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Hollywood Is Getting Outsized Credit For Seriously Small Moments Of LGBT Inclusivity
Power Rangers has gotten attention for featuring the "first queer superhero," and Beauty and the Beast was heralded for its "exclusively gay moment." But these scenes feel so sl...
By Alison Willmore

Power Rangers:

So, here’s how the sequence actually goes: Trini and the other Rangers are sharing personal stories around a fire, and Trini explains how she’s preferred to keep her family out of her day-to-day life and her relationships. “Boyfriend trouble?” Black Ranger Zack (Ludi Lin) asks. “Yeah, boyfriend trouble,” Trini says — maybe sarcastically? It’s hard to tell, as Becky G delivers 99% of her lines with a sardonic lilt. Zack squints, then asks, “Girlfriend trouble?” Trini doesn’t respond.

Beauty and the Beast:

The Gaston-adoring sidekick LeFou (Josh Gad) shares a two-second dance with another man in the movie’s finale. It’s a scene, as Pop Culture Happy Hour panelist Glen Weldon put it when he tweeted, that’s “exactly the kind of throwaway gay joke Hollywood’s always churned out.” It wasn’t the only one either — LeFou’s dance partner is a character who, in an earlier scene, is shown being unexpectedly pleased with the women’s clothing he’d been forcefully clad in by a combative Madame Garderobe.

And Star Trek Beyond:

Then there was last year’s Star Trek Beyond, which, also before its release, made the reveal — one treated as a bigger deal in interviews than it ended up being onscreen — that its incarnation of Lt. Hikaru Sulu (John Cho) was gay. It did this by introducing a never-named-on-screen husband, played by screenwriter Doug Jung, who Sulu was shown pulling into an affectionate but not especially nonplatonic embrace during a visit as they strolled away with their daughter. “If you blinked, you missed it,” said George Takei, who played Sulu on the original Star Trek television show. “There are others who are dealing with LGBT issues much more profoundly.”

All three studios made a big deal out of making LGBT characters textual, but they still assume their audiences are just as narrow-minded as they are.

In a world in which How to Get Away With Murder plunked a scene of implied rimming between Jack Falahee and Conrad Ricamora onto primetime network TV two years ago, it seems particularly eyerolly to give a studio movie a pat on the back for including a shot of two men with their arms around each other, in a totally gay way, they swear.



“Rich and layered, deep and alternatively light and tragic, it’s the show that changed, well, everything really, about how television drama was executed. It lives on even today, as we see how the protagonists of Fox Mulder the Believer and Dana Scully the Skeptic continue to influence how characters are shaped, and the way the mythology of the show allowed for primetime television to explore new roads of storytelling. It was beautiful and asked the most human of questions regarding our existence and our beliefs, but more than anything, it was a love story in every possible regard— the love for life, the love for truth, and of course, the love for each other.”

I made a little comic out of the quote that inspired me to watch The X-Files. If anyone knows who wrote it, please let me know so I can thank them.

“Burgess Meredith cradles his Emmy which he won for outstanding performance by a supporting actor in a comedy or drama special for his part as Tail Gunner Joe in the Big Event, at the Twenty-Third Annual Emmy Awards 09/11/1977 .”

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.

they make our sex and our marriage and our love illegal and they murder us and they do nothing when we die in the tens of thousands from AIDS and when they can’t do that anymore they write out their fantasies of killing us on primetime television so that everyone can live vicariously through the world they’ve created where no gay person gets a happy ending

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Can you write a supercat and sanvers fic about the Danvers sisters both introducing their girlfriends to each other and to each other's girlfriends?

“Well,” Alex took a deep breath, forcing a smile. “This is a really nice restaurant.”

She tried not to let her eyes glaze over as she read the menu, kicking Maggie under the table at the astronomical prices.

“Cat brought me here a long time ago,” Kara blushed. “Before we started dating. It’s my favorite place.”

“Really?” Alex scoffed. “That’s news to me. Since when are you a fan of ‘foie gras and gooseberry jam on toast?’”

“Since I realized there’s more to life than take out,” Kara glared cheerfully.

“Not that we’ve eliminated pizza and potstickers from our diets completely,” Cat interjected. “Or cheeseburgers for that matter.”

“It’s a little hard to imagine you liking any of those things,” Alex bristled.

“Is it?” Cat smirked, maintaining her promise to take the high road as best she could. “Well, Agent Danvers, there’s plenty you don’t know about me. Yet.”

“So,” Maggie chimed in, grabbing Alex’s hand, plopping it down on the table as she flashed her brightest, most conciliatory smile. “How are things over at chez Grant? Still in the honeymoon phase?”

“I think so,” Kara beamed, nuzzling a little against Cat’s shoulder.

“So awesome,” the detective continued. “You know, I might be setting myself up to sleep on the couch for saying this, but…I think you two are way hot together.”

Maggie,” Alex groaned.

“Thanks,” Kara laughed, hiding behind her menu. “That means a lot, honestly.”

“Yes,” Cat mused, sipping her wine. “And it isn’t untrue.”

“Seriously,” Maggie gushed. “To be honest, I’ve had a crush on you since your primetime TV days. I know that’s like, way dorky to say, but…you’re kind of an inspiration.”

Awkward,” Alex hummed, tapping her foot as she stared up at the ceiling.

“What?” Maggie threw up her hands. “Every lesbian I’ve ever known has had a crush on Cat Grant. It’s no secret.”

“I didn’t,” Alex confirmed.

“Well, maybe that’s because you were buried so deep in the closet you were in danger of getting stuck back there,” she joked.

“Hey,” the redhead warned. “Not funny.”

“It’s kind of funny,” Kara giggled.

“Sorry,” Maggie apologized to Cat. “I didn’t mean to make it weird.”

“Oh please,” the older woman brushed her off. “I’m flattered, though had I known such a fan club existed, perhaps I would have made a bigger splash of coming out myself. I could have bumped Ellen Degeneres off her gay throne.”

“How are you not a fan of Ellen?” Kara almost choked.

“I didn’t say I wasn’t,” Cat clarified. “But I’m never one to shy away from healthy competition.”

She cast a playful glare at Alex, who was sitting back in her chair, doing her best to look like she wasn’t sulking.

“Ladies,” the waiter approached. “Are we ready to order?”

“I think I need a minute,” Maggie confessed.

“That’s fine,” he turned towards the other side of the table. “Why don’t we let mom go first?”

All the sound felt like it had been sucked from the room. Each of them froze. The silence seemed to go on for minutes, light years, ticking away painfully. Alex watched her sister, cheeks aflame as she gently wrapped her fingers around Cat’s wrist, tracing them there supportively.

“Actually,” Alex cleared her throat. “Her girlfriend isn’t ready, so if you could give us a few minutes that would be great.”

“Oh,” he started. “Um…yes, I…sorry. I’ll just…be back.”

They all watched as he shuffled away, tail between his legs. No one spoke again for some time, the silence threatening to swallow up the table right in front of them.

“Fuck that guy,” Maggie finally breathed.

“He’s new,” Cat sighed, waving off the remark. “Clearly he won’t last. The service here is typically impeccable.”

“I’m so sorry you have to deal with that,” Maggie looked back and forth between them sweetly. “Has it…I mean…”

“A few times,” Kara shared. “We try to laugh about it, honestly, it’s just…people and their assumptions…”

“It’s bullshit,” Alex cut in, eyes falling once again to Cat as she swallowed. “I’m sorry, too.”

“No need,” Cat sat up straighter, the corners of her lips betraying just how thankful she was for the elder Danvers sister coming to her defense. “Though I do think we should order another bottle of wine, don’t you?”

“Definitely,” Alex agreed.

Kara couldn’t help but smile, sharing a look with Maggie, whose dimples were in full bloom. She planted a quick kiss on Alex’s cheek before returning her attention to the menu.

My Check, Please! Survey Paper has finally been completed (and graded 0_0)

thank you again to all the contributors, some of the stuff you guys wrote genuinely made me cry. the way you all opened up about your feelings and life experiences just reminds me why we all love this comic so much. 

the good news is… i got a 95%!!! and my professor recommended that since this paper had a 5 page limit (i still wrote 6 *cough* nerd *cough*) i should revisit the topic for a senior seminar paper once i have the chance to do some even more extensive research!! remind me again how i lucked out into a major that allows me to do research papers on our gay hockey hell?

anyway, i *THINK* i have everyone on this list (except for a few people who for some reason i wasn’t able to tag and will be DMing), so if i forgot anyone i am incredibly sorry and i still appreciate you!!! here’s the list of bloggers who answered my survey questions, and the paper is below the read more. let me know what you guys think, and what i should talk about in my next paper! 

@des-zimbits, @itsacpsideblog, @omgpieplease, @tdkeh, @bittysbetterbootybureau, @ittybittyzimmermann, @thehockeyhaus, @kent-parsons-cowlick, @star-of-the-anime, @ladymajavader, @tahleeur, @thatlittleauberginebitch, @accidentallyblah, @emilyisabadger, @freelancertexas, @dragonsspire, @piesandfalcs, @long-live-the-crystal-princess, @cryingfandomtrash, @irritatedismymiddlename, @miscgays, @myonetruebutt, @beejohnlocked, @chilldexie, @striffyisme, @tomuchfangirling, @silverthroatednightingale, @taeldonkyriin, @cabeswaterswolf, @mycroftholmesiscuteaf, @offbrandratatouillemovie, @welcometothebakaparade, @addicted-to-t-e-a, @whothehellisjessicajones, @oonabashed, @blushing-bumblebee, @fancychopsticks, @melancholydandelion, @dauphinedolphin, @bubblegumbaseballboy, @ravenofathena, @believememylove, @bittybaking, @enzoctopus, @thequeerkhaleesi, @earthbender-nursey, @jewishtango, @wetwellie, @sadquebecois, @peypeymh, @awfulruby, @mkaybuddy, @redporkpadthai, @jazzisabatmanfan, @connor-mcbaevid, @klimpaloon-loves-superwholock, @eve-baird, @bakingsouthernbelle, @ohjustletmewriteinpeace, @omg-bannana

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people on here always talk about how its creepy and wrong to write sexualized fanfiction about real people but im here to say that its perfectly OK and morally sound if it takes place in the 16th century and you’re making a primetime television show

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Hi if you're still doing the blurbs, fuck I forgot the number.. 13 I thought? Smt like "did you really just ask me that?" With Alex please

13. “Did you really just ask me that?”

Originally posted by youmeatlantis

A/N: I really actually tried this time okay, hope it’s at least somewhat good!
Word count: 671

They say that after the exciting spark of a new relationship, the so called “honeymoon phase”, is over you start to know how you actually feel about each other and your relationship is put to a test. The quirks they have and things they do, the ones you used to find charming, start to annoy the hell out of you. Like how they laugh at their own jokes, tell you random facts and how stubborn they can be.

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How come there can be 50 Shades advertising on buses, on primetime tv, on gigantic billboards, literally anywhere, but the Disney channel can’t show a gay couple hold hands in case it corrupts the kiddies

i’m lowkey happy that BTS isn’t performing because that means they’ll really get to relax and enjoy the show. they don’t need any extra shit to worry about. performing on an awards show stage (ESPECIALLY IN AMERICA) opens artists up to lots of ridicule and criticism if anything goes wrong. now, with that being said, i KNOW that BTS would kill it up there if they were performing, but the boys deserve to sit back and experience their first U.S. awards show and really relish in the moment (plus… primetime television ain’t ready for BTS to bless them… the general public would probably have heart attacks because experiencing BTS for the first time is too intense lmao)

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It's 7:06pm and I'm thinking it's time for another R&C. Breaking out some good stuff to cope with my thinky thoughts on SG. It's necessary.

See this is why I’m avoiding the episode. I have enough fuel in my heart from the reactions of everyone that I don’t want to see it. I am thankful that I don’t follow anyone that thinks that relationship is appropriate because I have yet to see the gross kiss. 

I’m really annoyed with the outcome of the season. We had great moments leading up to the second half. We had sister bonding moments, we had Alex coming out (which was the best coming out arc, I have ever seen), and good ole badassary with the SuperFriends. Then all the sudden it turned into ‘lets take a huge crap on Kara’s character.’ You know me, I would love for SuperCorp to be a thing, but I also just want Kara to have a friend or love interest that raises her up instead of tearing her down.

I also have harsh feelings about the things Mon El said in the last episode. “Things were easier on Daxam when I objectified women and didn’t care about anyone.”  That is not an okay thing to be said on television. Especially in the political climate we are in now. That line is literally as repulsive as saying “Just grab her by the p*ssy” IT IS NOT OKAY TO PROMOTE OBJECTIFYING WOMEN! We live in an unfortunate society where people believe that you can treat women like such and this kind of talk makes it seem okay. This said “FAMILY” show is okay with a popular male character saying that but heaven forbid there is more than two LGBT characters and relationships. I am disgusted for all the women out there.  

And before anyone comes barking and yelling at me for wanting more representation and saying that only “the lesbians” want more of these characters. I am a straight male. And there is not enough representation at all. The research conducted by Glaad, an LGBTQ media advocacy organization, “found that 4.8% (43) of the characters expected to appear on primetime scripted broadcast TV will be LGBTQ” (x


How many straight relationships that are literally cut from the same material, do I have to see before there’s more than 5% of representation? 

In conclusion, I am extremely annoyed with the CW for queer baiting. They knew that if Sanver’s Valentine’s Day wasn’t promoted or in the episode they would have lost the ratings for the week.  

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*also drops Idol AU prompt here* because I KNOW YOU HAVE ONE LAWWWL and I want more :"DDD


why did you bring up Idol AU ajghsfhdjashsj. okay, you know what? this is actually one of those AUs that I don’t think I’ll flesh out more or continue I’m bad at modern AU and don’t quite prefer them, so I’m just gonna dump the first paragraphs and the outline draft here. FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT. I hope you’re happy because this is just 100% nonsense and utter crack.

He didn’t actually have to do this, he knew. There were easier ways—ways that didn’t include waking up before the crack of dawn at 4 A.M., just so he could catch the earliest train at 5 A.M. and be one of the firsts in the line at six; ways that didn’t include standing for three whole hours in the baking sun, sweat dripping off his temples; ways that didn’t include jostling through the double doors with the rest of the crowd once the bookstore opened at nine. He was, after all, one of the authors listed in the latest BL anthology novel released in stores today—his agent had already sent him a copy two weeks ago.

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