on my toes now

Paint it  black and paint it white
Pull the blinds and meet the light
I see heaven up above
But I see you and I see love

And we’ve got a long road
We’ve got a burning coal
Sometimes it feels too hot to hold 
I hope it never goes cold

Very rough and lazy Zutara thing inspired by The Narrative’s newest song, Toe The Line. It’s hauntingly beautiful and I’m obsessed (please be obsessed like I am because it also gives me a lot of Zutara vibes)

“Your tie is crooked.”
“Is it? I didn’t notice –”
“You should straighten it… here, let me do it for you.”

Scorpius looking after his smol bf is everything i need *lies down*

Remember that photo I mentioned earlier? We took it!

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i’ve been formulating this……..concept

that may or may not get written

it doesn’t matter, what DOES matter is this minor concept that has become a spin-off of the main one and i HAVE to share:

in this au, soulmates can feel each other’s emotions constantly - it’s like an automatic connection, one that’s on all the time, no matter how far away you are from your soulmate

so jake and amy are soulmates (obviously) and have found each other (obviously) and it’s all peachy

and then he gets sent to florida

(they’re not married - she’s not allowed to go, for all WITSEC knows they’re lying about being soulmates and the risk is too great)

so for six months, amy can feel the full depth of jake’s depression

and for six months, jake can feel every ounce of amy’s heartache

and when the moment comes that they’re reunited, the awkwardness stems from the fact that they’re both so jittery with nerves that they can’t quite seem to function around it all

the moment that amy finds figgis with a gun pressed to jake’s temple and she’s looking into jake’s eyes, all she can feel is this overwhelming, open sense of trust (with just the tiniest hint of dread - he knows it’s gonna hurt)

she finds him in the back of his ambulance and once she’s told him that the police chief is okay, she kind of trails off

they’re both grinning at each other - there’s still a ghost of an ache, the wound of six months spent apart slow-healing - but when amy tentatively steps into his space, he feels like his whole body is opening up to her

and he can feel hers doing the same for him

and the kiss is - well, it would be enough to knock him off his feet if he were standing; he feels the sparks of electricity running through his body and the sudden heedy relief that originates in amy and it’s no surprise to anyone that they both start crying in the middle of the kiss

(and later when he’s on painkillers, it’s all kind of diluted in the haze, but he can feel her affection settling over him like a warm blanket and he loves her all the more for it. all she can feel is this dopey, dizzy kind of adoration that makes her head spin, and it’s all she can do not to squeeze him to death in relief)

anyways i’m


Vore Prey Asks
  • Nom: How do you feel about preds giving you a little nibble or two (not enough to hurt, though)?
  • Mmm: Have preds ever told you what you taste like? Do you have any clue how you taste to predators?
  • Audio: Do stomach noises intimidate you when you're trapped inside, or relax you?
  • Company: Would you rather be eaten alone or with a friend?
  • Marshmallows: Does it bother you when preds ingest you when there's already food in their stomach?
  • Regrets: Do you ever have that moment when you regret letting your guard down around a predator?
  • Beat: How do heartbeats make you feel?
  • Situated: How long does it take you to make yourself at least remotely comfortable?
  • Pounding: When someone ingests you without your consent, do you relax and try to find a way out calmly or make a major fuss and unleash hell on their innards?
  • Whoops: How do you feel about accidental Vore, and do you blame the predator for it?
  • Explanation: Do you think preds need to tell you why they swallowed you?
  • Sorry: If a predator apologizes, do you forgive them?
  • Zzz: Do you end up falling asleep inside your predatory captors? Why? If no, why not?
  • The Fear: Are you phased by Vore, or are you perfectly comfortable with sliding down a predator's throat?
  • Picky: If you had to pick anyone you knew or looked up to to swallow you, what person would that be and why?
  • Bro: Do certain friends swallow you to show affection?
  • Metabolism: Are you easy-to-digest or indigestible?
  • Hard to Stomach: Do you typically force preds to spit you out?
  • Cocoon: Are stomachs a calming or unnerving place to be?
  • Pain Relief: Do you ever go down and try to cure a predator buddy's illnesses?

@beaniesforspock tagged me to post my sherlock transformation selfies- late november 2013 before s3 (which i actually didnt watch until about march?) when i had just barely dipped my toes in vs last week-ish now that i am fully intrenched in the #cult life

i tag…?! ok most people i wanna tag are Trans™ n therefore fkakdkakkaka may not want to so I TAG ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO IT!!! MUTUALS I DONT TALK TO THAT MUCH!! PEOPLE I DONT FOLLOW BUT WHO WANNA DO THIS!!!!! THAT INCLUDES YOU!!!!!! 💖

y'know the thing about group chats and u have something really clever to say but u can’t bc people type too damn fast and u got this pun about spicy noodles but now the conversation is about the bee movie

Safely at home now, warming my toes and trying to keep the hot cocoa away from Archimedes, my “art manager.” I think he’s questioning my choice of mug.

Archimedes was designed and made by @homemadehorrors !

To those upset we didn't get answers this episode

The reason we didn’t get answers to what Rose has done in this episode is because it wasn’t the real Rose. Steven was talking to himself in that room, the room created Rose so she only knew what Steven knew. This episode (in my opinion) was more about Steven getting closure that getting answers.

I also don’t see the ending as Steven “forgiving” Rose, I see it more as he’s coming to terms with “okay my mom fucked up, but she’s not coming back so I gotta do this” like he knows he might not ever get the answers he wants but he’s gonna try and fix the mess she left behind.

I think Steven needed to vent his thoughts to Rose even if it was just a projection of her. He needed to get it off his chest to someone who wouldn’t immediately defend her choices or bounce around the subject (e.g. the crystal gems and Greg). He had thoughts about Rose only creating him to escape from her mistakes but he knows this isn’t true. Rose has made a lot of mistakes and done things Steven didn’t agree on but that he knows that doesn’t make her a bae person.

He just wants to know his mom, is real mom. Not the glorified hero of the crystal gems he always hears about and not the traitorous rebel from Homeworld. He’s trying to come to terms with the fact he might never know the real her because no one else does and I think that’s the main point of this episode.

Guys I want answers too but we have to be patient, it’s not the right time yet and I’m sure the crewniverse are working on a way to tell us the answers in the most beautiful and heart-breaking way.

(also I loved when Connie done flexibility love and trust when she was worried about her mom, it’s good to see she’s really using it)

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TG: gotta keep on my toes TG: i basically just attached caledfwlch to our roomba and now it serves as a dangerous reminder of the awful trauma ive been through including beheading a second incarnation of my genuinely shitty brother TG: also it fucked up the balance on the thing and it kind of just spins




Today I fell over badly on the ice and now my bottom is bruised and my legs are sore and I look a bit like a crab when I walk because only small steps don’t hurt, and I have gravel caught under the skin of my palms and ow ow ow

And my second bus was 35 mins late and waiting outside for that long (an hour!) means that I lost all feeling in my toes, despite my three pairs of thermal socks, and now I can feel chilblains forming and ow ow ow again

And then we drove past a car crash and the bus driver rolled down his window and shouted BLOODY WOMAN DRIVERS and laughed, so I made a formal complaint to the bus company

It hasn’t been a good morning, is what I’m saying

BUT my jumper has crabs on it and my dress has sunflowers on and I’m revising Glorious Creatures loads in my lunch break and I have biscuits AND A BLANKET, so today will still be good

I’m dressing as Sonny from Rock and Riot for Halloween!