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There will be nine types of Star Wars fans coming out of the movie theatre on December 15th...

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^Type One- the lucky ones, whose predictions came true (driving home with those that doubted them for two years)

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^Type Two- the gracious in defeat ones, whose predictions were proven wrong but they understand the thats how it is and it doesn’t have an effect on the quality of the film

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^Type Three- the furious ones, whose predictions were ALL wrong, they feel betrayed by Rian Johnson, will boycott every star wars and Disney product, they race home to angrily spread the word of their disgust online at what star wars has become  (after a week and multiple viewers they will cool down and rethink some things)

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^Type Four- the innocent unspoiled ones, those that stayed away from every teaser, leak, rumour, and piece of promotion for the film. Not sure what to expect they enter the theatre and are the loudest to exclaim at every twist and emotional scene they HAD NOT PREPARED FOR (that was me for TFA)

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^Type five- the living in denial ones, this isn’t what they wanted at all! they cannot accept what they just saw and will live on like it never happened. They will not view TLJ as canon and may leave fandom for a while. As reality sets in they may slowly come to terms with things (much to the anger to other fans they will continue to have the same beliefs they had after TFAs release and find it difficult to move on)

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^Type Six- the indifferent ones, whose only thought after the credits roll are    “meh”. Maybe they are disappointed, maybe they just expected more after the two year hype train. They just don’t get what everyone else is losing their minds about around them. Over time they may grow fonder of the film

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^Type seven- the broken ones, those that stay seated as everyone leaves. They are emotionally destroyed after the inevitable cliff hanger,  they are coming to terms with the fact that disney owns their soul for yet another two years, the movie hasn’t answered all their questions in fact it has only raised more. They will be hit the hardest by the sorrows our characters will face in TLJ and will weep silently into their empty popcorn boxes as the theatre staff mutter about who should go check whether you are alright

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^Type Eight- the riding high ones, those that are blown away by this masterpiece of a film, regardless of their predictions or thoughts prior to seeing it they will rant and rave about its perfection to all their friends and will not hear any criticism 

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^Type Nine - the speculative ones, they watched the screen like a hawk taking in every detail, adjusting their predictions as the plot developed and will be walking out in a daze as they speculate further and try to put the pieces together in order to determine what Episode IX has in store for us all (this no doubt will be me)

Nygmobblepot is Alive

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I wanted to make a list of reasons Nygmobblepot is still surviving and thriving. Some good chicken soup (I prefer Tomato) for the soul!

  • Oswald Cobblepot is still love with Edward Nygma, even more so now than he knew (even if he is going to be pissed upon his return)
  • That mysteriously titled Gotham episode 3x18 “Meant to Be”
  • That “Love” commercial FOX  released that showed Nygmobblepot over an actual canon (and popular) couple Lucifer and Chloe from FOX
  • The show creators haven’t confirmed Nygmobblepot isn’t going to be canon, and the executive producer even referenced them as always being able to find each other and soul mates.
  • Edward Nygma hallucinating Oswald, because let’s be real he Hallucinates people he loves. Kristen, Oswald, and himself.
  • Still, the writers on twitter saying “the season has many episodes left” in reference to Nygmobblepot. 
  • There are still 7 WHOLE EPISODES to come from this season!
  • Cory deleting that tweet saying Edward wasn’t queer around the same time “Meant to Be” was/is being filmed. (I understand this could be for a multitude of other reasons, but the timing is oddly random and out of no where.)
  • Oswald has always fallen and come back 10x stronger to get what he wants and what he wants is Edward’s ass, in more ways than one.

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2. blow me while you can


                                          JUNGKOOK X READER

                             SYNOPSIS: Sometimes your boyfriend                                                             is annoying when his dick is hard.

RATING: MATURE                                                                 COUNT: 1,725

“Is that a hamster eating a miniature pie?”

It was the start of the weekend and—naturally—you were watching a video about hamsters eating tiny food on tiny furniture in a tiny house made of popsicle sticks. A bowl of popcorn was situated on your boobs and you were lying comfortably on your dorm bed. Or at least you were until Jungkook all but slammed your door open and alerted your entire floor of his presence.

“I don’t tell you how to live your life, Jungkook,” you supplied, turning your head back to the brightly lit laptop screen.

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so recently, I've seen the terms XX-sexual and XY-sexual going around and I was wondering if these are transphobic terms? If someone is attracted to just cis girls and trans guys and afab nbs, isn't that transphobic?

Eek, these are absolutely transphobic terms. 

Any terms describing attraction based on one’s assigned gender and/or ~biological sex~ rather than one’s actual, self described gender is misgendering and is therefore transphobic and contributes to the false idea that biological sex is binary and exists as some sort of absolute. 

Biological sex is constructed, intersex people exist, and I’m 62% sure these terms are also intersexist and based on inaccurate, shitty science, but I’m not intersex (and we don’t have an intersex mod) so I’ll stop there and ask that if any followers (particularly intersex followers) would like to chip in their two cents, to please do so, it’d be much appreciated.

Mod Wesley


Hey everyone! To celebrate our most beloved TV mom, I decided to start a Lorelai Gilmore Appreciation Week. From March 06 to March 12 you can post anything you want (graphics, gifs, videos, etc! go wild) as long as it’s about Lorelai and it fits the theme. Don’t forget to use the tag #lgaw17 in the first five tags so everyone can see your creation! 

Here are the daily themes:

  • day 1, 03/06: favorite season
  • day 2, 03/07: favorite relationship
  • day 3, 03/08: favorite tropes or traits
  • day 4, 03/09: favorite scene(s)
  • day 5, 03/10: favorite looks
  • day 6, 03/11: favorite quote(s)
  • day 7, 03/12: free choice

I hope you guys can be a part of it! Shoot me a message if you have any questions, and have fun! ♥️️

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Zura walking in on Sokka. ZURA WALKING IN ON SOKKA!

Continued from [Link], [Link], [Link], [Link], and [Link]

Zura walks into Sokka’s tent, and is greeted with this sight:

Sirens start screaming in Sokka’s head, ABORT ABORT ABORT!  This is not how he wants any girl seeing him except for Suki, and you know, his sister is going to see him too when she inevitably has to pull a rose thorn out of his cheek, because he just swallowed a rose stem.  Zura is the wrong girl!

He says the last bit out loud, and Zura’s like “I hope so!”

And Sokka realizes what he said and tries to backpedal, going, “Not that you aren’t a perfectly nice girl that I’m sure a lot of guys would… or uh girls uh…”

And Zura’s eye does this little twitch while she tries to get him to shut up. This would be a great time for the ground to swallow her.  This is the most uncomfortable conversation of Zura’s LIFE and she had to sit through Uncle Iroh’s birds and the bees talk.

And then Sokka finds out why Zura crashed his seduction attempt, and he’s like, “You want my help with girl things?”

And Zura is just, “What?”

“Girl things, you and my sister, two girls, fighting, girl things!”


And Sokka starts waving his arms.  “Girl things!  Why do you think I would understand girl things?”

And Zura is still completely lost here, and also has about as much emotional awareness as Uncle Iroh’s smelly sandal, so she isn’t exactly up to holding Sokka’s hand through this accidental conversation about gender rolls and culture clash, so she just stares at him, baffled.

“Girls are unfathomable creatures?” he tries.

“She’s your sister?” Zura says flabbergasted.  I mean her brother is Azulon, who always seems to know what’s going on in her mind, and she would like it to stop, honestly.  “You grew up with her?  You have to know something, right?”

Finally, finally, Sokka tells Zura the story of their mother’s death and she leaves, and everybody involved is deeply grateful that Zura is no longer in that tent.  One of these days, Sokka is inventing the tent doorbell, seriously.

Seriously, you don’t imagine how mad I am at Hwarang now. I liked the ending but I hate they mistreat characters. I’m even thinking about writing a fanfic to end Su ho’s story and give context to Yeo wool, because they deserved better.

Also, Dansae is in the Hwarang squad but they don’t tell us how this happens. 

Really, I’m so frustrated all they left behind when the main arch was that slow and it had a lot of stuff going on so quickly and without a reason.

i am crying bc i just love my best friend so much