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volando-voy replied to your link: Supergirl’s Sharon Leal Joins CBS Series…

she tweeted already that she’ll be back as miss martian for S3 … not clear how often though

Thanks so much!


a couple of ( finally ) age appropriate Tarkin studies. 

panel below is based on a small part of the Tarkin novel.  Tarkin gets some piloting action <3  i really need to practice Vader more often.

i’d like to do a short comic this way, if time allows in the future and after i’ve fulfilled some other obligations! 

and HOLY SHIT why is tumblr so bad at resizing shit



Hey guys!!! So I think now is the perfect time to say thank you to all of you…These past few days have been hell and honestly i was almost about to do some stupid besides just erasing my blogs…something stupid against my life and honestly I managed to stop myself before I could have done something regrettable. I cried for days in my room because my life is a complete mess and I have so many problems not only with my parents, abuse and financially. I have been dealing with that for years to the point that i’m so emotionally drained and physically exhausted especially now with how sick and fragile of health I am to the point of almost dying in the hospital….

but all of you have been nothing but kind and patient and lovely and I can’t believe how supportive and nice all of you are. I want to change and look at life more positively. I know everything seems horrible, but I’ve always trued to look forward to another day. I realized that life is important and that even when it all seems like shit, it will get better. I appreciate all of you so much for always checking up on me and making sure I’m always loved and appreciated…I don’t know where i’d be without the support! And so in order to take the initiative to start fresh and with a new outlook, and not many people actually know the true reason why i did this…but i decided to cut my hair to my shoulders and dye it after years of having it long. I think this really helps me cope better and truly feel a weight off my shoulders. I’m gonna try my best to keep trying to improve and again thank you thank you so so much for all the love.

Sincerely, Crystal

Here’s some ugly selfie’s of my hair!)

Special thanks to @ask-bts-stuff @ask-cosplayer-tae @askbongtan @askminfamily @askjimjamjiminnie @ask-nerve-bts @ask-neverland-bts @aikochaaaan @ask-bts-au @ask-witch-jiminie @ask-deer-suga for encouraging me with sweet messages and the love

SARAH! TABBY! NICHOLE! KAELA! BELS! CAMI! thank you for sending me private messages and talking me out for making decisions i could regret. I appreciate it with the bottom of my heart. I would be nothing without you guys anf omg im such a zap i love you guys <3 <3<3

Dancing dinosaurs!

While the troodons give names to all of their cows, the names are usually all simple references to their looks. (White Path is piebald, Cross Horn has a curved frill horn due to old injury, Small Dot has a small white dot on her frill’s dark marking, etc.) The matriarch is always a special case, though, as a new matriarch always gets a “people name” in a celebration upon taking on the duty.

The current matriarch of Two Feather’s herd is called Dancing Shade.


After the events of Pony Prom, this blog will likely be getting a name change and content change. I will not continue Adelaide’s story, and this will change into a full art blog. 

This story has been much more trouble than it’s worth as I find myself wholly uninterested too much to continue it. It feels so much more like a stressful chore looming over me than something fun to show everyone.  I will still draw a TON of Adelaide and Fain as they are my two closest OC’s and I love them to bits, so you’ll still see a ton of them around. It’ll just be accompanied with other art as well (probably a lot of musical/broadway stuff lol)

If that’s not something you are a fan of, I’m really sorry for letting you down and I understand if you don’t want to follow me anymore. I just really dislike that this is my primary blog when I want to give people asks and branch out and it makes me feel confined. I explored a lot of options but I think this one is the best!

So there you have it! Thanks for reading and thank you very much to the lovely people that will stick around!

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Hi, for the prompts thing could you possibly do number fifteen with fiddauthor?

Characters: Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
Word Count: 395
15. “So, I found this waterfall…”
Prompt List.

“So I found this waterfall…” Ford could hear his partner groan not looking up from his notes as he walked through the front door. “I found this waterfall and I’m not sure where the water is coming from because of the rocks that are in my way so I-”

“Please stop goin’ inta the woods without me,” Fiddleford interrupted his tangent. “I would feel a whole lot better if’n you let me go with ya.”

“S-Sorry, I ended up following the stream without realizing how far I got. I did not intend to do anything more than study some of the small creatures that like to make their homes right near the stream. My tests so far have been coming up normal but I think there’s som-”

Fiddleford sighed as he got up and walked over to him to look over the man’s notes. “Alright, alright, continue yer story about the waterfall.”

Ford quickly got back to notes. “There’s a bright glow coming from the area the water comes from but that might be from the water itself as it seems to glow slightly as it flows into the stream. The glow disappears when it hits the stream. I came back here to see if I can grab some of my supplies and collect samples from different parts of the waterfall…”

“And?” Fiddleford crossed his arms when Ford looked at him.

“And…And…” Ford thought for a moment. “…To get you?”

Fiddleford nodded before brushing away some leaves that made their way into Ford’s hair and kissing his cheek. “Do ya want to make this a one day trip or…?”

Ford grinned. “Camp out?”


“It might be the sunlight that keeps it from keeping a glow throughout the fall and I would love to see if my theory is true or not.” Ford was bouncing on his heels. “It’s not too far and we can always make our way back here if anything happens. So how about it?”

“Well…” Fiddleford looked at Ford closely. “It might be nice if the water does glow. Probably make thins easier to see…”

“My thoughts exactly!” Ford ran off deeper into the house to find his supplies. “We’ll get the samples and we can have a nice night outside! Together!”

“You’re not touching the fire this time!” Fiddleford yelled back before he went his own way to gather gear.

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my stick n poke was done by a professional tattoo artist and she did it w a safety pin and real tattoo ink. she cleaned it after every like 10 pokes and went over it like three times to make sure it stayed in my skin. i put aquaphor on it 3 times a day and washed it w antibacterial soap twice a day for three days as per her instructions, and it completely healed w no complications and should last me my whole life!! it also didnt hurt nearly as much as i thought it would 🤗

im actually pretty ok with temporary stick n pokes because…… i am full of bad ideas (watch me come out of this ordeal with FUCKHEAD tattooed across my chest as a wistful nod to the other side of my former internet hannah montana lifestyle, those who partook will understand this reference)

in all seriousness tho TYSM!!!!!!!