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note:  i’ve decided to redo my fic-rec list because I wasn’t pleased with the previous one, meaning many of you who were tagged - will be tagged again. i hope it doesn’t bother you too much. 

this is an older fic-rec, but I will be posting a new one soon!

please support each and every writer below the cut and remember to send me recommendations (for any member of bangtan!) happy reading!

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New Wands in the Shop & Major Changes

This is not the same sort of update as I normally do. Just letting all of you know there are going to be some HUGE changes to my shop. I got a notice from Warner Brothers last night that I cannot use anything with ‘Harry Potter’ or content of the book in my work. It was a little discouraging, but I mulled it over and will continue to make wands and just list them a little differently. In a way, this works out better so people can choose a wand specific to their personality rather than anything pre-sorted and I can expand on things more inspired by other books like Lord of the Rings and Magician: Apprentice. I am having to redo all my listings to reflect these changes, but do not worry! I will still continue to do custom orders to your specifications and will have everything re-listed this week.


Pairing - Daveed x Reader

Word Count - 3541

Prompt - From @followingnaturespath -  Oh my god if its not too much trouble could you do gymnophoria with Daveed and reader? Or something of the sort? I hope it’s not too much of a bother! -💜

Warnings - SMUT. 

Tags - @serkewen12 @mysterywriter36 @hamilton-gaygod @daveedish @itsgarbagecannotgarbagecannot @crazypurplebananas @getupoffathathang @iluvnialljameshoran @hamilfamdd @drugsdiggs @daveeddiggsit @imagineham @fragmentofmymind @manuelmiranduh @americanrevelation @hamiltonwrotetheother51 @darling-danger @h3dgehogjohn @hamilton-canyouimagine @angryflowerengineer @raesof-sunshine @authorrjcity @satisfiedstoryoftonight @a-schuylerr @imaginebeinghamiltrash @diggs4life @cupofkauffie @spilledkauffie @authorrjcity

I’m redoing my forever tag list, so shoot me an ask if you wanna be on it! 

Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is undressing you with their eyes.

This was it. The big day. The day you’d been looking forward to ever since you’d found out about it.

Was it your wedding day? No. You weren’t even engaged.

Birthday? No.

It was the day you finally got to see your boyfriend after he’d been on tour with his band for the past month.

Clipping. was finally coming within driving distance, and you couldn’t be more excited. You loved to see Daveed perform, be it when you first started dating while he was in Hamilton, or now when he was on tour with his group, or anything he decided to take part in. He poured his heart and soul into every performance, and you loved it. You loved his intensity, his passion, the way he dropped his shy demeanor and took charge of the stage with utmost confidence. It was magnetic, drawing you to him that much more, and, if you were honest with yourself, it turned you on. You couldn’t always get him alone after a show, but when you did, the adrenaline from his performance made things absolutely electric. He usually left you with bruises or hickeys on your neck and chest, and when things were really intense, you were sore the next day. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t hoping that that happened tonight.

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Dating Kim Seokjin Would Include...

rap monster | suga | jimin | jungkook | v | j-hope |

  • Watching a lot of Disney movies together 
  • Literally when all else fails, Jin’s like “Wanna rewatch Snow White?
  • At almost any given moment, he will start testing out his acting skills and saying “Did I nail it? I nailed it, didn’t I? I know.
  • And when you jokingly say no, he pouts and denies you attention for the rest of the day (but in reality he gives up on that within the first fifteen minutes because he can’t ignore)
  • He’d try teaching you Mandarin and find it so funny whenever you’d get some words mixed up
  • No jagi, get the pink one
  • Telling him that he looks HELLA cute in his glasses but he doesn’t believe you 
  • Resting your head on those broad ass shoulders 
  • Sleeping on those broad ass shoulders
  • Admiring those broad ass shoulders
  • Balancing cups on those broad ass shoulders
  • Do you wanna see the new choreography?
  • You say yes because boy, this’ll be interesting
  • He purposely makes himself look like a total idiot while doing the choreography and you’re just cringing / trying hard not to laugh
  • idk I feel like there’s lots of kissing
  • But not necessarily a lot of full on kissing, I feel like Jin would give you a lot of pecks and quick kisses at random times
  • He’d cook for you all the time
  • Seeing that cute smile of his always 
  • Jin would literally be your #1 fan, no matter how big or small your achievement is, Jin would just be showering you with love and telling you how proud he is of you
  • Jin overall would just be a very cute boyfriend who would look after you and always be there when you needed him and I’m down

The only way you’re exempt from this is if you are only tagged in a series. Other than that.. here’s what’s goin’ down!

I haven’t put any thought into my tags lists until recently. My lists are a mess. Tags don’t work, some people don’t even leave feedback anymore (which whatever it’s cool, I just have no way of knowing if you read my work or not)

So here goes!

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I’m seeing so much love for fanfiction writers on my dash right now. It’s so awesome! I decided to do one of these things as well because without y'all, I’d feel like something would be missing in my life. The writers I’m listing in this shout out are just the tip of the fanfic iceberg. These are just the ones I have on my list atm. And while this day is for all writers, I’m mainly in the SPN fandom. Hence my aesthetic thingy. Lol. So without further ado, here are some of my favorites.

@atc74 @avasmommy224 @babypieandwhiskey @bringmesomepie56 @chaos-and-the-calm67 @chelsea072498 @dancingalone21 @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @frenchybell @ilostmyshoe-79 @impala-dreamer @impalaimagining @jessica-bones-winchester @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @kas-not-cas @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @lipstickandwhiskey @mamaredd123 @megansescape @mrswhozeewhatsis @nichelle-my-belle @sis-tafics @taste-of-dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @torn-and-frayed @whispersandwhiskerburn

I’m missing a bunch of people cause I haven’t updated my list in forever. So if you’re not on here right now, I’m sorry! I still love you! I’m gonna have to redo my list very soon.

Much love to ALL fanfiction writers! You truly are appreciated!

Teamspider-man’s Master-list!

I changed my URL so I had to redo my entire master-list so here ya go! 

Lol, my writing is trash so read at your own risk! 

Updated on 7/13/17!

Bucky x Reader


Meet Me

Lost Love

Unspoken Feelings

Kiss Me


The Way You Said “I Love You”

Peter Parker x Reader




The Project

Treated Wounds

Young Love

After a long day (drabble) 

Steve x Reader


i’m back from the dead

(ᵒᵒᶜ) // sOOOO,Where have i been?? 

Well,about two months ago,my computer was stuck in a infinite loop of trying to boot up so,basically i couldn’t be on OR update you guys on what happened (i mean,i could’ve used my personal but nah.) but after i found out about this,I,having no idea what to do wanted to take it get fixed. Luckily,after i waited a month,i decided to fix it once again staying up for about two-ish days (taking breaks of course) & falling asleep,my sister just had to do a factory reset and,that fixed it. pffft,did i need to wait almost two months to come back,nope,i was just an idiot.  AnyWAY i’m back now! sorry about all the waiting an possibly worrying you guys or whatever! i’ll most likely have to get use to rping again and all that stuff but i’ll most definitely be more active this time! 

I’m almost at 1.9k and about to graduate college so to celebrate I decided to redo my fandom family. This time, instead of listing members and the fandoms they’re in, people can choose a character they want to be in the family. I will also be doing monthly group promo posts of randomly selected members!


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    • look HERE  to choose characters from the fandoms i’m in
    • look HERE to see who’s already taken
  • tell me your name + a short quote or description you’d like on the page
  • track #swearfam
    • tag any of your original posts with #swearfam -edits, fanfic, rants, playlists, whatever you want- so we can all reblog it!

anonymous asked:

Can you sort seventeen in Hogwarts houses?

I’ve already done this, but I have some updates I need to make on my list so I’ll redo it (this is from a Slytherin’s perspective):

Coups- Gryffindor
Jeonghan- Slytherin
Shua- Ravenclaw
Junnie- Slytherin
Hoshi- Slytherin (though my heart wishes he was a cute squishy Hufflepuff)
Wonwoo- Ravenclaw
Woozi- Slytherin
DK- Gryffindor
Mingyu- Hufflepuff
Minghao- Slytherin
Boo- Gryffindor
Vernon- Gryffindor
Dino- Gryffindor/Slytherin (I still can’t decide)

super fast and rough, but i needed a break to draw not work and not rwby angst, so here’s team evil mom raven

(based off of @theoriginalmysteryincorporated‘s tags about raven being a shitty mom who leaves first family, only to end up with an even worse second one)

This here is a call for mains. Now what does this mean?
It means that you will be my priority and the first person I come to for plot ideas. It lets me know it’s okay to approach you at any time and essentially just spam you with much love from both mun and muse. And this also means you can do the same for me. Mains are my lovelies who will get many cookies and squishy hugs.

Now, there are a couple of requirements:

  • We must have at least one thread going or at least started.
  • We must have interacted ooc. But that doesn’t mean it has to have been on this blog. Many of my followers on here are carried over from other blogs.
  • Only two mains per muse.

You’ll be listed on my mains popup and I’ll probably come squeal at you asap. Let me love you guys and we can scream about our muses or fandoms or anything really! So just like this post if you’re interested!

Happy roleplaying!

10 Favorite Fictional Characters (5 Male/5 Female) 

I was tagged by @tenthebookworm and this was honestly so hard, I don’t even… like I feel like I definitely missed someone? or multiple someones? And I love so many characters from so many different things that I can’t imagine I got this all right. ahjksdhfjksdfskd. anyway, here’s what happened when I selected characters off the top of my head.


1. Inej Ghafa (six of crows)

2. Delilah Bard (a darker shade of magic)

3. Clarke Griffin (the 100)

4. Lydia Martin (teen wolf)

5. Brienne of Tarth (asoiaf/game of thrones)


1. Bellamy Blake (the 100)

2. Jon Snow (asoiaf/game of thrones- barring the disaster that was season 7, I still have book Jon and previous seasons Jon, I haven’t given up hope yet)

3. Elias Veturius (an ember in the ashes)

4. Kaz Brekker (six of crows) 

5. Cassel Sharpe (the curse workers)

um. I tag anyone who wants to do this on my dash because I’m horribly exhausted right now and am experiencing too much brain fog.

Thanks for trying everyone

I’ll have to redo my commission list at some point, but thanks for trying in the meantime.

I don’t know when the next page will be out, but I can try working on it soon. I’ve just got a lot on my plate as you guys know so all I can do is thank you for being patient.

Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful day everyone.

-Mod Shade