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i still can't stop laughing at "Amazing . Can't wait to see her again." compared to "that a boy freddie son" ahbshfvvgf and he is sooo doing it on purporse too i love him


Long time since i don’t upload something Skyline related (actually since July 2 XD)

So here! we have Shard !  ^_° from last time it doesn’t have much changes except for the legs.. i like these more..  he collects red star rings for Chuck

Shade the enchilada echidna! she was one of Knuckles friends before he… went beserk and disappeared, she just want to know why…  °o° hope i can show you  how someday soon X’3

Carrotia and Wendy witchcart!  (i got some inspiration on @thekkmart ‘s and @spiritsonic ‘s wendy  and some other elements ….

Wendy goes to see Tails very often because of his fixing machines capabilities XD  she has a vehicle (wich i must to design AHH XP) and trows too much smoke on the air with it…..and she goes to Tails to repair it but does in in purporse, she knows is annoying him but plays the naive granny so Tails agrees to help her..

she just want him to learn to say no XD


EDIT: Witchcarters objetive its to make people learn life lessons on a bit hard way.. they go around the skyes doing this.

Fockewulf is always telling people they have to be just like him, like “oh you are just like me” “you are going to be just like me” “you are doing very good, just like the good Fockewulf!” kind of guy XD that can be used to very supportive obejtives XD

—–end of edit——–

and Carroria i think she looks like those cookie scout girl :D

Fockewulf and Bearenger are still under progress.. ^_^

hope u like them..

The more I think about it the more this ep was INTENTIONALLY BAD they literally did the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they should have done at every turn, idk why it was intentional but it was Bad ™ in a way that had to be on purporse. TBB was bad on accident. TBB was misguided. This one was an actual Joke.

I cannot believe they told a lie. Even though I am ready to fight them TEH-style and this will not be easily forgiven if they do fix it.

UGH sorry about my shitty front camera and this light and filter didn’t help much either but aNYWAY i realized i never post myself anymore (duh that’s what instagram is for) but i liked how these came out they’re like 3 weeks old tho but i had nice hair and a nice dress and i was feeling super good and the only purporse of this is saying HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you my lovely friends!!!!!!! oKAY I KNOW IT’S NOT EVEN 14TH YET but i’ll spend it woking my ass off (at home sob) and all by myself of course but i hope you have a good one!!!!!!! kiss kiss fall in love in my place pls!!! <3 

ALSO there’s a little surprise at the end of these post so keep reading and you’ll find out!!!

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