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Dating Jackson Wang

Anon Asked:  Hiiii I saw your “dating Kim Yugyeom”. LOVED IT!!! Can you do one of those dating things for Jackson?

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Requests still open for got7 AND BTS

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  • Obvious flirting from the start
  • Like he’d meet you through mutual friends and be immediately attracted to you just by the way you said “Hi”
  • “Hey! I’m jackson.”
  • Always standing/sitting/breathing near you
  • Asking for your number because he wants to talk more but doesn’t have the time right now to stay
  • Texts you minutes after leaving
  • Greets you with a tight hug everytime he sees you
  • “Ugh, My hair looks terrible today.”
  • “Your hair looks perfect! You look perfect everyday, ____.”
  • Blushing
  • Hugging you again bc he can’t get over your cuteness
  • Flirtatious friends for the longest time
  • “Are they dating yet?”
  • “No.”
  • Got6 encouraging him to ask you out
  • Refuses bc the timing is off
    • His words not yours
  • Cuddling while watching the television
  • Tickle attacks when you’re being lazy and he wants to do something
  • Randomly stops tickling you and stares at you smiling
  • “Jagi, will you go out with me?”
  • Him getting hella excited when you say yes
  • Has to tell the guys, pronto
  • Takes you to meet his parents on the third date bc he just knows you’re the one
  • They adore you and can see what Jackson sees in you
  • His mum giving you her mother’s promise ring
  • Going home and crying bc you’re so happy
  • Jackson crying with you
  • PDA™
  • Showing you off to everyone bc he is so proud he has someone that is just so incredible and stunning
  • Calling just to hear your voice
  • Bear hugs
  • Showering you with kisses when he hasn’t seen you for a few days
  • Accidentally purposely kissing your lips
  • “I’m so sorry, Jagiya.”
  • “Mmh, I bet you are.”
  • Him leaning down to kiss you on the lips again
  • Smiling into the kiss
  • Wanting you to go on tours with him but he knows you can’t so he gets emotional
  • Won’t let you know that though
  • “I’m just going to miss you a lot.”
  • Talking 25/8 while he’s away
  • Waiting with food until they all to get home, knowing they’d be hungry after such a long flight
  • “Hyung, you have to best girlfriend ever!”
  • “I know I do.”
  • Suffocating hugs
  • Fighting about petty shit
  • Pouty jealousy™
  • Working out together
  • Going home to shower 
  • Grabbing a towel from his closet but not making it out of the bedroom
  • ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)
  • “Are you sure, Jagiya?”
  • Slow and sweet at first but then it gets a little rough
  • He doesn’t want to hurt you though
  • Love bites; Foreplay; massageing you; grinding
  • “Shit ____”
  • Holding each other afterwards
  • Finally getting your shower after several attempts at leaving
  • Praising you constantly bc he is so in love
  • Him always telling you how in love he is
  • “Sometimes I think you love me too much, Jackson.”
  • “Imposible.” 

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so, what are some of your nsfw headcanons for victuuri? *eye emoji*

Yuuri prefers to have sex at bedtime, when they’re snuggled together with their legs intertwined, relaxing with a bit of Netflix or a movie they missed in the cinemas.

It’s hard to resist the way Victor looks in the dark, with the light of the television dancing over his skin and that cute little pinch between his brows. He needs glasses but won’t admit it.

However, Victor often has trouble keeping his eyes open the second his head hits the pillow, so Yuuri has to content himself with only the sound of his fiancé’s heartbeat beneath his ear or the feel of Victor’s breath in his hair.

It’s enough. At least, for the time being. 

But in the morning, Victor wakes refreshed and full of bright energy—and the body curled up next to his is so incredibly warm and appealing that it’s unthinkable to resist.

That’s when Victor likes to have sex. In the morning sunshine with the promise of a new day sparkling in his mind. He likes to press up behind Yuuri and let his smile unfurl against the bare skin of his shoulder.

Victor loves the way Yuuri smells in the morning, when his natural scent is all over him. His favorite thing to do is bury his nose in Yuuri’s hair, close his eyes, and breathe. It gets Victor worked up every time. He loves taking Yuuri like that—sliding their pajama bottoms down to their thighs and then working himself into the warmth of Yuuri’s beautifully soft body from behind.

But most mornings, Yuuri only pouts and wriggles away. He is not a morning person. Sometimes, the most he’ll let Victor do is touch him—hands sliding into his clothes, teeth nipping playfully at his throat. But Yuuri is self-conscious about his morning breath and prefers to hide beneath the sheets, begging for just a few more minutes of precious sleep before he has to get up for the day.

Victor pretends to be cross with him, but it doesn’t last. He gets too distracted by the feeling of love that flutters up inside of him, just from seeing the sweet way Yuuri snuggles up with Victor’s pillow.

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GOT7 Kinks...

~ licking
~ oral
~ praise kink
~ kitten…

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~ oppa, please me
~ obey
~ biting
~ teasing
~ overstimulation

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~ being riden
~ thighs
~ good girl
~ loud moaning
~ oral

~ foreplay
~ biting
~ grinding
~ sweet sex 

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~ high heels
~ shower sex
~ foreplay
~ high heels

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~ hair pulling
~ being riden
~ Noona…
~ slight bondage 
~ breath play 

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~ biting
~ nudes
~ rough sex
~ roleplay
~ disobeying

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camila cabello & selena gomez {dirty imagine} {requested}

“if your not on the bus in two minutes iam leaving with or without you!!” ms.robins shouts from out the school bus window to the kids still lingering outside. “someones stressed.” camila mutters trying to get comfortable on the lumpy seat. “why did you have to pick this seat?” she asks smacking her palm to the leather. i look back at the tower of suitcases and purses. “so i can do this without people seeing.” i whisper cupping her pussy through her gray sweats. “oh okay i see.” she laughs grabbing my hand. after 10 minutes of ms.robins checking to see if everyone is here the bus starts with a loud roar and we begin our four hour trip to washington D.C. 

within a hour we have already stopped three times for ridiculous excuses. at this rate we will make it to D.C by midnight. “everyone who needs a restroom break get off now cause we wont be stopping anymore. its 8:30 lets be back on the bus in 10 minutes.” ms.robins instructs leading the way out. “yeah right.” i laugh watching everyone push and shove their way out. with the driver a.k.a coach fitzgerald outside smoking and a guy with huge headphones blaring his rock music at the front of the bus, i take this perfect moment to play with camlia. she is paying little attention starring at the glowing screen when i untie her sweats. “what are you doing?” she asks looking down to my hands. i ignore her kissing her neck, sucking gently on her soft skin. her head falls back onto the seat. i slip my hand inside tracing my fingertips on her lips. camilas legs spread wide rocking onto my fingers. i smile pushing three full fingers inside while my thumb plays with her clit. she moans loudly arching her back. i laugh kissing down to her chest sucking on her skin harder. “selena.” she moans softly running her fingers through my hair. i pump my fingers quickly making her scream out hitting her hand on the seat in front of us. i glance to the guy in front making sure he didnt see us or hear her. i can hear ms.robins voice coming to the bus, looking over my shoulder sure enough her and the class are stopped right outside the store waiting on the last of the kids. “okay baby you have to cum before they get on.”i smile going back to her neck whispering dirty things into her ear. “damn it selena.” she whispers rocking her hips faster. i pump harder and faster feeling her pussy juices leaking onto my fingers. “you slut making yourself cum in public, you like it rough dont you baby.” i tease moving my fingers wildly inside her. “shit shit shit…” she whimpers covering her mouth as our peers start piling in. she leans forward putting her head on the seat in front of us riding out her high. she shakes trying to close her legs shut but my hand is still in place. “stop.” she whispers trying her hardest not to scream out. “selena stop.”  she begs as two girls sit in front of us. ms.robin grabs her clipboard checking off names as she glances to where each of us sit. “camila?” ms.robins questions. “h-here!” camila shouts lifting her head abit before going right back down. checking off her name, the bus engine starts at the same moment camila moans out. she leans back arching her back against the lumpy seat. the darkness of night covers us perfectly so no one sees my hand in her sweats. i lean forward biting on her earlobe whispering,” you love this dont you? someone could just turn around and see you camila. what a dirty slut. want me to make you cum again huh slut?” she says nothing wanting more of my fingers. “huh?” i whisper adding a fourth finger. her mouth opens but nothing comes out. “ohhhh you love that.” i smile moving slow then speeding up inside her. she grips my thigh squeezing tightly leaning against me. her legs shake as her high takes over her body. “my pussy remember that.” i wink pulling my fingers into my mouth. in seconds she attacks me smashing our lips together. “cam-” i get cut off while her tongue explores my mouth. “your gonna get it tonight.” she smiles kissing me once more before sitting up before anyone notices. 

around 9 ms.robin gets her famous clipboard out again standing up. “okay kids!! listen up!!” she shouts. everyone is still talking and laughing over her not paying any attention. “everybody!!” she tries to scream again. coach fitzgerald holds down the bus horn making everyone cover their ears. “listen up! dont make me turn this bus around.” his loud voice echos through the bus. “i picked your roommates for you so no complaining .” ms.robins says pushing her glasses up the rim of her nose. she calls out a few names before getting to camila. of course iam with her along with two other girls who ive never seen. “fantastic.” i pout leaning back. “dont worry youll still get to taste this pussy.” she teases moving my hand to her core. “you really want to start this again?” i lift an eyebrow to her. she smiles biting her lip. 

at the hotel we drag our suitcases towards the elevator making our way to the seventh floor. me and camila get there first before the other two girls. closing the door with a click camila jumps up on the desk next to the tv. i walk past her giving her no attention knowing that will piss her off. “selena!” she wines. “yes?” i smirk digging through my suitcase. a click comes from the door and the other two girls walk in. camila rolls her eyes looking away. “hey.” i smile as nicely as possible. “hi.” one of them says walking to one of the beds. “we’ll take this bed.” i say pointing to the bed closest to me. they nod pulling out swimsuits. “everyones going into the pool.” the redhead informs us. “cool but i think ill just stay in tonight.” i say grabbing my sleep clothes laying them on the bed because lets me honest once these girls leave me and camila wont be wearing anything. it takes them 15 minutes to get ready when they finally leave. camila locks the second lock at the top so no one can roam in. i slip off my skirt and undies laying them with the other clothes. my shirt and bra are next thrown on the bed. “camila.” i tease grabbing my breasts. “god damn.” she whispers ripping off her clothes. “lay down.” she demands. putting a pillow under my head she positions herself over me with her pussy directly on my mouth. i blow air into her open pussy before holding onto her thighs devouring her sweet pussy. “uhh ohhhh yes.” she moans pushing down onto my tongue. “shit that feels nice.” she laughs looking down to me. i hum in response making her jump a little. “dont do that.” she jokes feeling herself. “do you feel how wet i am for you selena? this is what you do to me baby.” she moans rolling her hips. i only get a few more seconds of her pussy before she moves off.

 “camila.” i wine. “follow me.” she smiles heading for the bathroom. i hear the water start to run as i follow the sound. “the tub is perfect.” she whispers taking off the shower head with the many water settings. when the tub is half way full she sits in it. “come here baby.” she smiles patting the water. iam not even in the water yet when i feel my juices running down my leg. i lean over the tub kissing camila pushing two fingers into myself. she smiles into our kiss grabbing my breasts. “tastes me.” i beg pulling my fingers to her mouth. she nods gladly opening her mouth licking and sucking on my fingers. i step into the bath sitting in between camilas open legs. i purposely push against her with my ass. “naughty girl.” she laughs gripping my waist leaning me back against her. 

“now this is for what you did to me on the bus.” she whispers grinding her pussy on me then turning on the shower head directly on my open pussy. “camila!” i shout. the pressure is strong enough under the water to feel the rhythm on my clit. “baby fuck!” i moan wanting more. the water slowly starts to lower in the tub as the pressure gets more intense against me. “selena you look so fucking sexy, but you cant cum just yet baby.” camila whispers squeezing my breasts. her hand slips down to my pussy lips massages them blocking the water a bit. “camila.” i whimper. “no no no.” she replies kissing my neck then opening my second lips for the water to shoot into me. i scream out grabbing onto her with my orgasm rising. “not yet.” she warns with the shower head closer to my pussy. “camila please.” i beg holding onto her thigh. “touch me.” she whimpers. the water is fully gone now so when i push my three fingers into her i know the wetness is all her and not the bath water. “yes god this is so hot!” she moans out. being is this position is killing me simply because i cant see her. her legs squeeze around me giving me a hint of her high approaching. “now baby cum now!!” she screams letting go. i scream out with her rocking uncontrollably onto the water which soon turns into her fingers. ” that was incredible.” i say breathless leaning back onto her again. “i love you selena.” she whispers playing with my hair. “i love you too cam.” i reply looking back to her kissing my beauty. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

let me know what you think!! i really like this one tbh haha hope you all do too ! thanks for reading !!  😊 ♡ xx

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B.A.P Kinks...[SMUT]


~ daddy kink
~ dirty talk
~ oversimulation
~ being riden


~ licking
~ scratching
~ mirror sex 
~ hair pulling


~ sweet sex
~ foreplay
~ oppa kink
~ high heels


~ spanking
~  light bondage
~  teasing
~  chocking


~  breast bondage
~  shower sex 
~  scratching
~  punishment


~ grinding
~ roleplay
~ sex in the office
~ nudes 

Love, Youngmi~

I Know I Shouldn't (Part 2)

Loki x OC

Warnings: language, violence 

A/N: I am including characters from actual Norse mythology, as well as from the movie franchize. There might be some spoilers, I’m not writing this with any specific time line in mind.

Loki POV

I’d tried to tell her.

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betelxeuse  asked:

Hi♥ Your last mafia au art it's so beautiful and great♥♥ I wanted to ask, what would sex be like between them after Otabek kills somebody that tried to harm his Yura? I feel like the worst person on earth for thinking about this and asking, but I can't let it go ffff. And on a lighter note, I follow your instagram and I've been wondering, how are the loverboy sims doing? I miss them haha

I think it would be incredibly intense. Beka would be on a huge adrenaline high, still wanting to protect Yuri no matter what. I definitely see Yuri being the one who eventually tries to calm him, after he gets over his initial glee over protective Beka (let’s be real, mafia Yuri loves it when he gets protective. He likes to feel wanted after being lonely for so long 😭) Beka would definitely be grinding Yuri into the mattress (or shower wall, or floor, or wherever they make it to), growling that he’s going to keep Yuri safe no matter what the cost, until his adrenaline starts to wear off. Once that does, I can definitely see it ending with Yuri flipping them and riding Beka, soothing him and thanking his daddy for always taking such good care of him and keeping him safe.

For your second question, I haven’t had any time to play so they’re exactly where I left them 😩

kinky!taehyung headcanons

[because we all know he’s as kinky as it gets, come on / masterlist with the other versions (jimin ; jungkook ; yoongi ; namjoon under /tagged/masterlist]

- switch taehyung with a thing for all things soft and fluffy, materials that slip and slide over his skin and leave him tingling underneath you

- so, yes, inevitably - kitty ears, handmade to fit him in delicate shades of ash grey (yoongi’s hair colour, specifically, and it wasn’t weird that you’d used that for reference), the insides in white. they glow against his skin, offsetting the pink in his cheeks when you slide a hand under his chin and ask who’s a good little kitty?

- anal play, for him - your fingers, curling to find that really good place taeyhung didn’t stop talking about for a full day once he found it on his own in the shower

- watching him writhe and grind up against your palm, fingers clawing at whatever you’ve found to bend him over, fuck himself back with his mouth hanging open, practically panting with pleasure, wanton and lovely

- the same for you, accompanied by his that ever curious, ever present tongue, because to taehyung it isn’t simply a kinky treat - he overheard namjoon discussing its merits with yoongi and seokjin over soju and dinner on a night off (a horrified, fascinated and slightly aroused jeongguk hovered in the background, according to tae)

-he likes to spread your ass with both hands, flicking his tongue in little circles, pushing it in with no warning and his fingers digging into your thighs, keeping you exactly where he wants you

- butt plugs with long, luxurious tails attached that he says send goosebumps over his skin when they brush over his thighs; you’re certain that the sight of him, ass pushed up into the air, back arched, waiting for your move, is one of the hottest things you’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing

- wet, wet fucking, because of massage oils that smell like aphrodisiac-laced candy, splashed over your chest, his cock, rubbed over five-hours-of-practice sore muscles, working it over his cock and that sweet place just under his balls that has him gasping out your name

- sloppy oral, taehyung near suffocating under the weight of your body on top of him sucking and gasping between licks, leaving bruises littered across the insides of your thighs

- him begging for you to slap him (harder, please, fucking slap me, I’m yours, I’m your bitch, baby, please)

- shaking in makeshift restraints (if you’d been in a rush just to see him strapped down), sometimes done up with meticulous care in soft ropes; the lead of his leather collar looped around the headboard or your hand

- squeezing his neck as tight as you can while you fuck his mouth open with two fingers, delighting in the sight of his eyes fluttering, chanting thank you, thank you, thank you

- exhibitionism (are you really surprised?): slipping his hand over your ass as you hunt for good street food, squeezing in appreciation no matter who’s looking - especially if someone is looking

- pulling you into crooked alleyways at the side of busy streets, with whispered supplications, dressed up demands: gonna fuck my face baby, let me taste you out here like a good little girl?

- always tempting you to go that little bit further

- further is never enough, of course - he wants you in the back of darkened cinemas, against a tree on secluded paths, underwear around your ankles and the sleeve of your jacket balled up against your mouth while he fucks you wide open

- in the shower at the dorms, something dark and dirty catching in his eyes when he slaps a hand down over your mouth, scissoring you with in leisurely twisting motions. The slant of his mouth, concentrated and serious as he slams into you with the desperation only a lonely night full of errant boners and no privacy can bring - it’s almost bored

- pleasure is taken in overwhelming amounts, from telling his hyungs that he’s fine, he’ll be out in just a minute, relying only on the rush of water to mask the lewd slap of his skin on yours, rocking his hips up hard, eyes on yours, then on the sight of his cock sliding in and out of you, water cascading over your thighs

- eating his cum when it leaks out of your hole, swallowing it down, a gentle hum of contentment and arousal as the tastes of you both mix on his tongue

- alternatively, he’s sometimes eager to keep you filled up with it and that’s when the plugs come out - silicone or glass, plain or finely crafted dusky-rose, small or large, you name it and taehyung has ordered it, picked it up as soon its arrived and ripped open the packaging, like the kinkiest kid at christmas

- countless dinners, brunches, impromptu nights in comfy, worn-down cafes with the boys spinning their storm of light-hearted chaos around you - so many of them spent trying to keep taehyung’s hands searching hands on his food and phone instead of tugging you towards the restroom so he can inspect the plug in your asshole

- and if you can’t count the amount of times that jimin has caught you both emerging from a unisex stall with your shirt askew and taehyung’s mouth oddly…pink, and glistening, when he was sure tae had said you were feeling a little sick; then so be it, that’s the hazards of fucking someone with as little self-awareness as tae

- he walks well in heels, and looks good in them too - even better in soft thigh highs and pastel heels, frilled suspended belt on his hips, hands splayed over his face as you work him throuth endless loops of dry orgasms because, as he never fails to remind you, he’s a greedy shit and the pain of it can keep him going for hours

he’s always loud, because sound is one of the little things that has him hardest the fastest - that, and the nerve-wrecking knowledge that you’re sucking the head of his cock, prettily and neatly, with the door open so he has to be quiet

- every slurp and slight pop, the damp tap of his dick’s tip on your tongue has him taut with the effort of keeping his groans and whines at a complete minimum (there’s only so much his phone, playing some drama neither of you care about, can hide)

- possessiveness manifesting in him practically attacking you on movie nights, pulling your mouth to his at every lull in the storyline - and it’s weird, you think, that the complaints are so half hearted when his hand dips between your legs, tugs so blatantly on your underwear with insistent fingers

- so, yes, your circle of your closest friends may or may not be full of voyeuristic perverts and this may or may not have been what lead up the first incident that was as close to a threesome as you’ve ever gotten

- specifically, jeongukk trying his hardest to keep both eyes on a battered manga - held upside down and with the pages half closed - and then on the television, blaring into the dimly lit room - when tae wrapped his fingers loosely round the base of your throat and murmured sweet, filthy nothings into your mouth

- sitting on the sofa in the dorm’s living room, no less, with the hyungs occupied somewhere you couldn’t care about when taehyung’s fingers found their way to your nipples
- “he’s gonna get off to this later,” taehyung had mumbled, “that’s so fucking hot, jesus, I should fuck you right here, let him see you take it”

- you didn’t, because it was unethical, gross, invasive - and everyone had come back early, so there’d only been enough time for jungkook to wall himself into the bathroom, wailing that he was “busy, really busy so just leave me alone and get a life while I just - do - stuff, please, oh my god.”

- It’s the next thing on taehyung’s list, though: entice jeongguk with the promise of wicked and depraved delights, fuck him into submission and servitude, and maybe, finally, show him who the actual hyung is

- (a nice dream, but it’s hard to take seriously when he’s on his knees, begging for orgasms, grinding against nothingness with a masterpiece made up of bruises on his ass.)

“The Shape of You,” a Yamazaki Sousuke and Rin Matsuoka AU One Shot

Summary: Sousuke is not capable of dancing. He uses his legs to run for his life, not sway. His life has been teeth and fists, an eighteen-hour overtime grind, a bending swoop too close to the edge. He can admit that his life is a dance with the devil, a multitude of missed steps and failures.

But he can also admit that it has always been a dance with Rin, adapting to his movements, tripping up and crashing down, building it all back up into an unbreakable love that could only be created when an uncontrollable force like Rin and an immovable wall like Sousuke collided.

In which Sousuke tries.

Tags: ewoatt!verse, Alternate Universe, Sexual Content, Mutual Pining, Strippers & Strip Clubs, Grinding, Dancing, Romance, Shower Sex, Blow Jobs, Body Worship

Matsuoka Rin/Yamazaki Sousuke, Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto

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Consequences: the TRY ME return. (Part One)


You and Bucky had lived a hectic life, but now you were safe within the walls of your home - with five kids to call your own, happiness was the only thing in sight. Until you had boarded a plane to your final mission.

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send me an ASK if you’d like to be tagged. :)  depending on notes and reaction I will continue this series.

Word Count: 3,111

Notes: fluff, ANGST.

oh you have no idea how much I’ve missed writing these two.

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I’m jealous of those people who just wake up.

Wake up, do what they do without constantly having to fight off anxiety, teeth grinding. Hot showers and mid day to control your breathing..

Good days / bad days.