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wait what aus HAVENT you done??

i havent done a band au but here ill do it now

vocalist: zen

keyboard: yoosung (also does backup vocals on occasion)

bass: jumin

guitar: jaehee

set: seven

if v was in the band he’d do back up voals/guitar 2

saeran would do a soundboard/synth/aux percussion

rika is their manager,

  • seven and jaehee do most of the song writing (seven does lyrics and jaehee does music)
  • when seven has writers block everyone knows to stay 100 feet away from him
  • jaehee never sleeps, only writes music
  • everyone is obsessed with zen and forgets the rest of the members exist
  • yoosung is always asleep on the tour bus
  • jumins only friend is his bass
  • zen is so fucking extra and wants to get merch and shit and the rest of them are like..,,,zen we cant even afford to fucking eat
  • saeran does the most drugs

send me more au’s?

Sadly I didn’t wake up to watch Bangtan’s comeback stage because I gotta set my priorities straight cough cough my psychology degree cough cough I’M SURE IT WAS AMAZING! I read Spring Day stage is emotional? :-) I’ll watch after today’s morning lecture~~

The only reason we got that linstead scene was because it was a product placement ad. Which by the way we noticed that when Lindsay let Jay drive she didn’t actually show up at the scene they were going to. And it was one of only two interactions, the other was a lame excuse at throwing us something on Jay’s past like we didn’t notice we didn’t actually learn anything new about his past in what he told us.

And the only reason we finally see something personal for Al after begging them to bring back a dropped storyline is because they needed to set up the crossover and try and make us care about the character. You know, the one you haven’t mentioned in a year.

And the only reason all this linstead drama is being teased is because they can’t figure out how to write compelling character stories so they’re gonna recycle old ideas and treat the characters like they are on a soap opera and let the fandom get all worked up and create a buzz for the show… it’s a cheap trick and a cheap way to try to create ratings.

Oh the roller coaster that is being a Chicago fan.

Dumbledore’s Army

I have been blessed in the past 12 months to be introduced to the most wonderful group of people. I went from being an awkward, queer 15 year old in an all-girls school with no one to turn to, to now where I have 20 people who are by my side and I feel privileged enough to call them a family. We come from all sorts of backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures yet we are all still one of the closest knit families I know. No matter the circumstance, we are always able to pull together, whether that be that we’ll stay up with one another until 4 in the morning or that we just want a laugh and a cup of tea. We are Dumbledore’s Army and we all have each other’s backs.

Dumbledore’s Army was a support group set up by one of the girls in my year who was bi and was looking for some other friends going through similar sorts of sexuality issues. Within the first month of the group being formed we had 5 people come out to their parents and 9 come out to their friends. The formation of Dumbledore’s Army allowed us all to be brave and understand who we were and feel proud. Since we all came from a Catholic background we were all taught that sexuality was a grey area not to be talked about and we should conform to the heteronormative society around us. Without the support of the group of people around me, I never would have been brave enough to come out to so many people. In that respect year 11 changed my life, I went from being a girl who was very firmly in the closet who was going to deal with ‘feelings’ at university, to someone who wasn’t afraid to be who she was.

The best thing about Dumbledore’s Army was the reality that we had all been through very much similar processes and experiences and that there was always someone there who had your back. We had gay cake days, rainbow badges and the ability to always be able to call ‘DA’ and it was like Avengers Assemble. We were literally the Dumbledore’s Army of our school, which was thanks to the Catholic Ethos, as it forbid any GSA or LGBT activities/organisations. We were the first people to speak about the issue with the Sixth Form Council and pressed for more education lower down the school and we tried so hard to stress how important we believed it was for people to know that there’s not just 2 genders and that ‘everyone should be straight’. Unfortunately we did not get what we wanted, but we did get the support of our peers. Our year of 100 girls, who were a group made up of a majority of ignorant, passive homophobes, to a group of accepting and educated individuals and this education helped even more people to come out. We broke down the stereotype that we all ‘stared at their boobs in then changing rooms’ before PE and explained that even though we were gay we still all had a type and didn’t mean we suddenly became ‘horny monsters’. This ability to explain to those who were closest to us that we were still normal people was such a big deal as we were no longer isolated and silenced, we were ourselves.

‘The DA’ stayed united as we all went off to different colleges in the September which was really special since so many other friendships had fizzed away. This proved to us that our friendship was really so special. So as well as using the DA as a support network we were still a group of friends. Then as the year went on, we began to realise just how fortunate we were to have such a strong group of people around us and we wanted to use ‘the DA’ for good. We knew that based on the laws of probability as well as some strong gaydars and observations that there were other members of the LGBT+ community around our school. We began to ‘recruit’ as such. Our aim was to make a safe space for as many people as possible. We wanted everyone to know that it was okay to be gay and that no matter what we are taught in RE it is not true that you can’t be yourself. We knew how important it was to have the freedom to be you.

So going from what initially formed as a group of 4 very isolated angsty teenagers we became a fighting force of 20 gays. Each person in our group is unique and whilst there are some of us who are significantly more ‘out’ than others we are a group found on trust and respect. We helped so many individuals not feel confined by the ways of our hetero-cis-normative catholic school and made them feel safe. In an environment where we are all expected to get married in 10 years times and start having children, we stood against it. From small things like asking the word for ‘girlfriend’ when doing controlled assessments, all the way up to the big things like trying to make trousers a part of our school uniform, ‘The DA’ have done so much.

We taught each other to be fearless and proud individuals. Without these people I would not be the person I am today and I owe them everything. Thank you all

The DA in June 2016, when we had grown to be 10 people 

A small group of DA members in February 2017 


all the comics are now connected and i once again will announce how much i hate mobile

Also that was a lot pgs for a set up for my son kim seokjin rip my back its ok tho its worth cause its my prince kim seokjin have i mentioned i love kim seokjin


this is la bandera, who appears in wolverine vol. 2 #19 and 20

she’s the daughter of a cuban immigrant to the us. her dad becamse a drug addict upon moving to america, and died there. when we meet her, though, it’s in the central american country of terra vierda, which was a communist country until a drug lord, backed by the cia set up a fascist dictatorship. la bandera is using her mutant powers (she can shoot energy from her staff, and she also has some kind of super-emphatic inspiration power) to foster a communist revolution there.

you might think she’d be a really cool and relevant character for marvel to bring back, in today’s political climate. unfortunately, it seems that her only appearance after this is in a captain america storyline printed 6 years later, where she dies.



   So, probably by next month I’m going to move this blog to somewhere fresh and clean! Relationships, threads, and the works will still be in order. I will continue drafts here then move them onto my new blog. I think Ally just needs a fresh start where it doesn’t feel so cluttered. It’ll take a little time but, I will have it set up and slowly following back people once it is done. Until then, like I said, I will be doing drafts and answering things via ask! I just got to dye my hair and I will be on today.

Bear with me, but I need a little moan about the pagan moot I go to, and I can’t do it on farcebook because it’ll get back to them…

Now, don’t get me wrong, they’re a lovely bunch of people, as people go, and there’s a few of them I wouldn’t mind associating with more. But honestly, I’m not sure if I can be arsed to go any more, because ye gods trying to talk to them about religion or magic - especially magic - is like pulling teeth. And, I get that we meet once a month, in a pub, so there’s the double set-back of wanting to catch up with friends, and being wary of being overheard. But the stubborn resistance to talk about the two topics we all, in theory, have in common, is frustrating me no end.

The thing last night, though, that has really made me wonder why I bother, is I had a bit of a John-Segundus-at-the-Olde-Starr moment. We’d got on to my counselling practice, somehow, and people were doing the whole “I don’t know how you manage it” bit, and I said that yes, it was hard, but to me it if felt like doing magic. I started enthusing about why I felt it was like magic, because, y’know, if there should have been a space where I could talk about that, it was there… And then I realised they were all giving me funny looks. Like, seriously, “do you realise how bonkers you sound right now?” looks. Not only was there no comprehension, there was no interest.

I just feel so isolated right now. I feel like I have no one in brick-space that I see on even the semi-reg that I can talk to about this very, very important aspect of my life. All I’ve got is my own thoughts, circling around my skull getting themselves in tangles. The sky is speaking to me, I can’t make out what it’s saying, and I can’t figure it out on my own.

People give me advice like I’m an idiot with no self awareness, but the truth is, I know what I need to do. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

Homestuck doesn’t queerbait, it straightbaits.

Remember when the comic seemed as if Dave would end up with Jade and Karkat would end up with Terezi? Yeah well DaveKat is canon instead

Way back when it seemed like John and Rose were set up to be together but she has super hot alien vamp wife.

Roxy and John are getting along well! Oh no she’s gay and possibly dating his grandma too

Terezi obviously has to choose between Karkat and D– nevermind she chose Vriska

The hets have been bamboozled again


He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it


my semi realistic art style came back into my life in the form of three members of a very attractive and very angsty family. 


….I went a little overboard with the decorating of the new bullet journal 😅 but i mean, wouldn’t you with this washi tapes???? I’m v busy setting up for next year and I just wanna go back to Pittsburgh tbh but I have to wait til after New Years cuz I’m driving friendos back. Which is totally fine! I’m just a little stir crazy at home 😬 stay safe and beautiful everyone! And Merry christmas and Happy Chanukah and Happy Holidays! 🌸🌺🌼


clexa + watching over the other while they sleep 


some of daesung’s most iconic chest pumping/popping over the past 8 years (2008-2016); here’s to hoping that daesung gives us more in 2017!!

bonus, with cl: