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Hello, Lovestruck fans!

We have a number of exciting updates for you today, so let’s get right to it.

Client update!

The next time you launch Lovestruck, you might notice that you’re being asked to download a new version.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Pride Month icon featuring some of our LGBT love interests!
  • A few small UI upgrades and changes
  • Bug fixes

June is Pride Month!

We show pride every day by offering more LGBT stories than any other interactive story app, and regularly introducing new members to the casts of our stories, and we wanted to highlight their romances in commemoration and celebration of LGBT heritage and culture.

In addition to our fancy icon, we’ve prepared a very special story starring our LGBT love interests (and a special guest!) we’ll be releasing during June. The first episodes will be released June 2 - check back in next week!

Weekend Sale!

To get ready for the official start of summer, we’re launching a special sale that will run Friday, May 26 through Monday, May 29. For a limited time, get 10% more tickets in the Sack of Tickets!

There are more special offers you can only see from within the app so make sure to check them out, too!

Go forth and read! The next few weeks are going to be really exciting and we can’t wait to share the rest of what’s in store.


Pre-sale for the M A  N   I    A Tour starts Monday morning at 10am local time, do you have your alarm set yet? 

pro-tip: pre-order one of the M A  N   I    A album bundles in the webstore for your first shot at tickets/VIP packages during monday’s pre-sale. btw, the bundles are discounted now through this weekend, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

if you’re not able to pre-order one of the bundles, you can also sign up to our mailing list by monday morning for second dibs at pre-sale tickets on tuesday starting at 10am local.

General on sale starts Friday at 10am local. 

$1 from every ticket sold will go towards the Fall Out Boy fund benefiting charities throughout Chicago. 

p.s. while you wait for all of this to go down, listen to Young and Menace on repeat 😈

p.p.s. a limited number of VIP ticket packages will be available for purchase starting on Monday

M A  N   I    A Package (limited to 280):

- One Premium Ticket (Location given at checkout)
- Access to the VIP Lounge, with complimentary snacks and soft drinks.
- Cash Bar for those over 21 (where available)
- One Exclusive Fall Out Boy Merch Pack (includes items not available
anywhere else)
- One Commemorative VIP Laminate
- Access to the VIP Entry (where available)
- On Site VIP Concierge

Young and Menace Package (limited to 350):

- One Premium Ticket (Location given at checkout)
- One Exclusive Fall Out Boy Merch Pack (includes items not available
anywhere else)
- Access to VIP Entry (where available)
- On Site VIP Concierge


starting a dnd campaign with my friends, set in a fantasy Denver university Fenver University (FU). @prairiewolf​ and i are imagining what types of flyers and posters would be posted on the FU cork boards around campus. a couple gems: 

  • “LOST ORB. PLEASE HELP. Help I lost my orb somewhere around the North caf. It’s purple and causes hallucinations at 2:13 AM daily. If found, please text 555-555-5555.”
  • “Roommates wanted, non magic users preferred. My last roommate was a warlock Philosophy major and he burnt down my fern”
  • “Looking for bards to start a band. Tweet me your auditions @fenverbards. No drummers needed.”
  • “URGENT: Looking for tutor on transformation spells, particularly in spell breaking."a message on the same type of paper pinned below "URGENT: if you have any extra cat litter- only need a weeks worth (hopefully)”
  • “Selling papers for Necromancy 124. Guaranteed B- or higher. I’ll find you
  • “Want to travel this summer? Looking for clerics interested in supporting a good cause.”
  • “Cursed halberd for sale. Only affects half-orcs, all other races are safe. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY.”
  • “No magic? No divine power? No problem! We may be in an age of technology and fantastical influence but call centre based advertising is still a hot market.“
  • "FREE MOVIE NIGHT! Dragonslayer 5: Evolution. Premier of local film short ‘The Demon Horse of Fenver Goes To Speed Dating’. Popcorn $2, Pop $1, Beer $5. FU THEATRE TUESDAY FEBRUARY 17th 6 PM”
  • “Found: Backpack of holding in North Stables Contains 4DS, 2 snickers (i ate one), accounting textbook, $3.85 in dimes, magically enhanced mace canister (unused), mechanical pencils (3) and a watermelon. Please contact, gbruno@fenveru.com“
  • “Hexed by a witch? Beat up by barbarians? Struggling with spellcasting courses? Do you feel alone? Do you feel hopeless? Talk to the Fenver University Therapeutic Cleric Clinic today. We’re committed to your health.“
Like I’m Dyin’

Rockstar Dean/Demon!Dean Winchester x Reader 

Small town singer Dean Winchester suddenly becomes a Vegas rockstar. Will his girlfriend be able to get back the simple man he once was?

Warnings: ANGST, double dose of SMUT, breath play, fluff, feels, alcohol, demeaning language, a moment of non-con which is resolved, angsty ending. 

A/N: This is for @bulletscrossbowpie’s AU Challenge/Rockstar. Also @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Challenge: D.D. by The Weeknd. I figured this was my chance to combine my fav version of Dean with my fav version of Jensen. So I give you, Rockstar Demon!Dean in leather. WC: 6238 On AO3

Gifs aren’t mine, but the concert pic in the aesthetic is from @stardustandmelancholy and the gifs/videos are from Tumblr and YouTube.

Hyattsville was a small town in western Kansas, known for it’s ‘biggest hay bale in America’ tourist trap and a former high school beauty queen turned national news anchor. I met the Winchester brothers one evening when I was getting coffee at a shop in town. They were singing at open mic night- the younger brother playing guitar as the older brother sang. He had an amazing, sultry voice that sent shivers down my arms. And the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous didn’t hurt either.

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The Final Clexa Themes

Monday, February 27th: Enemies to Lovers

We’re going to kick off Clexa Week the same way they kicked off on the show: starting as enemies and developing into lovers. For this theme, have Clarke and Lexa as initial enemies (Are Clarke and Lexa leaders of armies, or facing off for the last coffee maker on sale during Black Friday shopping? Are they in rival Houses competing for the Quidditch Cup? Is one a villain and one a superhero? Does Clarke hate Lexa because she kicked her off the tower playground slide when they were kids? Does Lexa hate Clarke because she’s the strict RA that won’t let her have candles in her dorm? You decide!) who end up falling in love.

Tuesday, February 28th: Roommates

Do they meet for the first time in college sharing a dorm? Do they meet for the first time when Raven’s girlfriend Anya has a hot sister named Lexa who needs a place, so she moves into Clarke, Raven, and Anya’s apartment? Is Clarke forced to share a tent with Commander Lexa when they march on Azgeda? It’s all up to you!

Wednesday, March 1st: Stuck Together

You could write about Clexa meeting for the first time when they are stuck in an elevator on the way to an important work meeting, or maybe they’re stuck on a plane together for 12 hours when one of them somehow takes the wrong flight, or maybe someone is shocked (and a little pleased) when the pretty girl sitting next to them on the train falls asleep on their shoulder and goes 2 hours past her stop just because they don’t want to wake her, or maybe Clexa are stuck together in a shelter when the acid fog is set off, or maybe Clexa are stuck in the Vanishing Cabinet at Hogwarts together for 3 weeks when a drunken Raven shoves them in, or something else entirely. Be creative! 

Thursday, March 2nd: Fake Dating

The classic trope none of us could resist. Are Clexa forced to pretend to be involved romantically to force a peace treaty between Skaikru and Trikru? Are modern Clexa pretending to date just to prank their friends? Does Lexa ask Clarke to pretend to be her date to make an ex jealous? Does Clarke ask her best friend Lexa to be her date to her friend’s wedding because she can’t stand to hear her mother try to set her up on blind dates? It’s up to you! Depict Clexa fake dating, and then falling hard for their “fake” girlfriend.

Friday, March 3rd: Alternate Canon/Divergent Canon

What better theme on this bullshit of a day? We’re Clexakru, and if there’s something we’re best at, it’s metaphorically kicking jflop in his gonads (or lack thereof). What better way to spend the anniversary of 307 than rewriting it? (of course, you don’t have to make it a Fix-It fic type of alternate canon. You can write/draw anything, just keep with the theme of alternate canon!)

Saturday, March 4th: Friends to Lovers

A great theme for the day after… Did Clexa meet and hit it off and become friends in college? Have they been friends since childhood? However it goes, create Clexa as friends falling in love.

Sunday, March 5th: Free Day

On the last day of Clexa Week 2017, it’s a free for all. You can choose one of the themes from the poll that didn’t make it, or something entirely of your own, or create something with no real theme in mind. Anything you want! 

Thank you all for voting! I’m so hyped for Clexa Week :D Now is the time we put our noses to the grindstone and work in preparation to post our submissions! Remember you can take part in any way: You can write a one-shot or start a multi-chaptered fic you later finish, you can post however much you want, you can create stuff for every single day or only do stuff for one day, or participate by sharing others’ work and commenting on fics, etc. Let’s spread the word and enjoy Clexa Week for what it is: bringing Lexa back to life, celebrating Clarke and Lexa’s love, and Clexakru being extra as hell as usual, and supporting one another through this week :) 

*Note: I decided not to list Modern AU as a theme because most of us will probably be choosing to write in a universe other than canon anyway. 

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elbdot redbubble shop

Hey guys! Its black friday sale on redbubble!
All items are 20% off! Use the code BLKFRIDAY for your discount!



UK+EU November 2017 Headline Tour. On sale Friday, May 19 at www.pvris.com/shows

Warehouse Sale!

Are you guys interested in having a warehouse sale on Friday?

And for those of you who don’t know what it is:
We go to one of the warehouses we work with and post random items that we think you’d like. We post I think around 30 items each time. After we’re done posting, you guys send in which of the items you’d like to order, we buy everything you guys want, and then we send out invoices after we leave. (Oh and there’s usually a pretty unlimited amount of each item, unless otherwise stated)

And we usually also buy extra of items that were popular or somethings we think you’d like but didn’t have time to post.

It would take place on Friday around like 10 am - 4 pm Pacific time, in total.

Please like this post if that sounds like something you’d be interested in!