on my way to steal ur boi

Jay headcanons for the countdown!! My under appreciated boy

•prefers r.o.a.r. to tourney bc he gets to fight with someone one and one and doesn’t get in trouble for it
•u know how is the rise of the isle of lost they say everyone swoons over harry? At dragons hall it’s Jay
•he’ll steal ur jewelry and ur heart
•starts braiding his hair bc he likes it long but it’s gets in the way
•lives for leather but like then he discover sweatpants and nothing was ever the same
•good at school, keeps an average in the 80s
•bi as heck
•him and mal steal things from each other’s room, so they’re skills don’t get rusty, you know, just in case
•wakes up in the middle of the night bc of nightmares and usually goes to lay with Carlos
•asks mal to teach him a little magic just to see if he had any
•plays video games with Carlos when he asks but isn’t really a fan

tomboyneedshercoffe-blog  asked:

imagine modern newsies where ur tanning by the pool & Albert & race are planning on ways on how to impress U - soon enough the two start arguing & splashing each other "hey y/n you're lookin real nic-" when u look over , u see Albert trying to drown race & he just nervously smiles at you while race is struggling underwater- race pulls his pants down & the two keep fighting while my boi Romeo sits next to you & basically steals u away from race & Al who are just like tf how did Romeo win u?

What the heck this is gold!!!! I love this sm!

Cry Baby Songs in 7 Words
  • Crybaby: I cry a lot, so what? Asshole.
  • Dollhouse: My family is a two-faced tragedy.
  • Sippy Cup: Mom says that she's "not an alcoholic"...
  • Carousel: I feel stuck in our relationship...idk!?!??
  • Alphabet Boy: Wow, you're just a condescending pretentious asshole.
  • Soap: Pleeeaaase don't make me say it!!!! ily.
  • Training Wheels: I'm being vulnerable; don't fuck it up.
  • Pity Party: Nobody likes me lol! Time to cry.
  • Tag, You're It: Getting kidnapped by a wolf. Trippy stuff.
  • Milk and Cookies: Treat me badly and I'll kill you.
  • Pacify Her: On my way to steal ur man.
  • Mrs. Potato Head: You are beautiful the way you are.
  • Mad Hatter: I'm fucking crazy and I love it!
  • Play Date: I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU.......(i do)
  • Teddy Bear: My teddy bear wants me dead. Omg?