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“Grandmas Never Run out of Love,Kisses and Cookies.” 

*phone rings*

“your grandma is sick” Are the worst Words I have Heard In a very long time.

the doctors say She’ll be okay, and that its only a minor problem. They said “ She fainted that’s all” But By the way they said it I wasnt really sure if it was really all Or they’re saying that To make me Feel Better. She’ll stay For the day there and my mother and brother are in california but they are in a plane right now, my father is in europe for work and he may not come But i’ll be here alone until my momma and brother come,My grandpa on the other hand is coming around tomorrow.

hope you guys have a brighter day than im having Today.

Edgar Allan Poe For the Signs
  • Aries: "Years of love have been forgot
  • In the hatred of a minute."
  • Taurus: "Let me glimpse inside your velvet bones."
  • Gemini: "There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion."
  • Cancer: "Love like mine can never be gotten over."
  • Leo: "I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched."
  • Virgo: "…a route obscure and lonely,
  • Haunted by ill angels only."
  • Libra: "But my heart it is brighter
  • than all of the many
  • stars in the sky."
  • Scorpio: "All suffering originates from craving, from attachment, from desire."
  • Sagittarius: "Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of it’s constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts."
  • Capricorn: "I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind."
  • Aquarius: "These were days when my heart was volcanic."
  • Pisces: "And so being young and dipped in folly, I fell in love with melancholy."
My Future Wife, LeFou!

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Title: My Future Wife, LeFou!
Words: 2,456 
Pairing: GastonxReader
Warnings: Little Bit of Swearing
A/N: Oh dear god I can’t find any Gaston stories I like so I guess I’ll just write my fucking own I guess that’s the only way I’ll ever be happy so enjoy my Luke Evans thirst

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these memes are based on the very lovely blog affectionsuggestion

‘  all i want to do is kiss you breathless  &  watch as your eyes light up when i tell you that you’re my universe.  ’
‘  concept:  just you  &  me,  driving away from the city.  the windows are down  &  the cold air feels amazing.  our songs are playing  &  we couldn’t be more in love.  ’
‘  concept:  we are together  &  nothing in the world can bring us down.  ’
‘  concept:  we listen to showtunes in bed while we eat chinese food under a blanket.  ’
‘  even when i’m not thinking about you,  i’m still kinda thinking about you.  ’
‘  every time we talk,  every time we touch,  i feel more  &  more in love with you.  ’
‘  everything  –  every single thing  –  reminds me of you.  ’
‘  hearing  ‘ i love you ’  from your side of the bed late at night makes my heart feel like it’s bursting with tiny,  happy spring flowers.  ’
‘  i can’t stop kissing you  &  i can’t stop thinking about kissing you.  ’
‘  i can’t stop thinking about you.  i just want to kiss you,  again  &  again  &  again  &  again.  ’
‘  i can’t wait for the next time i get to kiss you.  ’
‘  i can’t wait to have hundreds of adventures with you.  ’
‘  i can’t wait to raise a dog with you.  ’
‘  i can’t wait to see you again.  it’s only a matter of time before we embrace  &  i feel at home once more.  ’
‘  i can’t wait until we’re in the same country,  in the same city,  in the same bed  &  under the same blanket.  ’
‘  i daydream about how your fingers would feel if they were intertwined with mine right now.  ’
‘  i didn’t believe in soulmates until i met you.  ’
‘  i don’t want better.  i want you.  ’
‘  i feel like i could lie wrapped in your arms,  staring at the sky for centuries  &  need nothing else.  ’
‘  i had a dream that we kissed last night.  ’
‘  i just need to be in a meadow right now on a warm day,  with you,  the smell of grass  &  flowers around us.  ’
‘  i just want to be sitting in the sun with you,  not knowing whether the warmth i feel is the pleasant sun or your soft smile warming my heart.   ’
‘  i just want to make gingerbread houses with you around christmas.  ’
‘  i just want to wake up in your arms every day.  ’
‘  i just want you close to me.  ’
‘  i just want you to sleep well  &  be happy.  ’
‘  i love everything about you.  ’
‘  i love how our legs feel entangled with each other.  i crave that feeling.  ’
‘  i miss you all the time.  i’m never sure how i feel,  but i know i always want you around.  ’
‘  i miss your soft touch against my skin.  ’
‘  i need your arms  &  legs around me,  surrounded by your warmth,  holding me tight,  with no intention of letting me go.  ’
‘  i often wake up thinking about you.  ’
‘  i stay up until 11:11 every night just to wish you were here with me.  ’
‘  i think you’re my favorite person in the world right now.  ’
‘  i want nothing but to make good memories with you.  ’
‘  i want to be your past,  present,  &  future.  ’
‘  i want to dance with you while you sing all your favorite songs,   looking lovingly into my eyes  &  meaning every beautiful lyric you sing to me.  ’
‘  i want to fill a hundred photo albums with memories of adventures with you.  ’
‘  i want to kiss every single spot on your body that you’re insecure of.  ’
‘  i want to kiss you each morning  &  each night.  ’
‘  i want to laugh with you  &  hold your cold hands.  ’
‘  i want to make a home with you.  the kind of home that lets you feel the love inside of it when you walk in.  it’ll be a safe place for us  &  the people we let into it.  ’
‘  i want to make chocolate mousse with you  &  then we can eat it together.  ’
‘  i want to see a whole world of different sunsets with you.  ’
‘  i want to take a walk in the snow with you.  ’
‘  i want us to share all of our excitement together.  ’
‘  i want you to kiss me  &  hold me close while telling me everything is going to be okay.  ’
‘  i wish you’d just kiss me.  ’
‘  i would rather listen to your silence when i’m with you than any kind of music on this world.  ’
‘  if i could gather all the stars in the sky  &  give them to you i would  ’
‘  if there’s a day where i don’t tell you i love you,  there’s a day i’m not living.  ’
‘  in my eyes,  you’re a king.  ’
‘  in my eyes,  you’re a queen.  ’
‘  it’s been years now.  despite everything,  we are alive  &  we are together  &  we are okay.  ’
‘  i’d love to snuggle up to you when you want affection most.  ’
‘  i’m happy you exist.  ’
‘  i’m so blessed to have met you.  you’ve already got me longing to be in your company constantly.  ’
‘  i’m so glad i keep you in my life.  your eyes,  your hugs,  you lips,  your words,  &  your smile keep me going every day.  ’
‘  just the sight of your beautiful smile or the way you say hello is enough to make even my darkest days a little brighter.  ’
‘  just you in my harms,   laying on my chest;  it’s just us being us  &  i think we are simply meant to be.  ’
‘  lay on your stomach as i give you sweet kisses on your back  &  neck while i’m feeling your love tingling in my body.  ’
‘  let’s fight the right wingers  &  make the world a better place.  ’
‘  let’s go somewhere quiet  &  just be together.  ’
‘  let’s see everything together…   the whole world.  ’
‘  let’s sit in the forest together,  the particles in the air reflecting sunlight reminding me of the brightness in your eyes.  ’
‘  my love for you makes me want to be strong for you.  ’
‘  now i know the meaning of  ‘ i wouldn’t change you for the world. ’  ’
‘  now i understand why all my other relationships didn’t work out:  i am meant to be with you.  ’
‘  now it’s back to counting down the days until i get to feel free again,  until i get to be in your arms again,  until i get to see your radiance face-to-face again.  ’
‘  nowhere feels as safe as being in your arms.  ’
‘  one day i won’t be scared to say i love you.  ’
‘  one day we’ll do everything we dream about together.  ’
‘  seeing your eyes in the morning sunlight  &  feeling the warmth of your gaze brings upon me makes me realize i’m in love.   ’
‘  tell me about the things you’re passionate about.  tell me every detail about your favorite things.  i don’t care if it takes all day,  i love you  &  i love to hear you be happy  &  excited about things.  ’
‘  the thought of your voice  &  the softness of your smile keeps me going when we can’t be together.  i hope you understand you’ve given me a lot of faith  &  happiness when i thought it’d be impossible,  when i thought i didn’t deserve it.  ’
‘  the way you look at me makes me feel like i’m the most beautiful goddess in the universe.  ’
‘  there’s nothing i want more than to stay under blankets with you  &  curl up in your lap.  ’
‘  thinking of you makes me think that maybe it’ll all be okay.  ’
‘  we’ll celebrate holidays together  &  make our own traditions.  ’
‘  when i think about you my heart feels funny.  ’
‘  when i’m with you,  i get a feeling like coming home after a long time away.  ’
‘  whether you’re blossoming or struggling,  i’ll stay with you.  i’ll keep on loving you.  ’
‘  you are endlessly,  implausibly fascinating.  ’
‘  you are like hot chocolate,  you make my insides warm.  ’
‘  you are more beautiful than my favorite songs.  ’
‘  you fascinate me.  ’
‘  you make me feel safe.  ’
‘  you make me feel how i never thought i could.  ’
‘  you make me understand lyrics to cheesy love songs.  ’
‘  you make my heart feel light as a feather yet heavy as bricks all at once.  ’
‘  you,  my dear,  have the voice of an angel.  ’
‘  your  ‘ i love you ’  has turned into my favorite lullaby.  ’
‘  your arms are home to me.  ’
‘  your eyes make me think about stormy skies in a different way,  your smile makes me blush just thinking about it  &  i think i am totally in love with you.  ’
‘  your hands are my favorite hands to touch  &  to hold.  ’
‘  your hands are so warm  &  your hair is so soft  &  i want to touch you forever  &  ever.  ’
‘  your love for me reminds me to love myself.  ’
‘  your smile is the most beautiful sight on this earth.  ’
‘  you’re the highlight of my day.  ’
‘  you’re the only person who can make me feel this way.  ’


☆.。.:*・happy 23rd birthday oh sehun

little one you shine brighter than any star out there ever could. you make my heart melt with your endless charm and love you never seem to run out of. you’re one of a kind and no one could ever take you place. no matter what anyone says your talent and determination beats it all. nothing can get in your way. you always remind me that it’s okay to be yourself and that you shouldn’t give up. thank you for everything you do. my world is a little brighter because of you. °☆.。.:*


Freshuary Day 27 — THANK YOU: Let’s all appreciate @loverofpiggies! Draw her & Fresh together in any way you want!

Welp, I let him drag the others along because why the heck not?

@loverofpiggies, thank you for the amazing characters you create and engrossing stories you tell. Can’t speak for everyone, but those definitely make my days a lot brighter! So thank you for every smile these guys — and not only these ones — bring!

The challenge itself is here

Fresh, Geno and Error belong to @loverofpiggies

Voltron stuff that makes me happy
  • The paladins treating each other and Allura and Coran as family
  • The lions as characters
  • ‘Broganes.’ Doesn’t even have to be art or fic, just seeing the term makes my day brighter, whoever thought that up should get a medal
  • Klance art of Keith and Lance wearing each others’ jackets
  • Art of Coran (because somehow it’s always spot on)
  • Pidge being awesome
  • Lance’s maintenance/beauty routine - not even in a ‘this is so funny’ way, it just makes me really happy for whatever reason
  • Galra!Keith reveals where EVERYONE in the Castle is just totally cool with it (yeah, non-canon at this point, but I still enjoy them in fics and art)
  • Space Dad Shiro
  • Shiro trusting the rest of the group to support him when he’s having a rough mental day. Shiro getting support and proper help for his PTSD period
  • Lotar being portrayed as a comic villain who just runs around trying to steal Lance
  • Thace. Also Shay.
  • Season one characterizations in season two settings
  • Hunk and his awesome cooking skills
  • Pidge-Hunk team ups
  • Seeing everyone being happy, supported, and loved.

I will never forget her eyes.

Those dark brown irises could warm the hearts of the saddest souls. They could lift the spirits of a person with a simple glance. Behind those orbs was a particularly seductive happiness. It drew in everyone around her, like a charm. Those eyes made me feel alive. They gave me hope and heartache. They were as enchanting as they were misleading. They made my life seem worth living, for a time. But I learned the hard way that those eyes, so full of life and love, quickly sucked all of the joy out of mine. As your eyes burned brighter, with the intensity of a red giant, mine became colder. As your eyes held an irresistible jubilance, mine held a sunken stare. As your eyes felt exhilarating to stare into, mine felt depressive and hopeless.

I will never forget her eyes,

But I have forgotten mine. Long gone are the days of happiness, with a twinkle in my iris and a smile on my face. The ecstasy of your eyes left me overdosed. And I have been trying to fix the withdrawal ever since.

Why do we call it Good Friday? I mean, I get it, but wouldn’t Good Sunday be more sensitive, more appropriate? Sure, from our vantage point we understand what happened that day as the redefinition of goodness, Goodness personified and bleeding out in my place.

But that day it wouldn’t have felt good, and Saturday certainly wouldn’t have been any better. Days of chilling silence. We didn’t name it for how the day itself felt. We look with the lens of later - the vantage point of Sunday - and we call it good.

Makes me wonder which if my dark days (weeks, months) I’ve labeled wrong simply because I labeled them prematurely. Times when I threw in the towel right before the stone made way for redemption. Or times when I named my day rather than letting Him. Like the Garden, God still looks at what He’s made and says, “It is good”.

He names the day. If it doesn’t look good yet, your Sunday is still on its way. Because anything He starts He finishes, standing back with a smile that overcame the world and a “It is good” that is louder than a thousand oceans and brighter than all my dark Fridays.

—  kalley heiligenthal
Tim Drake x Reader - Soulmate AU

AU: Whatever you write on your arm/body shows up on your soulmate’s in the same place and in your handwriting. The writing doesn’t show up, however, until you and your soulmate meet.

Requested: Anon

Word Count: 2044

Tagging: @memento-scribet @avengerdragoness @cait-writes-stuff @solis200213 @damian-is-a-kitten @king-wolfie @the-singing-canary @addicted-to-dc @angstytodd @nightwingdiva @colormemeow @maruthor


You doodled, a lot. All the time in fact. You carried a pen everywhere, always drawing spirals and flowers, lines and words all over your wrist, hand, and arms. You had always been told not to, that is may bother your “Soulmate” but those were rare now a day. “Soulmates” were common when your grandmother was a child, but they had become less and less common, to the point where if you had one, you were a rare exception. Your parents were lucky, and they were soulmates, convinced you would have one as well, but you, not so much.

You thought the idea was amazing, and yeah, it would be awesome, but you didn’t believe you had a soulmate, so every time your parents told you to stop drawing on your arms in pen, as to not give your soulmate ink poisoning, you ignored them, thinking how on earth could you have a soulmate? Until the last day of school.

You were walking down the hall, towards the door, when all the sudden your feet were swept from under you. You fell to the floor, backpack falling as well, and everything spilling out and onto the ground. You looked up to find the star baseball pitcher and a couple of cheerleaders all standing over you, glaring at your scattered things and fallen figure.

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gentle reminders from you

Here’s a reminder to anyone here who is new or who doesn’t know, or even those of you that have forgotten, that the submit for this blog is permanently open to suggestions for gentle reminders. And if this is being posted, the queue is almost empty!

Despite the entirety of the GRSHN being run and administered by one person, that doesn’t mean that my journey to spread positivity is walked alone; thanks to this blog and all of you, it never has been. 

Any and all suggestions for posts will be extremely appreciated, however it’s okay if you don’t want to or can’t submit anything, or if you would rather your submit come through as anonymous; I’ve tried my best to offer as many options as I can to include everyone who wants to help out. I appreciate all of you, no matter what. However please be mindful of the rules of submitting before you send anything in. 

This is a great way to be involved with the GRSHN and the community’s efforts towards spreading positivity. Thank you all so much for the continuous and overwhelming support since day one; let’s continue to make dashboards a brighter place!

I hope you have a lovely day today. :)

P.S. I Love You- A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: I know, I know, two imagines in one night? Anyways, this is a little something that I decided to work on and post tonight in dedication to @goblackhatwithme . I hope you enjoy it, Renee! There are probably many mistakes in this so I am sorry but I wanted to get this posted tonight. This also has nothing to do with the film “P.S. I Love You,” but I thought it was a cute title. Hope you all enjoy!

Originally posted by nellaey

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. You were in the boys’ dormitory, lounging on Sirius’ bed and waiting for him to get out of the shower. You sighed in slight annoyance as you knew it was going to be a while. He was always so keen on using the “finest muggle products for his precious hair” and cursed Lily and yourself for showing them to him in the first place.

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Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

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this world is dark and full of horrors
but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth saving
that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try

because I look into your eyes 
I feel your heart beating beneath my fingertips
and your strength pressing into my body as we fight the war

and I know that there exists you
someone full of kindness and gentleness and determination
and yes, you have done things, terrible things
actions that keep you awake at night and shaking in the day

but the stars know that your light shines brighter than the sun
that the world may not deserve saving
but you certainly do and my heart may be buried deep
but it still pounds with my love for you
so I believe it should be saved

in the end time is nothing but an obstacle 
and I will find my way back to you
but first I need to do as you ask and make sure the universe remains
when we create a constellation with our reunion

—  Wonder by Abby S
Hide - imagine

I was pulled unwillingly from my deep slumber by the heat of the room, the sunlight magnifying through the window and the body close to mine causing me to wake up in a slight sweat. I groaned quietly and stretched out my legs before rolling over to face the boy beside me.

Harry was already looking at me, one eye open in a small slit as he, too, fought the harsh pull of sleep. His hair fell across his forehead in a wave of unkempt curls and he pressed his face further into the pillow as he offered me a small, sleepy smirk.

“Morning baby” he said, his voice a deep drawl, his usual low tones thicker and raspier than usual. “We have to get up soon” he said softly. Immediately I shook me head.

“No” I mumbled, my voice also laced with sleep.

“I’m afraid we don’t have a choice sweetheart” he said, the smirk still pulling at the corner of his lip as I shook my head firmly against the pillow.

“No, we can stay here, they’ll never know” I said with mock determination. Harry chuckled.

“They’ll come looking for us” he rasped. Again I shook my head and shuffled my body towards his so that our chests pressed together and our noses brushed. The warmth of his body could be felt through the thin shirt I wore and I allowed myself to be pulled impossibly nearer to him despite the heat of the room. I reached for the thick, soft duvet and pulled it both over our heads until we were hidden from the outside world, cocooned in our own little sanctuary of warm bodies and stale air.

“We’ll just hide from them,” I whispered quietly, the sound muffled beneath our thick shield, “if we lie really still and stay quiet they’ll never find us”.

Harry let our a breathy chuckle, placing his large palm on the side of my cheek that wasn’t pressed into the cushions, his thumb brushing back and forth gently across my cheekbone and his fingertips playing with the hair behind my ear

“I’d love to stay hidden with you, we could spend all day in bed talking, and cuddling, and kissing, just like we used to” he breathed, his hot, sweet breath tickling against my lips.

“Will you stay with me then?” I asked quietly, my voice laced with hope that he might fulfil everything he had just said. As he opened his mouth to reply an obnoxious knocking at the hotel room door broke us from the bubble we had created and Harry appeared to realise that he couldn’t stay hidden with me, no matter how much he wanted to. He has duties, and responsibilities and adoring fans that he had to make an appearance for.

“I’m sorry” he said softly, leaning forward and pressing a delicate kiss to my lips before pulling away and removing the duvet from around us, breaking the spell and exposing us to the world in all our sleepy, barely clothed glory. Even as he left the bed I felt the tingling of my lips from where he has kissed me and my heart warmed, for I knew that if he didn’t have to go and spend another day being ‘Harry Styles’, he would stay with me, and despite 5 years together we still couldn’t get enough of one another.

He padded across the room in his bare feet and yelled a deep 'I’m coming’ as another round of knocks rattled against the door. He sighed and reached for the clothes he had picked out the day before. I watched as he dressed, pulling the duvet back over my legs and pulling my knees to my chest before wrapping my arms around them. He had dressed and washed in a matter of minutes and slowly, reluctantly, made his way to the door. He turned as he reached it, his eyes, which were slowly getting brighter and brighter as sleep drifted away from him, scanned my body and a genuine, lazy smile settled on to his lips. I rested my chin on top of my knees and gazed at him.

“Tomorrow baby, tomorrow I’ll stay here and hide with you” he said softly before turning and leaving the room. I smiled softly as he left. Tomorrow, I could wait until tomorrow.


I’ve noticed a common complaint in the Steven Universe fandom nowadays being that Lapis’ day palette is way too bright, which i completely agree as I actually started to notice that her color palette now is brighter than her Season 1 palette when looking at images of her online, so using a screenshot from Jailbreak i edited a vector of Lapis to hopefully look a lot more pleasing to the eye, I personally like it over the more neon sky blue skin she has now. What do you guys think? (also check out the read more for a bonus screencap edit!)

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And I think you’ll regret it, maybe in a few weeks, a few months or a few years. But one day you’ll see me and just the sight of me will make you miss me. And in that moment you’ll remember how beautiful and vibrant I am. And you’ll regret leaving me. You’ll miss the cherry suckers I ate and the way I could never miss a sunset. You’ll miss how my hands held tight and my mouth curved into a smile. You’ll miss the sound of my laugh and the light in my eyes. You will have thought that light would be gone. Taken by what you put me through. But it will be brighter than ever no thanks to you. I will be radiant.
—  You’ll miss me, you’ll regret this, but it will be too late
For I have moved on
.a place to call home //shallura
               He still recalled everything so clearly.

So many were present, the once free people that not only Allura has reached out to, but helped find their courage to fight back against being enslaved and nearly pushed to extinction. Their faces were all so bright, and sorrows finally were an afterthought; their smiles reflect what she feels right now. Joy. After so many years of battle, of the strife, of the complications of being hunted throughout the many galaxies, it was all over. Peace was achieved, though some sacrificed their lives for it; this was for them. This moment she shared on this grand podium, with the lions behind her, the symbols of freedom.

“No longer are we to be threatened and oppressed, reduced to fearing and looking behind our shoulders at every pass we make. The war with Zarkon, with his followers, is finally over.” The relief was in her eyes and mirrored in whispers shared by the crowd. Behind her stood the pilots of Voltron, their helmets underneath their arms, taking in the grandiose audience before them. All except one pilot, the leader of this group of young individuals. Shiro. His attention was solely on her.

     That day, he believed, was to be one of their last together.

After everything they endured, the numerous battles, the close calls, the moments where they found a pocket of temporary peace from the empire’s grasp - it was finally coming to a close.

When the speeches were over, when the crowds dissipated and they boarded the ship, the group, now including Matt, reminiscence of their time together. So much changed, and he saw it all unfold before him like a flower finally coming to bloom with spring’s arrival. Pidge finally found what she longed for, family, and she was made whole. Keith has come to terms of his heritage, and learned the value of leadership. Lance maintained his confidence, yet he humbled, and his marksmanship had no rival. Hunk, not only did he keep their spirits elevated, but earned the admiration of many a people of different civilizations, and took pride in learning of their cultures, taking personal interest in their unique dishes.

But, what of Shiro? One could argue that he had undergone many a change himself, but there was something that he could not overcome.

He knew what it was, as he sat in silence while they all laughed and excitedly spoke of returning home. The mice danced and were juggled between Matt and Pidge. Hunk unveiled his masterpiece of a dinner, the last they would have together. Keith and Lance were bickering quietly to themselves but soon that died away when they took a glance at Shiro.

He was staring again; it was something he didn’t register doing.

Allura was aglow, her bright eyes often trailed their path to his own, and she would smile in a particular way that made him realize that she had not changed, that it was his heart that shifted - especially now with the knowledge that he was going home. Finally - home.

There were words he choked on, a thousand things he could have said, but when the festivities were over, and he was left alone with her on the bridge, he simply allowed her speak, drinking in the sound of her voice. He longed to remember it, the way she said his name, how soft her tone became when addressing him. The universe was dark, a tapestry riddled with glowing stars, yet she was the one that outshone them all.

                        He remembered that day.

As they finally arrived on Earth, as she had promised them, and the ship rested after its landing, that he came to terms with a heavy heart. Their adventures were over, that they would not likely see her beauty, or that of the vast cosmos.

“Shiro,” she had been speaking to him this entire time, yet her words were falling on deaf ears until now. The breeze felt warm, it was summer where they came to land, and the sun was bright on his face. The team stood behind him and began to give their embraces to Coran, who balanced the mice on his shoulders as they began to trade their farewells.

“Shiro, I wanted to personally thank you again. Not only did we rebuild the once shattered peace throughout the galaxy, but we finally were able to bring you back home. The Galra empire is no more, you can go home.” Her hand was extended out to him and he looked down at it before reaching out and taking a hold of it.

“The pleasure was mine, princess. What now, now that you achieved what you wanted? Where will you go?” He asked with a certain concern that she did not recognize, one that made her look away; Allura chose not to reveal the bit of sorrow that painted her features.

“I will find a new home, I have a chance now to start over. But you should go now, Shiro, the lions are safe with me, until they are needed again. Now, they are waiting - we have held you long enough, don’t you agree?” She replies in a whisper while slipping her hand away, giving a wink before motioning to his family, his team, patiently waiting.

How could he forget. She lost everything she loved, her entire world, her people, her father. They had a home to return to, she had memories locked in her heart. She was smiling, but her eyes spoke volumes, and as they cleared distance, and he began to walk back to the team, her smile wanes.

Coran had already boarded ahead of her whilst she lingered; the mice sat on the train of her cloak as she turned away, with a bleeding heart.

Shiro looked ahead at the faces of his newfound family, especially the way they crossed their arms and shook their heads, mumbling in distraught. Even Matt joined in on the foray, and sternly, pointed back to the ship. They knew before he did, what took root in his heart, and what he was letting go.

Allura was down the corridor when she felt a firm grip of her wrist; a gasp escaped her lips and she felt the immediate rush of heat as sorrow mingled with anger. The collision was a soft one, for she immediately recognized the scent of his skin, the strength of his arms, as he pulled her into a tight embrace. “Allura,” she heard her name fall from his lips and she felt something within shatter all at once.

“Home isn’t the same, it is missing something,” Shiro whispered against her pointed ear, brushing his cheek against her own. She was trembling violently and the quake caused his voice to crack, “..Someone,” he managed to conclude as he pulled away to look at her.

She was weeping now, openly. Allura, who was strong and lionhearted, a woman who endured so much, appeared vulnerable before his eyes. His cybernetic arm pulled away and he brushed the tears from her cheek. “We have a saying on Earth: Home is where the heart is. My home is with you. Stay here, with me - with us.”

He remembers that day as he looks at her now, the way she is glowing before the open window as sunlight filters through. The look of serenity on her face as she stares outside and rests a hand along her abdomen. His heart leaps inside its cage when she turns, and her smile lights up the entire room, brighter than the summer sun. Her laughter is something that makes him smile on cue.

“Shiro? What’s the matter? You’ve been awfully quiet this morning, especially during breakfast.” Her approach is a slow one as she extends her hands out, but it is not to shake his own, but to wrap her arms around his neck. God, she is truly glowing, and he falls in love with her all over again.

“I was thinking of you, us, of..” he spoke lovingly while trailing his hand over her abdomen; it was rounder now as she came closer to the end of her third trimester.

It has been a full year since the war came to an end, a year since he lost an important part of himself. But, he found himself, and a piece of heaven was granted to him, at last.

                                   It was here, when she smiled.

                          It was was found woven into her laughter.

                               And now, it was growing within her.

  [ shallura art done by: @breezycheezyart​ - thank you for the inspiration! ]