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  • Levy: (sighs as she stares at Gajeel, clearly pining for him) Why are boys stupid? I've been dropping hints that I'm into him and he's been dropping maybe hints at me I think but he won't ask the damn question! This is why I turn to books!
  • Cana: Maybe you shouldn't pine for him and be bold!
  • Gajeel: (casually butting into the conversation) Yeah! Bold is sexy! But who is the guy? I have to make sure he's right for you first.
  • Levy: . . . (internal screaming)
  • Cana: (bursts into fits of laughter and walks away)
Here's an interesting idea: Reblog and state how long you've been practicing witchcraft. Also, state something you're still struggling with pertaining to your Craft.

Why am I doing this? To show everyone is still learning in some form of another when it comes to their practice. No one ever truly masters everything.

Here’s mine:
I’ve been practicing for 10 years but I still struggle with correspondences and memorizing Tarot card meanings.

actually yknow what fuck it. no ones forcing people to care about m/f relationships we’re talking about the biphobic treatment in this fandom and how lance’s bisexuality doesn’t really matter unless he’s in a relationship with another guy, and how fujoshis hate women getting in the way of a m/m ship. that’s what we’re asking you to care about, not ships

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how do u feel about the jikook size difference 👀 logically i know it's not that big of a big deal but my heart clenches every time...

my friend ;; ; ;;;;; ;;; ………… …..

actually im normally pretty calm about the size diff and i find it more cute than hot; jungkook bending down to listen to jm is fine, jk playing with jimin’s hands is fine, standing next to each other like ok – im not really breathing but im still alive, you know? BUT the moment. jimin climbs on his back

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[on the floor in fetal position] extra plus ordinary

please help

hey guys, Brayden doesn’t know i’m doing this for him.

but my boyfriend is in a shitty place right now, hes trying so hard to get jobs and hes doing graphics design

he recently got fined on the tram because he didnt get a ticket, as he couldn’t afford it and now he’s struggling to pay the fine,( the fine is £104 pounds) he’s just sat in his room making graphics for people at shit prices because he’s extremely kind and empathetic.

if you could please please help him out either by asking for graphics design to be done or just sending a pound or dollar to his paypal i’d be so grateful. he’s working his arse off to get money so i cant see him for 2 weeks and he’s in such a bad place.
if you donate anything, let me know so i can tell him to check his paypal as a surprise

his twitter is https://twitter.com/ExoDesiigns (for graphics design if you want anything)
and his paypal is : braydennaylor221098@gmail.com

She was his home,
but she went away
and he was lost.
He kept on wandering,
kept on looking for her.
In every person,
in every places.
And I was looking at him.
Since day one,
Since I felt something else.
But then she came back.
And I saw everything.
From how he held her-
to how he kissed her lips.
As if he was holding
the entire universe.
He looked at her,
as if I wasn’t there,
as if my existence didn’t matter,
as if he had forgotten that
someone else called him home.
Because when she came back,
it’s as if he was so sure, so firm
that it’s going to happen,
one way or another.
—  Where am I in the picture?//

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Okay since we're doing asks, I am just curious... what do you do when you have a writer's block?

I force myself to write. There’s this website called 750words that nudges you to write at least 750 words a day (there are monthly challenges and they give you cool badges for completing a certain amount of days - I’m currenly a pterodactyl, over 200 days in a row, yay). I tend to work on a few different things at the same time, so if one gets boring (or I start to hate it ooops), I simply move to another story. Sometimes I hate everything, so I take a break from fanfiction/original stuff and write letters to non-existing people (it’s a bit like keeping a diary?). Making writing a habit helps a lot.