on the 8th whoops

In 8th grade, I did a PowerPoint presentation on whooping cough and my opening slide was a photo of Whoopi Goldberg coughing and I was the only person who laughed at it and I couldn’t start the presentation for five minutes because I was laughing too hard at my own joke
—  Kim Seokjin, probably

anonymous asked:

I got my Literature teacher to ship Jally (and Purly whoops)

lucky bitch when i was in 8th grade we had to make a modern soundtrack for the outsiders and explain how it relates and i put “who knew” by pink and said it relates to jally bc they were gay for each other and my teacher took away points because of it and wrote in big letters “ITS ABOUT FRIENDSHIP”

Day 10

A day in the life of a diabetic:

So I wake up, groan at my alarm (currently the soundtrack from RENT), and check my bloodsugar. I’m probably high. I immediately dose because on weekdays I have 40 minutes from wake up to out the door and you want to get a pre-dose in as soon as possible. My breakfast is usually around 70 grams, so I dose (tbh I haven’t actually counted breakfast carbs since like 8th grade whoops)

Move on, make sure my kit is stocked, obsessively check my cgm (assuming its working), groaning because undoutabley I’ve gone high. Every time.

Poke at lunch, dose 36 grams (half a bagel and yogurt, same meal since 1st grade, I’m a creature of habit), eat, move on

Go low around 4 pm, shove jelly beans into my mouth at the public library (have a stranger ask for some of my jelly beans, I’m too out of it to say no, she takes half my bag)

Go home, finish my homework, poke 10 minutes before dinner, am somehow high again because I overtreated my low, dose dinner, eat.

Poke and calibrate my cgm before bed. Calibrations should last 12 hours. Wake up the next morning out of calibration.

I’m not trying to say my entire day revolves around my diabetes management. If you’ve ever spent time with me you know it doesn’t. But it’s present, and the aspects I’ve described here are pretty much daily. Minus the bloodsugars. Diabetes is, as I say, a random number generator.