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this cute bedding set is on sale! 🌙 

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Please fire me. I work at a drugstore. I keep a coupon folder under my register and offer to use coupons whenever customers make purchases that I know I have coupons for. I live in a military town and figured this was a small way I could give back to service members who don’t make much. I’ve saved some customers as much as 50-75% on their purchases. Over the three years I’ve been doing this, I’ve received 26 calls to corporate by customers thanking me for doing this. I have not received any incentive or reward for doing this, but I do it because I want to.

Last week a regular customer, who I regularly apply coupons to her weekly purchases, came in and made a $12 purchase. I had no coupons for her items. She called corporate and complained because I did not offer her any coupons. I was counseled for an hour by my manager and also received a 20 minute lecture from my district manager, and am now under consideration for disciplinary review. I may lose my job for not having had any coupons to save this woman money on a $12 purchase. 

I was also told to stop offering coupons to other customers because of this. 


I’ve been talkin about it for ages but my sketchbook “Small Steps” is finally on sale!

-> You can buy it here <-

Every copy is signed and each purchase will come with some secret goodies ; ) 

Eventually I’d like to put up a downloaded PDF version for purchase, too. I’ll figure that out next time I have a free minute. 

Thanks for stickin around everybody! 

[edit] oops, not supposed to be sold out - problem fixed! Sorry I’m new at this storenvy business. 


Marvel 1602 by neil-gaiman is half off today only!

The year is 1602, and strange things are stirring in England. In the service of Queen Elizabeth, court magician Dr. Stephen Strange senses that the bizarre weather plaguing the skies above is not of natural origin. Her majesty’s premier spy, Sir Nicholas Fury, fends off an assassination attempt on the Queen by winged warriors rumored to be in service to a mad despot named Doom. News is spreading of witchbreed sightings - young men bearing fantastic superhuman powers and abilities. And in the center of the rising chaos is Virginia Dare, a young girl newly arrived from the New World, guarded by a towering Indian warrior. Can Fury and his allies find a connection to these unusual happenings before the whole world ends?

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