on one hand he's a little pup


Hi everyone I would like you to meet Ringo a gorgeous little border collie pup. Ringo has come to the attention of Claws n Paws Rescue Group when he was handed over to one of our Central Coast vets with a heart murmer . 

Sometimes dogs can live long lives with this condition but unfortunately in Ringo s case this is not to be as his heart murmer is quite servere and his life expectancy at the moment is only 18 months.

Ringo is just a darling boy that really loves life and has the sweetest disposition, what we would like to do at Claws n Paws is to try raise enough money to be able to give Ringo the life saving surgery he needs.

I know not everyone can afford to donate but if you even just donate $5 or $10 to Ringo’s surgery or share his cause it would be very appreciated and go towards saving this boys life.

You can donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/dgwt2g


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“Wait, where’s the puppy?” you hissed to Sam, looking around frantically. Castiel definitely wasn’t the best at stealth but he didn’t just randomly disappear - well, no, he does but not in situations like this!

“He’s not behind you?” Sam whispered and you let out a low groan, turning your back on Sam and squinting your eyes in the dark house.

“He seriously is a lost puppy. All right, we’ll split up. I’ll go search for him and you go find this SOB.” Sam nodded, quickly telling you to be careful before the two of you parted ways. 

You scanned the area, back-tracing your steps and calling out for Cas along the way. “Come on, little pup! This is no time to be messing around!” Suddenly a hand thrust out from one of the closed doors and before you could call out for Sam, whoever it was covered your mouth and pulled you into what seemed to be a closet. You glared at Castiel. “Don’t do that! If I hadn’t seen your face you’d be dead by now!” His face warped into confusion.

“But you can’t kill me…?” You groaned, letting your head fall onto his chest. His arms automatically wrapped around you and he let out a sigh of content, nuzzling his head into the side of your neck. He acted like such a puppy, you swear…

“I don’t have the right weapon to do anything, but if I did…I totally could,” you mumbled against his shoulder and he chuckled.

“You’re always so sure of yourself.” It was your turn to laugh as you pulled away from him. He frowned momentarily, not wanting the contact to end.

“I’m a hunter - if I’m not sure I’ll never kill some of those SOBs out there. Anyway, come on. We don’t need them sending a search party for -,”

The door swung open and Dean let out a curse before he grabbed the hood of your jacket and pulled you out. You let out a yelp and grabbed Castiel’s arm, dragging him with you. Castiel let out a grunt of annoyance and the interruption.

“I get the hole ‘scary dark house romance’ thing but it’s gettin’ kind of old, guys. Plenty of other places and times to make out at!” he about growled out before heading back down the hall. You couldn’t help but laugh as you grabbed Castiel’s hand and followed Dean.

“But we weren’t…”

“Oh shut it, puppy. Let’s just go take this bastard down before I shove you back in the closet and make Dean’s words true.”

But have you ever considered Akaashi working at an animal shelter, and one day Bokuto walks in because his little sister is getting a puppy for her birthday, and he falls in love with Akaashi practically on sight. That boy with the dark hair that hangs in his face a little as he introduces Bokuto’s sister to the different dogs. The way he carefully shows his sister how to hold the little black puppy, and kneels down to be on eye level with her. How he uses one hand to brush his hair out his face and pets all the puppies milling around his feet. 

Bokuto keeps coming back, with new questions on how to take care of his sisters new pup, until he finally just asks Akaashi out. 

#273: Like Father, Like Son

Ashton: You walk through the front door with a sigh, smiling slightly when you see that you had come home to a clean house. “Ashton?” you call out, flopping down on the couch when you hear him come running down the stairs. “Babe, look at what I taught Will!” Ashton exclaims with a wide smile, setting down the one year old on the couch beside you. “Go ahead bud, show mummy what I taught you.” Will looks up at you with a grin, his eyes lighting up as he giggles and reaches up for you. “No, not that,” Ashton rolls his eyes playfully. “Like this, remember?” Ashton holds his hand up in the rock and roll sign, giggling when your son copies him. “My little rockstar.”

Calum: Nate giggled happily as the little puppy ran around him in circles, his chubby hands clenching and unclenching as he tried to catch the eager pup. “This is every 3 year old’s dream,” you laugh as you and Calum watch your son and new dog from the porch. “It’s going to be hell to train her though.” “We already taught Nate stuff, it’s basically like having another kid,” Calum shrugs, watching with amusement as your son chases the dog around the backyard. “Besides, I’m sure my parents wouldn’t mind bringing Jack over.” “Is that the reason you wanted to get a dog?” you ask. “Because you missed Jack?” “And because I knew that Nate would love having someone to play with!” he responds defensively. “Well, he is your son.”

Luke: “Mummy, I wanna wear this one today,” Preston smiles proudly, holding up the red flannel he had picked out when the two of you went shopping last weekend. “You want to look like daddy?” you ask, helping him out of his pajamas and into a black t-shirt. Preston nods eagerly, holding out his arms as you slip the flannel on to him. You help him put on black jeans and the Converse that Luke had bought him for Christmas, urging him to run down to the kitchen to show Luke his clothes. “Wow!” you hear Luke exclaim and you walk in to see Luke with Preston in his arms, both of them laughing as Luke swings the little boy around.

Michael: “What happened to your hair?” you ask Harry, trying to maintain a calm tone as you glance up at Michael. “Daddy made my hair all colorful like his!” Harry exclaims, jumping around as he pats his head gently. “He sprayed my hair and it was like magic!” The little boy runs off, probably to go look in the mirror again, as you straighten up and look at Michael. “It’s temporary, don’t worry,” Michael reassures you. “Then you’re not totally in trouble,” you nod. “But you’re going to have to deal with him when the color starts to wash out.” “Oh shit, I didn’t even think about that,” Michael mumbles, looking slightly panicked. “You’re the one that wanted to make him look like you, so you get to deal with all of it.”

A/N: Hi there. So I’m pretty sure we haven’t said this on our blog but basically, Mallery and I are going to Italy for our spring break which is next week! We’re leaving for the airport at 3pm on Friday the 17th and we’ll be back on Sunday the 26th, but I’ll do my best to queue up 4 preferences and hopefully a requested imagine for you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx


Her first morning in Paris was here and first day of school as well streching her feet tired from the slumber. She checked her phone quick for what time it was. “4:05! Perfect for a first morning!” putting it in her pocket walking to the bathroom. She saw her small kwami on her head with a tiny smile “How’s the Sleeping Beauty doing?” she asked with a giggle. “I’m fine Luna. How about you?” before getting her toothbrush. She flew to her face with her eyes growing wide. “Horrible. Your brother Mario couldn’t let me sleep! His yawning is so LOUD!” she said with a puppy dog face. “Oh. Poor little pup. I understand but you have to get use to it.” she chuckled. The tiny wolf handed her the toothpaste bottle. “I know. But he’s a howler! A loud one!” sitting on the teen’s head. She spitted out the water and cleared her throat. “I agree. But you have to understand. He’s been doing that since he was five!” she said
cleaning her mouth with a cloth. She got dressed quickly and went down stairs seeing her mother prepare her lunch. “Hola ma!” she said kissing her mom’s cheek. “Hola Perpita! Your lunch is almost ready!” putting together the lasts parts of the lunch. “So ma did you find a job yet?” she said before putting some materials in her backpack. Her mother turned around with the finished lunch “No. But theres some that are to many hours and others don’t pay much. It’s hard when your a widow mother of three children.” handing the prepared lunch to her duaghter. “Don’t worry. There’s a job somewhere!” she said hugging her mother and taking the lunch. She looked at the kitchen clock it was two more hours before school started. “I have to go ma! See you after school!” she gave her mother a kiss on the cheek. The tiny kwami came to her before she left. “Are you forgetting someone?” she said with a serious look crossing her tiny paws. “Oh sorry Luna! Get in my sweater if you want!” she said opening her sweater. “Alright!” she flew in Perpetual’s sweater. She grabbed her father’s hat and went to the school. After walking a few blocks to get to the new school. Her eyes were in awe of how fancy and large it was and how many new peers she will meet. “Madre mia! God this is a huge school!” she walked closer to the steps. “Wow. It’s very big indeed Perpita!” the kwami’s head popped half way. “I hope i’m not as shy as use to be! Cuase’ i’ll be silent as the night.” She went inside the clock of the school showed that 25 minutes was left before class started. “Hey do you have Doritos?” Luna said in a quiet whisper. Perpita looked at the creature. “Later.” she responded quickly. “But i’m HUNGRY!” she said whinging. “LATER LUNA!” telling her in a angry tone. “Well you don’t need be rude!” rolling her large yellow eyes. “Get in my sweater. Someone’s coming!” pushing the wolf back into her sweater. “H-Hi! I’m..um..new here! Do you know the way around here?” she asked smiling to the boy in front of her.

Growing Up, Pup!

Growing Up, Pup!
Fandom: Zootopia
Written by:  @brittstreasuredgems
Posted: 2/26/2016

               Summary: Nick thinks he’s got this father thing down. Of course, it’s easier when they’re younger.

Author’s Note: So you guys know I had this idea about Nick & Judy adopting a pup.  And when I thought of that, I came up with this little number.

(On a side noooote, after talking to @wilde-hopps​ I also think they’d adopted a kitten at some point, but I think that would be a completely different story/au than this one.  So I may try to tackle a different story of them with two kids later!  But for now, enjoy this short of Nick and his baby girl)!

              “It’s called a hustle, sweetheart,” he said, his smiling lazily at the pup before him with his hands in his pockets.  The little golden Labrador Retriever stared up at her papa.

               “A hustle?” she tilted her head and blinked at the older fox curiously.  His eyes grew wide as his heart skipped a beat.  It really should be a crime for her to be this cute.  She was full of innocence, wonder, and curiosity; and he loved her.  

              “What’s a hustle, daddy?” she asked.  

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And a pup makes 3 {closed}


   Regina let out a soft sound of annoyance as she maneuvered her away through the camp. She was tired, her feet hurt and the little one would not stop kicking her insides. She was nearing her 7th month of pregnancy and the little pup had made their presence known with a sudden growth sprout and kicking.

   She loved feeling her little kicking about but she hated it when it kept her like. Like the kicking was doing now. She could hear Emmett coming up behind her and she huffed lightly. “Don’t you dare. You always rile the little pup up.” she tried to shift away before he could lay hands on her stomach.


Kaneki took Mukade to the park one nice sunny day. Despite the mask still being on his face Mukade still acted adorable with the other kids and some mothers thought he was cute and silly. 

While at the sandbox Mukade helped a kid a little bigger than him making a sandcastle, it wasn’t the best with the two manage to make one. When finished the kid laughed and clapped his hands, while Mukade who was very affectionate with others waddled over and gave the kid a hug, tail wagging and all. The kid however did not like it at all scared by his appearance the kid screamed and shoved Mukade into the sand and ran off saying ‘monster’ as he ran to his confused mommy.

Mukade sat up and sniffled as he started to silently cry, whimpering and hoping his papa was near. He wanted to go home now.


You’re waiting by the door and begin yelling for Sam.

“C’mon let’s go! I’ve got the keys and everything, c’mon.”

Sam walks in holding papers from the pound, and he laughs at your enthusiasm. 

Sam: Don’t worry Y/N, the dogs will still be there when we go.

He hands you the rest of the papers and you turn around going through the front door. You drive to the pound with Sam.


“They’re all so cute, oh my goodness..Sam.” You knell down and see the cutest little baby mutt. 

“Hi buddy, holy crap you’re so adorable.”

Sam watches you and can’t help but smile. He loves seeing you happy and he knows with a little puppy around everyone will be a bit happier. You look up at Sam.

“Sam, he’s the one.” You smile wide as you stand up holding the little puppy. You hand over the pup to Sam.

“You wanna meet one your daddies? Ugh, I can’t wait to show Cas and Dean.”

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The first time I met JP was in April 2011 when he was a week old. The breeder only lived an hour away and we asked to come see the puppies, meet the corgi parents, talk to the breeder in person, etc. Kevin really wanted a boy and JP was the only one left. Even though we got last pick I think we were so lucky! The breeder (Linda) had a list detailing the puppy’s markings so she could tell them apart. She looked at her list, looked at the pups, and pulled out this little furry rat with a thick white blaze down the middle of his forehead and handed him to us. Kevin held him in the palm of his hand and I stroked him. He grabbed my thumb and tried to suckle it. We knew we were in love. We went back and got him in May (it seemed like an eternity). On the ride home he sat in Kevin’s lap while I drove. I had made him a purple pillow and we had brought that for him. He cried a little and then he calmed down. I was so jealous that Kevin got to snuggle with him while I had to concentrate on driving down the interstate! Maybe that’s why he’s such a papa’s boy? He was so little and we had no clue what we were doing. My mother wanted to meet him so badly but she could only visit the weekend before he came home. She was so mad!

We met Toven a few years later. I was walking JP when this grey cat jumped out of the bushes and ran up to us. He started rubbing against JP’s chest and my legs. He had no fear and for some reason he just loved JP! After that, every time we walked by “Toven’s Apartment,” he would come out to greet us. A lot of times he would follow us down the sidewalk. He started to worry me because he would sometimes run across the street to come see us. The kids in the nearby buildings loved “SiSi” and several people were feeding him, so he stuck around. He would bring back dead mice and lizzards to show his appreciation of the people taking care of him (no one cared for this. By the end there were usually two or three dead things in the breezeway every week). But no one really wanted to take him in. When October came around and it started to get cold, I said, “what the hell?” Probably the most implusive thing I’ve ever done in my life. I talked to the people who were feeding him and made him a vet apointment for the next day. I borrowed a cat crate and neighbors donated a litterbox and cat food. When I went to pick him up for his apointment he was where he always was, in the bushes. A neighbor helped me get him in the crate. During the car ride he meowed the whole way. When we got to the vet he strolled out of that crate like he owned the place. He was declawed, neutered, underweight, and infested with fleas and hookworms. I got him cleaned up and vaccinated. Brought him home and he’s been a little underfoot devil ever since.

I have two wonderful little boys. I know some people think that pets can’t be “children” and they can’t be “family.” Well, if you think that, you’re an asshole. Opening up my heart and home to these furballs has made my life whole. They are my family. Happy Mother’s Day to me, and happy Mother’s Day to all the other pet parents out there!

I can totally see Calum proposing with a puppy like telling you all these sweet things like “I love you so much and we’ve been together for years now and I think we’re ready to maybe take this relationship to the next level.” And then walk into the next room and bring out the cutest, smallest little puppy and hand them to you and you’d be balling cuddling the cute puppy because yeah the 2 rescue dogs y'all adopted are v adorable but they aren’t small anymore and this puppy is and it’s just so small and cute and you feel instant love for the lil pup and you go to look up at your amazing boyfriend to thank him when you see he’s on one knee looking at you with the fondest smile and a rescue pup on each side looking up at you and the new lil family member and then you cry morE and you’re hiding your face in the lil puppy and you can hear Calum chuckling and you just know he’s got the biggest crinkly eyed smile ever on his face right now as he asks “Will you make me the happiest guy in the entire world, and marry me?”

My Turn! // Sterek

Stiles had been awake for the past few hours, mindlessly cleaning and doing his morning routine with the twins. He decided to let Derek to sleep in, but the clock was getting closer to eight in the morning, and Stiles was getting impatient. He was really excited when Nick got home the day before and told him Blaine was having a girl, and now he wanted to know what his little one was going to be. Stiles huffed, his hand smoothing over his small baby bump before moving out of the kitchen, and into the living room where his babies were playing. 

Talia seemed to be in a very intense conversation with Eric, in baby talk of course, which Stiles found adorable. He bent down, smiling at his pups, which Eric greeted him with a happy “Mama!” After Talia got so much attention after saying Dada, Eric decided he should jump on that train really quick. “Who wants to go wake up Dada?” Talia dropped her block and clapped her hands excitedly while Eric giggle. “Dada!” They both shouted, before shifted into their fluffy puppy forms. Stiles laughed and picked them up, one in each arm, then making his way up stairs. 

Stiles slowly crept into the room, the puppies wiggling endlessly, but surprisingly quiet. These kids were going to be great when they understood what pranking was. Derek was going to be in for it then. Stiles then lightly tossed both puppies on the bed, who immediately pounced and growled at their daddy’s sleeping form. Stiles quickly stripped and joined them, rolling and rubbing himself on Derek.

This is one determined person only trying to open a door. One of the longer gifs I have ever seen, really. Always laughed a bit at it though.

 So, how’s life for your Monday? I’m now a couple hours post Bible study sessions - went just fine as usual.

 This afternoon I went with my roommate to the vet hospital I work at to get her pups a couple of annual exam and vaccine visits. One of her pups is a little chubby chihuahua mix and he does great - he’s just adorable and loves scratches. The other… is a near 90lb pitt mix. Super friendly, but he’s a handful as he is not very well leash trained. We got through it fine though. I mostly went out and did some shopping after I helped her get some weight checks and put them in rooms, then helped get them back out to the car once they were done.

 This evening my friend wants to get together and watch some football or something. He’s buying dinner, so I’m all for it.

 Other than that? I had a bit of extra money with the paycheck, even after I paid most of the Comcast bill, half of the monthly medical bill and set aside some cash for when more laser hair removal money is due… so I ordered a couple of things from Amazon. I ordered another pair of the jeans I bought a few weeks ago and love, just in a different color, a bra (front closure one, those are great so far) and another shirt. I’m slowly but surely increasing my female clothing, and as I said previously, I’m no longer buying any male clothing. Slowly but surely, I will be introducing female clothing into every day wear more and more as time goes on.

 Eventually I’ll get 2-3 more pairs of jeans, some androgynous-leaning-toward-feminine tops and even some sneakers I have my eye on from Long Tall Sally, once funds allow, of course. I’m trying to be careful with my money until things are paid off, mostly being the medical bills ($450 left) and laser ($650 left).

 I have a feeling that the next sessions of laser I pay for (5 more, 10 in total) will be all I will need on my face, and the only other place(s) I plan on doing it is in the genital area for eventual GRS and possibly my arms depending on if estrogen starts doing it’s thing or not over the next 6 months.

 Well, that’s enough of a rant today, and hey, quite a bit for a day off! Hope you’re all having as nice of a Monday as you can!

 - Lana