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no matter how many times i replay this scene, i’m always in awe at how devoted he is to mc

Fairy Tail Chapter 533 Review

Yep it’s dual chapter week

Our cover is the Loke arc which is nice, but I have a small problem. This arc is where a lot of Lucy x Loke began and it has never really been addressed aside from a few jokes. And this is really funny as we have just had a color spread all about love and ships and yep this early ship that has been pretty open about the attraction, just got shafted. I don’t know about you but I see some pissed off LoLu fans.

We open on Magniolia where all of Fairy Tail is converging after the fairy heart was absorbed. They all mourn Makarov forr a little and realize only team Natsu is out and about doing stuff.

Okay, I really like this moment. Like really like it. This is a scene that belongs in a war arc. All these people coming together and realize they haven’t all come back. I really like this moment of humanity. My only issue is most of these character have done nothing aside Gildarts. So it feels less as they didn’t actually contribute to the war and just stood there to make up numbers. But I can over look a bit of it as the instance of the guild being a guild is nice.

Cutting to Gray and Lucy who are also recovering fro the fairy heart blast.

Oh lord…

Okay so people have noticed for the last weeks I’ve bitched saying “Lucy needs to do something” and in a way, I am glad she’s doing something right now but I’m also seeing this like, no. You shouldn’t know how to handle this ancient magic let alone mess with it. That seems way too convenient. Like people have said “Lucy is flawless” and that’s not true she somes have levels of flaws and that’s what makes her one of the better characters but she also juggles this odd I can do everything trait. That’s what I feel most have a problem with. If Erza can do anything in combat then Lucy can do anything non combat related.

Like this seems like something that would make more sense if Levy handled or even Anna. Yes, Anna. That I could at least buy she understands how to deal with an ancient magic. But with Lucy it seems like this is way out of her specialty but, she’ll do it anyway.

We cut back to the guild with Natsu vs White Zeref’

And i’m not kidding literally, 5 pages are devoted to Natsu just putting his all into one attack. On the one hand I think that’s a good way of building up the fact that white Zeref survived it by focusing on just how powerful this attack is. At the same time, NOTHING’S HAPPENING!

So Zeref shows off how he’s uber god mode by explaining all of time and space it under his control. Essentially Zeref became one with star memory.

So Zeref just walks up to Natsu and…

Kills him… yeah

Oh no. Natsu is dead. This I am sure of.

Oh bullshit trying to make me care about this you literally have 3 ways to undo this, reset time, END revives him, or the time lapse will allow some other time possession thing. Like he’s the MAIN character of fairy tail. I can’t feel for this moment because litterally not only has this arc proven that death is pointless but also this series has thought me no main character dies at all. Like this drama doesn’t affect me.

Also I have some problems with Zeref’s new personality. All this contradiction seems to be gone because he wants to reset every thing. Which in a way is fine you could argue he justifies all this by, all this bad stuff I do will be rectified in this new world. But my problem is he seems like he’s a different character all together and unless you’re Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho, that doesn’t go over well.

Post Chapter follow up: NOTHING! Literally Nothing happens in this chapter. I swear this moved us maybe a centimeter closer to the ending but everything just amounted to pointless this chapter.

Okay pros, that scene is good. I really want to stress that in a war arc moments of just characters together and being human is really effective. The scene of Natsu just giving every thing in one attack that lasts all those pages wouldn’t be bad in and of itself. I think it could’ve worked better in a chapter that had more happening because this moment would be great for build up and atmosphere . But since nothing happens in this chapter it feels like padding.

On the cons, Lucy the perfect solution. I said I want Lucy to do something but here’s the thing, anyone can do something but it matters if the thing their doing is relevant to their character. Like for example Gray could say “I can’t dispel this fire enchantment” which would be doing something but why Gray? He has no background in fire magic or dispel so it seems like you gave him the power to do this because plot.

So Lucy doing this is some what nice, she’s contributing, but also she really should have no idea how to deal with this super ancient magic. If it were Anna, Levy, even Mavis this would make sense but Lucy it just is like, cool you can do that.

Another con is Natsu’s death ultimately doesn’t matter. We know he’ll be fine both main character shields and Zeref has the power to undo it. Like there’s no fear. Only fear is with this undo and the constant reference of Makarov being dead leads e to think they’ll all be okay and revived. It just seems really pointless.

Final Verdict: 4/10

  • While not “bad” nothing good happens so it can’t go either way
  • A whole lot of no progress made
  • Just dragging

A second part to this short scribble comic. It was funnier in my head but still. XD Also an excuse to draw them in casual (coughSorencough). I apologise for all these nonsense sketches. 

I’m a mini wreck for you~

Pairing: Mini Ladd x OhmWrecker - MiniWreck/er

AU/prompt: The boys are playing games when Ryan blurts out something and fails to cover it up. ;)

There was gunfire in under seconds when Ryan joined the game. Next step, join the call and keep your cool. Craig was just another gamer on YouTube, nothing special about him, Ryan assured his gay ass self.

But he was utterly and completely wrong. As he joined, Craig giggles erupted as his character died. Almost instantly, Ryan’s heart stopped and his brain ran over everything he loved about Craig’s positivism and his cute, adorable giggles. But he wasn’t granted the time to think as Craig called out his name, “Hey Ohm!”

“Hey guys!” Ryan chuckled as Craig was blown up again, his giggles echoing in the call.

Ryan let out a soft sigh and immediately froze up as the others began their interrogations. “What’s up, Ohm?”

“Yeah, did somethin’ happen earlier?”

“Today not goin’ so good?”

Ryan giggled, “Fuck off, you sons o’ bitches!”

Evan chuckled on one side while Craig constantly giggled about getting revenge. Ryan smiled, engulfing himself in the bright rays of laughter from his friends. Obviously, though, a certain giggle stood out to him and left him blinded for a second in his dream world once more.

“This happens…nowadays. I think… snow static…” Tyler’s voice cut in and out.

Ryan flinched when Craig called his name again, “Ryan! You okay, bud?”

“Hm? Yeah, good. I’m good. Buddy needed my attention.” Ryan chuckled, throwing the concerned questions out the window.

“No snow static, right?” Tyler inquired, obviously still concerned.

Ryan sighed again, “No, I’m fine, you mother fuckers.”

Evan chuckled as Tyler began shooting Ryan’s character, “Get off passive mode!!!”


“God, you and Craig are such wimpy bitches.”

Ryan leapt off passive mode and ran his character to duck and cover. At 03 seconds left, he watched Tyler keep trying to shoot Craig’s character. Craig’s snickering sent him in passive but Tyler’s comment etched into his mind still, erupting some inner possessiveness for the younger of their group.

He took out a rocket launcher and aimed at Tyler, “Take this for wimpy, mother fucker!”

Craig erupted into laughter, Evan’s own giggles lighting up the call as Tyler’s enraged screams filled the call. “Damn it, Ohm! Always fucking protecting MiniFuck!”

Pretty soon, the call was full of laughter. But Ryan stopped short when he read a certain private message from a certain special someone.

‘Thanks, Ryan.’

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I am glad Jensen said we might see more of Dean and Sam's reactions to Cas's death and Mary's disappearance. As Jensen said, there was so little reaction time, and i would like to see those emotions explored at least a little bit with each brother before "zap! there, cas is alive again."

Oh, yeah. I mean I think s13 pretty much has to pick up exactly where 12.23 left off. We’re all in OH MY GOD BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! mode. We NEED to see what happens next. The season essentially ended mid-scene, narratively speaking.

Trying to give my cat who hates insulin shots her insulin shot was already like being on Hard Mode.

Trying to give my cat who hates insulin shots her insulin shot while fireworks go off on the 4th of July is like being on God Mode.

And I still feel like I’m best suited to be in Beginner Mode.

god i fucking hate that i can’t turn off safe mode just because i’m under 18

90% of the shit it filters isn’t nsfw at all, and what nsfw stuff DOES come across my dash isn’t filtered.

plus, i’m nearly 17, it’s not like i haven’t seen a titty in my life and will spontaneously combust if i see a titty

safe mode is literally doing fucking nothing but censoring lgbt+ content and then letting porn go unharmed. also, its not staff’s job to babysit minors, if they sign up to this website they have every fucking right to see what content they want. its not tumblr’s fault if a minor comes across porn that they find uncomfortable for them, this is literally a website that is known to have a fuckton of it and its SOCIAL MEDIA, for god’s sake. atleast let minors turn off safe mode, im tired of being told ‘’lOL USE UR IMAGINATION xd’’ from @staff like/??? its pointless and shitty remove it

Motherfucking Safe Mode Rant

I swear to god with every new feature @staff puts out this site just gets shittier. If this “safe mode” bullshit isn’t fixed real soon I won’t be able to keep using Tumblr. 

Let me fucking see whatever the fuck I wanna see. There wouldn’t be any problems if: 1.) I could turn this shit off so I can see the posts that I joined/followed to see and 2.) It actually y’know… blocked sensitive content instead of pretty much everything else

Idk I’m just salty and pretty done with all of Staff’s shit  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Omfg how do you put your blog off of safe mode my god I'm fucking 18 and it's just being stupid on me if you know how can you please show a Example of how to did it I beg you i don't know what I'm doing wrong

I’ll try one sec

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SFW and NSFW Italy headcanons please!


Feliciano is the most romantic sweetheart of all the nations. He’ll be very affectionate in public and private; giving you kisses, holding your hand, and will constantly talk about how much he loves and cares for you.

Most people think that he would love making pasta for/with his significant other, but I feel differently. Some of the more interesting pastas he would love to make are gnocchi, tortellini, and ravioli, and it’s such a long, painstaking experience, that I’m sure he would love to share with you.

Even if he hasn’t been to the ocean lately, he always smells like sea salt and sugar. As odd a combination as that may be, it’s hard not to latch on to him because he smells so good. He would love it when you play with his hair and cuddle with him, because of how good he smells too. 

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If Root actually had to practice shit

I like the thought that Root isn’t effortlessly talented at everything.

I mean, sure, she could be, and that would be super hot, but the comedy for if she’s not is too good!

Because that means she spent ages figuring out all of potential applications of having The Machine in her ear. That ascending/descending tones idea didn’t happen on the spot. She probably screwed around the Special Counsel office for an entire day, figuring out Machine-enhanced combat systems and how @#$%!ing awesome it would be. (And how fabulous she would look while doing it.) Probably some muffled squees of anticipation that day.

What’s even funnier to think about in this scenario is that then Root would have to practice all of this shit, both in the hospital, and then between then and Mors Praematura. Ascending/descending is one-dimensional, and doesn’t denote the correct height. They’d need to figure out a signal that accounts for immediate action for relative 2-dimensional aiming, (left/right/up/down) and while The Machine could restrict itself to that, taking care of the order of targetting, so that Root only has to worry about the next target, but I doubt that’s quite feasible for really fast-moving situations, so they’d also need to signal tactical information quickly, of the “here’s where they are, here’s how many, here’s their equipment and ordinance, here are the potential exits” variety.

So imagine nights at the hospital, where Root gets out of bed, and practices parsing that signal on the fly, doing aiming drills. At first, it’s with phones she filches from the staff, but after they catch on, The Machine pipes in faint versions of the signal through the PA system in her room only.

Before the end of Lady Killer, The Machine would also need to be able to judge how Root would react to things on the fly, and how often she would revert to unacceptably fatal solutions. So then you have nights where The Machine is piping in the scenarios into her ear and having Root practice cobbling together extemporaneous speeches, essentially. Sure, it’s really hot if we imagine she pulled that monologue to her doctor at the end of Liberty on the fly, while The Machine was giving the relevant information to her at the time. (either also giving her the conclusions or not, although The Machine’s M.O. is usually not, which would make Root’s speeching that much more impressive) But it’s also hilarious to think of if The Machine gave her the information beforehand, and Root spend 15 minutes or so figuring out the cruelest configuration of facts and speech structure to verbally take him down.

Hell, I love the thought that her misanthropic diatribes in The Contingency and Bad Code are bits she’s spent years refining and turning over in her mind and dreaming of the day she could unleash them upon someone truly worthy of hearing them, not like these silly syncophants on their conspiracy forums. Like, in her spare time between murder gigs Root would refine her Bad Code manifesto document and presentation. Dork.

And then, before Mors Praematura, she’d need to have time to come up with and practice a signal for dual wielding! And then another set of signals for gun-kata body positioning pre-Prophets, probably between Root Path and Death Benefit. And double the practice in order to be able to parse both sets of signals (dual-wielding aiming plus full-body dodging/bullet-interception) at the same time. Of course, Root refused to meet up with Team Machine until she had mastered the style, because there’s no way she wants to look bad in front of Shaw.

I also like the thought that they’d have to develop a good language for Root to give The Machine information, when certain avenues of surveillance are cut off. This would at least require a visual language, a speech language, and a non-speech language, probably rhythm based, truncated to allow for use in quick-moving situations, to maximize the amount of information conveyed in the least amount of time. The show seems to take the direction that The Machine trusts them to make their own decisions in those times, rather than asking for more information, though.

(Off topic: notice that even in the original God Mode sequence, Root isn’t only following The Machine’s orders, but acting on her own intuition. The ascending tone takes her to the door before beeping twice. She takes the first shot, and takes the second shot on the descending before another beep, indicating that she took that second shot before The Machine deemed it the optimum location. Anyways.)


Harold Finch and Sameen Shaw, parallels

Part 1

7 minutes (7/?)

“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you”

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch. 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, (extra), Ch 6 , FF

A/N: I got done with this early and well, I just wanted to go ahead and post it. A lot happens in this chapter (it’s a long one) and sets us up for the second half of this story. Thanks again for the feedback and reblogs, it means so much.

He wakes to a mouthful of hair, his left arm completely numb below the elbow and what he’s sure will be a bruise on his spine from the button on the back of her couch, and yet, he’s hard pressed to find a moment in his life happier than this. Any discomfort he feels is eclipsed by the gentle puffs of air caressing his throat with every breath she exhales, the warmth of her fingers on the small of his back, and god…the all too perfect fit of her hips molded against his. She shifts in her sleep, the friction drawing all of the blood from his brain downwards and he stifles a groan, cursing his body’s unbidden reaction as he feels himself hardening against her hip.

Bloody hell, Jones.

Clenching his jaw, he shuts his eyes and tries to think of other things, anything besides Emma and her soft hands, and blimey, he can’t help himself. Their activities last night, enjoyable as they were, simply have him craving her more, something he didn’t honestly deem possible until this very moment. His intentions of taking things slow, easing her into this now seem like the worst possible idea he’s ever had. They can do this, right? Remain friends and become lovers, be the same and yet, more? As much as he wants the more, he can’t risk losing everything they already have.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

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