on one hand he's a little pup

Okay but imagine socially awkward and closed off Alexander Gideon Lightwood is actually amazing with kids:

  • Babies love Alec. One day Izzy rushes in with an infant that is .1 seconds from exploding and just throws the baby into Alec’s arms while Clary, Simon, and Magnus look on in confusion. But Jace just laughs and goes “Do your thing baby whisperer” and Alec just smiles down gently runs a soft finger down the babies cheeks all the while making a little humming noise and the child just immediately goes silent. Magnus possibly dies on spot.
  • But it doesn’t really stop there because all kids just seem to love him. They find Madzie and take her away from Iris and the entire time she clings to Alec. Who is more than content to prop her on his shoulder or on his lap. Basically he walks with her propped on his hip as he quietly shows her the institution.
  • Luke hear’s about these abilities and he brings Alec around to deal with some of the pups in his pack who go a bit stir crazy around the time of the moon. The pup’s demand that Alec become an official member of the pack, the Nephilim can’t have him. 
  • And the Lightwoods first realized this with Izzy. She was a difficult baby especially when it came to sleeping and nothing seemed to put her to sleep. That is until three year old Alec crawled out of bed one night and gently reached towards his little sisters hand her whimpers stilling.
  • Max’s first word was Alec. Honestly Maryse and Robert couldn’t even be mad because really what did they expect.


Pairings: Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader

Word Count: 3500+

Summary: You’re a bonded pair with three children and all Sam can think about is having more.

My twist on a/b/o dynamics. There’s a little fluff in here too, I swear it.

Kink Prompts: Mating/Breeding & Were-animal sex

Warnings: Breastfeeding(non-sexual, baby related), knotting, dominance, claiming, fingering, oral, unprotected sex (obvi), biting, dirty talk, rough sex, some dom/sub overtones.

A/N: Written for @impalaimagining‘s Smut-entine’s Day Challenge

Sam comes home late, just after two in the morning, shutting the front door carefully, cautious of waking you or his children. He’s a sore, bleeding and a little drunk but it’s been a good night.

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Young!Reader x Clary /  Young!Reader x Jace

“We could ask Luke if he or the packs seen anything?” Alec offered as they walked together, planning to head out and mill around to see if anything interesting popped up.

“It’s after school (Y/N) will be back from school, we’ll have to stop by a toy store unless you want to take her with us?” Jace muttered as he pulled his phone from his pocket.

“I told you not to give her a toy every time you saw her.” Alec chuckled although he knew for a fact that most of Max’s clothes had been handed down to you and he’d enjoyed watching your face light up when he’d given you some of them.

“I know but the kids cute.” Jace grumbled.

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yoongi scenario | pitter patter of tiny paws

♡  min holly’s family is gaining a new member  

genre: fluff
word count: 1.2k
requested by anon

[Min Holly’s Point of View]

Sunday’s are supposed to be lazy days. Normally, I’d spend them curled up in Yoongi’s lap, with him pushing his fingers through my curled fur, while he watches moving pictures on that funny box in the living room. You’d cook pancakes for him, and slip me tiny scraps from your spot the sofa. Mmmm… I love it when you do that. But you’ve been slipping me scraps of food less often lately. It has something to do with the vet saying it’s not good for me. Plus, Yoongi says I’m getting pudgy. Which isn’t true! I’m still able to run and jump and chase cats out of the neighbourhood. But… maybe I’m not as active as I used to be. But the same goes for you. You’re not as active as you used to be either. And you’ve gotten a lot bigger recently. I don’t think it’s fat though… There’s another explanation - I can sense it. You’ve been getting ill, and your moods have been swinging about, and one night, when Yoongi was fast asleep, I caught you sneaking out of bed to raid the fridge – you know I’m up for a snack at any time of the day… but really? Cucumber and mayonnaise? What were you thinking? This unnatural behaviour means something big is going to happen. It’s going to happen soon.

It’s happening… right now!

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Imagine Chris being there for you through it all.

A/N: This is a request from @brobrobreja, I don’t know if this helps. I mean- I cried writing this so I’m sorry if this makes you sadder, I just- it’s a really tough situation. Sending so much love your way. X

You swore time stood still when the words “acute myeloid leukemia” left your oncologist’s lips. Your mouth became dry and your heart started to beat in your ears; voices and background noises merged into a deafening buzz that somehow repeated one sentence, “you have cancer.” You couldn’t believe it- you didn’t want to believe it. You didn’t understand how what you’d thought was a really bad cold could turn out to be blood cancer. You thought because you were sick that it was normal: to feel tired, to have a fever, to get night sweats, to have reoccurring nose bleeds, to throw up, to lose weight, to have your bones and joints ache despite your use of pain killers. You didn’t think anything of it because you didn’t want to think anything of it; you knew something was wrong but you were too afraid to admit it, and as it turned out- you had every right to be afraid.

Your husband, Chris, was the reason you finally decide to go to the hospital. You were getting weaker with each passing day, and your pain was only just beginning. Today you couldn’t even get out of bed, which was the last straw for Chris; he forced you into his car and drove you to the hospital. The two of you met with a GP who took one look at you and your list of symptoms and sent you to their resident oncologist on the fifth floor. You sat in the waiting room with Chris, who held your freezing hand the entire time. He tried to reassure you, repeating the sentences that would usually rid you of your angst: “It’s going to be okay, sweetheart.”, “We’re just overthinking again.”, “I’m sure it’s nothing.” Usually they worked, but not this time. You knew it wasn’t going to be okay; you weren’t overthinking again; and it was definitely something. You could feel it everywhere: your gut, your heart, your mind, and your soul; it wasn’t just the numbing pain talking, it was every inch of your being.

“Hey,” Chris gently squeezed your hand, bringing you back into the room. You managed a small smile as you ignored the tears blurring your vision; it wasn’t you you were worried about, it was your husband. Death was going to be easy, but surviving a death wasn’t. “Did you hear what Dr. Michaels said?” He tried to keep his voice as calm as possible. “There are a lot of treatments you can undergo, okay? We’ve got um-” he glanced at Dr. Michaels who looked heartbroken for the both of you, “chemotherapy and biological therapy and target therapy and radiation-” He stopped himself when he heard his voice break. “There’s a chance for recovery, Y/N.”

“I know,” you nodded, squeezing his hand as tightly as your weak body could. “Don’t you worry, I’m going to do whatever it takes to fight this.” Chris broke down when you said that, burying his head in your lap. He wanted to be strong for you, but he couldn’t right now. You were so young and you had so much left to do with your life; he couldn’t lose you, you couldn’t leave him. “It’s okay, baby.” You kissed the top of his head, whispering into his hair. “I’m going to be okay, I promise.”

After that day, Chris never cried in front of you again. He promised himself he’d keep it together because you didn’t need to take care of him, he needed to take care of you. He stayed incredibly positive, reminding you every day that recovery was possible and it was- especially since they detected your cancer in its early stages. Acute leukemia was the kind of cancer that needed to be treated as soon as it was diagnosed, as were most cancers. The goal of treatment was inducing a remission which was an absence of leukemia cells in the body, that came with a lot of chemotherapy; pills, catheter- whatever form of inserting the drugs into you, you did. It exhausted you physically, mentally, and psychologically. You spent most of your time at either the hospital or the dialysis clinic with Chris, of course, who put his entire career on hold.

You didn’t want him to; you wanted him to go to Atlanta and film ‘Infinity War’; you wanted him to live his life like his wife’s wasn’t on the line. But of course, he wouldn’t because he couldn’t. As much as he wanted to keep you happy, he couldn’t agree to such a ridiculous request. Even if he were to agree, just to appease you, Marvel wouldn’t have allowed him on set. You’d been married to Chris for five years now, everyone he knew and everyone he’d worked with knew you too. They also knew you needed Chris in such a trying time, whether or not you were willing to admit it- you needed the love of your life by your side. So Kevin promised Chris they could postpone the filming schedule for as long as he needed, or at least until things weren’t so raw and fresh. You’d tried to argue against it, stating there was no point in him suffering with you, but he wouldn’t have any of it. He even reminded you of your wedding vows- for better or for worst, and in sickness and in health- which shut you up.

“Do you want some te-” Chris cut himself off when he saw you asleep on the couch with Dodger watching over you. He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, walking over to carefully readjust you and your blanket. “I’m not hurting her, bud.” He reassured Dodger, who growled slightly. “I’m just…” He trailed off, sighing again at the sight of your weary face. “What are we going to do, Dodger?” He looked over at his pup, chuckling with limited humor as he wept. He tried to stop himself from completely breaking down, but he couldn’t. “I feel so fucking useless. Tea?” He almost laughed at how ridiculous he sounded. “I’m offering her fucking tea when she’s-” he buried his face in his hands. “Oh God, why did it have to be her?” He cried into his hands. “She doesn’t deserve this, no one does.”

Chris cried for a little while then wiped his face with his t-shirt before leaving you to rest. He headed for his laptop where had several articles about leukemia and treatment plans and statistics of recovery. Things may have looked bleak, but it didn’t stop him from giving up hope. If there was a chance, there was a way. If you were willing to fight, so was he. You were stronger than anyone he’d ever known, and if anyone were to beat any shitty illness- it was you. You could do it, he could feel it as sure as you could feel the pain in your bones. Your treatment was going to induce remission, and you were going to recover, and the two of you were going to start a family and live happily ever after. Chris could picture the whole thing, he could see his future with you and there wasn’t a black cloud in sight. As long as the two of you stuck together, fought together, and stay positive together- things were going to be okay.

“Chris,” Chris heard your weak voice call for him and he poked his head around the corner. You were sitting up with a hand over your mouth, which meant only one thing. He quickly rushed over with a box of tissues and a bin so you could throw up. He held your hair back for you and gently rubbed your back as you threw up water and bile because you were too weak to eat any proper foods. You started crying as he cleaned your mouth for you, pushing his hand away and burying your head in yours. “I’m sorry,” you sobbed.

“Don’t apologize,” he shook his head, putting the bin aside so he could hold you. You melted into his arms and for a second, you almost forgot about everything. “Baby, this is not your fault. You’re doing everything you can, okay? You have nothing to be sorry for, do you understand me?” You managed a nod as you continued to cry. “I know how difficult it is right now, but you are going to get better. You just to believe because the mind is so much stronger than the body, and you have one of the strongest minds I’ve ever come across.”

“What if it’s not enough?”

“It is,” he assured you. “Believe me, it is. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together,” he cupped your face in his hands and brushed away your tears, smiling. “I’m not letting you go anywhere, you hear? You’re stuck with me, Y/N, whether you like it or not.” You managed to laugh despite how utterly lost and broken you felt. “You’re going to get better,” he repeated. “Things are going to look up, I promise. You just need to keep fighting, baby. Can you do that?”

You nodded, managing a light chuckle. “I can do this all day,” you quoted Captain America’s most popular line and drew a genuine, heartfelt laugh from Chris. He brushed away the remainder of your tears then kissed your lips. Yes, things were bad right now, but he’d no doubt it was going to get better real soon. With a character as tough as yours, not even leukemia could keep you down.

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Headcannon of werewolf!Mccree finding that his human s/o is pregnant with a small litter of werewolf puppies?

I would like to just start this off by saying that I love anything to do with werewolf McCree and demon Hanzo so if you have any McHanzo fic recs (that don’t have anything explicit in them) including these two topics in any way shape or form I would die happily.

Also at the moment of me posting this, my puppy has currently trapped himself in an existential crisis called a leash and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

I’m going to free him.

Hope you have a lovely day friend!! <33 

-Mod Cherry

I love you for sending me this request thank you.

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“I’ve made everyone sad the past couple posts. I’mma do something funny!” And then I fucking THREW IN FEELS. Honestly I am sorry but I did want to explore Howard and Maria’s relationship a bit.

Maria walked into her husband’s office and was only slightly surprised that he was sprawled out on his fainting couch. Howard had always had a flair for the dramatic. She wasn’t quite sure why he was moaning about how terrible his life was though. It wasn’t like something bad had happened to him in the last three days.

“Dear,” she said.

“Maria, everything is terrible!” Howard moaned, rolling from side to side.

It took everything Maria had not to laugh in his face. “Why is everything terrible, dear?”

Howard jerked into a sitting position, appalled that she apparently hadn’t noticed. “Tony hasn’t called me ‘daddy’ in a month!”

Maria raised her eyebrow and clasped her hands behind her back so he couldn’t see her digging claws into her skin, to keep from giggling about how earnestly upset he was. “Oh.”

“He always called me ‘daddy!’” Howard continued, covering his face and moaning in frustration. “He’s only called me ‘dad’ for the last month! Do you know how many times that was?”

“Honey, I don’t kn–” Maria began.

“Eighty-three times!” Howard burst out, thrashing so hard that he fell off the couch with a yelp.

Maria did not snort, because she knew she would start laughing and never stop if she did, and then Howard would be extra upset.

Howard blinked up at the ceiling, then clambered to his feet, dusting himself off. “Eighty-three times he’s called me ‘dad’ instead of ‘daddy,’ Maria.”

“You kept count,” Maria said after a moment, surprised.

Howard frowned at her. “Well, yes, Maria, it’s a numbers thing, I’m a numbers man.”

“No, you’re right, honestly,” she said. “That’s on me.”

Eighty-three times, Maria!” Howard continued, throwing his hands up. “You don’t seem nearly as upset about this as you should be!”

Maria didn’t say ‘well yeah, he still calls me “mommy,”’ but only because it was quite possible that Howard might burst into tears.

“…Did I do something wrong?” Howard asked softly. “Did I make him stop loving me?”

“Honey, no,” Maria answered immediately. “There is nobody who loves their father more than Tony loves you. Sometimes boys just… stop calling their fathers ‘daddy’ as they get older. That’s not a reflection on you.

Howard frowned. “But… I’m his daddy.”

“Howard,” Maria sighed, reaching out to cup his cheeks and draw him into a kiss. “You’re always going to be his daddy. Just because Tony’s calling you something different doesn’t mean his feelings have changed. He still loves you the same as he did a month ago.”

“Why do things have to change?” Howard asked sadly. “Why can’t he be my sweet little boy forever?”

Maria pressed her face into his neck and hummed. “That’s just life, honey.”

“I know,” he sighed, then yelped. “Ooh! Did you just bite me?!”

Maria blinked, teeth digging into the skin of his throat. “…No.”

“Maria, you know you can’t bite me unless we have time for me to do something about it,” Howard scolded, giving her a fond pat on the butt before gently nudging her away. “I have to make some phone calls before supper.”

Maria groaned loudly, annoyed. “Why did you have to be a CEO? Why couldn’t I marry a regular guy?”

Howard pressed a quick kiss to her lips before moving back toward his desk. “A regular guy couldn’t buy Janet Van Dyne expensive fabric just to make his son a beautiful ballgown for the next Meeting.”

The werewolf couldn’t help a fond smile. “Tony’s going to love the dress, Howard.”

He scoffed. “It’s a gift from Janet, Maria, not from me.”

Maria rolled her eyes. “Of course, Howard.”

“I think,” Maria said, then paused. “…I think you should call your father ‘daddy’ more often, bambino.”

Tony blinked up at her, gangly now, but still with bright, innocent eyes. “The boys at school make fun of me when I call him that.”

“Why in the hell,” Maria whispered to herself, another thing to wonder about why humans were the way they were. “Well, perhaps still refer to him as ‘dad’ while at school, but call him ‘daddy’ when you’re home? He misses it.”

“Okay,” Tony replied with that familiar guilelessness that she loved. “I can try.”

She wrapped him up in a hug that brought his feet off the ground, spinning him in a circle that had him giggling. “That’s my boy! Your father is a little odd, but we love him anyway, right?”

Tony laughed as she dug her fingers into his sides, kicking wildly with laughter. “Mom!”

“He’s a human and he’s strange even by their standards but he’s the most loving father and husband in the world!” Maria continued, swinging him around again.

“Yeah!” Tony agreed happily, then kicked again. “Mommy, put me down!”

Maria sighed, just a touch wistfully, as she set him on his feet. He still called her ‘mommy’ but it was definitely falling in frequency. She carefully brushed his hair out of his eyes, humming quietly and murmuring about a haircut, and ended up with her hand on top of his head, surprising herself with the thought ‘if we just had a little more time.’ Usually it was Howard being the sentimental one.

“My precious pup,” she murmured, cupping his cheek. “Do you know how much we love you?”

Tony tilted his head as he looked up at her. “Of course, Mom. You guys hug and kiss me and tell me you love me all the time. Did you know there are boys at school who don’t get hugs and kisses from their parents?”

Maria smiled sadly. “Oh, honey.”

“So I know how much you guys loves me,” the boy continued. “Do you guys know how much I love you?”

Maria squatted in front of him, cupping his cheeks again. “Honey, it’s never going to be as much as your daddy and I love you.”

Tony stuck his chin out stubbornly. “Well, I’m going to try!”

“Tesorino, that would be delightful,” Maria assured him, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Mom!” Tony complained. “You always get lipstick on me when you do that!”

“Boys are making fun of him for calling me ‘daddy?!’” Howard burst out angrily. “I knew sending him to boarding school was a mistake!”

“Honey,” Maria said, trying to keep the laughter out of her voice.

“They’re ruining my precious boy!”

Maria covered her mouth to hide her smile. “I think boys would have made fun of him at a public school, too, dear.”

“Maria, I’ve been telling you this!” Howard threw his hands up. “We could home school him until he’s ready for college! And then we get a little apartment off campus to stay in while he’s there so we’d always be nearby–”

“Howard, I thought you wanted to stop people from bullying him. A boy that never leaves his parents’ home, Howard? Really?”

Howard sagged, sitting down on the edge of their bed and hanging his head. “My boy,” he said sadly. “I’m supposed to protect him.”

“You’re also supposed to let him grow up to become his own man,” Maria told him gently. “And with you as his father, he’s going to grow up to be a good man, too, Howard.”

Howard choked quietly and clutched his chest. “Maria,” he said, tears filling his eyes. “Why would you say something like that when you know I’m so weak?”

“You’re not weak,” she answered immediately. “I wouldn’t choose a weak mate. If anything, you’re too strong, and too damn responsible.” She ran her fingers through his hair as his shoulders began to shake. “Why does it surprise you so that I love my mate so dearly?”

“Sometimes,” Howard began, leaning his head on her shoulder. “Sometimes I worry. That I’m tricking you somehow. And I’m just screwing everything up.”

“You’re not,” Maria assured him. “You’re not tricking me and you’re not screwing everything up. You love Tony. And sometimes you forget about Tony long enough to remember you love me, too.”

“Maria,” Howard gasped, lifting his head to stare up at her. “I always love you. If I’ve done something–”

She snorted, pressing a finger to his lips. “Howard, nothing could give me greater pleasure than my mate loving our pup. I was just teasing.”

“I wish I could give you another one,” he admitted softly, eyes going sad. “Maria, if I’d had any idea what that radiation would do to me–”

Maria held her hand up to stop him. “I’m happy that we even got one pup, Howard. Tony is enough. You are enough. You were upfront with me about your possible fertility issues before you even proposed.” She smirked, leering at him. “And I can’t say the endeavor for a pup was unpleasant either.”

Howard choked on a slightly hysterical laugh. “Maria.

“We’re getting older, dear,” she added after he’d calmed down. “You, especially. Tony… Tony is always going to be enough for me.” She pressed a kiss to his forehead. “And you will, too. Besides, we have Ana and Jarvis, and Peggy and her family. I come from a big pack where there were aunts and uncles and cousins. This… this is just like home.”

Howard frowned, reaching up to cup her cheeks and using his thumb to wipe away a tear she hadn’t noticed had fallen. “I’m sorry I couldn’t find more of your family, honey.”

“You found my Uncle Giuseppe and his family,” Maria answered quietly. “That was… honestly more than I ever hoped for.”

Howard nodded, dissatisfied. He was still looking, technically, had detectives searching Europe for Carbonells, but at this point he was pretty sure that they would only find graves, if they’d even been given that decency. He wished he’d taken better care, better safety precautions when he was younger, so he could have given Maria the big family she wanted and the siblings Tony would have adored.

But if Maria could be happy, after all that had happened to her, he’d stop wondering ‘what if’ and be happy, too.


      Requested by @phangirlof

      Sitting with the cute wiggling puppy in your arms, you wait on the couch, anticipating when Sehun will return home from dance practice. You’ve always talked about owning a puppy together, but Sehun had always knocked down your idea, stating that Vivi is enough for the two of you. Yes, you love Vivi to death but getting another puppy sounded like a brilliant idea. Now here you are with a baby pitbull desperately trying to escape your arms and explore the apartment. 

      You had picked up the little guy at a pound a few hours earlier. Walking through many cages to find your ideal puppy took almost an hour itself. The staff working at the pound were almost frustrated with you because you wouldn’t leave without the perfect dog. You had to make sure he was cute so Sehun would at least consider keeping him, but you knew as long as you did aeygo for your overly sassy boyfriend, the pup would be yours. 

      The blue eyes peeking out of one certain cage won you over. Kneeling down by the cage, a grey pitbull with little white markings trotted to you. He whined until you reached your hand through the bars and petted his soft head. Once you decided he was the one, you’d alerted the staff, them gathering supplies for him such as a collar, leash, a bed, and some food. 

      You were tempted to send a quick picture to Sehun, but you decided to let it be a surprise. Climbing into the drivers seat of your car, the puppy hopped on your lap, instantly falling into a deep slumber. The soft snoring coming from the sweet animal brought a smile to your face and it was difficult to focus on the road when you kept glancing down in awe. 

      You hear your apartment door clicking open, signaling Sehun got your urgent text message. Instead of sending a picture of the dog, you had just told him to come to your place after work. He usually did anyways to snack on all your food. “Y/N! Why did you actually invite me over here for once when you know I’m going to come anyway.” A voice states. The puppy halts it’s wiggling, it’s ears perked at the unfamiliar voice. 

      Your hands firmly place the wild puppy on the ground, it shooting off in the direction of the male voice, it’s short stubby tail wagging back and forth. Not being able to keep the smile off your face, you waited to hear Sehun cooing over the dog, but instead you’re surprised when he screams. Sehun runs in front of your comfortable place on the couch, dragging the puppy behind him. The puppy’s teeth are solidly snapped shut on the end of Sehun’s sweatpants. He runs so fast, the puppy can’t keep up so it holds on with it’s teeth while being tugged on it’s belly. 

      You can’t contain the laughter that spills from your lips. Tumbling on the floor,  you clutch your stomach at the terrified expression on your boyfriend’s face. Little legs soon topple over you, a slobbery tongue licking all over your chin. After gaining your composure, you pull yourself off the ground while taking the puppy back into your arms. Sehun points accusingly at the adorable creature, “That thing was trying to kill me!”

      The puppy growled suddenly as Sehun starts to approach you. Perfect timing. “See!” Sehun exclaims, backing away. You hand the bundle of cuteness to him and he hesitantly takes it, giving you an awkward look. “He just wants to play with you! It would be embarrassing if you’re scared of this tiny little puppy.” You state, picking up one of the dog’s toys to also hand to him. 

      “Didn’t I tell you Vivi was enough for the both of us?” Sehun swiftly changes the subject, narrowing his eyes. “Fine, if you don’t want him I can take him back to the pound where he was waiting to find a good home.” You sigh, reaching for the puppy you know he isn’t about to give up. Whether he admits it or not, Sehun has a weakness for adorable creatures called puppies. 

      “No, no, no! We can’t take him back!” Sehun almost yells, cuddling the dog into his chest. The puppy nuzzles his head into the fabric of Sehun’s sweatshirt. The love in Sehun’s eyes is obvious when he examines the little dog. There’s no way on earth he is going to let it go. “I thought Vivi was enough for both of us?” You remind him, a smirk forming on your lips. Watching your satisfied expression, Sehun rolls his eyes. “I can allow Vivi to have one sibling, I guess.”

      You both sit on the floor, throwing the toy back and forth, watching the pitbull scrabble for it over and over. “He needs a name though. Since you’re letting us keep him, you can pick a name.” Tapping his chin lightly, Sehun snaps his fingers. “His name is Boba.” He has to be kidding. Lord, this child. “Sehun! We’re not naming the pitbull after bubble tea!” You argue, throwing the dog toy and hitting him square in the chest. “Do you want to keep the dog or not?” Sehun asks, throwing the toy back and nailing you in the face. Huffing, you lift the puppy in your lap as it chews on the toy it managed to catch. “Boba, it is.” 

-Admin Minnie


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My Dad Brought Home A Werewolf (Werewolf AU Hoshi)

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Type: Fluff

Your father was a man who loved to help children to be more exact supernatural.

At the age of 4 when you began helping your father with his special projects. He was a special man who worked to make sure your constantly growing family was taken care of. You remember as a child when Soonyoung came in, he was roughly year old and you treated him like a brother. Feeding him bottles, giving him baths, helping him walk, dressing him. “Hoshi stop it” you whined as little Soonyoung practically crawled on you to get to the bottle in your hand, he let out light whimpers “papa” you whined as he came in hold yet another baby named Jihoon the half demon boy who was always seemed to be grumpy. Soonyoung’s little hands took the bottle from you and quickly began to drink “he’s had 4 bottles now for dinner papa. He’s drinking all the formula” you tell him “he’s a growing pup he drinks a lot” you were told as you held up another bottle full of formula for Jihoon and Soonyoung’s hands reached up for it as well. “I can always buy more. Just make sure he’s well fed and taken care of” your father said with a chuckle. Your hand quickly held the bottle for Soonyoung because he had let go of it.


You stopped Jeonghan before he walked outside. You picked up his parasol and opened it “that’s bad luck” the little one told you as you rolled your eyes “yeah but you don’t need to be ashes do you?” you asked him as he shook his head no. He held it up as he headed outside holding the parasol. Soon a hand grabbed your rear making you jump “noona come play outside with me” Soonyoung said as he held his soccer ball close. He was now 4 years old and constantly needing your attention even more “I have homework Soonyoung” you told him as he pouted “Jihoon doesn’t play with me and Jeonghan can’t play” he whined. You sighed as you pushed him lightly out the door then followed him out.


“Hoshi what the hell!” you yell as you slammed the bathroom door shut, 10 year old Soonyoung and was completely into the now growing body of you. You soon came out wearing a dress as he smiled. “You look really pretty” he said as you rolled your eyes “creepy” Jihoon says as he passes you guys with a book “why can’t my dad find girls” you mumble as Soonyoung followed after you. You bumped into Seungkwan a little wizard boy, you simply moved him out of the way and headed down the stairs. 


“He’s going to be going through his first heat?” you asked your father as he nodded. “So he will literally be a dog humping my leg? That’s great” you tell him as Soonyoung walked in the kitchen looking grumpy “I can hear you, you know?” he said as he got a drink from the fridge “it wouldn’t even be your leg-” “Hoshi” your father warned as he lifted his hands in defense. “I’m 14. Girls are all I think about” he said as he left the kitchen. 

Later that night as Soonyoung pounded on your door, you groaned getting up and opening it and almost instantly you were laying on your back on the bed. His bright yellow eyes stared into yours as his lips were on your neck. You attempted to pull him off as he growled continuing his actions before he was thrown off by Jeonghan who had Soonyoung pressed down on the floor “he didn’t bite you right?” he asked as Soonyoung growled again. “No he didn’t” you responded “then he just marked you” he mumbled “what?” you asked “he marked you as his mate” Jeonghan said as he picked up Soonyoung as he growled loudly looking at you. 


By the time Soonyoung was 17 he had his arms around you, since he had marked you let him in more and he was no longer a dorky little boy who you fed as a baby, or the little curious boy. He was still a horny teenager but he was yours now. His body was pressed against you as you two laid in your bed “so mating season is soon” he said as he rubbed your back. Your fingers moved from the hairs from his forehead “not this time. You have more energy than I do and I have an essay to write” you say as he chuckles “next one then?” he asked as he pecks your lips lightly. “You’re just a horny little dog” you coo as he smiles “the first time with you will be magical. You are the one I will mate with for the rest of my life” he tells you as he kisses your lips again “alright a none heat filled time” you say as he nods. “Right now?” he asks as you turn away. “Good night Hoshi” you say as he simply buried his head into your back.  

bc i’m the worst and keep missing birthdays– happy belated birthday sara 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

arya saw them through the window and sat up a little straighter in her chair.  she cast a glance around the room.  septa mordane was bending over jeyne poole and murmuring something about her needlework.

“septa,” arya said, trying to make her voice sound as small as possible.  “my stomach is hurting.  may i…” sansa always let the sentence trail away rather than say she needed to find a chamber pot, and the septa always let her go.  

septa mordane didn’t even look at her, but waved her hand, and arya put her embroidery hoop down on her chair and hurried from the room, breaking out into a run the moment she was in the hallway.

she reached the lichyard at the same time that bran was dismounting from his pony.  there was something in his arms.

“how was it?” arya asked him as she approached but stopped short.  the thing in his arm was a pup of some sort, with soft fur and great yellow eyes and–“is that a wolf?”

“we found them!” bran said breathlessly.  “their mother was dead, and there were six of them.  enough for each of us.”

for each of us?  arya’s eyes went wide and she looked around.  

“shouldn’t you be in your lessons, little sister?” jon asked as he approached.  he had two wolves in his arms–a white one with red eyes who was gnawing at the leather laces of jon’s vest and a silver one that was looking around eagerly.  

“is that one mine?” arya asked excitedly, holding out her hands.  

jon grinned at her.  “of course she is.”  he tiped the wolf pup into her arms and…

the pup was warm and her paws scrabbled against arya’s arms for just a moment.  “i’ve got you,” arya whispered to her.  her fur was so soft and arya could feel her little heart racing against her hands as she held her to her chest.

“mine’s called ghost,” jon said grinning.  “looks like one, doesn’t he?”

“what’s yours called?” arya asked bran.

“not sure yet,” bran said, frowning.  

“mine’s named grey wind,” robb said.  he’d come over too and held three pups in his arms.  “here, take this one, will you?” he handed jon a black one with dark green eyes whose colored contrasted sharply with the color of jon’s own pup.  “that’ll probably be rickon’s.  sansa will want the gentle one.”

“rickon’s a baby.  he should have a gentle one,” arya said.

“rickon will be frightened of them no matter what.  he’s only three,” bran said.  he looked between the wolves in jon’s and robb’s arms.  “i think he’ll like the black one more.  once he’s used to it.  he likes running around and this one will need to run i think.”  arya chewed her lip.  it was a good point.  

she let out a yelp that turned into a giggle.  the wolf–her wolf–was sniffing at her neck with a cool nose and a moment later she was licking arya the way the hounds sometimes did when she played with them.  she likes me! arya thought excitedly. she likes me!  and so quickly too.  

“pick wisely,” theon said as he came over.  “names are powerful things and you wouldn’t want to pick the wrong one.”

arya’s mind was spinning hard.  ghost, grey wind… both of them seemed like unearthly names.  but there was something so wonderfully earthly about the wolf which was still nuzzling her neck.  she wished bran had picked a name.  then she’d have a better idea.

the problem was the only names she could think of were names.  family names, stark names, and it felt wrong, somehow, to name a wolf after someone in her family.  she’d name her after some hero in the songs, but most of the girls in songs were there for the men to love, and her wolf wasn’t there for men to love.

“no name for the baby hell bitch?” theon asked.  jon elbowed him and arya glared.  “what–that’s what she’ll be.  wolves make fearsome bitches, everyone knows that. and that’s a direwolf.  a queen bitch.”

that made arya smile.  she looked at the pup in her arms again and as she turned her head the pup turned hers as well and began licking arya’s face.  she giggled again.  “nymeria,” she said happily.  “a queen of wolves.”

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Ooo congratulations on your new job! Since it's prom season... how about a promposal fic? I guess in Auradon's case it would be a ball-posal though! :) Congrats again!

Oh, how cute! I didn’t get back until much later than I planned, so I’m writing this while I’m tired, but it’s too cute!

Guilt was becoming a more familiar emotion the longer they were in Auradon and it was one of the few things that Mal hated about her new school. She had felt it when Ben was drugged into loving her, she felt it when she held Fairy Godmother’s wand in her hands, she felt it every time she looked at her mother, small and scaly in a tiny cage.

Looking at the pride and excitement on Jay’s face, Mal felt that dreaded guilt again.

“I’ve been working on this for two nights,” he boasted. “I’ve kept it hidden under my bed, Pup has no idea.”

Mal didn’t roll her eyes at Jay’s ridiculously sweet nickname for his boyfriend. He never made fun of the names Evie gave her, she could return the courtesy.

“Are you sure he’ll…like this, Jay?”

“What do you mean?”

A giant, bright poster, spanning nearly the width of the room, laid at their feet. Swirled, elegant lettering spelt out ‘Carlos De Vil, will you go to prom with me?’ while stickers and crudely hand-drawn cartoons decorated the edges.

Jay looked at her cautiously, as if Mal was about to tear him down as often as she use to. “I was gonna have the cheerleaders hold it up at-.”

“Hold it up at the end of the last game.” Mal finished. “You told me. You said you were going to make a crazy announcement and have the tourney team lift Carlos in the air for it all?”

“Yep.” Jay crossed his arms and grinned.

“But Carlos doesn’t… He doesn’t like being the center of attention, Jay.” Mal pushed. “It makes him uncomfortable and nervous.”

He made a face, a mix of surprise and confusion, as if Jay doesn’t understand how he didn’t consider that or how Mal remembered it before he did. Jay furrowed his brows. “I-I know that.” He said quickly. “I was gonna make it quick.”

“Are you sure you want to ask him like this? I know you mean well, but this might embarrass him.”

“No it won’t!” Jay clenched his fists. “The whole point of this is to show I’m not embarrassed of him!” Mal opened her mouth to speak, but thought better of it, waiting for Jay to continue. “I… I want Carlos to know that I… I like him and I don’t care who knows it.”

Mal considered his words, hand on hip. She ventured over to Jay’s bed and gestured for him to sit beside her. “Maybe Carlos just needs to know that you like him and that’s all. You don’t need to make a big deal of your relationship to the school for him to know that.”

“It was gonna be big and spectacular,” Jay pouted. “It was gonna be memorable.”

“How about just make it special for Carlos? He’s the only one you’re asking, not the whole school.”

Jay rested his chin on his hands. “I guess. All the Pup would really want is just for me to ask him in between classes or something,” he muttered.

Mal snickered. “You can make it a little more special than that. It’s not like your only options are to make a spectacle or to do nothing. It’ll still be nice to make it special.”

“Well what are you doing that’s so special?” A moment passed. “You don’t have anything planned, do you?”

“No.” Mal joined him, slouching forward to rest her chin on her hands. “I was just gonna ask her with flowers and chocolate but that’s too simple for E. I mean, she’ll love anything I do because she’s Evie. But I want her to really love it. Nothing is grand enough.”

“We should switch.”

“No thanks. Carlos is pretty, but not as pretty as Evie.”

Jay laughed and punched her shoulder. “I meant we should trade promposal ideas, not relationship partners.”

“That’s…not a bad idea, actually.” Mal sat straighter, finger to her lips in thought. “Can you get Carlos’ name off of that sign?”

“I was joking.”

It was Mal’s turn to punch his shoulder. “But it’s perfect. E would love a huge, crazy prom ask in front of the whole school. I already bought the choc- don’t give me that look. Yes, I bought them, not stole - I bought the chocolates already, you can have them if I can take your sign.”

Jay gave her a sideways look. “Flowers and chocolate… Well, maybe chocolate and a new tool kit would really make Carlos happy. He would love that actually.”

“Let me take a look at this sign,” Mal hopped off of the bed and knelt on the ground. “I could go over and re-do a lot of these pictures,” she traced Jay’s pencil sketches and looked up, “I can definitely improve this. Can you pull some favors with the tourney team for me?”

“Yeah. You scare the piss out of Chad and Ben is still sweet on you,” Jay snickered. “If you get Evie out on the field at the end of the game, I can hook you up with the megaphone.”

A grin took over Mal’s face. Her smiles were no longer mischievous and nasty, but genuine and excited; the reminder of the change in his friend brought a smile to Jay’s own face.

“This is gonna be perfect! E will love having everyone watch her get asked to prom and have the cheerleaders holding up signs for her,” Mal’s grin grew at the idea of surprise and happiness on her girlfriend’s face. This is exactly what Evie would want, she bloomed like the fairest flower under attention and would flourish being in front of the entire student body.

Mal stood quickly, reaching for the door and calling over her shoulder. “I’m going to run back to my room, I’ll bring the box of chocolates and some paint!”

Her guilt for ruining Jay’s grand promposal effort was forgotten and replaced with two new emotions: excitement and joy. True, Mal had never experienced those things before Auradon, but the reason for them had been with her for many years. Excitement and joy were found in expressive brown eyes and curly blue hair, in soft hands and a softer voice, in ridiculous nicknames and in kisses that left Mal breathless.

And Goodness, she was going to make asking Evie to prom as exciting and joyful as the princess herself.

So I just had a thought that I’d write some Werewolf Avengers after I post the Stuckony Porn fic. (When will that be? I have no idea honestly. Also this got kind of long so if you’re interested watch out for under the cut!)

So here’s the thought process: All of the Avengers barring Thor are werewolves. Clint, Natasha, and Tony were all born wolves. Steve and Bruce were turned via the Serum and the gamma rays. Tony is the only one that experienced a functional pack–Clint still joined the circus and Natasha was still raised via Red Room. When they come together, they are a pack of broken wolves. Steve’s only pack ever consisted of the Howling Commandos and they were all human. He has no idea how to run an actual pack of werewolves, and Tony is somewhat tight-lipped about how normal werewolves interact with each other.

Howard was not a werewolf, but he had no problem with Maria being one. (I have and always will believe that Howard loved his wife. No one will take this from me.) In fact, one of Tony’s earliest memories is his mom dragging Howard into the den to snuggle in front of the fire with them. Maria’s biggest regret for her pup is that she could never make him understand that Howard, a human, would never truly give him the affection he longed for; her biggest regret for her mate is that he failed Tony without even trying, without even being at fault, simply because he was human, and she didn’t know how to help ease their relationship.

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Wolf EXO w/ their kids

So this is my first post on this page and this post was heavily inspired by me reading @exowolfblog ‘s posts! I’ve been obsessed with wolf!EXO recently and I’m so excited to be writing this!

Of course this is my interpretation so my ideas can be different from yours! And gifs are not mine! 

Enjoy! <3


Originally posted by yixingsosweet

  • I can least say that our precious Xiu would have two kids. He would have a little boy, and his precious little girl. The boy would come first, his princess coming along two years later. 
  • Xiumin would melt into a puddle the first time he would get to hold his pups. The little man would be so small compared to him and when he opens his eyes, Xiumin is forever hooked. Legit, he will be staring at him for hours just in amazement on how small he is. 
  • Then after his prince grows older and some other members start having kids, Xiu gets into the baby fever again and you two are blessed with a little princess. 
  • He is forever protective over them, through the pregnacy and all. He made sure you were always taken care of and he was always the one who got up at three in the morning to soothe the babes back to sleep.
  • And who knows, maybe there will be a third Kim on the way?


Originally posted by cakefuls

  • Our deer boy would have three kids, two boys and a girl. One of the boys would come first, three years later a little girl, then another boy a year later.
  • Luhan is putty in their little hands paws. 
  • He’s a bit freaked out at first when the first pup comes along. He was scared that he would mess up their lives up but as they’re born and he takes care of them, he really deserves the title of ‘The Best Dad in the World!’ on his presents on Father’s Day. 
  • I have this headcanon with Lu playing with his kids hair. When the boys would be on his chest, he would play with their hair and massage their heads. He would do it without even noticing and it would gradually put the boys the boys sleep. Then when princess would be on his chest, he would do it to her and she would also fall asleep to it. It would become the best way of getting them asleep.
  • And he is forever having them outside. Whether it’s them hunting, playing soccer, or even dragging sticks in the dirt, Lu is always out with his bby’s. 
  • And Luhan would be very protective. Any problem at school, dad’s on it. A bully, dad’s on it. He goes out of his way to make sure his pups are always happy and he can listen to their endless babble talk about nothing while they color.


Originally posted by lil-unicorn-yixing

  • Kris would have twin girls, and boy does his tough alpha male phyisic disappear in a snap. While I was typing this up, I could just imagine his little girls being his entire world.
  • When they’re born, he’s in so much awe, he can not take his eyes off of them. Then when he holds them and they look up at him, he turns into this pouty puppy and he sheds a few tears. He’ll look at them, then to you, and he thanks his lucky stars that he has his own family.
  • He is SO PROTECTIVE over them. Being the leader of EXO-M, Kris would be the second alpha, so he would always make sure that his girls are safe and no wolf would try to take them and try to destroy him. Lowkey though, I can imagine Kris wrapping them up in four layers of clothes when they go out in the snow so they have no chance of getting cold even though they’re basically walking furnaces. 
  • They are also forever clinged onto his legs. They both turn into a giggly mess as he walks through the living room and he will willing do a whole tour of the house just so he can hear their giggles. 
  • And he never can say no to his little girls. They’re big doe eyes and pouty lips would be their biggest weapon and they get everything they want.


Originally posted by suhomysuho

  • I imagine Suho having two sets of twins, the first set boys, and the second set being girls, and the sets being a year a part. 
  • The second set would actually come as a surprise. All through the pregnancy, all the ultra-sounds only showed one bby and one heart beat but delivery day comes, they leave the hospital with two beautiful little girls. 
  • The kids would be absolutly spoiled. It wouldn’t matter if they were at the store or begging for another cookie before dinner, he would crack and would slip the extra cookie and as they get older they ban together against him so they’ll get whatever they want because they know he’ll say yes.
  • Family cuddles are also very present in the Kim household. He loves his family so much he will lay there for hours just to tell you and the pups how much he loves you. 
  • And Suho would buy the biggest king sized matress he could just so the babies would have their own wiggle room. The kids would gradually “sleep walk” into your and Suho’s room and they would just wiggle their way in between you two, whining until they were wrapped up by one of you. 
  • Smart ass kids. He would teach  them basic skills when they were young whether it was how to fold clothes or how to make a fire with sticks, he would always have something new to teach them. And they can pick up instructions very easily. 
  • Unless Uncle Jongin is teaching them how to dance.


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

  • Lay would have three kids. Two boys, being one year a part, then a girl who is three years a part from baby #2. 
  • His boys are his little minime’s. They would enheirit so much off of him and they would even pick up his habits in a snap. 
  • The boys would be so hyper omg. Lay could come home with his eyes barely open, but when he steps through the door, those two crazy pups run across the house and cling onto his legs and suddenly sleep becomes a thing of the past. They can play and wrestle for hours on end and not be tired. And some days they would cuddle up on the couch and they would be asleep with them on his chest. 
  • Then his little girl comes along. You dare look at her the wrong way, angry dad comes out. A bit more protective with her than he is the boys, but all for good reasons. “The only boys you need are your brothers." 
  • She’s forever on him too. Whether it’s a piggy back ride or he’s flat up in the middle of the bathroom hugging her, they’re basically inseperable. She’s also 100% okay with that. 
  • Yixing just loves his kids so much and he always reminding them on how much he loves them and he is always praising you on what amazing wife/mate you are and how lucky and appreciative he is to you have how you brought him such amazing kids.


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

  • Our precious baby would have three babies. Two girls being two years a part then a boy being a year behind. 
  • The sass is rEAl. The Byun kids are forever sassing Baek and their cousins, even picking up some adult language from uncle Kris. 
  • They want to touch EV.ERY.THING. Whether they’re little toddlers playing with their binkies or a picture frame of you and Baek from your wedding, they always have something in their hands. And lowkey destructive devils. 
  • They’re forever rough-housing and breaking something and teaming together to steal that extra cookie. 
  • But over-all the sweetest kids you will ever see. Always helping mom with dinner, or helping their cousins with their homework, they are always there when you need them. 
  • Head canon: baby #3 is such a momma’s boy help.
  • SQUISHY CHEEKS FOR DAYS. Baek is forever squishing their cheeks, from day one to the first day of high school. "Dad, you’re embarassing me!” “But I can’t help it! They’re so SQUISHY!!”


Originally posted by chanchen4ever

  • The second member of the Beagle Line would have three kids, two girls and a boy. The girls would be a year a part and the boy would be two years behind. 
  • His first born is litterally his best friend. As soon as she’s able to control her form, she is out in the woods running with Dae and they’re always going to town to pick up groceries. Basically if it involves moving anywhere, they’re locked hip to hip. 
  • Bby #2 is the definition of a daddy’s girl. He always has to coach her to choose an ice cream flavor for he’s always there to tie her shoes when she’s gets too frustrated and she gets everything she wants. 
  • Even though babe #1 is clingy to Dae, bby #2 is basically glued to him. But when Chen’s baby boy comes around, he gets so soft. It’s such a headcanon. 
  • Even though Chen connects deeply with his girls, the first time babe #3 gets sick, reality hits him. When the bby gets sick, you’re at work and Dae has to take care of him and he gets his sisters sick too
  • The Kim kids are known for their display of affection and constantly wanting attention, but bby #3 takes that to a whole new level. He is fairly young when he gets sick and he wants nothing but to lay on his daddy’s chest because that’s the safest place in the world. Dae is always at his aid 24/7 even sleeping with mom and dad  and is treated like a little prince. 
  • Sorry for talking about the son so much, it’s just such a headcannon.


Originally posted by dailypetal

  • It makes sense for a husband to want kids, but our Yeollie can’t help himself and winds up with five kids. And he wants more. 
  • His oldest would be a boy, then following a year after that, he’d get another boy. Then another year later, twin girls! And then two years later, he get’s another little boy. 
  • Chanyeol is the most hyper in the Beagle Line out of my eyes so you bet that Channie’s kids are the craziest of all the EXO kids. 
  • Starting out strong, his two boys are the life of the party in the pack house. They’re always putting on some show, running around or even playing one of dad’s instruments, you just know they’re there. And he loves watching them. 
  • He’s one of those dad’s that has no restrictions and mom is the head of the house no matter how much Chan wants to argue about it. 
  • Next come his twins and oh my god he can barely keep up. Them on top of their brothers, you and Channie still struggle getting sleep after the baby years are over because there are some nights to where they aren’t all asleep until almost two in the morning. 
  • The last pup is actually the tamest out of the five. Unlike his older siblings, he’s reserved on the normal but when he is with his siblings, he transforms into this wild child and there is no stopping him the crazy evil maknae. 
  • Chanyeol really loves his kids though. He takes the time out of everyday to wake up early to wake them all up in unique ways, showering all of them in affection and he gives out at least two hundred kisses a day. 
  • He’s also a huge role model for them because they admire all the things he does for them and he provides the most he can for his family.


Originally posted by prkchaeyoung

  • Just like Kris, I feel like Soo would be blessed with two girls, but they would be two years apart. 
  • In the beginning when you and Soo had began to talk about kids, he honestly wanted one pup. He wasn’t in the baby fever as much as his other members were, Chanyeol, but once he got to experience parenthood, he couldn’t help but want another. 
  • His girls are his everything, including you of course. He is forever wanting to go out and show off his beautiful family. And he loves saying, “Do, party of four." 
  • His girls would heavily take after you with your looks and personaility, but they would have the unbelievable sass of their dad. 
  • They’re also a bit more hyper, most likely due to their hyper cousins. The girls bring Soo out of his shell by a mile-stone, but SatanSoo is also very present. 
  • Soo is very protective over his pups so not a lot slides by him. There is one day where babe #1 is getting bullied at school by a bunch of kids from their rival back and you bet your buttons that Soo is at the school bright and early ready to set the parents straight. "It’s bad enough we have to deal with you mutts, but you feel the need to teach your kids the same habits? Discusting." 
  • Like I said, don’t mess with his pups.


Originally posted by anki-tao

  • Our little diva would have twins, a boy and a girl.
  • So spoiled tbh. The most spoiled out of the whole pack. But he does it for the soul purpose to take care of them and give them the best because they deserve the world. 
  • But even though they’re spoiled, they’re hard working kids and they’re always helping mom or other members. Tao teaches them from a young age that you should always work and do your best and you will recieve the best in return. He is forever attached to them, like he never wants to put them down. 
  • And Tao is forever calling them 'my babies,’ or 'my pups.' 
  • He loves people asking about the little ones just so he can show them off. It’s his favorite thing to do. But he has the biggest smile on his face when he talks about them. He is SO proud of them. Then he’ll get carried away and he can talk about them for hours. 
  • Sehun: "Hyung, that’s great that they counted to five but I really need to go back to my work.” Tao: “But that’s not even the bEst PART.”


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

  • This is such a head canon of mine. Kai would have four kids, souly just to have his own army of kids.
  • His first born would be a boy then another boy two years later. Then he’d get in the baby fever again, and a year later he’s got twins(boy and girl). 
  • Just like Tao, he loves to spoil them. He wants his kids to have everything because they’re the best humans on the planet and never wants his pups to be without something. He gets banned from taking the kids to the grocery store because he spends WAY more than he needs to just because he gives into the puppy dogs faces. 
  • He is so fascinated with everything they do. One day he watches the twins color for a straight hour just because he is so fascinated on how focused they are and how they don’t color outside of the lines. 
  • And he is forever watching them sleep. 
  • And once the pups are born, Kai turns into a jungle gym. His princess is forever on his shoulders it’s her favorite place, one of the boys is wrapped around his left foot while the other is on his right leg, and he’s got the other boy dangling off of his arm(or Kai is carrying him). 
  • And as they grow up, he’s forever whining over his body being sore because they still crawl on him, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Originally posted by r-velvets

  • And last but not least I can see our maknae having three little pups: twin boys and then a year later a litte girl.
  • Headcanon, ever since he started to think of having puppies, he’s always wanted a girl. He wanted to have his own little princess that he could spoil to death but when his boys come along, he’s wrapped around their little fingers. Cried at their birth. 
  • He is forever holding them and he is always so interested in what they do and he wants to be right by their side every second of the day. 
  • And anytime you’re having a family movie night, he’s got the most loving look on his face as he watches you and your boys focusing on the silly movie. And family movie nights are a mUST, you have to have them at least two times a week. EXO is a big pack and of course he loves being with his members and their little pups all the time, but our Sehunnie loves being with just him and his boys. 
  • Then a little bit after it’s the boys first birthday, he’s like, “let’s have another baby.” And by golly does he get his little princess. Defiently cried when she was born. 
  • He litterally kills any flies that come her way because he is so protective over her. He is so gentle and causious with her. He was afraid to hold her at first and you swear that he actually thought she was made of glass. 
  • He is forever wanting to feed her or bathe her just so she can see her giggle and make some kind of mess. She is also forever on his chest sleeping and the boys are right beside her, wrapped up in his arms. 
  • Family naps also becomes a huge thing because it’s literally the best thing in the world and everyone is so warm and cuddly.

Here’s to the terrified shelter dogs, paralyzed with fear, that only need a kind word and soft hand to help them open up… if only people would give them the chance.

This poor pup was brought in as a stray. He sits motionless in his kennel, wide eyed and terrified of any who may pass by. Like so many before him, all he needed was a little reassurance. He went from growling in fear, to climbing in my lap in a matter of seconds. The shelter environment is scary for many dogs.. I just wish people realized that the terrified dog they see in the shelter is typically not the one they would see at home.

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I know you said no more fox hux but I love the headcanon you made about him being scared of thunder. Maybe, if you feel like it, could you write something for it? please?

Kylo isn’t sure what sound rouses him from sleep.

Whether it’s the rumble of thunder, the crack of lightning or the rain pounding on the window, Kylo is now wide awake regardless.

It’s the middle of the night, Kylo notes as he blinks himself into alertness, realising that his fox isn’t lying next to him like he was hours ago when they’d fallen into bed.

“Hux?” Kylo shouts, sitting up, noting that their bathroom light isn’t on so Hux isn’t in there.

But there comes another flash of lightning before the noise of thunder follows a few seconds later, and then frightened whimpers sound from underneath the bed.

Kylo frowns, climbing out of bed to look underneath, only to see Hux huddled in on himself, lithe body shaking, eyes scrunched closed and his fox ears flattened to his head.

“Oh, Hux,” Kylo says softly, kneeling down, surprised that Hux has managed to even fit underneath their bed. “Is it the thunder?”

“I hate it, Kylo,” Hux says, hands covering his human ears. “It’s so loud and bad and–”

Another flash, another rumble. Hux cowers and Kylo’s heart flutters. He reaches under the bed, stroking down the soft curve of the fox’s back and to his tail, smoothing the wayward fur back into place.

“Come back into bed, sweetheart,” Kylo says. “It’s warmer, I’ll protect you.”

Hux opens his eyes and moves his hands away from his ears, and slowly crawls out from underneath the bed and into Kylo’s arms, who lifts him bridal style into a strong embrace. Nuzzling his nose into Kylo’s neck, the fox cries quietly as his mate holds him tight, the rain hammering down on their windows. They settle back into bed and Hux nestles as close to Kylo’s chest as he can manage, his fox ears tickling the underneath of Kylo’s chin.

“Ssh, it’s alright,” Kylo smiles, kissing the top of Hux’s head. “It can’t hurt you.”

“That’s what my mother used to tell me and my brothers,” Hux murmurs, and Kylo feels his lover tremble. “Even on the same night as–”

Hux’s voice trails off, pulling the blankets over them as the lightning and the thunder finally sync, the rumble sounding at the same time as the big flash.

“Same night as what, Hux? Talk to me. You’re shaking.”

The rain eases as the storm passes over their apartment building, moving with the winds. The fox breathes out, his ears returning to their usual alertness rather than flatten to his head against the loud assaults from the storm. He pushes himself out of Kylo’s hold, brushing stray hair out of his eyes as he sits up, back against the headboard, grey tee baggy on his small frame.

“The same night as the fire.”

Kylo sits up too, unnerved by the fearful looks in the fox’s eyes.

“The fire?”

Hux nods.

“I was part of a litter of four.” A small smile ghosts Hux’s lips. “Four boys to one parent. Our mother did her best for us but a litter of any more than 2 to a kitsune, male or female, means a lot of energy so the pups can be a handful.”

Kylo can’t help but imagine Hux as a small boy, able to shift into a little foxling, playing with his 3 brothers whilst their mother sat nearby and watched over her children with a proudness in her eyes.

“You’ve never mentioned your brothers before,” Kylo says, smiling, but it fades when he sees Hux’s expression fall.

“I’m the only one left.”

Kylo’s chest clenches, and tears fall from Hux’s eyes.

“It was the worst storm I’ve ever seen. My mother tried to take us deeper into the forest to find shelter after our den had been destroyed but everywhere was engulfed in flames. One of my brothers was injured, and whilst running back to help him, another became hurt and they were lost to the fire. I remember running to them but falling instead, slipping down into a hole in the forest floor and…that’s all I remember. I woke up to my home destroyed and my family with it. My three brothers and my mother. So you see, I have no brothers to talk about.”

Without hesitating, Kylo takes Hux into his arms, kissing his cheek and rubbing his nose against him like he knows comforts Hux in a way that only a fellow kitsune would know. Hux cries into his mate’s shoulder as the thunder fades completely into the distance, leaving the softly-falling rain the only sound to comfort them.

“I’m sorry, Hux,” Kylo says, wishing he could somehow stop his fox from hurting. “I’ve lost family too. Not in the same way, but…I know the grief kills a little part of you every time you think of them.”

“Their spirits live on with mine,” Hux says, sitting up to look at Kylo’s eyes. “That’s what we believe. Kitsunes. Death means the joining of souls, giving strength to the ones still fighting in Life. But…I still miss them.”

Kylo doesn’t know how to respond. Feeling compelled as Hux’s only remaining family, and mate, he takes hold of his hand and squeezes hard.

And to his delight, Hux squeezes back, equally as sorry about Kylo’s own pain.

“It’s alright, Ren,” Hux nods, tail wafting behind him. “I have you.”

“You do,” Kylo says softly, bringing Hux’s knuckles up to his lips to kiss. “You always will. By the spirits of your brothers, I swear it.”

And Hux’s eyes glow like Kylo has never seen before.

Nevada Ramirez & Crybaby: and ‘Cookie’

Yea… this happened… I’m still really distracted by Raúl and the puppy…

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Canon Character: Nevada ‘Trujillo’ Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights)
OC: ‘Crybaby’ Caroline, long-time girlfriend and consistent thorn in his side.
The Ta-Do: House party, not too far from their new apartment.
Warnings: Cussing, drug use (smokin’ reefer), feels.


While pouting, she twist a bit at the waist, mostly just to please him. “What'dya want?” Hollering, over the music coming from someone’s shitty speaker system. “I’m busy.”

Nevada groaned, started shouldering his way through the crowd so he could manage to curl a hand around her wrist. “You’re not busy,” he splayed fingers out towards the little collection of now-hushed girls she was standing with; pretty young ladies wearing too-short skirts, gossiping and chatting about nothing really important- “You’re chattin’, c'mon.”

He tugged at her waist, Caroline rolled her eyes and began reciting her ’I’m sorry’s to the girls who understood, as she was drug through the little apartment. There really shouldn’t be this many people here, she thought to herself, while struggling to maintain the pace of her man’s strides. It was probably a fire hazard, or should be…

But nobody really cared about that.

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Werewolf Ratonhnhaké:ton x Reader Headcanons

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A/N: The gif depicts DLC Tyranny of King Washington’s Ratonhnhaké:ton  but these headcanons take place during the normal events of Assassin’s Creed III. I am 100% sure that this isn’t how headcanons work but this is my first one so, here I go!

Word Count: 2,500+

Prologue: The end of the war was nowhere in sight when the Mohawk Assassin encountered you. You were living away from the bustling cities of New York and Boston, settled in the cozy cabin that had once belonged to a relative but that now was owned by you. The skies were radiant in many shades of red as the sun began to set and Connor stood, in the forest staring in awe at you even though he knew he should not be, enraptured in the beauty that was you.

He had lost so many things in his life that he had resigned ever finding his soulmate. This mentality had hardened his heart yet he knew that it would protect him from ever feeling the pain of losing or never finding that special person made especially for him to love.

He had really given thought to never making contact with you. To let you live your life away from him and the dangers he could bring to you. Not only was his work as an assassin very demanding but there was a war waging on around them that first needed to finish before he could be able to focus on even gaining your affections. It wasn’t until Kanen'tó:kon offered his friend some much needed wise words did it made Connor stop fighting his instinct that made him want to be at your side: “Each day that passes is a day you’ll never get back, Ratonhnhaké:ton. We both know the value each day holds and letting them pass by may be what you most regret should anything happen.”

It was then that Connor realized that he had already lost too much and he truly did not want to lose you.

-          The first time that you had met the handsome native man was when a travelling merchant friend of yours chose to set up camp on the road nearest to your cabin. It was almost a tradition for the merchant to stop and bring the best goods from the cities to you and for you to meet him in that exact spot a few times a month. You had gone to trade and buy some necessities and was in the middle of the transaction when the massive native wearing white robes appeared wishing to sell some furs for coin.

-          Never had you ever seen anyone more graceful and beautiful; this interest went both ways as the merchant, who seemed to be acquaintances with both of you, happily conducted business as the two of you told glances at one another.

-          He was on your mind as you returned home that night and remained in your thoughts for the days to come.

-          You had sketched the markings he had on his face in one of the many small notebooks you used to house your art. You chided yourself for giving a man you did not even know and most likely would never see again so much time…and you also chided yourself for not being able to capture his impressiveness. You did only have short little glances though.

-          In the nights of a full moon the song of the wolves would travel with the wind and in through the windows of your cabin. It was always a worry for you, how close the wolves always seemed to be. You had seen a pack run through the forests once and even made eye contact with the one who was the biggest; frightening so! Even from a distance there was something hypnotizing and, strangely enough, reassuring about its glowing blue eyes.

-          Connor spent his time insuring your safety in the short lapses of time when he was not on an errand or a mission. The land you lived on was highly protected by his pack who warded off any predators or attackers, human and not, who drew to close to you for his liking.

-          Connor got into the routine of going to the travelling merchant instead of the general stores in the cities only because he could see you there. The merchant may not have as much coin as the men in the city could offer but that was a small price to pay because seeing you, even though it was short, was priceless.

-          You had spoken to him the fifth time you had seen him. Connor had heard your breathing change, a breath taken in to signify the beginning of speech, but still he was caught off guard to hear the soft melody of your voice ask him; “What’s your name?”

-          You had slightly surprised yourself when you asked him and whatever confidence you had felt quickly melted when he turned his body to face you, when his eyes meant yours. Your heart immediately started to dance within your chest, wildly trying to reach out to him; the man who politely held his hands in front of him, whose large brown eyes excitedly waited to hear your voice again, and whose expression expertly hid the nervousness he felt.

-          “My name is Connor.”

-          “Connor,” you tried, enjoying the way his name rolled off your tongue, entertaining the fact that you knew this was not his real name but using it as it was the one he gave you. “I thought I’d introduce myself, seeing as you frequent this spot as much as I do. I’m (Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N).”

-          Over the next few months, the two of you had become great friends. There was not many people to have conversation with where you lived so you appreciated his presence. You had never felt fear around him and he showed you that you had made the right choice in trusting him with each day that passed.

-          His attentions grew during the winter months. He made sure that everyone in the homestead had enough food, water, and fire wood to keep them going every day, not just in the winter, so you could imagine how much he worried about you.

-          He forgot to take care of himself sometimes. Being as busy as he was, he sometimes chose to skip a meal in order to weaken the Templar hold on the colonies and you knew this (well, not necessarily exactly this; you did not have the complete knowledge of Connor’s work, creed, and even what he really was) so you made it your job to always make enough food to feed your dear friend.

-          The affections between the two of you only continued to grow though no one would admit anything until, of course, the two of you could not hide it anymore. It was the following spring when your hearts could not take being teased any longer, having been so close yet so far.

-          It was the following spring that brought along confessions and kisses.

After the Confessions:

-          Ratonhnhaké:ton felt liberated by finally being able to tell you exactly how much he adored you and exactly how much he craved being able to hold you in his arms. He wanted to tell you everything at that moment; to reveal his identity as an assassin, to tell you of his true nature but he rationalized that it was too early and that it was too much. He had you. He was patient. Soon, he would be able to tell you everything about himself but he decided not to do it now.

-          You enjoyed sitting beside the fire and gazing up at the stars your father had once loved so much with Connor sitting near you.

-          You had been extremely interested in his heritage; shyly asking questions that warmed Connor’s heart and which he gladly answered. He even told you the stories the stars held within his people and he will admit that he has smiled at the attentive look you always had when he spoke.

-          Connor was a quick learner, given that something interests him and nothing interested more than you. He clever began to learn many things about you. What you preferred to eat, what fruits you enjoyed, what vegetables you did not like, what colors you thought were pretty, what flowers you loved, what he needed to say or do to make you laugh, everything. He wanted to make you happy.

-          Wolves often accompanied werewolves; they looked up to their bigger counterparts and enjoyed being their aid whenever they could. A small pup, one that was particularly curious and enjoyed following Connor around, stumbled her way to the steps of your cabin and with her tiny voice called out to the man that watched you lively converse with him inside your living room. He had tensed slightly, instinctively wanting to check on the little one that waited for him but not wanting to do something that you would deem strange.

-          You had reacted almost immediately, though, quickly rushing to the little one’s aid. Connor watched as you slowly approached the small grey pup, not wanting to scare her away, and extended a hand for her to sniff. The pup didn’t need much convincing, deeming everything to be safe with Connor around, and quickly wiggled around your feet until you sat down and allowed her to climb onto your lap.

-          The entire timey your heart was melting as this had never happened to you and the pup was so extremely adorable.

-          “Connor, look! Oh my goodness, she’s so small! Her little paws and tail! I have never seen anything so adorable! Oh, look! Be careful, little one! Oh, she’s just so cute!”

-          Connor once again smiled.

-          Connor never showed up empty handed. He always brought flowers with him or food or a small trinket he wanted you to have.

-          You had been reading in your bed by candlelight when you looked out of your window and saw the blue eyed wolf again. Being larger than any wolf that you had ever seen, you held your breath as you watched the beast near your cabin and it was only after the initial shock of seeing it so close that you noticed it was injured. Severely. It limped closer to your home until it couldn’t walk anymore and fell to his side just a few feet away from the steps to your home and you quickly got up letting your instinct to help takeover even though you knew that this was a very dangerous situation. The people that lived around these parts knew of this wolf, knew it was the apex predator of the forest and they were fearful of it as it could never be hunted or killed.

-          But something didn’t let this stop you. You needed to help it. Something in your heart commanded it.

-          You mended his wounds to the best of your ability as you tried to ignore the size of the wolf. It could easily reach your shoulder in height if it had been standing. You timidly reached your hand out and gently pet the side of its face, trying to sooth it so that it didn’t feel the pain that you were sure he was suffering through. He had been so quiet the entire time, closing his eyes tightly, not whimpering. He seemed grateful for your help as he leaned into your touch and let out a loud breath.  You felt such a strong need to protect him but you also felt hopeless; you were no medic and though you had tried your best you feared it wasn’t enough.

-          “It’ll be alright. I know someone who will be able to help you better than I. Connor will arrive in the morning but until then, I will stay with you. I promise.”

-          Connor did not arrive in the morning, nor the next. You took care of the wolf as much as you could of until you went inside to get something to feed him and when you went outside, he was gone. The wound had only gotten slightly better so you knew it must have been difficult for him to leave but you understood the wolf’s independence and though your heart was sad you wished him well.

-          Connor should have, perhaps, gone elsewhere but in his moment of pain he had made his way to you. He had not been as careful as he needed to be, having been distracted by Stephane (as the French-canadian man needed his help), and ended up taking the injuries meant for his friend. He knew he would heal quicker in his wolf form so he left for the woods after his enemies were vanquished and blindly went straight to you.

-          He had been injured by silver which meant that his wounds would take longer than normal to heal but once he deemed himself better he went to visit you. You had been worried sick and quickly asked him many questions, which he answered, until you were satisfied enough.

-          “I was so worried that something happened to you, Connor, I could barely sleep.”

-          “Forgive me. I did not mean to worry you.”

-          Connor was so touched. He had friends, he had his people, he had many who loved him but having you worry for him and care for him as you had (though you had not known) warmed him. He had not realized how deprived he was of affection until he met you and like a small pup he craved it.

-          “Connor, you’re bleeding!”

-          He had offered to help collect more fire wood as he noticed you were reaching a short supply and the movement and excursion caused his wound to be opened. It was annoying, having it heal so slowly because it had been silver.

-          You suggested that he take off his shirt as you rushed to get the limited medical supplies you had and when you returned you turned red at the sight of him shirtless. He noticed, of course, and couldn’t keep the smirk from his lips as you blushed a lovely rosy shade.

-          It was half way through cleaning the wound gently with a rag that you noticed that these wounds were familiar. The clean cuts, their placements, and other characteristics got you thinking of the wolf that you had taken care of. The thought of the connection you had made caused you to giggle because of how ridiculously it was.

-          Connor. A wolf. Ha!

-          “You are amused.”

-          Connor was blunt in his speech which you thought to be an endearing trait as he sometimes said things like “You are very beautiful.” And others like “My boot is wet. It had rained.”

-          “I am but not because you are injured. I don’t want you to think that. I would much prefer it if you did not have these ailments but a few days ago I had an encounter with an injured wolf who had similar cuts. Then I began to think if you had been that wolf and that is where I found humor. Not in your injuries, for I wish you would never ever have to feel pain, Connor. But in the thought that you could have been that wolf.”

-          “I was that wolf.”

-          See? His straight forward answers were sometimes comical.

-          Until you remember that Connor was not one to lie.

-          “Excuse me?”

-          “I was that wolf. I was injured in battle as I tried to protect my comrade. I came here because I felt safe here.”

-          You had become frozen, hand on his shoulder gripping onto the rag but careful not to apply any pressure to the bleeding wound.

-          “…That is not possible.”

-          And so he went on to explain how it was, indeed, possible.

-          “You…You’re a w-werewolf?”

-          “Yes.”

-          “…you were guided here by my scent?”

-          “Yes.”

-          “I have a scent?”

-          “Yes.”

-          “…so that wolf and the ones that are always with it…that’s you?”

-          “Yes.”

-          “And the other wolves are…people too? From your tribe?”

-          “Some of them, yes.”

-          “…Are there other…um…beings, such as you? That aren’t necessarily werewolves but perhaps other things like-“

-          “Vampires?”

-          “Yes…”

-          “Yes. You’ve met one.”

-          “I’ve what?”

-          “Lafayette. He is one.”

-          Processing that information had not be easy. At all. Connor could see how pale you had become at the knowledge that a world much larger than you could ever imagined coexisted with yours. He reached out to you and you did not flinch or move away because you had never felt fear in the presence of Connor and him being a werewolf, though it was startling and surprising, doesn’t change that fact that he would never hurt you.

-          You knew well that Connor would never harm you and though you didn’t fully understand what was happening or how it was happening, you knew that with Connor’s patience and guidance you would one day understand. You were cautious of everything now and you had proven to be stronger than what you thought when you didn’t faint at such a big revelation (you couldn’t faint, Connor’s wound still needed to be treated).

-          It took months for you to understand the supernatural creatures for what they were and not for how books had portrayed them. Even then, it was a lifetime of information that he was condensing into little bits and pieces.

-          And that is not mentioning the moment where Stephane revealed his identity as a Master Assassin. That, though, is a tale for another time.

I Am An Alpha Ch 3: I Can Do This, I Think...

“I can’t do this!” I groan as Jin drags me behind him through the forest. We spent most of the night figuring out where the black dragon’s home base is located and finding a quick path back to the camp so we, or I guess I mean they, can run back after. The land near the massive mansion reeks of them, not in a bad way it’s just so over whelming for me. I smell four wolves inside, three are unfamiliar and one is the wolf from yesterday. A small sigh of relief leaves my lips when I know the head alpha is not there, though that is a problem that Jin quickly realizes.

“The head alpha is out,” Jin informs the group, stopping us just behind the last row of trees that separate the forest from their main property.  There is a green house on one side of the mansion, I can smell flowers and fruits and vegetables. Even with the massive windows on the back of the house I can’t see a single person inside but I know they are here. “They know we’re here.”

“How can you tell?” Tae stares into the house with so much focus I feel like his eyes are going to pop out of his head.

“They are coming out,” Jin nods in the direction of the green house. Four figures step out and scan the forest line. Jin quickly tucks me behind him.

“Come out, come out where ever you are,” One sing songs. His voice sounds so warm and alluring I almost feel tempted to obey but Jin’s firm grip on my arm keeps me low.

Another sighs, already bored with the situation, “We know you are out there, don’t make us come look for you.”

“So many trespassers in two day? I wonder if they are with that mutt we cut up last night,” One chuckles in a deep voice.

My heart shatters at those words, “Cut up?” I echo.

“What a pretty voice,” The first voice purrs.

Another hums in agreement, “I wonder what pretty little creature it came from.”

“Should we go find out?”

The annoyed one voices his opinion, “I think we should just slaughter them now before the hyungs come back.”

“If you insist.”

“Wait,” Namjoon sighs as he stands up from cover. “No need to bring out your claws.”

“You are trespassing on our territory, that gives us permission to slit your throats without question. Lucky for you though, I’m feeling friendly today, now tell us what you are doing here.” The first voice demands.

“The rest of you stand too, I want to know who had the pretty voice,” The other commands. Jin pulls me up with him, still blocking me from view. The others join us, Joon is standing at point, Jin and Yoongi are flanking him with the other three standing at the back.

Namjoon bows as he introduces himself, “I am Kim Namjoon, we came looking for our pup, you caught him yesterday. We are sorry for being on your territory, we didn’t realize who you were until after. So if you could just give us back our pup we will be on our way.”

“Why would we just hand him over? We have a nice new chew toy.”

“We have something that you want more,” He offers.

One chuckles, “What do you have that we would want?”

“Your mate.”

There is a brief moment of silence before a chorus of growls come from the four alphas, “Mate.” I cling to Jin’s jacket, both out of fear and excitement. There is a silent fight for dominance as both my pack and my mates release their alpha pheromones. My omega instincts are screaming at me to drop to my knees and bare my neck, to submit just to get this to stop. I hold on to Jin tighter as my knees begin to loose their ability to hold me up. Jin, who is masking my scent, notices my suddenly trembling hands.

“Where is she? Do you have her with you? Where the fuck is she?” The first demands impatiently.

“We want our pup first, but since neither your head alpha, or your second in command, aren’t here we are going to have to come back later.”

“There is no way in hell we are letting you leave without handing over our mate.”

“We aren’t holding her back, she’s here for the pup as well,” Jin tells them, slipping a hand behind his back he offers it to me for stability and comfort. I accept it and let out a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding. “Please reel your pheromones in though, you are scaring her.”

“Why can’t we smell her?” The first whines almost desperately.

“I’m masking her scent with mine.”

“Stop it,” Another snaps.

“It makes her feel safe, so no.”

One growls, “We would never hurt her.”

Jin scoffs, “Your head alpha almost killed her thirty years ago. You,” Jin raises his free hand to gesture to one of them, “you almost attacked her yesterday.”


“Yes, you. But you missed her and attacked our pup instead.”

“Can we at least see her?”

“I don’t know,” Jin hums, “It’s all up to her. Do you want to see them Insoo-ya?”

I gulp, “As long as they don’t freak out or anything.”

“Wait,” Joon stops me, “Maybe it’s better if they don’t see you yet. I will be harder for both parties when we have to leave.”

“Where the hell do you think you’ll be going with our mate?” Someone barks, again I find myself under a massive amount of pressure. I hold Jin’s hand tighter.

“Control your anger!” Jin snaps back.

Namjoon gives his second in command a stern look before turning around to face the four men, “We aren’t running away, we are just waiting until your alpha comes back. I figure we should leave since none of you seem to be able to control your emotions which means Insoo is struggling to even breath with so much alpha pheromone in the air.”

“We will call him, just don’t leave.”

“Will you at least go inside or something?” Yoongi suggests, “None of us are enjoying the hostile atmosphere and at this point you are going to give her panic attack.”

The four men are silent for a moment before one speaks for all of them, “As long as we have your word not to run.”

“We came to you for our pup, we aren’t leaving without him.” Joon tells them.

“Does that mean we can see her? Since you won’t be leaving now?” One says hopefully.

“Insoo?” Jin wonders.

“I really want to peek,” I admit meekly. My pack is watching me intently, this isn’t my normal personality, I’ve always been strong and brave, not like this. I take a deep breath and take a shaky step to the side to look around Jin. The four men are standing a few yards away from the forest, watching with an intense stare. Three are really tall, about Namjoon’s height or a little taller. The other is short but only by a few inches, he’s absolutely beautiful, I mean they all are, but he is strikingly so. I’m surprised to see faded pink hair and darkly outlined eyes but they fit him so well, it makes him appear other worldly.

The tallest of the group is to his right, this one has tan skin and bags under his eyes. He doesn’t make me think of a wolf, maybe a cat or possibly a bird. Next to him is slightly shorter with a scary looking face. I find myself actually taking a step back when our eyes lock. He is the one from the forest, I can feel his familiar scent calling to me, drawing me in again. His hair is a light blond, beautiful pale skin stands out against the two tan men standing on either side of him. The other tan boy on his right has soft features compared to the other but he looks just as dangerous. Jin has to hold my hand to keep me form taking another step back.

“So beautiful,” The pink haired man purrs taking a step closer.

“Hello little wolf,” The next one coos. The other two just continue to stare. “What is your name?”

“Insoo,” I say softly.

He smiles, “So pretty, I’m Tao, this is our hyung Baekhyun. These two are our youngest pack members, Sehun and Jongin.”

I gulp, “Hello.”

Their eyes turn a brilliant gold.

“Hyung,” The youngest, Sehun, says with a cold voice.

“Sehun,” Baekhyun says with a obviously forced calm voice. “We have to wait for Kris hyung to get home, you should go call him.”


“But nothing,” The eldest says sternly, “go.”

With that the boy nods and turns to leave, not before giving me one last glance. Even his stare seems so cold, I wonder what I could have done to earn such a frightening look. “Sorry about him, he’s still so young but you can understand that. This pup of yours, he’s younger than our Sehun, he must be quiet a handful.”

Joon shakes his head, “He’s pretty well behaved. We were pretty strict since that is how we were raised but he never really caused any problems.”

“Um,” I open my mouth to ask a question but quickly close it when all eyes switch to me.

“Go ahead little wolf,” Baekhyun urges with a sweet smile that reminds me vaguely of Tae’s.

I take a deep breath to calm my pounding heart, “You didn’t hurt him did you? You didn’t cut up my little pup, did you?”

“Your pup?” Jongin finally speaks, his is like ice as he glares daggers as Jin.

“He is not really her pup,” Namjoon clarifies, “She raised him since he was a child so she considers herself his mother.”

“How long have you all been together?” Tao wonders.

“Over one hundred years for most of us. Insoo has been with us for about 109, the three younger than her about 70 to 50. Jungkook was the one she took responsibility for.”

Baekhyun’s brow furrows, “109 years? How have we not found you?”

“We wandered frequently with a larger pack for most of that time,” Jin explains simply.

“You said something about our leader attacking her, when did that happen?”

“It was thirty years ago, he tackled her and almost ripped open her throat.”

“Excuse me,” I call their attention hesitantly.

“Yes my little wolf?” Baekhyun gives me a kind smile.

“Our pup, Jungkook, is he okay? Could I see him?”

The three men share a look but Baekhyun’s smile doesn’t falter, “If you want to come in, of course you can. But because of certain  rules I’m not going to bring him out yet.”

“How is he?”

“He’s fine,” Jongin answers shortly.

“How about you?” Tao asks, “Are you okay? Are you hungry or cold? Would you like to come in and warm up?”

I tuck myself against Jin’s side, “I’m fine thank you. I’ll just stay out here with my pack.” I watch as most of the warmth in his eyes fades to a obvious distaste for me actions. His hands clench to fists at his side and his jaw is clenched.

“As you wish, we will be inside if you need anything,” Baekhyun nods curtly and begins pulling the stubborn younger boys inside with him. As soon as they are gone I drop to my knees, ignoring the cold seeping into my jeans. Even though I already miss my mates and yearn for them to come back out and just take me in their arms I’m happy I can finally breath. Just them staring is enough to take the air out of my lungs.

“They looked pissed,” Taehyung stresses. The younger wolf joins me on the ground, letting out an exhausted breath of his own. “You have some strong mates, and that’s only four of them.”

“Of course they are pissed,” Jin snaps as he also collapses. “Their mate is clinging to another wolf, jealousy with wolves is a scary thing. I’m surprised the tan one didn’t rip my head off.”

“How many are there?” Yoongi wonders, not taking his eyes off the house.

“I’m not sure, their numbers have never really been discussed since many don’t live to see them all but I know there is about six or seven,” Namjoon answers.

“Do you think all of them are my mates?”

Namjoon nods, “I believe so. They all seem to have the belief that they will have the same mate.”

“They probably smelled you on Jungkook like the youngest one,” Hoseok figures.

“Are you okay Hyung?” Tae checks on me, placing a warm hand on my back.

I sigh and run my fingers threw my hair, “I feel so tired. It has been awhile since I had so many powerful alphas around me, I’m not used to it anymore.”

“Well you better get used to it because there is no way in hell we are getting out of here with both you and Jungkook,” Hoseok gives me a sad smile.

“I know,” I return the smile briefly before suddenly tackling the male.

“Fuck,” The older boy curses as we roll in the snow, wrestling for dominace, “What are you doing?”

I can’t hold in my giggles as I’m able to get on top and pin him down, “I’m enjoying my last bit of freedom with you guys.” The others stare at our fight for a brief moment, letting my words sink in before sharing a look. Soon they are joining in on our fight.

“Dog pile on Insoo hyung!” Jimin declares. Suddenly I’m on bottom with six heavy wolves on top of me. There are laughs and curses as everyone is scrambling to be king of the pile. I push, punch, and kick my way through, doing my best to not seriously injure anyone, but in a fight like this, anything can happen. With lady luck on my side I’m able to concur my pack to reach the top.

“King of the hill!” I yell happily.

This is it. My last few hours of freedom before I have to commit to seven mates and leave my crazy world and past behind. I will no long be a alpha, or a hyung, or a boy. I will be a pretty little omega like I was always meant to be, like I always wanted to be when I was slaughtering villages. But now that I have the possibility in front of me, I don’t know if I want it.