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i need some advice please (and also your blog is great). i am very aggressively pansexual and i tend to usually be more attracted to girls but... everyone is great. anyway. i have a really great boyfriend (who is bi) and i care about him a lot. weve been friends for like 6 years but have only been dating a couple of months and its been great but in the last couple of days ive really started to doubt that this is going to last because i really really really like girls what do i do please help

A great friend of mine once taught me that a relationships purpose is not to last a long time, but rather for all people involved to love each other and enjoy themselves. So there’s no reason to worry that it won’t last, just be with him and support each other.

That said, if you are unhappy in the relationship because of this, it might be best to break it off. A relationship where someones unhappy is not good for anyone involved.

Above all though: talk to him. Communication is the MOST important part of any relationship. Tell him what you’re worried about, explain everything you’re feeling, ask him how he’s feeling. Talk it out, and see what happens next.

Love and Duty — Chapter 1

Chapter Summary:  This is wrong, since she received the royal letter that contained the root of her dilemma, it felt like some disgusting leech is crawling on her body and no matter how much she tries, she can’t get it off.

Relationship: Jon Snow/Sansa Stark

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Notes: Here is the first chapter, please enjoy. There is a prologue and if you had miss it, please click the Tumblr Link of the Story above to redirect you to the rest.

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otayuri is the reason I live and breathe

Adrinette Month Day 5: Coffee Shop Au 

Back to working loosely haha I enjoy it far too much 8]

He didn’t know when she started sitting there, every morning at eight, with a cup of coffee in her hands. He only knew when he started remembering her. 

Sometimes she was with someone–a friend, he hoped–but most times, she was alone, sitting contentedly with her beverage, enjoying her own company. 

He never could quite muster up the courage to go up to her–what was he going to say? “Hey, I’ve been watching you drink coffee every morning as I walk to work, how’s it going?” Yeah, that’s not a bit creepy.

So one day, when it was down-pouring, and he went his way to work, believing fully that perhaps today, he might not get to see her, he was surprised to find he was wrong. There she was, wearing a bright red raincoat–but no umbrella.

And he finally found his chance.

modern dregs in high school would make the most interesting squad. they’d represent everyone, their friendships completely demolishing societal barriers. like there’s that one kid with a serious glare, stuck in an everlasting emo phase who only wears black and never talks in class but is actually a lowkey nerd that practices magic in secret.

there’s an adorable but nauseating on again off again couple consisting of the loud mouthed and breathtakingly beautiful homecoming queen who has the whole school under her spell and the moody but talented star athlete who’s never done anything wrong in his life except for getting caught making out under the bleachers.

there’s also the socially awkward, perpetually mistaken for a freshman, straight A’s all of his life band kid that blushes and stutters at any sort of attention. he dates the most charming boy in school that treats the world like a stage (and he’s some sort of one man show), who’s now betting on luck to get him into college because his inability to sit still and focus makes his grades suffer.

there’s even a shady foreign exchange student that once accidentally on purpose set his lab station on fire and put it on snapchat, nearly getting expelled until he lied about not being able to comprehend the lesson.

and lastly there’s the quiet girl that spent so much of her time buried beneath books in the library no one knew she existed until she launched an anti-bully campaign that went viral because she publicly called out the school’s principal for doing nothing disciplinary about the harassment. now she’s the student body president and might be dating the emo kid?? who knows?? they’re good with secrets.


#in which Kara likes to use her secret weapon now and poor Mon-El couldn’t stand a chance

ON/OFF - a yamatsukki fanmix
((art by me))

01. IDFC - Blackbear “Cause I have hella feelings for you, I act like I don’t fucking care,”
02. Daddy issues - The Neighbourhood  / “You ask me what I’m thinking about I’ll tell you that I’m thinking about”
03. Butterfly culture - Benjamin Francis Leftwich / “You put out to put up, Even while your widening smile”
04. Watch me Rise - MIkky Ekko /“I’m still standin’, I’m still climbin' Even when the best are fallin’, the best are fallin'” 
05. Shine - Years & Years  / “Don’t leave me behind; can you see me? I’m shining” 
06. I Cant love you - Adore Delano / ”A shooting star, lighting up the darkness” …“ I love the way you touch my lips You live to kiss The freckles on my shoulder So I can pull you closer, yeah”
07. I needed you - Blackbear“You know this was never really about us And everything was always ‘bout you” 
08. The way it was - The Killers / “If I go on With you by my side Can it beThe way it was When we met” 

ON/OFF relationship: They may wish to keep an ongoing formal relationship, but have difficulty doing so because of continuous conflicts between themselves. 

Yuri on Ice could just keep making episodes about yuuri and viktor just like buying groceries together or taking makkachin to the park together and I would still wake up every wednesday screaming about the new episode and how much i love this show


Lend us your help, and we will do whatever must be done to move Nassau forward.

I am intrigued by your proposal. But there is one question remaining that you will have to show me you can adequately answer. What will you do when the cat fights back?