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BTS Reaction to You Calling Namjoon a "Humpty Dumpty Dumbass" For Using the Wrong Side of the Knife When Cutting An Onion

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jungkook ; *dying of laughter while hitting everything from his leg to tae's shoulder to the table* “this is some funny shit!” lowkey wishes that he said it.

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taehyung ; he’d laugh a little but feel bad for him so he’d go over to him and show him how to use the knife correctly,, sarcastically sighing in the process "why are you like this hyung?“

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jimin ; *dying,, can’t even say anything* he’d just laugh his ass off tbh

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namjoon ; he’d be embarrassed as hell. he’d be laughing on the outside and crying in the inside while he watches taehyung (show him how to cut the onion) treat him like a kid. what you had said would keep replaying in his head which would make him salty,, "man i know how to use a knife.”

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hoseok ; *dramatically falls out on floor but hops up and laughs in namjoon’s face* he’d quickly grab a knife and mock him,, adding on to what you had said. “how were you one of the smartest people in your class but you can’t even use a knife correctly? headass”

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yoongi ; *chuckles and covers his mouth until he has his poker face back* “jin hyung? are you taking notes?”

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jin ; *windshield wiper laugh* but his laughing comes to an end when yoongi tells him to take notes from you. “hey, my jokes are funny!” *starts telling wack ass dad jokes*

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I'm a sucker for angsty romances and I got inspired after looking at a bunch of comics on Pinterest (Angst story plot) : The saniwa during their time of duty falls in love and gets into a serious relationship with one of their swords. The war eventually comes to an end and the government wants the sword reverted back to their object forms. Of course the saniwa is against it,but it's the governments order so they have to separate.... (1/3)

Ah man what a beautifully painful ask to think about. Good stuff, I hope you enjoy the answers! They still feel awkwardly answered, sorry about that…

• It’s bittersweet. While he’s happy to be able to see you both alive and well, he gets bitter and curses his fate and almost wishes he wasn’t able to see them. All he does is smile sadly back at the child.

• He feels incredibly complicated. While part of him is happy to see them, most of him feels mocked by being able to see but not being able to be with them. He won’t react to the child, he doesn’t know how to.

• It takes a lot for him to not cry. Being able to see you both once more overwhelms him with a happiness and relief more than anything else. He does respond to the child but avoids answering anything on what he is.

• He’s a mixture of entertained and sad since he doesn’t get to be a part of their life. He would respond to the child happily and probably the only one who would get them to pass on a message of well wishes to his Saniwa.


Morning workout happened!  After two days of shutting off my 5 a.m. alarm and going back to sleep I’m really happy I got out of bed and made it to the gym today.  Especially since Kevin tapped out this morning and I could have easily slipped back under the covers for cuddles and shuteye.    

But… the last two days I’ve been wracked with guilt over sleeping in instead of going to the gym so the fact that today I got up and did it gave me this ultra euphoric feeling.  Outside is all gloomy and cloudy foreboding afternoon storms which always puts me in a great mood :)  AND there was even a slight breeze with minimal humidity!  

My morning was slow and wonderful, pleased with myself and everything in it.  My protein shake delicious, my cat loving yet annoyed at my photo taking, wore a new shirt and new shoes, I’m learning how to style my new haircut and everything is right in my world.  The radio even played The Proclaimers, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” on my way to work which of course I sang along to at the top of my lungs.  I swear I was close to crying I was so happy.  Sometimes it rains and sometimes the sun peeks through so bright it feels like you might burst.  I’m all about finding the little joys in life and cherishing them and right now my life is full of joy.  

And because I was tagged with a SDS thanks to @eatprayandbehappy you get my sweaty post-gym car selfie.  Also featured is what goes into my morning shake and today’s lunch and snacks.  I’m tagging the following to stop and gimme a selfie!: @makingitupeachday, @keepgoinggreen, @orange-slice-paradise, and @nourriture-et-fleurs