on my level music video

the steal my girl music video speaks to me on a deeply metaphorical level, like these 5 boys came into the empty emotionless desert that was my heart and prance around in ballerina outfits with monkeys and ribbons and giant fat guys and a carefree i do what i want attitude and i cannot tell you how important that is to me 


5 Hour Atmospheric and Relaxing Video Game Music Compilation

0:00 Madam AC2 Jesper Kyd
1:01 Midna’s Lament TP Toru Minegishi
4:48 Deep Sea of Mare SMS Koji Kondo
9:03 Peril Halo 2 Martin O'Donnell
11:48 The Harbor City Risen Kai Rosenkranz
14:10 Trophy Gallery Theme SSBB Takahiro Nishi
19:11 Hydrodynamo Station MP2 Kenji Yamamoto
25:07 Sorrow XC Manami Kiyota
27:15 Stickerbush Symphony DK Country 2 David Wise
31:41 Faron Woods TP Toru Minegishi
36:35 Orbit of Glass Halo 2 Martin O'Donnell
37:51 Leonardo’s Inventions Pt. 2 AC2 Jesper Kyd
40:34 Boss Room Calm TP Toru Minegishi
45:31 A Walk In The Woods Halo Martin O'Donnell
47:21 Torvus Bog MP 2 Kenji Yamamoto
52:19 Gallery Theme Luigi’s Mansion Kazumi Totaka
53:37 Menu Theme Mirror’s Edge Magnus Birgerrson
59:18 Blue Mountains The Witcher Adam Skorupa
1:05:36 Under Cover of Night Halo Martin O'Donnell
1:09:04 Outside Theme Luigi’s Mansion Kazumi Totaka
1:13:59 Echoes of the Roman Ruins ACB Jesper Kyd
1:16:42 Ghosts of Reach Halo 2 Martin O'Donnell
1:17:52 Border Village Dali FF IX Nobuo Uematsu
1:22:18 Jazz Sections Halo 3 ODST Martin O'Donnell
1:29:48 Skytown, Elysia MP3 Kenji Yamamoto
1:33:15 Ordon Village TP Toru Minegishi
1:35:18 Ambient Wonder Halo Martin O'Donnell
1:37:12 Frostfall Skyrim Jeremy Soule
1:40:08 Astral Observatory MM Koji Kondo
1:45:27 Temple of Time Intro TP Toru Minegishi
1:50:13 Night Hub Theme Sonic Unleashed Tomoya Ohtani
1:55:32 Intro Theme MP2 Kenji Yamamoto
2:00:42 Hotel Delfino SMS Koji Kondo
2:06:24 Lake Hylia TP Toru Minegishi
2:11:24 Chozo Artifact Temple MP Kenji Yamamoto
2:12:24 A Flight of Light and Darkness POP Inon Zur
2:14:34 Far Horizons Skyrim Jeremy Soule
2:19:48 Save Theme RE4 Misao Senbongi
2:24:50 Dream of Venice AC2 Jesper Kyd
2:28:57 Phendrana Drifts MP Kenji Yamamoto
2:32:47 Space Junk Galaxy SMG Koji Kondo
2:37:46 Snowpeak TP Toru Minegishi
2:43:01 Snowman Earthbound Shogo Sakai
2:45:51 Main Theme ACR Jesper Kyd
2:47:24 Family SMG Koji Kondo
2:52:53 Zora’s Domain TP Toru Minegishi
2:58:09 Building Mode 3 The Sims Jerry Martin
3:03:51 Eryth Sea Night XC Manami Kiyota
3:06:59 Vigil ME Jack Wall
3:13:04 Dark Grotto TP Toru Minegishi
3:13:45 Dire Dire Docks SM 64 Koji Kondo
3:18:39 Stage Builder Theme SSBB Takahiro Nishi
3:23:21 Twilight Realm TP Toru Minegishi
3:29:24 Crashed Space Pirate Frigate MP Kenji Yamamoto
3:34:25 Luma SMG Koji Kondo
3:35:55 Shooting Star Summit PM Yuka Tsujiyoko
3:41:08 Twilight Zone TP Toru Minegishi
3:46:58 Sirena Beach SMS Koji Kondo
3:51:55 Forest of the Napon Night XC Yoko Shimomura
3:55:28 Rutela’s Theme TP Toru Minegishi
4:00:32 Sacred Shrine The Wind Waker Kenta Nagata
4:05:28 Intro Story PM Thousand Year Door Yuka Tsujiyoko
4:07:20 The Sewers Up Your Arsenal David Bergeaud
4:11:31 Sacred Grove TP Toru Minegishi
4:13:42 Tour of Venice AC2 Jesper Kyd
4:16:53 All’s Well Oblivion Jeremy Soule
4:19:15 Theme From Edanna Myst 3 Jack Wall
4:20:25 Bamboo Island SS Hajime Wakai
4:25:21 Intelligent Sea Waterway Opoona Hitoshi Sakimoto
4:28:43 Crossing Those Hills FF IX Nobuo Uematsu
4:33:22 The Shimmering Marsh Night XC Manami Kiyota
4:36:39 The Streets of Whiterun Skyrim Jeremy Soule
4:40:39 Fi’s Theme SS Hajime Wakai
4:45:37 Wiyar MOH Ramin Djawadi
4:46:37 Reminiscence XC Manami Kiyota
4:50:04 Observatory Luigi’s Mansion Kazumi Totaka
4:53:02 Peaceful Stars SMG Koji Kondo
4:54:27 Hyrule Field Night TP Toru Minegishi
4:59:40 The Maw Halo Martin O'Donnell

I don’t even like half the games on this playlist but def some relaxing deep level shit. Enjoy my fellow post-human entities.