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A farewell to our best boy, may your hoodies always be soft.

anonymous prompted: baby evak au! 

the sunshine’s thick and fizzy in the air around them, and the ice cream is sticky on his little knuckles where it’s melting drip-drop from his sprinkle-coated cone. 

he’s careful not to slip it through his fingers while he bounces restless from one foot to the other on the tips of his toes. 

“look at the sun!” he thrills. points up to the whirly blue and white sky. “it’s so bright!”

even’s flopped out on the grass, arm thrown over his eyes. he peeks out a little to attempt a glance up - and has to squint his nose up into a scrunch. 

isak plops himself down beside him, cross-legged. cradling his ice cream super carefully. he pats even’s chest gently to get his attention.

“even, did you know, the sun is a big star,” and it squeaks out of him, like the excitement is wringing the pleasure out of his bones. he tosses one arm out wide. “it’s like this big - the biggest star in the universe!”

even’s eyes grow, saucers. “the biggest?”

“mhm.” he’s bobbing his head so quick the curls are falling everywhere. “the biggest.” 

“the best?”

“the best.”

they grin at each other, all small white teeth and ice cream. 

and isak’s wiggling, a little like the happiness is too much for his tummy to hold in.

“and we’re like little stars, too,” he decides. 

Skam and toxic relationships

so I just finished Skam and I loved it and all. There’s some pretty awesome things and it adresses important issues, but at the same time I feel like it consents to toxic relationships??? 

all 3 seasons until now have followed this same pattern concerning the main ships: 

  1. it’s a difficult start, with the significant other being a complete asshole
  2. they start to get along and the main character is conflicted because the s.o. is still an asshole but sometimes they are sweet
  3. oh no, the s.o. was only an asshole because of [insert reason here] and they totally love the main character!!!! all’s well when it ends well (if Eva hadn’t decided to break up with Jonas, they would still be a couple so it applies to them as well)

some toxic elements I identified in Skam:

  • Jonas implying Eva is dumb more than once, when it’s clear she’s not comfortable with this 
  • Jonas not going to the party and still asking Isak to go to the cabin, saying “don’t worry, you can ask your friends too” to Eva when he knows she doesn’t have any other friends and then behaving like a jerk in the cabin
  • Jonas lying about speaking to Ingrid when he knows Eva is really insecure about it, specially given their past. So he basically prefers his gf to think he’s cheating than admiting he’s smoking weed, wow
  • William. His whole character is pretty controlling, abusive and manipulative in the beginning of season 2. He kinda stalks Noora and is very persisting about her going out with him, even when she says no in various occasions. He forces Noora to go out with him by using Vilde in a disgusting way. And let’s remember he only apologized to Vilde so Noora would go on a date with him. Yeah.
  • The whole “Even has a gf but still goes after Isak” thing. I understand exploring one’s sexuality can be confusing plus he’s bipolar, but C’MON! You can’t pursue someone and then go back to your gf and then go back to that someone and then bring your gf to the same party that someone is in and then cockblock that someone and then pursue that someone while kissing your gf and at another occasion completely leave your gf behind to hook up with that someone only to go back with your gf two days later??????  That’s just mean. To both your gf and that someone.
  • Even leading Isak on when he had no intention of leaving his gf (because he wouldn’t have done it if Isak hadn’t given him an ultimatum). “Yeah, I still date her, but look at all those drawings I made of us in an alternative universe and realize how much I like you but not enough to leave my gf haha ;)”

I know people change. But when all three s.o. so far are somehow abusive and the main character kinda condones it because they are so so in love, it’s almost like saying “that person may be abusive, but you can cure them with the power of love!!!!” when in reality it’s not quite as simple as that.

I think William was the one who changed the most in order to be with the main character, but it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. He has no respect for women, and suddenly he’s a sweet guy with a golden heart who’s only an asshole because of a sad backstory. I didn’t buy it, but at least he was still an ass sometimes?? anyway.

I really hope this pattern changes in the next seasons. It does add a lot of drama  and “couple development” to the plot, but at the same time it’s kinda hypocritical of a show which is trying to be a good influence to its viewers.

Skam Onesie Party!!! (coloring page)

Friday Night.

Imagine: Isak, Noora, Eskild, & Linn having a sleepover/gathering at their apartment with both the boy squad and girl squad & their dates there & they all had to wear onesies bc that’s the theme (that Eskild & Even came up with). They all sit on the living room floor sharing stories and playing board games and eating junk food & drinking & having fun (like in the cabin episode in season 2 with the girls up in the snow but now everyone’s there). Isak excuses himself from the party to “look for a DVD from his room for everyone to watch” & Even insisted he go with him because he knows/loves films & can pick out a good movie that he think everyone may enjoy. But that was just an excuse because Even really just wanted to be alone with his boyfriend for a while. After 10 minutes had gone by, the group ran out of stuff to do and gets impatient waiting for Isak and Even to return so Jonas volunteers to gets up and go see what’s taking so long because he couldn’t stand sitting there watching Eva and Chris make out on the couch in front of him anymore (even though he is not with Eva anymore it’s weird to see his ex making out with another guy). When he opens the door to Isak’s room he sees two onesies on the floor and when he looks up he accidentally sees Evak naked & making out in his best friends bed. Jonas jumped back quickly and slams the door yelling “sorry sorry sorry” in the hall. Isak shouts “wtf bro” (and gets a sudden flashback of s1 when they were in Jonas cabin & he accidentally walked in on Eva & Jonas having alone time) as he buries his face in Evens neck with embarrassment but with a slight smile (at the memory & thinking ‘shit, karma’s a bitch’). Even starts laughing and gives Isak a kiss on his forehead while he has one arm wrapped around & rubbing his bare back to comfort him for what just happened. Isak looks up at Even saying “I think we should probably go back out there now.” Even smiles and says “Yea we should haha”, Isak sighs & whispers “but I want to stay here and be with you”. “Yeah I know what you mean.” “Oh do you?” he says in a sarcastic tone. “Yeah because you look so fucking hot laying here this very minute, Isak Valtersen”. Isak gives Even a kiss and turns around to get up and start getting dressed quickly. soon they both return to the party shortly. Everyone gave short glances at the two with smirks on their faces & tried to act like they did not hear Jonas’s reaction earlier & knew what happened without needing to hear about it. Eskild straight up asks “so what movie are we watching?” with a grin on his face. Isak made a face because he realized he forgot to grab a movie but just as he was going to come up with an explanation, someone rings the door bell & he was saved by the arrival of the pizza guy, giving Even a short time to run to Isak’s bed room & pick out a movie. Everyone sits in the living room while eating pizza & watches a movie together. 

Later that night… Even is on the floor with his arms wrapped around Isak. He has fallen asleep leaning against Evens chest. Jonas, Mahdi, & Magnus are in the kitchen drinking beer and having a conversation. Vilde & Linn walks up to the boys and & Magnus wraps his arms around Vilde’s waist as she tries to convince the boys & Linn to join her Kose group. Eva is drunk & making out with Christoffer in the bathroom. Noora, Sana, Kasper, Chris, & Eskild are still in the living room near Isak & Even & they are watching a second movie they put on (this time a scary movie).