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This morning a man who had been trying to volunteer at the animal shelter approached me and Sid and desperately asked to pet him. Apparently it is competitive to take shelter dogs for walks, extremely long lines, and if you don’t show up early, no dog walk. I asked the man why he didn’t just get one of his own and he said he worked a million hours a week and it just wouldn’t be fair to the dog. So Sid went to him and sat quietly as this man happily pet him. “I grew up on a farm,” he said wistfully.


Shia’s first hike! Testing the waters to see if he’d be a good companion for backpacking. He did great! He only freaked out once, when I tripped and nearly rolled my ankle. We both recovered quickly though, lol. Not that he was excited about the frogs, snakes, and toads we saw, but he didn’t panic and try to run. Not bad for a three hour hike! Once he got in the car he was snoring though :D

Loving the Unwanted - Chapter 1/2 FINISHED (An Ardyn Fic)

Whatttttt?! Panda’s writing an Ardyn fic where there’s no relationships involved?! Miracles do happen xD Partially conceived by and dedicated to my friend @rosenknospe​ :)

AU where Ardyn owns a rehoming animal shelter because he feels closer to animals than he does humans due to his turbulent and painful past. There he meets a spunky young blonde teenager who helps him nurse a puppy back to health.

From the ashes of loneliness, the older reclusive man rediscovers friendship

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