on pudding

Imagine Kris inviting his date up to his apartment for a sweet treat, sealing the invitation with a flirtatious wink. He pulls them to the kitchen and opens his fridge door with a flourish, exposing his many different varieties of pudding cups. “Pick out whatever you like, babe, I got everything,” he huskily whispers. There is literally nothing in his refrigerator but pudding.

Kris’ date reluctantly selects Swiss Miss tapioca and sits stiffly at the kitchen table while Kris talks about all the pudding pops he has in the freezer.

anonymous asked:

is it an intp thing to talk about very specific things in a general tone? i've had some discussions with some friends lately and it seems to be a thing i tend to do

Yup. I think I know what you’re talking about. We like generalizations and abstractions, despite the fact that we also like everything to be precise. I think our conversations can be confusing to the uninitiated because of this.

The reason we do this may be because we are very good at connecting the dots between things that don’t really have connections. So, someone may bring something up that’s happening in their lives, say, they’re getting a new retriever spaniel mix from the Humane Society, and it will make us think of everything from tapioca pudding to that time at your second cousin’s wedding when the usher swallowed his boutonniere. Because of this, we rush around from place to place, verbally, and it makes our conversations ridiculously general and also kind of funny, so I’ve gathered. Our brains fill in the blanks, but people can’t see what we’re thinking, so they just end up thinking we’re nuts.

I would not worry about this trait too much. To some, it is endearing, and to others, it is funny. And then there are those who are annoyed by it, but they probably don’t have that much of a sense of humour to begin with.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

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Think of Markotaur being all adorable with his new found human friend ;-; That might help you with your pudding problems...

this works. yes. apocalyptiplier. yes

citrontart  asked:

๐Ÿ’˜ top five celebrity crushes!

1. Benedict Cumberbatch (SHERLOCK!!!! !!!)
2. Cillian Murphy (omg those eyes holy fuck)
3. Kim Nam-joon/Rap Monster (mmmmm nice smile)
4. Song Joong-ki (pudding face!! also my pudding’s fave actor probs….)
5. Sigourney Weaver (badass space mom!!)

I feel like I’m walking through pudding and also walking on pudding so I can’t balance and also my head is full of pudding so I can’t think

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I'm so sorry about your pudding D:

it’s charred. i left it alone for only a minute. long enough to make that post… my god. 

there are chunks of pudding corpse floating in the vanilla goodness.

i am honestly a bit depressed about this lmao, but don’t worry.