on one hand he's a little pup



Sans wouldn’t let it slide if someone hurt Little Pup. Papyrus, on the other hand, would probably nurse Little Pup instead (in my mind, he doesn’t seem to be the sorta guy who acts out on revenge).

So, what if–godforbid–Little Pup got killed?


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gweniciraptor  asked:

I wanna tell the story of how I found my familiar (also a little black cat, lol). We were bringing our dog to the pet store for training & there was a cage full of kitties by the door. ofc I asked to hold the only black one,& the second the attendant handed him to me he starts purring and licking my chin. My pup starts nibbling on his tail, & when I hand him back, my super sweet pup starts growling at the lady. stops right away when I take the cat back. first thing he did @ home? nap on my altar

Aww thats the cutest!

I have this hc Grell’s main nickname for Ronald is pup. Mostly cause he’s the youngest of the gang. (Thus also prompting her to call him the kid or the baby when she just feels like pushing buttons a little.)
She is the only one allowed to call him this, once a senior who was just being a douche called him pup when they were lounging in the break room. Ronald held up his hand and shook his head. Basically telling the man he wasn’t Sutcliff so he wasn’t allowed to call him that and then proceeded to roast him and tell him to stfu!

i really want a domestic jedtavius au where they share an apartment and they basically act like a couple but they think it’s just normal but everyone else is like when are they gonna fucking get together and they are like both totally in denial but they have like movie nights where they cuddle on the couch and in the morning oct will have jeds coffee ready for him just the way he likes it and at sometimes jed will cook dinner as a surprise for oct and one day jed brings a little pup home that they aren’t allowed to have and at first oct objects but then he just loves the pup too much so they keep it in hiding

and like oct would be working on stuff for work or class (idk if this is also a college au idk) and jed would always distract him by like tickling him or turning on music really loud and pulling him out of his chair and getting oct to dance with him and oct is just like “ugh” but he’s really like “<3333”

and like they totally tiptoe around the “L” word bc they do both like each other but they kinda don’t know it yet. like they do but they dont but then ONE DAY LIKE UGH octavius leaves for work or class or something and he is just mindlessly like “okay bye jed!” and jed is like “love you!” and octavius after walking a little ways away from their door just runs back and slams into the door bc he’s just like ????!!!!!???? and once he gets it open he’s like “what did you  just say??” and just is layin on the couch like “i said i love you” and oct just blushes and mumbles “well i love you too” they just fuCKING S HIT DICKS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY


Requested by anon

“Wait, where’s the puppy?” you hissed to Sam, looking around frantically. Castiel definitely wasn’t the best at stealth but he didn’t just randomly disappear - well, no, he does but not in situations like this!

“He’s not behind you?” Sam whispered and you let out a low groan, turning your back on Sam and squinting your eyes in the dark house.

“He seriously is a lost puppy. All right, we’ll split up. I’ll go search for him and you go find this SOB.” Sam nodded, quickly telling you to be careful before the two of you parted ways. 

You scanned the area, back-tracing your steps and calling out for Cas along the way. “Come on, little pup! This is no time to be messing around!” Suddenly a hand thrust out from one of the closed doors and before you could call out for Sam, whoever it was covered your mouth and pulled you into what seemed to be a closet. You glared at Castiel. “Don’t do that! If I hadn’t seen your face you’d be dead by now!” His face warped into confusion.

“But you can’t kill me…?” You groaned, letting your head fall onto his chest. His arms automatically wrapped around you and he let out a sigh of content, nuzzling his head into the side of your neck. He acted like such a puppy, you swear…

“I don’t have the right weapon to do anything, but if I did…I totally could,” you mumbled against his shoulder and he chuckled.

“You’re always so sure of yourself.” It was your turn to laugh as you pulled away from him. He frowned momentarily, not wanting the contact to end.

“I’m a hunter - if I’m not sure I’ll never kill some of those SOBs out there. Anyway, come on. We don’t need them sending a search party for -,”

The door swung open and Dean let out a curse before he grabbed the hood of your jacket and pulled you out. You let out a yelp and grabbed Castiel’s arm, dragging him with you. Castiel let out a grunt of annoyance and the interruption.

“I get the hole ‘scary dark house romance’ thing but it’s gettin’ kind of old, guys. Plenty of other places and times to make out at!” he about growled out before heading back down the hall. You couldn’t help but laugh as you grabbed Castiel’s hand and followed Dean.

“But we weren’t…”

“Oh shut it, puppy. Let’s just go take this bastard down before I shove you back in the closet and make Dean’s words true.”

Preference #1: You Get a Pet Together

Can you make a preference when you get a pet together- Anon

Scott: Scott came over to your house one night, a dog in his hand. “Who is this beautiful little pup?” You said, bending down and scratching the dog’s belly. “I haven’t named her yet. I thought we could name her together, like she’s our dog.” Scott smiled. “Well, she’s all black and it’s pretty late at night right now. Why not something like Midnight or Shadow?” You suggested. “I love Shadow! It sounds all mysterious and cool.” You laugh at Scott’s happiness. You already knew that the dog would be joining your cuddling at night.

Stiles: “Stiles, have you ever wanted a pet?” You asked, hoping he would say yes. “I have Scott, Liam, and Malia. That’s like having three dogs, well two dogs and a coyote. Plus, I’ve never been fond of animals.” “What is the matter with you? Animals are so cute and they live to make you happy.” You playfully slapped his arm. “Okay, fine. I don’t want any animals because my first dog ran away when I was 8 and I’ve never gotten over it.” He acted like he was about to cry. “Oh, that’s so sad!” You rolled your eyes. Two days later, you bought Stiles a betta fish and a few accessories to put in the tank. “Since you don’t want to take care of an animal, I figured a fish is the perfect pet for you. They’re not stressful and you only have to feed him 3-4 times a week. They’re for small children, which is basically what you are.” You joked. 

Derek: You were out on your morning jog, when you stumbled upon a lost puppy. The dog had to be no more than three months old. You gently approached it and brought it back to the loft you shared with Derek. When you got home, you set up a small bed for it and got it some food. Derek came out of the shower and almost jumped when he heard the little pup bark. “What is that? I mean I know what that is, but is it in my house?” You just rolled your eyes. “First of all, it’s our house now. Second of all, I found this little guy when I went jogging. You’re the dog whisperer, you should love him.” “Whatever, just don’t let him chew my stuff.” He said, kissing your forehead. The dog started to lick Derek’s face. You knew he liked him, but Derek would never admit it. “Let’s keep him.” Derek said. 

Liam: Liam had always wanted a snake, because he “thought they were scary and cool.” You didn’t really find snakes scary, until they were in his room. He had a python and kept it in his room. “That thing is so creepy.” You cringed. “He’s so sweet.” He said, reaching to open the tank. “Don’t bring that out or I’m leaving.” You threatened. He laughed and shut the tank. “Why are you so scared of him? I thought you said you didn’t mind snakes?” “Yeah, when they’re at the zoo or in a pet store. Not when they’re in your room, Liam! Why didn’t you just get a cat?” He just rolled his eyes and kissed your cheek. 

Brett: When you got a new kitten, Brett was immediately in love with her. She wasn’t as fond of him at first because of his scent, but eventually she came around. He would pick her up and smother her with kisses and snuggles. “She’s a such a little angel! Listen, she’s purring! That means she likes me!” You just giggled. “I’m glad you love her, but can I hold her now? You’ve had her all night and she’s my cat.” He reluctantly gave up the tiny kitten. Although, through the night, she came up on the couch and laid in between the two of you. 

A/N: This was so cute to write and I really want a scene like this for Derek and Brett! 

Puppy Love

Tom has discovered a lost little puppy! Marinette hopes to adopt the little fluffball, but Chloe overhears her conversation, and demands to be allowed to see the pup.

Just a little something I whipped up after one particular scene popped into my head. Enjoy the Chlonette!

“What!? For real? Mari, you’re so lucky!” Alya cried out, clapping her hands together as she rested on the flat of the desk beside Marinette. The dark haired girl was smiling so wide she almost looked like she was in pain.
   "I know! Papa found him next to the bins last night, he thinks she’s been abandoned. Mama is getting her checked at the vets for tags and a health check, but she said that if she doesn’t have an owner, I can keep her!“ Marinette replied, letting out a squealed giggle as she wiggled about in excitement.
   "Whoa, that’s way cool Marinette!” Nino chipped in, as the classroom door slid open.
   "That’s great for you and for him, Marinette. It would be cuter if it were a kitten, though,“ Adrien said earnestly.
   "I’m so excited! I’ve wanted a pet for so long, and now I might be getting one! My very own puppy!” she said. Her excitement was short lived as a pair of hands slammed down onto her desk. She glanced upwards to see Chloe looming over her.
   "Marinette Dupain Cheng! What is this I hear about a puppy?“ she demanded. Marinette sighed faintly but decided to humor the girl.
   "My father found him last night, abandoned. I might be adopting him. I’m going home at lunch time to find out if I get to keep him.”
   "I see. Well, if you insist, I suppose I could come round to see the puppy,“ the girl said, giving off aloof nonchalance as she straightened herself up.
   "Uh, don’t remember when you were even invited! Marinette, don’t let her boss you around!” Alya snapped, glaring at the blonde girl.
   "Nono, it’s fine. If Chloe promises to be on her best behaviour she can come and see the puppy,“ Marinette said. Chloe let out a huff, but nodded, heading over to her seat. "At least this way, we know she’s not going to be causing any akuma attacks,” Marinette whispered to Alya, who let out a soft giggle.

   Lunchtime came and Marinette found Chloe waiting outside the front gate of the school for her.
   "There you are! Some of us do have a schedule to keep you know!“ Chloe called as Marinette ran up to her.
   "Sorry, the class ran long and then Alya needed my help with a button, and… wait, how are you here so quickly?”
   "I prepared ahead of time. Sabrina has been taking notes for me. I have been waiting here for almost fifteen minutes!“ Chloe snapped again, a little flustered. Marinette rolled her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose.
   "Come on then. Don’t make me regret agreeing to this,” she said. As the two girls walked off towards the bakery, Marinette found herself taking in Chloe’s expression. She seemed to be trying to maintain an air of calm, but her excitement was showing through. “So, uh… you like dogs?” Marinette asked, awkwardly.
   "I would have my own, but the hotel does not allow animals. Daddy was very strict about that. My mother was… well, that’s beside the point. Have you thought up a name for the puppy yet?“ Chloe responded.
   "I’ve been avoiding thinking about it until it’s confirmed that I can keep him. I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up too high,” Marinette replied. Another short walk in silence brought them to the bakery.
   "He’s upstairs! Your mother is waiting for you, Marinette. Chloe, it’s good to see you again!“ Tom said with a broad smile on his face.
   "Ah. Y-yes, sir, it’s good to see you too,” Chloe said in a faint mumble. “I’m surprised he even remembers me,” she whispered to Marinette as they climbed the stairs.
   "Papa never really got the idea that you had turned into a spoilt brat who only cared about herself. He still thinks of you as the sweet, innocent girl who was my friend before…“ Marinette began, only to hear Chloe gasp behind her. She turned to face the girl, who was glaring up at her with a pout.
   "Rest assured, Marinette Dupain Chang, the only reason I am still here, the only reason I am here at all, is to see the puppy!” Chloe snapped in a hissed voice, pushing past Marinette to climb the stairs. Marinette sighed, and pinched the bridge of her nose again.
   "Going to be a loooong lunch,“ she mumbled to herself.

   The puppy, an almost pure black German Shepherd, with one raised ear and one floppy one, was possibly even more excited than both girls put together. He bounded around the room, leaping onto Marinette’s back and flopping into Chloe’s lap, yapping and licking and nuzzling all the while.
   "He’s just da cutest widdle puppy around! Yes he is!” Chloe said, cupping the puppy’s face in her hands and ruffling its fur. The puppy responded by yapping, and leaning forwards to lick at Chloe’s chin, before bounding off to chase after a squeaky toy.
   "He certainly likes you!“ Marinette said with a smile. It was oddly heartwarming seeing Chloe so unreserved and carefree, and made her wonder whether the girl was as mean as she put on.
   ”Dr Thomas has checked him for a chip, and he has none. She couldn’t find any missing dog reports either. We will be taking care of him for a few weeks, and if no-one claims him in that time, we will be adopting him,“ Sabine said, as she prepared a bowl of food with medicine.
   "You should call him Ombra. It’s the Italian word for shadow,” Chloe said, watching the pup bound around.
   "That’s actually not bad. I was planning on naming him Coal, but I like that more. Thanks, Chloe,“ Marinette said with a smile. Chloe nodded, smiling back at Marinette. The girls watched as Sabine brought the bowl over and placed it on the floor. Ombra took a few seconds to realise it had been placed there, but once he had found it he wolfed the food down eagerly. Sabine smiled and dismissed herself back to the bakery once she was satisfied the dog was eating the medicine.
  "Marinette… I would like to propose something to you. I would like to purchase some items for him, but in exchange, I would like to be allowed to come and see him,” Chloe said, picking her words and tone carefully.
   "Well… I mean, it would be a big help, we get by but buying him a bunch of toys and food isn’t going to be cheap, and I don’t really have much money saved. But… Chloe, you’re… I mean…“ Marinette replied, trying her best to remain tactful.
   "I’m a bitch that no-one wants to hang around with,” the girl replied, her gaze still fixed on the dog, whose tail was wagging so much it was making her stumble about as she ate.
   "Y-yeah, something like that…“ Marinette admitted begrudgingly.
   "Then, how about, in the next two weeks, if I can prove that I can be a nicer person… would you allow me to come back more often?”
  “That sounds good to me. If you can be nicer to our classmates, then you can come round this weekend and play with him. Then, if you can go another week, we’ll go shopping next weekend, and buy him some toys and we’ll see about visiting him some more,” Marinette said with a smile. Chloe nodded, watching as Ombra finished his food, and began sniffing around the sofa that Chloe had her back to. Marinette smiled as the girl began to fawn over the puppy once again.

   The week was an odd one. Chloe seemed insistent that she remain closer to Marinette in order to better gauge her behaviour, which led to entirely too much friction between herself and Alya, but the two came to an uneasy truce when Marinette told them both that they were just as bad as each other for antagonising one another, prompting them both to become aggressively nice.
   "Well, this is nice. Awkward, but nice,“ Marinette said, at the play date. Both Alya and Chloe had come along, and both were trying to get Ombra to come to them with the small selection of toys and balls that Marinette had acquired. Eventually, Marinette stepped in, picking the puppy up and carrying it to her bed.
   "No fair! He was about to come to me!” Chloe whined as Alya rolled her eyes.
   "He was about to come to her squeaky bone, you just happened to be the one holding it,“ Alya quipped back. Chloe grumbled, glaring back at the girl.
   "Does Ombra want to go to Alya or Chloe? Or does he want to stay here with me and play with his ball?” Marinette cooed, wiggling the ball about in front of the pup, who was utterly transfixed by it. “Go get it!” she said, tossing it out into the room. Ombra chased after it, dashing past both the girls, claws clattering on the wooden flooring as he skidded to a halt. He grabbed the ball and bounded back to Marinette, leaping up onto her bed on the second attempt. He deposited the ball in her lap and nuzzled in, lapping at her face eagerly.
  “Uugh, I am so jealous of him right now…” Chloe mumbled to herself. Alya arched an eyebrow and regarded the girl curiously.
   "You mean her, right?“ she said. Chloe looked up at her in confusion, before her eyes widened and her cheeks began to flush bright red.
   "Yes her that is what I meant I was jealous of her I have to go now,” the girl said, gathering up her things and heading for the door.
   "Chloe? You’ve barely been here half an hour. Is everything OK?“ Marinette asked, but the girl did not respond, simply walking out of the house briskly. "What on earth was that about?”
   "I have an idea, but it’s not my place to say. She needs some time alone to think, probably,“ Alya replied, a light smirk crossing her lips.

   What the hell what the hell WHAT THE HELL! Chloe thought as she stormed through the streets. It had been two days since the incident, and school was back in, and in those two days, she had been doing a lot of thinking. Mainly about Marinette. The girl was on her mind almost constantly. I can’t get her out of my head. Her stupid, glorious blue eyes, her dumb rosy cheeks, her stupid little laugh that makes my heart pound. Arrrgh! she lamented, pushing her way into the school building.
  ”Mmmmmorning!“ Alya said as the girl walked into the classroom. They were the only two in the room, and Chloe let out a groan. "Don’t give me that look. Did you get my text?” she asked with a grin.
   "I did and it’s none of your business. I mean, No! Of course I don’t have a crush on Marinette!“ Chloe barked back at the girl, slamming her hands down onto her desk as she sat.
   "That’s a yes. What’re you going to do about it?” Alya said.
   "I told you, there’s no crush. I like her puppy, that’s all. I’m not allowed pets, so I’m living through her. I know it’s not healthy, but neither’s chocolate but people eat that every day,“ she said, glaring down at the wood in front of her.
   "Alright, alright. If you say there’s no crush, there’s no crush. But if there were… what if someone were to help you out? Put in a good word?” Alya said. Chloe slowly tilted her head to bring the girl into her vision.
   "Why would you do that for me?“ she asked.
   "Well, for one, I think she’d do the world of good for you. For two, she needs to get over Adrien somehow, and I figure she has a type; rich blondes. For three… I think you’d do right by her, too. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate your guts, but… you can step up when you need to, and I respect that. Just wish you’d do it more often…” the girl said, listing things on her fingers. Chloe sighed and closed her eyes.
  “Well, that’s all well and good. But like I said. There’s no crush,” Chloe insisted. A little time passed and the class began to fill. Marinette was the last one in, rushing in just before the bell. She moved to walk up the steps to her desk, but caught her foot on the step, and tumbled towards Chloe. The blonde moved fast, catching her before she hit her head on the step above. Chloe found herself staring down at the girl, whose chest rose and fell as her panic began to subside.
   "Wow… thanks, Chloe! You really saved me there,“ Marinette said, smiling brightly as the blonde pulled her back onto her feet.
  "Th-that’s no problem at all,” the girl mumbled. “Alya!” she called out, “That thing we discussed earlier. I think it is there,” she said, her cheeks burning bright red. Marinette glanced to Alya, who said nothing but had a wide smile on her face.

   Over the next week, Marinette found herself noticing Chloe a lot more. The girl was finally getting more involved in the group activities in class, and was surprisingly creative and intelligent. It turned out that she got Sabrina to do her homework for her as an encouragement to get her to double check things, as she tended to rush them. She always did the homework herself too, as a precaution, but the repeated work benefitted them both. She had apologised to Kim for how she treated him on Valentines day, and while Marinette did not hear her reasoning for saying no, he seemed surprised but understanding of her explanation, even if she did find him glancing over at herself a bit more often.
   "She’s really making improvements, isn’t she? It’s like she wanted to be this, but felt she had to distance herself from people because of her dad. I kinda get it,“ Alya said, as the two ate lunch in the little park near to the school.
   "Yeah. She’s pretty amazing. Uh, doing amazing. She is. I mean, she is amazing but, she’s doing amazing. Ly. Well,” Marinette babbled, as Alya chuckled lightly.
   "Girl, you are so crushing on her,“ Alya said, as Marinette let out a squeak.
   "Alya!” she exclaimed, as the girl giggled even more.
   "What? You have a type! It’s almost ironic really. Bitter rivals to pining lovebirds in two weeks or less, just add puppy!“ the brown haired girl said with glee. Marinette’s blush grew brighter as she pouted at the girl.
   "What do you know?” she said, accusatorially.
  “Nothing, nothing. You two are going out tomorrow to get Ombra some more stuff, right? I can’t make it, I have to babysit Pipi and Popo. maybe you should make a move then,” she said, using her nicknames for her two sisters. Marinette rolled her eyes.
   "It is not a crush!“ she insisted with a huff.

   "There we go! Who’s my good boy? You are! You are!” Marinette said, fluffing Ombra’s fur before letting him back to the floor of the room. The shopping trip went well, and they now had two large bags full of toys, blankets, and accessories for the puppy. Marinette was sat on her bed, going through their purchases. The trip had been relatively uneventful, but Chloe seemed oddly quiet throughout. She had seemed especially nervous right after they left the store, but Marinette didn’t want to pry.
   "He is the best boy!“ Chloe said, patting him gently as he came up to her.
   "Ombra! Come on back! Come on!” Marinette called, and the dog bounded back to her, sitting when she gave the command. She pulled out a large yellow collar and attempted to put it around his neck. The dog resisted, squirming away from her and padding about on her bed.
   "Hmph! Come on now boy! Don’t be naughty. If you put the collar on, you get smooches and belly rubs!“ Marinette said, pulling him back to her lap gently. The dog obliged, and the collar was soon around his neck. He pawed at it gently, before pacing over to Chloe. The girl fiddled with the collar and presented him to Marinette. On the collars was a bone shaped tag with his name on it, with ‘Property of Marinette Dupain-Cheng’ on the back, with her contact phone number.
   "I, uh… had it made while you were packing everything away. I hope you don’t mind…” Chloe mumbled. Marinette smiled, slipping down to the floor level with a grin, hugging the girl tightly.
   "Of course I don’t mind! I owe you so much, you really didn’t have to pay for everything. I was expecting some toys and maybe a blanket, but the bed, the travel cage, the food! You really didn’t have to,“ she said.
   "W-well, I wanted to. And I always get what I want,” Chloe replied, smiling weakly.
   "Marinette! Croissants are ready!“ Tom called up.
   "Oh! Would you like some? I think we have a jar of chocolate spread too,” Marinette asked.
   "Chocolate is quite unhealthy. But… I think it’s OK to indulge every now and then,“ Chloe said with a smile, her blush still present.
   "Be right back!”

   Fortune favoured the girls when Marinette returned to the room. She had gotten all the way to her deep piled rug before she noticed Chloe sitting on the steps to her bed, fidgetting wildly, her face deep crimson. Around her neck, the yellow collar that had been on Ombra until a few short minutes ago. On the collar, a different tag hung, a heart shape, with the name Chloe carved into it.
   "Chloe?“ Marinette asked as the plate fell from her hand, hitting the rug which saved it from shattering.
   "W-w-well, you s-said, if you p-put on the collar, you g-get… s-s-s-smooches and b-b-belly rubs,” the blonde managed to stammer out, her fists balled tightly as she rested, her whole body shaking. Silence reigned, punctuated only by the sound of a puppy devouring two croissants in quick succession. Silently, Marinette began to walk forwards, and gently took hold of the tag on the collar, flipping it to reveal the same back as the tag for Ombra.
   "Just wanted to make sure,“ Marinette breathed softly, looking the girl in the eye as her fingers fell to her stomach. They began to gently caress her waist, as she leaned in, her own face flustered, but an odd sense of rightness spreading through her. "Good girl,” she whispered, leaning in to kiss Chloe’s lips gently.

But have you ever considered Akaashi working at an animal shelter, and one day Bokuto walks in because his little sister is getting a puppy for her birthday, and he falls in love with Akaashi practically on sight. That boy with the dark hair that hangs in his face a little as he introduces Bokuto’s sister to the different dogs. The way he carefully shows his sister how to hold the little black puppy, and kneels down to be on eye level with her. How he uses one hand to brush his hair out his face and pets all the puppies milling around his feet. 

Bokuto keeps coming back, with new questions on how to take care of his sisters new pup, until he finally just asks Akaashi out. 


It could be said that Sehun’s dog, Vivi, was the one who actually brought the two of you together. During another training session which Sehun was obviously on the losing end of, Vivi somehow escaped and started bounding toward you with Sehun right on his heels. Without entirely knowing why, you also scrambled for the dog, finally managing to grab him in a flying leap. A little worse for wear and hair flying everywhere, you handed the dog back over to his owner, laughing quietly at the way the pup started licking all over his owner’s face once back in his arms. “I’m sorry about that. He’s just a puppy. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Let me thank you for helping me catch him!”
Much later, Sehun mused to you that perhaps Vivi knew exactly what he was doing after all, bringing the wild-looking girl with skinned knees into his life. The dog laying across your laps as you leaned together on the couch, looked up at hearing his name and gave a long yawn, pink tongue rolling out. In reality, of course it was innocently done, but given the current conversation, it looked just a little taunting.

- Admin J

@floristbenny because we need to talk more about omega!benny


First, let’s talk about tough!omega!benny who defies all gender stereotypes of his generation because even though he has soft skin and hands and rounded features like an omega, he’s still built like a freaking house with a low rumbly voice that sounds like an alpha in a rut, but he’s also super darling and likes cooking and cuddling but still puts on the tough act because people are jerks.

OR, let’s talk about omega!benny who is soft and gentle with everyone, stooping his height around little ones cause he knows his big burly self can seem intimidating to pups but really he’s the biggest sweetheart ever

OR, just mysterious omega!benny with the ever present quote, “I wasn’t always this cute and cuddly.”



Kaneki took Mukade to the park one nice sunny day. Despite the mask still being on his face Mukade still acted adorable with the other kids and some mothers thought he was cute and silly. 

While at the sandbox Mukade helped a kid a little bigger than him making a sandcastle, it wasn’t the best with the two manage to make one. When finished the kid laughed and clapped his hands, while Mukade who was very affectionate with others waddled over and gave the kid a hug, tail wagging and all. The kid however did not like it at all scared by his appearance the kid screamed and shoved Mukade into the sand and ran off saying ‘monster’ as he ran to his confused mommy.

Mukade sat up and sniffled as he started to silently cry, whimpering and hoping his papa was near. He wanted to go home now.

#273: Like Father, Like Son

Ashton: You walk through the front door with a sigh, smiling slightly when you see that you had come home to a clean house. “Ashton?” you call out, flopping down on the couch when you hear him come running down the stairs. “Babe, look at what I taught Will!” Ashton exclaims with a wide smile, setting down the one year old on the couch beside you. “Go ahead bud, show mummy what I taught you.” Will looks up at you with a grin, his eyes lighting up as he giggles and reaches up for you. “No, not that,” Ashton rolls his eyes playfully. “Like this, remember?” Ashton holds his hand up in the rock and roll sign, giggling when your son copies him. “My little rockstar.”

Calum: Nate giggled happily as the little puppy ran around him in circles, his chubby hands clenching and unclenching as he tried to catch the eager pup. “This is every 3 year old’s dream,” you laugh as you and Calum watch your son and new dog from the porch. “It’s going to be hell to train her though.” “We already taught Nate stuff, it’s basically like having another kid,” Calum shrugs, watching with amusement as your son chases the dog around the backyard. “Besides, I’m sure my parents wouldn’t mind bringing Jack over.” “Is that the reason you wanted to get a dog?” you ask. “Because you missed Jack?” “And because I knew that Nate would love having someone to play with!” he responds defensively. “Well, he is your son.”

Luke: “Mummy, I wanna wear this one today,” Preston smiles proudly, holding up the red flannel he had picked out when the two of you went shopping last weekend. “You want to look like daddy?” you ask, helping him out of his pajamas and into a black t-shirt. Preston nods eagerly, holding out his arms as you slip the flannel on to him. You help him put on black jeans and the Converse that Luke had bought him for Christmas, urging him to run down to the kitchen to show Luke his clothes. “Wow!” you hear Luke exclaim and you walk in to see Luke with Preston in his arms, both of them laughing as Luke swings the little boy around.

Michael: “What happened to your hair?” you ask Harry, trying to maintain a calm tone as you glance up at Michael. “Daddy made my hair all colorful like his!” Harry exclaims, jumping around as he pats his head gently. “He sprayed my hair and it was like magic!” The little boy runs off, probably to go look in the mirror again, as you straighten up and look at Michael. “It’s temporary, don’t worry,” Michael reassures you. “Then you’re not totally in trouble,” you nod. “But you’re going to have to deal with him when the color starts to wash out.” “Oh shit, I didn’t even think about that,” Michael mumbles, looking slightly panicked. “You’re the one that wanted to make him look like you, so you get to deal with all of it.”

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Growing Up, Pup!

Growing Up, Pup!
Fandom: Zootopia
Written by:  @brittstreasuredgems
Posted: 2/26/2016

               Summary: Nick thinks he’s got this father thing down. Of course, it’s easier when they’re younger.

Author’s Note: So you guys know I had this idea about Nick & Judy adopting a pup.  And when I thought of that, I came up with this little number.

(On a side noooote, after talking to @wilde-hopps​ I also think they’d adopted a kitten at some point, but I think that would be a completely different story/au than this one.  So I may try to tackle a different story of them with two kids later!  But for now, enjoy this short of Nick and his baby girl)!

              “It’s called a hustle, sweetheart,” he said, his smiling lazily at the pup before him with his hands in his pockets.  The little golden Labrador Retriever stared up at her papa.

               “A hustle?” she tilted her head and blinked at the older fox curiously.  His eyes grew wide as his heart skipped a beat.  It really should be a crime for her to be this cute.  She was full of innocence, wonder, and curiosity; and he loved her.  

              “What’s a hustle, daddy?” she asked.  

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I can totally see Calum proposing with a puppy like telling you all these sweet things like “I love you so much and we’ve been together for years now and I think we’re ready to maybe take this relationship to the next level.” And then walk into the next room and bring out the cutest, smallest little puppy and hand them to you and you’d be balling cuddling the cute puppy because yeah the 2 rescue dogs y'all adopted are v adorable but they aren’t small anymore and this puppy is and it’s just so small and cute and you feel instant love for the lil pup and you go to look up at your amazing boyfriend to thank him when you see he’s on one knee looking at you with the fondest smile and a rescue pup on each side looking up at you and the new lil family member and then you cry morE and you’re hiding your face in the lil puppy and you can hear Calum chuckling and you just know he’s got the biggest crinkly eyed smile ever on his face right now as he asks “Will you make me the happiest guy in the entire world, and marry me?”