on one hand he's a little pup

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Clint paces around the tiny apartment worried. He looks at the pregnancy test again and sees the two lines. Bruce is going to be so upset. They're barely making ends meet and now this?! Just great. He hears the door being unlocked and opens it for Bruce. No time like the present so he blurts it out, "I'm pregnant."

Bruce had just gotten home from work. He had a bag of groceries in his hand and all he wanted to do was warm up a pizza and lay down. He was not expecting to be hit with such big news right after opening the door. He stared at Clint for a moment and opened his mouth, trying to think of something to say. “

“Pregnant?” He finally managed. Sure the thought of pups with Clint made a smile come across his face, but he was already pulling double shifts so that they could afford their apartment. “I mean this is great right? W-we’ll have our own little ones… and each other.” He was trying to stay calm. 

The alpha walked over to Clint and hugged him gently. “Are you happy that you’re pregnant? I-I can’t tell right now…” 

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If she refuses you could use this. *Holds out a small pill that induces vomiting*

Boss waves off the help, irritated now. His glare darkens, expression creasing into a deeper frown, and he shakes the puppy a little.

“SPIT HIM THE FUCK OUT AREADY.” He grumbles loudly, and this time Eris obliges.

She coughs and wheezes, making odd choking noises–

–until she hacks out a very upset, very diminutive Fell.

Boss deftly catches his older brother in one hand and sets Eris down with the other, eliciting a whine from the displeased pup.


The younger skeleton brother declares, and then he goes to dump Fell in the sink with another huff of “DISGUSTING.”

   Taking a nap after adopting a dog was no easy task.

   Gohan lay on the couch, slowly dozing off after some playtime and training with Orion. The pup had been nestled in a dog bed in the corner of the room, and so Gohan had decided to get some shut-eye himself. Their four legged child became quickly displeased with this arrangement, deciding he’d rather sleep next to Gohan then by himself. 

   Rising, he padded over to the couch, jumping up and trying to hop onto the couch. The poor little guy was just too small to get up there himself however, and he fell back onto the floor with a whine. Gohan continued to doze, oblivious to his child’s distress, his arm hanging slightly off the couch. Not one to be ignored, Orion nudged his hand, and when that too failed to get a response, the pup leapt up, teeth catching the edge of Gohan’s wristband and yanking it (and his arm) down. Gohan was awake soon enough when he felt the weight on his arm. 

   Glancing down, Gohan chuckled when he saw Orion looking up at him, giving his behind a little wiggle as he whined at him. He leapt up on the edge of the couch again, his desire clear. Gohan scooped him up, gently placing the Corgi on his chest, laughing again when Orion curled up on top of him. A yawn escaped the puppy, and he closed his eyes.

   Gohan pet Orion gently until the puppy was fast asleep and he himself started to fall asleep again. Finally dozing off, the two rested together contently for a little while. And that was how Trunks found them when he came home later that afternoon.