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Wandering Souls Pt. 2

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A/N: Part two to my vampire Harry and vampire Y/N fic, let’s goooo. 

I recommend reading part one first, it can be found here :) but like, you do you. 

Ps. Dylan O’Brien is Jake btw


Your eyes flutter open as the familiar sound of Brandon Flowers’ voice fills your ears, and you are more than a little pissed off; but also confused. Looking around, you note that you’re laying on the leather backseat of a random car in what appears to be a McDonald’s drive-thru. The sun shining brightly outside is a good indicator that you’ve been passed out for quite sometime, and that leads you to finally move your gaze to the person who has caused this entire predicament.

In the driver’s seat of the car Harry mindlessly taps his fingers against the steering wheel, and loudly sings along to the lyrics of ‘Mr. Brightside’ as the chorus starts. He’s in his own little world as he moves forward in the line, awaiting his turn to pay for his order and drive off; and unsurprisingly he hasn't noticed that you’ve awoken.

You crack your stiff neck, as you slowly sit up and try your best not to start yelling at him. Your eyes remain locked on your curly haired best friend as he belts out the words of the song without flaw, and you pounce; wrapping your arm around his neck, and pulling him aggressively back against the carseat. “You ASSHOLE!” You growl, and glare into the rearview mirror so your eyes can lock with his. “As if you snapped my neck on me again. That’s low, even for you Harry.” He struggles against you, but you just continue choking him with ease. You begin thinking you’ve gotten the upper hand against him, but are greatly mistaken as he reaches back to grab ahold of you, and flips you over into the passenger seat; causing your butt to miss it completely as you fall down between the dash and car seat, onto the floor.

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sex is intimate and sacred. your body is a temple and you shouldn’t share it with anyone who doesn’t scream the lyrics to Mr Brightside 

If I ever need resuscitating please play Mr Brightside first, I will do anything to scream the lyrics to it even if that means coming back from death