on my phone sorry for bad quality


GUYS. I MADE THIS THING. ((also yes sorry for bad video quality. I honestly wish I could make it better but I made do with what I had i.e. a camera phone and a sister and some walls to prop things up on huhu)) BUT I HOPE YOU LIKE IT YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY


“There are days when I’m just kind of overwhelmed by all of it. And I think that that’s okay.”


I lie, this was not for my pride.
I know this was my time.

I was listening to Handshake by Two Door Cinema Club and I can only think of Taco talking to Mic tbh
also!! my marker ran out halfway through colouring Soap, so I’m sorry if it’s uneven!

Hey you might never see this but I wanted to draw your character ‘cause he’s p cool. This took 2 hours I kept on messing up heh. Anyways I’m a fan of your au and characters and I hope you like this ówò. (Sorry for the bad quality, I’m using my phone and sorry that this is long >^<.></.>

——– ——– ✏️Dude Pockeyyyy This is an AMAZING bust, GOSH I love your thorough ✨attention to detail✨ and that expressive face!!😌 The way the hood envelopes his head is so cool; everything’s so flowing and your style has such a charming appeal to it! Your art would be AMAZING in a comic I’d bet- the expression is just so big!! Characters would be so easy to read from afar!!!! On another note, Pockey:: I’m SO sorry this took me a million years to get back to. It’s an honest to goodness shame this had to sit in my inbox for so long! 😰💦

Sorry for the inactivity but here’s past Melody and Jake at a little festival since I thought it was a cute idea while I was listening to a song

anonymous asked:

Last month, I had to put down my 16-year-old cat due to cancer. Today I found out that we can't afford the possible treatment for my other cat, who is 15, and we have to consider euthanizing him within the next few days if his blood work comes back with bad news. These are my childhood cats whom I've had since I was 6 and I'm heartbroken. Could I have some Pangur and Grim snuggle pictures to help me get through the day?

I’m so sorry, that’s devastating. it sounds like they’ve both had long, full lives, but it always hurts to lose family members. 

here are a couple P&G pics I had on my phone: