on my planet


-Emotions are highly concentrated
-Vengeful if upset;worst enemy you can make
-high energy placement
-horny 24/7
-Self-disciplined and self sufficient
-nothing can stop them once goals are set
-highly obsessive
-apt to be jealous and possessive
-powerful emotions make for a powerful will
-don’t fear much of anything unless it involves losing what belongs to them

Now for a classic Scifi lady, Altaira Morbius from one of the greatest Scifis ever made: Forbidden Planet (‘57).
It’s based on The Tempest, takes place in space, has an incredible mystery, great script, awesome effects (which includes astounding monster animation done by the folks at Disney), etc. etc. I can’t sing its praises enough.
But anyway, watch it when you can and put down your phone so you can really immerse yourself in it. ^.^

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???: They would probably kill you and dissect your body for information towards conquering the galaxy. You.. you need to go home. 

Jupiter: But this is my home!

???: No. You’ve been influenced too much by humans, you wouldn’t survive. here. This place isn’t what you think it is. Things are different. We don’t have emotions like you do. We don’t have anything called a family. Do you want that?

Jupiter: I guess not.. but why are you telling me this, why are you helping me?

???: You aren’t the first experiment to try to find their way back home. I don’t really agree with my planet’s choices, but defying them is unforgivable. At least this way, I can do something. I can help someone. 

Jupiter: Thank you. 

???: …You need to go. I can feel them approaching. Go, run! 

  • Kara: Woah it's a portal that leads...somewhere
  • Supergirl: Ima go through it.
  • Kara: I'm not super strong and I'm bleeding; I've lost my powers because this planet has a red sun and not a yellow one! Ooh and look, there goes some bad guy fleet ships headed to the big fortress!
  • Supergirl: Let's go to the fortress.
  • Kara: All those people were kidnapped and brought to another planet to be sold as slaves, and they're in the fortress which has no way out
  • Supergirl: Let's get captured.

A few things I’ve learned on my years on this planet:

Figure out what you’re good at; figure out what makes you happy - recognize that they probably not the same things.

Know that making compromises in life is not a bad thing, as long as you’re not compromising yourself.

If someone in your life brings your more sadness than joy by their own actions, walk away. Even if you love them.

Ruts are good for sowing seeds in, not lives.

Allow yourself to be a beautiful mess.

Sometimes I forget...

The other day I was thinking about how many people there are on earth and how our large number is, in a way, hurting our planet. Then my asexual ass got to thinking “hey, what if people weren’t meant to reproduce? What if we aren’t meant to have sex and kids? What if we were suppose to die off quickly and not evolve in any way?” THEN MY ACE ARO BRAIN REMEMBERED THAT MOST PEOPLE EXPERIENCE SEXUAL ATTRACTION, AND MY THEORY FELL APART INTO DUST.

We are always stronger together 

Can you believe there is only a few day left before Voltron season 2 ???