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[ENG SUB] Running Man China (Hurry Up Brother) with Jackson


170526 Watch EXO Decide What EXO Songs They’d Dedicate to Their Members | Billboard

[INTERVIEW] EXO - 170526 Billboard: “EXO Reflect on Latest U.S. Tour, Share Hint About Upcoming Album: Video Interview”

“About a year after their last tour in America, EXO returned to their U.S. fans to bring their Exo Planet 3 – The Exo'rdium tour to both coasts in their latest stateside stadium trek. The dazzling show that focused on tracks from their most recent album Ex'act (featuring the World Digital Song Sales No. 1s “Monster” and “Lotto”) included an acoustic section (that saw member Chanyeol playing guitar), breakout unit performances (featuring dance solos and ballad sections), along with LED screens and pyrotechnics to create some of the most impressive visuals seen from a K-pop concert in America. The K-pop sensation’s Inglewood, Calif. show at The Forum ranks at No. 8 on Billboard’s Current Boxscore chart this week, earning an impressive $1,436,158 for the late April show and making them the highest-ranking K-pop act on the chart this week.

Billboard caught up with the band at their New York date before for some pre-show reflections on how they’ve grown since their last tour, when we can expect their new album and more:

Plus, EXO thought deeply about their discography and concert setlist to decide which songs they would dedicate to their fellow members.“

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Credit: Billboard.

One More Chance

<< Part one (heartbreaker)

Group: BTS

Pairing: V X READER

Requested: @morganschiebel and @madelinehatter982

Excerpt: ‘ “if he treated you like this do you think he deserves you?”

Genre: angst

Length: 2.2k

A/N: I’m so happy you enjoyed the first part enough to request more! I was actually going to leave it on a cliff hanger but I’m very happy how this turned out and hope you enjoy it as well!

Originally posted by pawjimin

The rain had turned into a storm that night, as you left the building standing with your bag, your hand clutching the jumper of your shirt as you tried to suppress the silent sobs that made your shoulders shake. The rain lessened as a cab drove past and you quickly hailed it, running to clamber into it as you recited the address for a friend’s apartment.

You clenched and unclenched your hands in a desperate bid to forget the vivid image that had been ingrained on your retina, Taehyung’s topless figure, his breath laboured as that girl’s mouth was on him. This time you couldn’t prevent the sob that escaped and the driver glanced into the mirror, before turning the music louder to make you feel less embarrassed.

The ride had always been a short one between apartments and you suddenly realised that all your friends were close to Taehyung, you had been friends together, long before you met Taehyung and then Jimin introduced him to the group and next thing you knew, this bubbly smiley boy had fit in perfectly. Then you had begun dating. Yoongi was usually awake at this time and you knew that if Jimin or Jeongguk had talked to him already this night was about to get rougher.

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[ENG SUB FULL] 170519 Keep Running (RM China S5) EP6 with Luhan