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everyone: we want representation

the bold type: here’s this wlw relationship between two poc, of which one is muslim, they like each other but they run into obstacles of their own making and are messy af kinda like real life

some people: i hate this show now, they queerbaited me. i want my rep, but only if they girl gets the girl by ep 5, and all their problems are resolved and everything is fluffy.

me: i mean, i get it. we don’t get a lot. we’ve been burned a lot. but i think it’s important to see the forrest for the trees here. relationship struggles are not queerbaiting. showing two women fuck everything up bc they went too hard too fast and now have to figure out how to get on the same page with their emotions and intentions?? i’m here for that. that’s the representation i want. 


if you’re a hot mess of feelings and a general embarrassment to humanity because of your OTP, clap your hands

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Ours [Connor Murphy x Reader]

Title: Ours
Pairing: Connor Murphy x Reader
Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen
Requested: yes!
Summary: the squad keeps teasing the reader and Connor for sneaking off to get down and dirty–except, that wasn’t the case at all. Evan sets the squad straight. | Connor taking care of s/o reader with Depersonalization Derealization Syndrome.
Warnings: mentions of sex, alcohol, panic attacks, swearing | POV changes | First person reader | not proof read
A/N: Thanks for such a lovely request, and thanks for giving me so much info on the disorder! I hope I portrayed it correctly, and I hope you like this!

“You all are the luckiest people on the planet!”

I found this hard to believe. It was sort of comical, however, in an only vaguely tolerable way, to see Jared Kleinman kick down the Murphy’s door, juggling several boxes of pizza and a brown paper bag full of God knows what.

“Care to elaborate on that?” Alana called, looking only half way over her shoulder. She and Zoe were on the floor, playing what appeared to be a very intense game of Sorry! They were already in their pajamas–yes, at six in the afternoon–and six of us had decided to have a lowkey party at the Murphy’s, since Cynthia and Larry had evacuated for a romantic weekend. Evan was parked in a recliner, his legs folded crisscross applesauce–his words, not mine–watching the girls’ game with genuine interest.

Connor and I were on the couch, my back to his chest, reclining. He was twitchy, and he had been all evening. I’d briefly asked him earlier if he’d wanted to skip the party, but he’d said no. Still, he laid behind me, combing out my hair with his fingers a little too roughly, his hips shifting uncomfortably every few seconds.

Jared stumbled in, dropping the pizza boxes onto the carpet–earning a loud scream of protest from both Murphy kids, the sound deafening my left ear. Connor felt me flinch and pressed a seamless kiss of apology to my jaw. I felt Evan smile at me from across the room–shy, like he wasn’t sure where to look. I tossed back a lighthearted smile, before turning my attention back to Jared.

“Because, my sweet flower,” Jared began, kicking the door shut and beginning to pull items out of his paper bag, the parcel crinkling annoyingly loud.

“Sweet flower?” Alana squawked, earning a glare from Zoe, who popped the dice unceremoniously and continued to move her peg through the holes.

“I come bearing gifts,” he continued loudly, brandishing his items proudly above his head. “Scotch, condoms, and Cosmopolitan.”

There was a moment of silence, the five of us glancing between the boy in the glasses, his pitiful treasure, and doilies Mrs. Murphy kept on the coffee table.

“I’ll take a slice of cheese,” Zoe called, stoic, Alana reaching around Jared to grab the top box and place it on her lap. Evan and Connor both had to bite down on their laughter at the sight of Jared’s shocked face–shaking beneath me, his breath at my ear, Connor felt like a reassurance that tonight wouldn’t be totally awful.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like our friends, it’s just that since we’d told them we started dating, they’d been a real pain.

“I hold in my fist illegal things!” Jared screeched, tossing the magazine on the floor overzealously. “And you choose to ignore me?”

“My mom owns Cosmos, dude,” I said, rolling over onto my stomach so that I could rest my chin on Connor’s chest, grinning up at him with tired eyes. School had been long for both of us today, and, frankly, I could stand to skip ahead to the part of the night where he kissed senseless in his bedroom.

“There’s wine on the rack, dumbass, and it’s a movie night, no one’s drinking?” Zoe said without looking up from her board game, tugging on one of her braids in thought.

“And who are the condoms for, idiot?” Connor nearly yelled, sitting up and jostling me back into a sitting position, my head swimming for a minute with the sudden movement, before relaxing against the arm of the chair.

Jared’s head swiveled, comically, between Alana, Zoe, and I briefly, before his eyes glued on Evan.

“Boys night?”

No, you creep!

We all laughed for a moment, watching Evan turn a sharp shade of crimson, curling in on himself in the chair. Zoe snorted a little too loudly when she laughed.

It was beginning to get frustrating–not making me sick yet, but any means, but nonetheless annoying. Because I knew what was coming, and it was only gonna piss Connor off–

“I’ll just give the condoms to Connor,” Jared said, throwing the box so that it landed in the empty space between us on the couch. There was suddenly lead in the bottom of my stomach.

Everyone realized, watching with baited breath as Connor eyed the box with firey eyes and a set mouth, a sudden blush creeping up his neck. It could set it off–shit like this had in the past. Still, I think–

“Gross, man,” he said, lightly kicking the box to the floor. His feet were bare tonight, void of the cute socks he usually wore, and after his movement he shoved them under my thigh–either for concealment or warmth, I didn’t know, but I scratched at the back of his calf loyally, letting him know what he did was the right thing.

Proud of you.

He grinned softly at his lap, and I could tell he was proud of himself too.

“What do you mean by that?” Jared screeched, reviving the headache that had started to blur.

“Drop it, Jared,” Alana warned, dropping a handful of green pieces back into the cardboard box, each thunk sending a hot jolt through my head.

“They’re sex machines!” He protested, and I felt Connor nearly choke beside me, drawing his feet away and stuffing them under a cushion. “Are you guys seriously not using protection.”

“Alana said drop it,” Evan said quietly, shocking all of us. “So leave them alone. It’s none of your business.”

“Whose ready for the movie?” Alana covered seamlessly, beginning to set up the tv while the rest of us began to calm.

Connor was shaking, and, away from him, I didn’t feel like he wanted me to reach out and touch him. I waited for the signal, something or anything that was him asking to get out of here, but he never gave it, just curled in on himself and watched the tv with blank eyes.

I shot Evan a smile, nodding in thanks.

What Evan had said was the truth–it wasn’t any of Jared’s business. It had unfortunately become Evan’s business, at one point, making him aware of the glaring fact that no one else in the room seemed to believe could ever be true: Connor and I were still virgins. We hadn’t slept together–and, we hadn’t planned for it in the near future. We just weren’t ready yet.

Not that anyone here would ever believe that.

I’m not sure I wanted them to, either.

Because at least that white lie kept the truth hidden, and maybe that’s the way it would stay.


“Unpopular opinion: this movie sucks.”

“I agree.”

“We can’t watch romantic flicks or Mr. and Mrs. Murphy get ideas and leave early. This shitty sci-fi shit was all I had on hand.”

“Pass the alcohol, I changed my mind about what kind of party this is.”

Their voices were loud, pounding noises against my skull without really making any sense as to what they were saying at all. The dark should’ve helped, or I thought it would, but the high saturation neon colors and loud artificial gunshots on the television screen paired with the nonstop chatter of our friends made it difficult to concentrate, difficult to breathe. Everything was too much at once.

It was like living in a glass box, everything around me was vibrate and loud, amplified to the nth degree–but none of it felt real. Connor was staring unattentively ahead, his hands twitching in his lap. He hadn’t touched me all night. It usually wasn’t a big deal–I knew he was doing it to avoid the constant teasing about our PDA. It was starting to set him off, I could tell. Still, I just wanted a reminder I was real.

I decided to screw it, all their comments be damned, reaching out for Connor’s wrist as the signal.

His eyes snapped up to me immediately, concerned, his pink mouth forming an o. My hands were numb. He rose without a work, linking our hands and dragging me from the room.

“Where do you two think you’re going? It’s a little early to fuck, isn’t it?”

“C'mon guys, can’t you watch the movie? I don’t like knowing you’re doing that while I’m in the house.”

“–and Connor, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s–”

I had barely contained my sobs by the time Connor shut the door.


“You guys shouldn’t do that,” Evan glared, turning off the movie and setting the popcorn bowl aside.

Jared snorted. “We shouldn’t do what? They’re the ones running off to screw each other’s brains out. It’s gross. We’re in the house. It’s bad enough they’re all over one another at school.”

“Yeah,” Alana agreed. “I mean, if they don’t want to hear us complain about it, why do it?”

“I can’t believe she can stand to touch my brother,” Zoe groaned. “He was being a real dick tonight.”

“You guys are so stupid!” Evan nearly yelled, shocking the other three with his uncharacteristic outburst, burying his hands in his usually neat hair. “They aren’t–they’re not–”

“Breathe, baby, breathe.”

His hands were roaming all over, pressing to my chest, watching his hands rise and fall too rapidly. I needed to slow down, breathe deeper. His eyes were concerned, hair falling into his face from where he leaned over me, knees on either sides of my hips. His hands scrubbed quickly at my shoulders.

“Feel me? I’m right here, you’re right here, we’re fine. Fuck, I love you, I’m here.”

It helped–he knew how to help, when it all became too much for me to handle. Touching me–it keep me grounded, reminded me what reality was, where it was. Connor was safety, I knew.

He leaned down, pressing his temple against my jaw, pressing kisses down my neck. We took turns like this–when he overheated, I was there for him, and when I had a bad episode, he was there for me.

“I’ve got you.”


“What do you mean they aren’t having sex?”

“Let go of my shirt, Jared!”

“How do you know they aren’t having sex?” Zoe demanded. The three of them had Evan cornered, cowering into the wall. Evan’s bright pink face heated considerable.

“I walked in on them once? It was at school, after they, uh, left us. It’s not really any of my business–”

“Spit it out.”

“Whenever, uh, she doesn’t feel well–they have this code, she told me. Whenever Connor is upset or paranoid or she has a bad episode–”

“Episode?” Zoe asked, eyebrows scrunched. Evan paled.

“She never told you? She has Depersonalization Derealization Syndrome. Um, from what she explained it’s, uh, a lot of sensory overload–too loud, too bright, too everything–and she gets these episodes where stuff doesn’t seem real, I guess? I’m not sure I’m explaining it right.”

“I’ve heard of that, I think,” Alana said brightly, her face pinched.

“Oh, crap,” Zoe whispered, “and we’ve been making fun of them this whole time?”

“Well,” Jared sighed. “I feel shitty. Feel even shittier knowing Connor isn’t getting his dick wet, like, at all–”

“Just stop giving them crap,” Evan grumbled. “They don’t deserve it.”

“Yeah,” Zoe nodded sagely, scrubbing a hand over her face. “Yeah, okay.”


“Feeling better?”

“Mhm,” I sighed, leaning back into Connor’s touch. He was wrapped around me, our foreheads bumped together under his sheets. He leaned up to sneak a peck at my lips.

“I’m sorry about them,” he apologized again, squeezing my hands in apology, leaning in again to press a lingering kiss to my cheek, earning a giggle.

“Don’t be. Thanks for every.”

He smiled softly, his jaw clicking softly, eyes soft. “Always for you, sweet girl.”

“Don’t get too sappy,” I warned. “They’ll get suspicious.”

“I’m allowed to be sappy when no one is looking,” he protested, kissing my jaw. “I love you.”

“Love you more.”

“Not possible,” he protested, finally leaning forward to seal his lips with mine, his hands grabbing softly at my waist. Connor was safety, I remembered, and I love him more than anything for it. The others could say what they liked–I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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They talked about their first meeting, the last time they watched the pilot, and how much time they spent apart on the set. And as usual, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan reminded fans why Outlander…

They talked about their first meeting, the last time they watched the pilot, and how much time they spent apart on the set.

And as usual, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan reminded fans why Outlander is so popular with fans: they make an absolutely phenomenal pair, on screen and off.

If you missed our A-List event on Sept. 5 that also featured a premiere screening of the first episode, no worries: we’ve got the entire Q&A here! Besides answering a few queries from EW, Balfe and Heughan took some great questions from the audience.

Sparks Chapter 7

Originally posted by deniz-is-a-witch

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: Bucky and y/n go out to dinner where they discuss their boring love lives. Bucky goes out on a mission and is missing for 2 days. When he returns he goes over to y/n’s apartment because he misses her. y/n falls asleep on Bucky’s lap after 2 days of worrying. They walk the Brooklyn bridge at midnight and have deep convo’s. Bucky’s feelings for y/n continue to grow.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Collision (Coffee Shop AU)

Pairing: Modern Day!Bucky x Waitress!Reader

Summary: A stranger disturbs your shift, but somehow becomes your favourite customer.

Word Count: 870

You took one of the freshly baked muffins from the counter and placed it alongside the hot beverages and pastries. Balancing the heavy tray on your shoulder blade, you cautiously approached the individual tables. You had been working at this coffee shop for about a year, therefore waitressing was a sheer child’s play you mastered. However, having skill did not protect you from unfortunate mishaps.

On the way to your first customer, someone harshly crashed into you. The tray slid off your shoulder due to the collision and fell onto the hard floor along with everything you had put on it. The ringing noise of porcelain and glass hitting the ground filled the room.

Bucky’s eyes immediately grew wide, as he realised what he had caused and mentally braced himself for a furious reaction he had coming his way. He put the blame solely on Sam for getting him in this situation. The punk was the one, who strongly insisted, that he should go out more to socialise with his fellow human beings.

Much to Bucky’s astonishment, you let an amusing giggle escape your lips. You quickly bent down and started to gather all the dirty bake goods and dishes, that had survived the fall. Without a second thought, the guy turned around to lend you a hand, while frantically apologising for his lack of attentiveness.

Evidently, it was not the first time such an accident occurred. You were positively surprised by his eagerness to help. A solid amount of customers you had encountered would have left the mess for you, the employer, to clean up by yourself.

“Muffin?”, you asked the man humorously with a genuine smile playing on your lips, as the two of you stood back up.

His gaze flickered from your face to the soggy pastry in your grasp. Your captivating (Y/E/C) eyes hold no fragment of anger. You appeared to be exhausted, but somehow still mustered up a contagiously positive mood. Bucky unexpectedly accepted the kind gesture and managed to choke out a quiet “Thanks” before rushing out the door.

After the incident, Bucky would show up at the coffee shop coincidentally at the hours of your shift. Despite all the hours he had spent there, your name was still unknown to him. That’s mainly because you refused to wear your name tag. You were convinced, that they provided an unnecessary feeling of closure with people you most likely might never see for the second time.

When Bucky admitted his helpless infatuation with the angel he had bumped into to his friend, the punk laughed at him for stalking you at your work place; or how he would call it “admiring you from afar”. Nevertheless, Sam fairly enjoyed the story, where you offered him an in coffee drenched blueberry muffin. He wished, that asking you out was as easy as it was claimed to be. There were more than enough opportunities; he simply couldn’t risk the chance of being rejected.

You — and basically all of your co-workers — had noticed his frequent visits for the past four days. They were all enjoying his presence in these four walls way too much. Admittimately, you were unconsciously looking forward to seeing him as well.

“The gorgeous man with the blue eyes is back”, your coworker informed you with a smug grin plastered on his face, the moment the anonymous guy had set a foot into the room.

“Could you be any louder?”, you shushed, slapping his arm.

Darting a quick glance at the familiar stranger, who was telling his order to your other coworker, you couldn’t resist but swoon over his prominent jawline, which was still visible despite the ten-day beard. His pale skin made him look devilishly handsome and complimented the pair of piercing blue pupils. On an unrelated note, he was present earlier than usual.

“I’m serious. If you don’t talk to him anytime soon, I will”, James threatened determinedly, not dropping the topic. You knitted your eyebrows. “Wha-Why me?”, you whispered dumbfoundedly, making sure no one could hear you. He threw his head back in laughter while clutching his chest. “He comes here because of you, Ms Gullible”

“Why are you so sure of yourself, Mr Age of Enlightenment?”, you asked while continuing to operate the coffee machine. James rolled his eyes at your question. “Because I work here. He barely ever touches his drink.”

“Maybe you’re just bad at making coffee”, you teased.

He mocked your facial expression and stuck out his tongue in response. “Just take your break already.”

Shaking your head at his childish demeanour, you poured yourself a glass of water and sat down at a free booth. Waitressing was incredibly energy draining.  In your opinion, everyone should work as a caterer at some point in their life; so that they learn to respect that kind of job.

You were too occupied with your phone, to notice Bucky approaching you. The sound of a plate being placed onto the surface of the table captures your attention. You lifted up your gaze from the screen and met a pair of blue eyes.

“Muffin?”, he questioned nervously with a toothy smile on his face, pushing the blueberry muffin further towards you.  

Red Pt. 2 [Jason Todd x Reader]

@jay-birdbitchez @roseangel013bf

A/N: Here’s the second part of ‘Red’. Thank you for the positive response of the first part! I’m sorry this isn’t as good as the first one, but I tried my best. Thank you @the-chick-with-the-best-fandom for this amazing idea!

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1772

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 



There were many things that drew Jason Todd to you. When he first met you, you were the innocent one on the streets. Your heart was too soft for Gotham City, and while it was admirable, he also thought it was pathetic.

In Gotham City, kind people were betrayed, stepped on and left in the dirt. It was every child for themselves and everybody knew it. Jason had to survive using his wits and turning his heart stone cold.

You, on the other hand, seemed almost the complete opposite. You had a heart of gold, a rare find on the streets those days, and you only sought to steal bits and pieces of different places so no place would be damaged significantly.

“Hey! Get back here, that’s mine!” you yelled, chasing after a young boy your age. He was like you no doubt, a street rat.

“Better luck next time shortie!” he exclaimed, jumping over a fence.

After losing you–a fairly easy task–Jason grinned at his prize. It was a warm loaf of bread, no doubt just recently taken out of the oven. He wondered how someone as weak as you could get her hands on this, but no matter. It was his now. Besides, you had a bag full of them, losing one couldn’t hurt.

The thing about you that made Jason always come back to you was that you cared.

You cared for those who were weaker and younger than you on the streets. You gave them your share of food, provided them with clothing and blankets for the night and made sure they were safe. You treated their wounds and helped them find a place in the world, without question. You didn’t gain anything from it, you just did it because that was who you were. That’s what made you a person, and that’s what Jason loved most about you.

Your forgiving nature was also another feature Jason adored. You forgave people. You weren’t naive–you never forget–but you were willing to give those you truly cared about and the people who deserve it a second chance. You had this uncanny ability to forgive even him, and he certainly didn’t deserve a second chance. You saw something in him that no one else did. You forgave him over and over again.

Your caring and forgiving personality were your best features, and you had no trouble displaying them. So when Jason found that you were seemingly ignoring him after that night at the bar, he wasn’t necessarily disappointed or worried, he was royally pissed.

You had forgiven him for worse things than simply neglecting you for a few weeks. You had forgiven his sins and his wrong-doings yet you couldn’t see past this? Furthermore, you had forgiven criminals and street rats that were contaminating the city, yet you couldn’t find it in your heart to let this issue go?

Jason thought it was ridiculous, and childish. He knew you were avoiding him; your landlord had informed him that you were still paying your rent. You were still here, yet you chose to not face him.

He never thought after all these years, the friendship and what the two of you had would crumble because of some unnecessary jealousy. If you had kept in contact with him, you’d know he already broke it off with that woman–and it was over you as well! The damn bitch said some not-so-nice things about you when she was drunk off her ass. You had no reason to hold such a thing against him.

He knew that if you were going to continue avoiding him, he wasn’t going to be the one to initiate the first move. You were the unreasonable one this time, not him.

Though it was incredibly frowned upon, Roy Harper had a perfectly reasonable reason to break into the woman’s apartment.

He landed in your bedroom swiftly and quietly, noticing how eerily silent the entire place was. Running a finger along the desk, he narrowed his eyes at the dust that stuck to his finger. Upon closer inspection, the entire place was coated in a thin layer of dust, as if no one had been living there for the past few months.

Roy had initially came to your apartment to find and convince you to speak to Jason again. No matter how stubborn that man was, Jason was a mess without you. He killed more, had a shorter fuse, stay out drinking late, smoked more often and god knows what else. You were the one who kept him sane and though he acted pissed he was really hurt and upset.

Roy smiled as he remembered the first time he met you.

“So you’re Roy Harper.”

Roy glanced up from the computer screen and saw a pair of perplexing [E/C] eyes studying him with curiosity.

“That’s right, and you?” he asked, smirking. He had to admit, you did look pretty cute.

“Off limits.” Jason growled as he entered the room, standing in front of you protectively.

Roy glanced between the two of you and chuckled. “No way man, is she your girlfriend?!”

“What? No!” Jason exclaimed, his cheeks turning slightly red. Roy’s smirk widened. Yep. Jason was definitely into you.

“Just friends.” you corrected kindly, smiling.

“Yeah sure.” Roy drawled skeptically, wriggling his eyebrows at the two of you. “We’ll see how long that lasts.“

It wasn’t long until he befriended you, and it wasn’t long after that did he discover your feelings for Jason.

Roy continued to explore your apartment, taking care not to look too deep because he respected your privacy. The more he looked, the more he realized just how… wrong everything was.

The apartment had obviously been out-of-use, and as far as he knows no one had seen you, not even your landlord, yet you still paid your rent.

He sat on the couch and began to go through all the things you spent your credit card on over the last few months. When he saw that you had purchased absolutely nothing, and had not even used your money to pay your own rent, he knew that something was wrong.

Something was seriously wrong.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Alright I’m coming!” Jason yelled, marching over to open the door. The person in front of his door, whoever that asshole was, had been slamming their fist on his door for a straight five minutes. Jason had hoped to ignore whoever was outside but he had enough of the noise.

“What the fuck do you want?” he hissed at Roy.

“It’s [F/N].” Roy breathed.

Jason couldn’t help but roll his eyes, ignoring the beat his heart skipped. “Not interested. Goodbye.” He was about to slam the door but Roy’s next words stopped him.

“I think she’s been taken.”

Jason froze and his blood went ice cold. He pulled Roy inside the apartment and closed the door. “What do you mean ‘you think she’s taken’?”

“Because she’s been off the radar for months and nobody has seen her.” Roy explained.

“Wait her landlord said that–”

“The payments were paid by an outside account. She doesn’t even live in the apartment anymore, it’s covered in dust.” said Roy, frantically showing Jason the evidence; photographs, video footages and records. It didn’t take a great detective to see that you hadn’t been seen over the last few months.

As Jason scanned the evidence over and over again, that’s when he began to panic. Fear crept into his heart and seized it tightly, squeezing and twisting it until the pain was almost unbearable.

You hadn’t been avoiding him, you had been gone and he didn’t even notice.

“Fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jason swore, his hands flying to his head. He paced back and forth, his mind already thinking of the worst-case scenarios.

“Do you know when she was last seen?” Jason inquired.

“Here.” Roy showed Jason a security footage of a very familiar bar. “This was the last time we saw her on camera.”

Jason watched you leave the bar he, his ex and you went to a few months ago. Your head turned from left to right; you were looking for a cab. After a few minutes and some frustrated gestures, you walked out of the camera’s view.

“I’m betting she must’ve been taken not long after that.” said Roy.

However, Jason wasn’t listening. There was a strange ringing in his ears that he couldn’t get rid of. His body felt numb and he fell into an armchair.


Laughter erupted from Jason’s throat when he heard another one of your stories. He couldn’t remember how long it’s been since he last spent time with you. Ever since he got a new girlfriend he hardly had time for you.

“Jason baby.” his girlfriend drawled. He turned to her and smiled, missing the look of sadness that appeared on your face. “Let’s dance!” She hopped off the stool and grabbed his hand, dragging him to the empty space in the bar. The jukebox was playing a rather slow song, perfect for a couple.

“Sure thing doll.” said Jason, grinning from ear to ear.

That night, his girlfriend was completely wasted. She could never really hold her alcohol well, so off course by the end of the night she was drunk as hell.

“Okay, that’s enough.” said Jason, dragging her away from her shot of tequila.

“But Jason!” she whined, pouting. He sighed, knowing he had to take her home. It was dangerous to walk in the streets of Gotham alone at night.

“[F/N], I have to–”

“I understand.” you smiled, and like before, he missed the sadness that flashed across your face. “Do what you have to do.”

“Thanks [F/N], you’re the best.”

He left the bar, his mind completely focused on getting his girlfriend home safely. He had forgotten that she wasn’t the one walking home alone that night.

He had forgotten you. Jason was so concerned about his girlfriend that night he didn’t realize he had left you to walk in the streets of Gotham all alone.

When you never returned his calls or made an effort to contact him, he immediately thought you were avoiding him. It never crossed his mind that you were taken because all this time, he had always been there for you.

He didn’t even realize he stopped doing that, he didn’t even realize he had left your side. Now, he faced the consequences of his actions.

And he felt his heart being ripped out of his chest because of it. The guilt and pain in his chest was immense and it only grew over time.

He had failed you.

A Love Like on the Screen

Pairing: MatsuHanaIwaOi
Wordcount: 5283
Summary: Matsukawa didn’t really care much for youtube or youtubers, beyond cute cat videos at least. But Hanamaki did, and since Hanamaki did, this was clearly going to be a thing.
Author’s note: This is a Valentine’s Day Exchange Gift for @seijouho ! I’m so sorry that it’s late, I ended up with a flu and completely lost track of the days, but here it is. I hope you enjoy it! It’s my first MatsuHanaIwaOi fanfic ever, and also my first Youtube AU. Hopefully I did it some kind of justice. 

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Introducing The Bold and The Restless, the Soap Opera AU no one asked for but we’re giving you anyway. 

Kings Landing is a city of luxury, which is odd considering that if you don’t own a multi-million dollar corporation you’re probably a detective or work in a bar, maybe a coffee house if you’re lucky. The rich and the beautiful live lives full of drama, intrigue and passion, and Kings Landing is a city full of the rich and the beautiful. Sure, those who live there have their share of bad experiences, babies being switched at birth, kidnappings, being held at gun point, stalkers, the woman who thinks she’s a witch, heck there’s even a man who keeps getting killed but miraculously continues to return somehow, so behind all the glitz and glam Kings Landing is really just your typical city.

 At least that’s the story being portrayed to millions of viewers across Westeros every single day when they tune into WBC’s top rated, and longest running, soap opera The Bold and The Restless. 

Our cast of characters are the usual suspects. Our twist here is that they are all actors on a hit TV series where they play fictionalized versions of themselves. Which means behind the scene shenanigans as well as on screen soap opera tropes. (More info under the cut!)

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