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Oh my god guys I’m crying! So as every night I was drawing a bit while listening to CR and when I decided to check up on twitter I see this


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Actor!Sid AU: Geno definitely cries at romance movies so he never suggests watching them worth his snuggly boyfriend because he doesn't want to look like an idiot and Sid loves having a boyfriend who seems perpetually delighted by Sid in tattered t-shirts, worn sweatpants, hair all missed. Geno never demands he keep up appearances, never wants some polished Ken doll. He runs with Sid and kisses him when they're both sweaty and gross and so goddamn happy

Sidney comes home from filming and finds his boyfriend in tears, holding onto Jeffrey like he’s the last good thing in the world. Jeffrey, on his part, looks like he wants to die, and whines morosely as Sidney steps out of his shoes. 

“Geno?” Sidney asks cautiously. Geno’s just staring at the credits rolling on the screen.

“Sidney,” he says accusingly, not taking his eyes off the screen. “You die in ‘Letters from Evangeline.’”


“I do die in ‘Letters from Evangeline,’” Sidney says, taking Geno’s hands so Jeffrey and escape to the other room. “I thought you didn’t like romantic movies.”

“Yeah, but I’m not single anymore, so think maybe I don’t feel shitty if watch,” Geno sniffs. “I’m feel shitter now.”

“Poor baby,” Sidney says, cupping Genos face for a kiss on his cheek. He curls into Geno, letting his boyfriend snuggle him into a big, sad, blanket burrito. “Good thing consumption’s not a huge concern in our lives anymore, eh? I took all my shots. Did you like the movie?”

“Shut up, Sid,” Geno mutters.After a few moments, Geno sighs. “Yes, good movie. Very sad, but good.”

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Sleep anon here again. Just wanted to thank everyone who put in suggestions! I will definitely try some of these!

Also just to join in I’d like to suggest f.lux!
The basic premise is that screens normally give off blue light, which mimics the sun’s light.
That means that if you’re on your computer after the sun sets, your brain will process the screen as sunlight, and you won’t be able to get as tired as you would without the screen. f.lux makes your screen give off warm yellow light during the night (like household lighting, or a warm cozy fire..)
At first it’ll look pretty orange to your eyes, but within a few days you’ll get used to it. I can’t even tell it’s on anymore, the blue light is way too bright at night now.

Oh.. yeah, and I hope you actually have warm lighting at home, because blue/cool lighting will do the same thing, so avoid having blue lighting, especially in your bedroom. Blue lighting is helpful sometimes (like in the hospital, where many people have night shifts) but at home it’s just going to mess you up.

- Solar the Sea Turtle


I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  


Bellarke Week - Day 6: AU
▶ Post-Praimfaya: Bellamy gets drunk and hallucinates Clarke.

Yuri on Ice visual storytelling meta

While watching Yuri on Ice I couldn’t quite understand the vague sense of frustration I felt with some scenes where one thing was being told and a different thing was being shown. You know, like when Yuuri is all like “those are lucky charms blah blah” and the entire setting, montage, frames, sound etc. just scream “PROPOSAL”. The same goes for the airport scene, the kiss in ep 7 and some minor scenes too. It’s almost like the visuals tell a slightly different story than words and actions of the characters.

It seems like the writing is more focused on an inner journey, a path to self discovery etc., while the settings, montage, light, sound effects tell a romantic story - it all just bluntly screams “a love story”. The usage of romance iconography (like running to meet the lover) is clearly intentional and never a parody. They look like a couple. And yet we all feel that need for more confirmation.

I couldn’t quite put it into words until now, but there is indeed a curious gap between storytelling and directing here.

Disclaimer: I worked in a big-scale animation production, it kinda changes the way you look at things. And you start seeing that such a production is a result of many people having different ideas and different attitudes towards the same material. And even when they work together, they might end up telling different stories.

And that’s what I think is the case with YOI.

I think this gap between the raw story and its visual storytelling actually subtly reflects the attitudes of Mitsuoru Kubo (writer) and Sayo Yamamoto (director).

Kubo is very focused on characters’ inner journey and leaves almost everything to viewer’s interpretation, driving us all nuts with her vague answers. While Yamamoto apparently ships Victuuri shamelessly and comes up with scenes like the airport reunion (bless that woman).

Kubo tells a brilliant story about struggling to accept yourself, about getting over your failures, about struggling with (incredibly well-portrayed) anxiety and finding strength to go on. Yamamoto on the other hand literally does all that is humanly possible within directing boundaries to tell a pure and sweet love story, on top of all that is already there.  

I’m not saying that Kubo didn’t write Victor’s and Yuuri’s relationship as romantic.

What I’m saying that the one who tells the love story is not Kubo. It’s the director and the animation team. They tell us the love story. And if you can’t find what you are looking for in Kubo’s words, please pay attention to the pictures.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. ;)