperiousness. Then she said she wanted to meet us for tea.

The day of our appointment was gray and wintry. Walking the long blocks to Turtle Bay, my father and I didn’t speak much. It felt as if we were about to meet the Queen.

Miss Hepburn greeted us warmly. With casual hauteur, she provided us with tea and some of her famous brownies. Though she was in her 70’s, she had a youthful look, enhanced by her girlish clothes: a turtleneck, a black cardigan and shabby khaki-green pants.

We talked about many things, including Bryn Mawr. She said that she was miserable there and still had nightmares about it, but she was glad she went. At the end of the afternoon she told me, in a rather grim tone, “You’re smart.” It was a compliment, but also an admonition not to be foolish in the future.

My father was invited to visit her a few times after that. Once, he had heard that she was recovering from a serious car accident, and he stopped by to drop off a package of homemade brownies and a get-well note. To his surprise, he was ushered in and invited into her boudoir, where she greeted him in her nightgown. She sampled his brownies.

“Too much flour!” she declared. She then rattled off her own recipe, which he hastily wrote down. “And don’t overbake them! They should be moist, not cakey!”

I’ll always be grateful to Miss Hepburn for making me stick it out at Bryn Mawr and for giving me these rules to live by: 1. Never quit. 2. Be yourself. 3. Don’t put too much flour in your brownies.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on studying for the SAT?? I'm taking mine in May and am freaking out because I have no idea where to start.

AH GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND standardized tests are my enemy TnT here are just a couple of super quick tips that i can think of off the top of my head!

if you haven’t yet, take all the practice tests you can find. 

but when i say “practice tests”, i recommend actual practice tests that collegeboard releases. i’m not 100% sure if you can find some online (i think they do release a few online?), but if you can, i definitely suggest the “Blue Book”—the 10 practice test book released by collegeboard itself! 

the reason why i suggest taking the practice tests that collegeboard creates, is because it will give you the best idea of how will you’ll do on testing day! i’ve honestly had p bad experiences with third-party test prep books (their questions aren’t very well-written or reflective of the actual test itself)

when you take the practice test, i recommend stimulating the testing environment as much as you can! so giving yourself 3-4 hours of just quiet and (maybe) locking yourself in your room w/o distractions. because test fatigue is real my friend and taking the SAT can be quite draining, so you kind of have to practice getting used to continuously doing problems for a good few hours!

when you take the practice tests, make sure you understand why you made the mistakes you did

one thing i regret about my own SAT prep was that i don’t think i took it seriously enough. when i self-studied for the ACT summer before my senior year, i took it a lot more seriously and spent a lot more time/was a lot more dedicated and diligent while preparing in comparison to my SAT prep.

whenever you check your answers and you realize that you made a mistake, i recommend writing down that question number and/or the correct answer and spending time on figuring out why/how you made that mistake

i would typically categorize my mistake as: (1) careless (misread question, bubbled it in wrong, etc) (2) actual mistake—aka, didn’t know the answer (subcategory then included: why didn’t i know the answer? was it because i didn’t know the concept itself? or was it because i couldn’t apply the concept?)

and then i’d write down a solution on how to avoid said mistakes ^ 

if it was careless, i would think what was i thinking during that moment that i made this careless mistake? if it was bubbling it in wrong, maybe my solution would be making sure i had extra time left at the end to check my bubbles. if it was misreading the questions, then maybe it’d be underlining key points to ensure i didn’t miss anything!!

if i actually didn’t know how to do the problem, i would either learn the concept, or study how they applied the concept!

start early!!

it’s a good thing that you’re already thinking about this now, because personally, i find that this kind of test prep is most valuable when you aren’t cramming it in last minute. not only is it easier on you stress-level wise (you aren’t panicking like “CRAP IT’S A WEEK AWAY WHAT DO I DO”), but it also gives your mind more time to absorb information!

i recommend writing up a schedule for yourself; it’s what i did for the ACT! like a week for practice test 1 + corrections/review session by yourself, another week for practice test 2 etc etc.

i also recommend leaving “buffer” zones, because sometimes we can’t follow our schedules due to the way that life works + student/academic workload etc. so leaving some extra days in between each task helps if you end up being busy and not being able to finish your task on the scheduled day!

with that being said, i also made sure to schedule my practice tests on days when i knew that i didn’t have activities afterschool and whatnot ^-^ 

if you want me to go more in depth about anything in particular, just let me know!! i hope this helped and good luck <3