on the comet

me: just fall asleep already 

my brain: always out there, cArryINg thE bAnNer-the sun’ll come out tomorrow, one day more. another day, another-  look out my window, theres a view of other windows- WAVING through a windowwwww IM FLYING HIIIIGH defyyyyyying gravvity-GoTtA GeT GoTtA GeT gEt YoUr HEaD iN tHe GaMe TWO PLAYER GAAAAAAAMMEE theres nothing like summer in the city- IM SINging in the raaaaaiinn ORLANDO orlando I LOVE YOU orlando, SEASons of loooooovvveee-GoTtA FinD mY coooooorneeer of ThE SKyyyyyy-VeRoNicA, open the OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE- anatole is HOT he spe-

me: why


Another Dave Malloy as Pierre.  This one I made for Dave himself, all in blue monochrome because he’s colorblind and can only see the color blue, and I wanted to make something he could appreciate.  :)  Gave this one to him at the stage door the other night.

Saw Josh Groban as Pierre for the last time last night, and I’m still all bittersweet.  He’s gotten so beautiful in this part that I’ll be so sorry to see him go…

Before I crash tfo here is just a list of the most beautiful things in great comet
-pierogi in the beginning. Totally unexpected and adorable
-air raid sirens
-andrey’s presence around stage. In the opera, during the entire affair, etc.
-any time pierre looked at Natasha. Admiringly when she was with Andrey, concerned with Anatole, slightly devastated with Helene, and then all of a sudden, differently altogether.
-lighting cues
-just dolokhov who loves his mother and keeps getting demoted because he can’t pass muster and just is generally beautiful.
-Anatole, dolokhov, and Helene together. Like I thought I knew how gay and incestuous that was gonna be, and I did NOT. Talk about a squad.
-Marya’s understudy who was so so so wonderful.
-also just we were sat right next to one of the beams the actors dance on in the mezzanine and it was outstanding. I’m in love with the girl with braids and red armpit hair hmu if you know her name otherwise I’ll look it up tomorrow morning.
-Denee benton’s voice and look and acting and facial expressions.
-okay I know I’m super gay but I’m REALLY gay for Amber Gray like Charming was the song where once I got into it I was like “ok it’s time I’m ready to come out” so
-Lucas Steele who was so so amazing like life changing honestly who hit the outrageous notes in Letters and sang “Petersburg” amazingly and who only mouthed words at stage door and I feel for him so much he does such amazing work.
-josh groban was surprising to me I was honestly amazed because I didn’t listen to the obc beforehand but like. Wow. Cried during dust and ashes but particularly at that bit about not letting me die when I’m like this because whoa.
-egg shakers
-balaga. Who was everything I’d hoped for and more.
-big big hands plus butt shake I loved it
-just the stage in general I have honestly never felt that way before I was inside that show and it was amazing.
-bear headed folks during the ball.
-spoken line.
This doesn’t even touch on Sonya and Mary and their beautiful selves or anything else with the ensemble who were all so talented and angelic and the musicians both moving around on stage and in their little wells/closets which was outstanding but it’s 2 am so.

Oh, Pierre, our merry feasting crank, our most dear, most kind, most smart and eccentric, A warm- hearted Russian of the old school (this boi is a walking existential Crisis)

¾ of this year’s Tony Nominees for Best Musical have their orchestras on the stage or at least 100% visible to the audiences and that is one of the most striking and wonderful things.


Are Mass Extinctions Periodic, And Are We Due For One?

“If we start looking at the craters we find on Earth and the geological composition of the sedimentary rock, however, the idea falls apart completely. Of all the impacts that occur on Earth, less than one quarter of them come from objects originating from the Oort cloud. Even worse, of the boundaries between geological timescales (Triassic/Jurassic, Jurassic/Cretaceous, or the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary), and the geological records that correspond to extinction events, only the event from 65 million years ago shows the characteristic ash-and-dust layer that we associate with a major impact.”

65 million years ago, a catastrophic impact from outer space caused the last great mass extinction on Earth, destroying 30% of the species that lived on our world at the time. These mass extinction events happened many times in Earth’s past, and the Solar System also passes through denser stellar regions of space periodically, as determined by the orbit of the Sun and stars in the Milky Way. It’s a combination of facts that might make you wonder whether the extinction events are also periodic, and if so, whether periodic impacts are predictable. If so, then shouldn’t we be aware of whether we’re living in a time of increased risk, and prepare ourselves for that possibility accordingly? After all, the dinosaurs didn’t have a space program or the capability of deflecting a dangerous object like the one that wiped them out.

But before we go that route, we should take a good look at what the data shows. Are mass extinctions periodic? Are we due? Let’s find out!