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9.25.16  ♡  8/100 days of productivity

Woke up late today because homecoming killed me. My cousin and I got our nails done but I messed mine up as soon as we left the salon. Typical. Did our homework right after and I’m trying to finish 3 essays today because I have a million more to write. Also bought Ariana Grande concert tickets today so now I’m broke but I’m really excited!

I feel like people who don’t have ADD don’t realise how much it fucks us over in literally every aspect of our lives?

Like the fact that I can’t concentrate in lecture or zone out during work is the least of my worries, I’m more worried about how I zone out while driving or networking or while working a service job

Im worried about how I find simple repetitive tasks like photocopying on par with torture, because that basically negates my ability to stand out or excel in an entry level job or internship, even though I know I’ll more than succeed in a job higher up the chain

I’m worried about how hard it is to balance work and school, because the side effects of ADD medication basically mean you’re studying during the day or pulling an all nighter (then risking falling asleep or making sleep deprived mistakes at work). We can’t just sit down and study in between work and class, or finish a quick assignment after our late shift unless we want to be up all night.

I’m worried about how my sensory overload makes being in certain environments impossible and how this is something that even the most empathetic neurotypical person will think I’m exaggerating or making up

I’m worried about how my impaired executive function/absent mindedness will make me seem lazy and incompetent to others, when in reality I work so hard and literally don’t realise the every day things I’m fuckjng up

Day 43/100 | September 26
Finished the draft of our paper. It’s just being looked over before we submit now. 👍😃
I also completed a scholarship application, got through some of my assignment and organised a meeting with a professor I’m hoping to work with for PhD. So a fairly productive day overall. 😝📖📝📚

Day 6/100 of Productivity: 15 March 2017
I had a musical rehearsal after school today. We managed to finish all the choreography and blocked out entrances and exits for most scenes - we’re almost ready for our performances!
I finished my sketch of my garden plan for agriculture, wrote up draft notes for PE, finished my maths homework and completed some questions on radioactivity for science.


Feb 20, 6:57am

Another Starbucks setup! Deviated from my usual white mocha americano this morning and got a quadruple caramel macchiato instead. Drove to the uni early today to avoid the morning rush. We will have the last day of our recruitment booth today (join UP Babaylan!!! #babayLOVE) So, I’m picking up my friend at our alumni office, which we have practically been using as a frat house, then we’ll go to the uni to set up our booth.

Since it’s still early, I hope to finish a few pages of my Agency reviewer, which is taking shape pretty nicely if you ask me, before I pick up my friend. :)

EDIT: A little disclaimer, the reviewer wasn’t made by me. I got it from a friend, who got it from someone else. Credit to the batch who made that reviewer. You guys are awesome!

Kindled - Derek Luh Imagine




It was a long day at college my professors were being absolutely ridiculous, they expect me to finish 3 essays and study for exams all in one week. Im up to my eyes in homework. All I wanted to do tonight was go home and cuddle with my boyfriend of 4 years Derek. Derek and I have been close ever since we were little, our moms were best friends. It was around junior year when I fell for Derek hard. He asked me out towards the end of our Junior year. I got everything I wanted.

I pull into the driveway and see Derek’s car there. Thats weird he should be at the studio. I walk through the door and set my keys down on the kitchen counter. I grab a water bottle and walk down the dimly lit hallway to Derek’s and I’s bedroom. 

I poke my head through the door and see Derek sitting on the bed looking out the window. “Babe?” I say trying to get his attention. Derek turns around and gives me a small smile.

“Whats wrong Derek, Is everything okay at work?” I ask coming to sit on the bed next to him. I place my arm around his waist and pull him close he puts his head on my shoulder. 

“Everything is perfect at work. My career is taking off but there is one problem.” Derek says looking down at his hands. 

“Okay, what is it whatever it is we can work through it.” I say rubbing small circles on his back. 

Derek takes a deep breath and sighs, “They want me in L.A in a week.” 

I inhale sharply and stand up. I walk to the window then pivot around on my foot, “So what does this mean for us.” 

Derek gets up and makes his way towards me he cups my face in his large hands, “come with me. We can get an apartment out there together you can find a job or i can just work, all i know is that i want you to be with me.” He then leans in and captures my lips with his. 

I pull back from the kiss and hug him. I burry my head into his chest and mumble “I can’t.” 

Derek pulls away from me and looks me in the eyes. “W-W-Why not?” He stutters. 

“I have college. Exams are next week and I have so much homework and I can’t drop out now. I need to graduate.” I say bringing my self back into Derek’s arms  inhaling his sent for possibly the last time. 

“So I guess we have to end this. Long distance doesn’t work out.” Derek says as a tear slips down his face. 

“I guess this is it.” I say as tears slowly fall down my face as well.

“I love you y/n.” Derek says wiping tears away and hugging me one last time. 

“I love you too Derek Luh.” 

The next week Derek was gone and i let him slip away.


Its been two years since Derek walked out of my life to pursue his dreams. After I graduated college, I moved to L.A to open up my own business. I lived in this cute little apartment uptown close to a lot of record labels. I had been in L.A for almost 9 months now and it was great my friends and I party on the weekends like crazy, most of my nights are blurry. 

I met this really cute guy at a party once and it turns out he lives below me! Crazy right? The boys name was Nate and he was a rapper I didn’t know much about him or his friends. He invited me over to hang out with him and he said a few of his friends might be dropping by. 

I knock on Nate’s door and not even 10 seconds later the door swings open. The cute dimpled boy smiles and pulls me into a warm hug. 

I giggle, “Hi Nate its nice to see you.” I give him a cheeky smile. 

“Come on Lil mama some of my friends are already here.” Nate says and leads me into the living room. 

Inside the small casual room are 4 boys there names are Jack J, Jack G, Sammy and John but they call John, swazz. We are all laughing and telling random stories and even listening to the boys freestyle when we hear a knock on the door. Nate gets up to open the door and comes back in with another one of his friends. 

I turn around to see who this friend is and my eyes grow wide when I see Derek. “Oh my god Derek.” I mumble under my breath. I turn my head around and close my eyes hoping I was just dreaming.

“You okay y/n?” Swazz asks with a questioning look. 

“Yup” I quickly say and give a small nod.

“Derek I want you to meet someone.” Nate says walking around the couch to the side where I’m facing. I hold my breath and stand up only to come eye to eye with the love of my life. 

“Y/n?” Derek says clearly confused. 

“Umm… Hi.” I say reaching out to shake his hand. He shakes my hand  then pulls me towards him only to whisper “What the hell are you doing here.” 

“You two know each other?” Nate asks looking back and forth between us. 

“He’s an old friend.” I say not taking my eyes off of Derek. 

“We go way back.” Derek adds. 

“Wait a minute is this the girl that you left behind to come join us.” Sammy says standing up walking over with a sly smirk on his face. 

“I guess I’m that girl. On that note Im gonna head back to my apartment. Nice seeing you guys. Bye Derek.” I mumble the last part. 

I turn to walk out of the apartment and Im half way down the hallway to the elevators when I feel a hand on my arm that quickly spins me around. 

“We need to talk.” Derek says looking deep into my eyes waiting for an answer.

“Okay…” I say slowly “Lets go to my room.” 

Derek and I get into my room and it was so nice to see him. We settled things over and had a few small conversations about what we have been doing since we parted. 

I felt Derek reach for my hand then push a fallen curl out of my face and behind my ear. He always used to do that just to make me feel special. 

“I never stopped loving you y/n. I want you to know that. I tried to get over you. I had a relationship with one girl but she reminded me too much of you and I couldn’t put my self through that. Not again.” Derek says rubbing small patterns on my smooth hands. 

“Derek, I love you and I always have. I miss you so much there’s not a day where I didn’t think about you.” I lean in and place my forehead on his looking into his gorgeous orbs. 

“Please come back to me.” Derek whispers. 

He then grabs my face and smashes his lips onto mine. Our lips were in sync as our tongues fought for dominance. His obviously won. I smiled into the kiss. 

“Never let me go Derek.”  


Thank you to the anon who requested it! I had a lot of fun writing this one! 

Remember requests are open! 

-M 💕

7.19.2015 // 10:58 AM

Found some old bio study notecards while I was cleaning my room! Look at that color coding though (y) Gonna be gone on a short day trip with my family today, but still trying my best to finish up as much work as I can. Also, SO OVERWHELMED by the amount of love our freshmen advice post got. Thanks so much, and we’ll definitely be posting some more asap ;)

anonymous asked:

Hi fellow medstudent ! I'm crying right now because I have so much things to study for and I'm so tired!!!! :(

Hey there!! Learn to rest.. don’t burn yourself out because I’ve committed that mistake. Don’t ever forget to take care of yourself, your MENTAL HEALTH and fulfill your needs. This is a very very long journey… We are running a marathon and not a race.. Just go at your own pace and take it day by day, exam by exam..

I know how much readings we have to read everyday.. it is overwhelming. Sometimes you have to learn to accept that you won’t really finish studying, that’s why procrastinating and bad time management skills are our worst enemies (which I am both guilty of lol).

Learn to only get the important information.. like for example, Harrison’s internal medicine says a lot of shit hahaha.. I mean reading some books takes a while to get to the point. SUMMARIES are very important. (At least for me). With all you are reading, it’s hard to remember everything, so make sure to have a summary of all. The key is to SIMPLIFY and SUMMARIZE. These are especially helpful on long exams.. like would you reread 300 pages for that long exam? I don’t think so.. so make a summary of important points and simplify them- make diagrams or flow charts for better understanding… etc

Please please don’t stress out too much. Just do what you can. It’s going to be alright. :) If you need anything at all or if you want to rant and let out some steam, you can always message me. We’re in this together! 💛😊 I believe in you! Good luck! 🌼 You’ve got this! x

Applications closed!

Hello everyone!

Thank you to all who applied to the network over the last two days. We’re in the process of finishing off all that fun admin stuff and then we’ll be making a welcome post to introduce the new members. In the mean time, you can check our members page and see if you can spot the new additions ~~

There will be a newsletter sent out tomorrow evening (Admin Millie would do it tonight, but she has a Korean exam to study for), so if you new members haven’t sent in your email yet and want to receive the newsletter, please drop us a message on here or email us at inspiritsonly@gmail.com 

Look forward to some more fun events in the future, and last but not least, we hope you all had a fantastic #Happy26thLkimDay :)

- the inspirits-only admin team

08.21.16 - 4:37 P.M. CST | 3/100 Days of Productivity

I know I haven’t posted in 3 million years, please don’t shoot me!

Although we just finished our Chapter 1 Test in APHUG, I have already read Chapter 2 and started making review cards for each Key Issue. This method is a great way for me to study quickly and effectively.

Song of the Day: Bright by Echosmith

Things to do the night before taking the SAT

• Get everything ready: admission ticket, photo ID, calculator (make sure yours is accepted), and a watch (this will be good to take track of time).
• Take a good night sleep. I’m serious. This affects your mood on the next day. Having to answer what is the average arithmetic mean in a word problem will be much easier if you aren’t tired.
• Don’t eat unhealthy foods. Yep, that means no pizza or Doritos the day before.
• Don’t study. You’ve done enough. Take it slow. Yesterday, I was studying for the math sections with my friend and I can assure you that we felt as if our brains were liquified once we were finished.
• Drink lots and lots of water. That really needs no explanation, you should drink lots of water every day.
• Take a hot shower.
• Distract yourself from all the stress. I’m probably gonna end up reading or painting. You do what you desire.

anonymous asked:

*curtsies* dear duke, I have a little problem I think you might help me with: I'm completely incapable of relaxing. That is, I study a lot cause I really want my grades to be good, but I study SO much I basically end up finishing at 9 pm. At that point I don't have much time left to do anything but making dinner and preparing everything for the next day. Problem is, I don't really NEED to study THAT much, it's just that when I try and relax I feel guilty cause I'm not studying. Help??

*Curtsies* Surviving school with your mental health intact is all about learning to balance what you really need to do with the huge amount of work that could be done. We were told at the beginning of the year that our professors did not want or expect us to read every scrap of material they provided. However, there are some people in our program who are trying to do just that, and let me tell you, it is taking a huge toll. The number of people who are panicking about not doing enough and crying in the lobby the day papers are due (or due back) is way higher than it should be. The key difference I’ve noticed between people who tend to overwork themselves and freak out and those who manage to stay calm and stay (relatively) healthy is, believe it or not, self-discipline. Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to in the program who seems to have their head on straight has said some version of “Friday is my day off. I don’t do any schoolwork on Fridays,” or “I never stay up past midnight doing class reading.” Personally, I only read for pleasure on the Tube, and I don’t do homework after 11 pm, because I need that time for writing and research. Sometimes, you need to make rules to ensure you’re not working too much in the same way that you make rules to ensure the work that needs to get done does get done. So what I would do is take a good look at what you really need to do in a given week and figure out not only how much time it should take but exactly when you’re going to do it. Then do the same for your down time. Make a schedule, not only for work, but for fun. Make Wednesday nights or Tuesday mornings or Saturday afternoons sacred, do not work during those periods of time, and stick to that rule. The other thing I would suggest is this: make a list of the things you need to do/material you need to cover to be fully prepared for the next day/week/whatever of class, and as you accomplish those items, cross them off. When you feel a compulsion to keep working even though you don’t really need to, get that list out. Remind yourself you’re done. 

High school teaches us to be fanatically competitive and anxious, and I hate that about our education system. Trust me when I say that nobody in higher ed is impressed by students who work themselves into the ground. That doesn’t display a good work ethic. It displays desperation, and nobody wants to hire or work with that person. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to be the best at everything. Instead focus on being well-balanced, because you will be on the whole happier and for that reason your quality of work will probably actually be better.

In a perfect world we would always be able to finish our work in a timely manner while being well rested and sane. Unfortunately, that isn’t the world we live in (sad I know). So here are some tips on how to pull all-nighters without wanting to die the next day.

Be Smart. Please don’t stay up all night if you don’t need to. Work smart. If you know something should take an hour, keep it that way. Don’t think to yourself “oh well I’m staying up anyway so why not take a Netflix break.” NO. Stay on task. You should only stay up if you absolutely need to. 

Plan Ahead. Get your bullet journal or planner out, and write down everything that you want to work on. If possible do this a day in advance. I tend to know when I’ll have loads of work and need to stay up to finish it. This really helps with my next tip.

Be Prepared. Eat well the day of and the days leading up to your study session if possible. You’ll feel energized if you fill up with veggies, fruits, and nuts rather than garbage. Energy is crucial for all-nighters. Please please please eat well and drink lots of water. You’ll thank yourself when it’s 3 am and you don’t feel like death.

Get in the Zone. Prepare your work space. Turn off your phone. If there’s something non academic that needs to be done do it now. Just because you know you’ll be up doesn’t mean you can put things off. Start early = finish early. If you finish your work early it means you can enjoy this elusive thing called sleep. Trust me it’s wonderful.

Take Breaks. I try to study for an hour and take a ten minute break when staying up all night. It breaks up the monotony of studying for ten hours straight. 

Stretch. Don’t stay put for that long. You’ll get sleepy, and that’s the opposite of what we want.

FOOD. Drink water. Eat snacks. Don’t depend on caffeine. Have a cup of coffee, but don’t depend on seven 5hour energies.

Staying Up. Moving around helps your body stay alert, so get up during your breaks. Splash some water on your face every once in a while. This really helps me. Listen to music you enjoy, I usually listen to classical while I study, but it’ll put you to sleep at 4 in the morning. So during these study sessions I listen to my favorite artists like EXO, a workout playlist on Spotify or maybe a video game soundtrack. A high bpm keeps me in the zone.

Congratulations. You can now effectively pull an all-nighter without hating yourself. But remember not to do this often. Sleep is a lovely and very necessary thing. Good luck~

How to prepare when you have multiple exams in a short period of time

Handling stress and keeping your routine well organised and productive when studying for finals or APs, IB, SATs and others can feel impossible. There are probably millions of studyblr posts on this, but I wanted to give my personal point of view and advice, since last year I took what in Spain we call Selectividad, or University Access Test, in which we are examined of six yearly subjects during three days, two weeks after finishing our 12th grade finals and graduating from High School. It’s also my first long text post and I really felt like writing one!


1. Planning your time
Organising your time and distributing it well among all the subjects you have to study and leaving some room to relax and unwind a little bit is key to a clear head and actually productive study hours.

  • Please please PLEASE avoid cramming when you have various exams in a short period of time. You might still do well but there is no way you will be doing your best, and it will lead to loads of stress and soul-consuming regret.
  • When deciding where to begin studying each subject, my advice is to start with the most complicated parts or the ones that you haven’t revised in a very long time. I did this for most subjects except for one, where I left the hardest block for the end and I had a really tough time studying for it. 0/10 would not recommend
  • Some people find it easier to study in the morning, others prefer the evening. Build a timetable around your preference, always leaving time for yourself, family and friends. It also really helped me to write a list with each subject and unit or block in it that I had to study with a checkbox next to them that I crossed out when I finished. I put all of the subjects on the same page to make it more visual, and that way I could track my progress at a glance.
  • Studying with friends also helps a lot, you can support each other, quiz each other and well, I guess you just feel better if you know there are people you love going through exactly the same thing.

2. Studying methods

About this there is not too much I can say since each one has their own personal study method. Using mind maps, summarizing or outlining, is entirely up to you.

In general, I would say that the best way to study is by reasoning and understanding instead of memorizing. Following a logic path to comprehend what you are reading is what really makes the knowledge seep in. Of course how depends a lot on the subject; for math, physics and such, to understand you have to solve tons of problems until you don’t get them wrong. For subjects like history it is essential to grasp how one event leads to another and the connections between them, instead of having a jumble of disjointed facts in your head.
Memorising can lead to your getting stuck during an exam if you forget a word that you considered a key to that paragraph.

3. Fighting stress
Even if you feel like you need to study 24/7 to get it right, you will be a lot more efficient and less stressed out if you are clear-minded and well rested.

  • Going out with some friends for a little stroll, running or doing other kinds of excercise are great ways to reduce stress and to feel less overwhelmed.
  • To avoid anxiety while studying it’s important to discard negative thoughts and building on your confidence. Work pays off, if you have been studying there is no need to feel insecure, you have made a huge effort and you’re ready to do your best (tell that little mean voice in your head to fuck itself because you CAN and you WILL do this).
  • Energy drinks are not a good idea, it’s much better to replace them with (moderate amounts of) coffee and tea, loads of water and your favorite study snacks.
  • Try to sleep at least 7 hours each day to be fresh and fully functional in the morning.


Sitting in front of that blank page can make you nervous and tense. Try to keep calm and not to panic, and that way you will understand each of the questions and know how to answer them. If there are some you don’t know it’s ok, not the end of the world, focus on the ones you do know first and then we’ll get to that.
To avoid totally freaking out:
- Take a few deep breaths to relax
- Read the questions carefully
- Don’t rush your answers
- Organise the concepts before you start writing to give a clear answer
-Begin filling in the answers that you are more confident on to secure those marks, and leave the ones that make you hesitate for the end
-If you really don’t know the answer to a question, try to compensate it with knowledge you have that is somehow related to it or see how it could connect with what you have learned
- Revise your grammar and your answers before handing it in. Yes, I have skipped this step a few times, and once, it resulted on my forgetting to solve a math problem I hadn’t seen thus getting a lower score than I expected (luckily it wasn’t a final exam).

I hope you found this post useful and that it wasn’t too long!



My PTXperience! :D

So you may or may not know that I actually met Pentatonix in Vienna. It was the best day of my life and I’m gonna recap it for you.

Let’s start from the very beginning; 

So I live in Hungary, Budapest and the concert was in Vienna, Austria which is the next country to us. Me and my mom went by train, the traveling took two hours, but we were sitting in the first class so it was really good. I was kinda nervous, because I don’t know any words in German (that’s not true, I’ve been studying it a year now)  and I was afraid I would get lost in the venue. 

We arrived to our hotel at noon, so we still had time. I tried to finish their gifts, because I only had two days to prepare for all of this madness. I wrote my letters to them, and didn’t even realize it was already three pm and I had to get ready.

Quickly I dressed up in something elegant (i’m fancy) completely forgetting the make-up, ‘cuz I had no time.

Anyways we arrived to the buliding, and there were some VIP fans sitting in the ground talking in German. 

I felt so alone.

Well for like one minute.

When I turned around my bestest friend in the entire world @lalatonix was walking towards me. I’ve known her since October, and we’ve never met. This was the first time we see each other closely and I WAS SO HAPPY. I hugged her like a teddy bear (she’s a giraffe).

Pentatonix really brings people together.

Anyway we went to the entrance, and we had to stand in two lines; one for soundcheck/private performance VIPs and the other for just M&G. Lala only had VIP for M&G, so we were separated. We were waiting for like 2 minutes now when a guy came out of the building with a paper, checking if we were on the list. When he was finished he introduced himself.

His name is Nathan and he is one of the managers. He told us that he started working with Pentatonix on the Kelly Clarkson tour, and he is such a pentaholic, he talked about how amazing the guys are and everything. HE WAS SO NICE.

He lead us into the venue and told us to wait for a bit. There were a merch store by us, so lot of the fans bought shirts and stuff. I didn’t have my money with me, I was screwed. Everyone was talking, nothing was happening.

When suddenly we hear a familiar tune… WE COULD HEAR THEM PRACTICING RADIOACTIVE.

My heart was beating so fast, I was freaking out. A girl was standing front of me smiling at me and mouthing the words. It was so interesting that we couldn’t understand each other’s languages, but when we looked at each other we thought the same thing. It was happening.

I started talking to this girl named Sasa, she’s from Slovenia and she was sooo nice. We got along really quickly.

After fifteen minutes we started moving to the stage.

The doors opened. Everyone started screaming. Here they were standing on the stage, looking sexy af.

I couldn’t believe it. I was like “this is not real”.

First of all let me tell you some things.

Kirstie is REALLY short. She’s like a little fairy and SO BEAUTIFUL. I was gaping at her like an idiot. Scott is really really fucking tall. Mitch was wearing his high heels! He has a higher voice in real life than what you hear in recordings. They sang ‘No’ and my ears almost started bleeding when he hit that high note. I could feel Avi’s notes in my chest, it was scary. 

After that came the Q&A. There were questions about Vienna and stuff. One girl asked Mitch how can he walk in those heels, it was funny. However what really made my day was this 7 year old little girl who wanted to ask a question, but she was too short and Scott didn’t see her. Two questions went by and the little girl was still holding her hands up so bravely, it was really cute. Avi was watching her and he cut in before Scott chose anybody else, and pointed at the girl saying “I want to know your question, little one!” It was so cute!!! Actually I didn’t really remember what she asked, it was all a blur. Sorry.

The photo op thingy was the next. We went a small room and it was so hot in there, that Nathan fanned us with a huge cardboard paper. He’s the nicest guy ever. He told us that due to the happenings on Friday (Rest in Peace Christina Grimmie) they had to hire a bodyguard for Pentatonix.

Yes. A bodyguard.

Well I saw the bodyguard and he was scary (and hot).

I was talking to Sasa blahblah, then I was the next in line. I put my bags down then run up to them saying hi. They said hi back (Mitch said it in two octaves higher). I stood between Scott and Mitch.

Scott has such a soft chest and shoulder! It was like a pillow xD

I was in shock so I didn’t say anything else, though I tried to act cool. At the same time I felt really safe between them. I know it sounds cliche, but I was so happy, I felt like nothing could hurt me in that moment.

Then the signing came. I went up to them, their gifts in my hand.

First was Avi. When I saw him, I instantly noticed that he was thin. Like fucking thin. He looked so fragile omg. Nevermind, I gave him is little notebook, He said it was cool, but I felt like he was kinda distracted. He almost forgot to sign my poster.

Next was Kirstin. I gave her little drawing she laughed and showed it to Scott which made my heart flutter in the weirdest ways.

(this was the front of the notebook)

Scott and Mitch had the same cover.


He was like “I’ve seen this before!”

And I said in a squeaky voice “Really?”

He smiled at me and said “Yeah, on Twitter a week ago.”


I was smiling so much my cheeks started to hurt. 

Kevin LOVED my drawing!

I showed him that his shirt says ‘Swole Check’ and he started to laugh, and said it’s amazing.

I felt so loved. My heart was full.

So yeah this was my PTXperience, it’s not that special, but for me it was the most amazing day.,

This is what I drew inside the notebooks.

Thanks for reading it! 

And thank you so much @lalatonix for being with me the whole time, you’re a beautiful person inside and out. I love you! <3 <3

you know the education system is pretty screwed when the students casually talk about the panic and anxiety attacks they all get during studying

we were literally talking about that today like oh our finals start next weekend! we still have quizzes and assignments to finish by friday. You know, I had a really bad anxiety attack yesterday, then I had to get my shit together and push it down as best as I could. Wow same though I broke down crying a while ago because I had no idea how to organize my time to study for 5 exams in 7 days!


01.06.16 ‧ our finals ended yesterday and im more than happy with my grades (the lowest was 7.6, which is the same as a C). now, teachers and students work together to finish organizing our “cultural week”, which is when we dont have classes but we go to school every day to attend lectures, participate in mini-courses, participate in the talent show etc. 🍀