on my phone sorry for bad quality


I’ve been wanting to show you guys the videos I took at the Markiplier show!  Prepare yourself for a heartwarming moment from @crankgameplays !  Ethan, it took a lot of courage to do this in front of such a large crowd, we are so proud of you!  

Sorry for the bad quality and the awkward camera shift, this was all recorded on my phone!  I’ll be posting some more videos today!


“There are days when I’m just kind of overwhelmed by all of it. And I think that that’s okay.”


GUYS. I MADE THIS THING. ((also yes sorry for bad video quality. I honestly wish I could make it better but I made do with what I had i.e. a camera phone and a sister and some walls to prop things up on huhu)) BUT I HOPE YOU LIKE IT YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

i went to the zoo and i may have taken a lot of pictures for the sole purpose of drawing on them…

anyway have fun boys