on the couch

Watching the Oscars live #5

Current sexuality: Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox entering on stage on a freaking DeLorean and singing The Schuyler Sister. I mean, it’s 4.37 am and I went on “Work” full-mode on my sofa with a massive blanket.

Lin’s face was priceless


at first before laima was revealed (and it looked like it was just a chair) i joked that knife’s kink was upholstery and that he fucked a throne. uh then by a series of more jokes spoon ran out to dress up as a couch and then it was revealed that laima was just invisible and then later knife is freaking out because he doesnt know where his kids came from and here is spoon attempting to comfort him as a couch? I dont even really know how to explain the jokes anymore. i just like making my characters react to the comic as if they’re also reading it i guess

I’m never going to sleep.

My flatemate had food poisoning on friday. I was up all night on friday listening to him yak and moan outside my bedroom. Tonight he was feeling better so he made sausages and mashed potatoes for dinner. I cut my sausage in half and said “ These sausages aren’t cooked all the way. I’m going to microwave mine. “ in typical fashion both my flatemate and my husband just shrugged. Joked that I was paranoid and then said my husband said “ I have a strong stomach. A little pink never bothered me. “ 

Guess who has food poisoning now? My Husband. 

Guess who doesn’t? Me.

*does an I told you so dance*