on stick


this was the continuation of THIS COMIC, that was about how did Sonic and Amy plus friends met in Boom!universe…

i drew this continuation long ago.. and well.. i think i should re-do it someday.. but from the beginning… i kinda want to put with colors and proper backgrounds and stuff..  XD but that just for someday..

so yeah.. enjoy these unfinished and trashed continuation ^_^ heheh

the plot here is that Sticks does not trust Sonic because she suspects he has something to do with a bald mustachioed man with many robots who was asking for him moments ago.. and after Sticks’ description Sonic realizes that was Eggman, he asks her to please tell him where that man is, Sticks does not trust him but Amy convinces her to help him.

then they find him and Sonic goes to talk to him, he implies that Eggman followed him, Eggman pretends to be insulted, (he obviously followed him) he says that he was just looking for a new home place (lol just like Sonic was) and that while he shows him the blueprints of his new lair.. someone screams for help, it was Tails and Eggman was planning building the lair over his house.. he excuses himself saying ”did you really expected me to believe a 8 year old was living there alone?” then Sonic proceeds to save the day ^_^


Also! Hey! Experimented on Medibang a bit and found a way to shade really softly! It looks p nice, but I’m not sure if I should keep it with all of my drawings.. Think I just might use it for more detailed and realistic things??

I wanted to know what you guys thought, though! :>


“But two bags of meth… plus nine grand and a hot tub? That’s all we’ve got. That’s it. And now she’s six feet under again. And if you come near my family, Eric, as God as my witness, I will bury you with her.

Yamamoto, going through Gokudera’s bag of food: Three entire bags of Funyuns?

Gokudera: What? Funyuns are awesome.

Yamamoto: God…

Gokudera: Hey, more for me.

Yamamoto, worriedly throwing bags of snacks: How about something with some protein, maybe? Something green, huh?

Gokudera: Man, I’m getting no service.

Yamamoto, to himself: How are you even ALIVE?