on my fitblr at least

hello studyblr community !!! i’m starting a new little project on my blog of masterposts. the first one is, obviously, exercise. i’m very enthusiastic and passionate about staying healthy and working out, so i decided to make a post of my favourite routines. i hope this will be helpful to those of you who want to start working out but have no idea where to begin. the routines will be separated by body part :) as always, like/reblog to help others :>



legs (glutes, thighs, butt etc)

full body + cardio

and that is the completed list! please do not over exert yourself if you are a beginner, start moderately and build the intensity over the weeks as you become stronger and fitter. 

send in requests for any other masterposts you want to see from me !!! and now i’m off to revise for my romeo and juliet in-class essay someone send help i’ve studied romeo and juliet three times over the course of my high school/post-secondary education i’m sick of these two dumb teens

i wish there were more fitness blogs that didn’t only post skinny girls :( i love seeing beautiful women but sometimes i just want motivation from my thick ladies like me

One of my least favorite things about fitblrs is when they talk about how easy it is to get up and start working out and eating healthy and getting ‘fit’……and then they want to talk about how “hard they worked for the body that they have”. So I feel like there’s a lot of mistrust between regular people that actually want to start working out and people that have lost a lot of weight and moved mountains in the gym.
So which is it?

I’m here for the fitblrs that tell the truth. Take care of yourself before you commit to working out. Make sure you are in a healthy mindset. Don’t force yourself to get out of bed and workout if you don’t really want to! Because I did that with 8 AM classes and let me tell you how well that worked out: it didn’t.

A lot of people are afraid of dedicating their lives to working out. I see it all of the time; people that start working out become obsessed with it. Sometimes it’s healthy and it becomes a part of life. Other times, it’s really unhealthy and can blow up to become something serious.

I think the most important thing is to teach people that you don’t have to make your life revolve around the gym. You don’t have to workout. Light exercise is great for you, also. You don’t have to have a chiseled body and you don’t have to be making all of these sacrifices and meeting all of these goals if that’s not what you want to get out of working out.

It’s fucking hard! I’ve been on this crazy train for three years! In those three years I have been in great shape, I’ve weighed the most I’ve ever weighed, I’ve struggled to workout, I’ve forced myself to workout, I’ve gone months without any exercise, etc. I’ve been through it all! You need to learn to love it. And don’t do it if you don’t.

So no more, “you have no excuses cause if I can do it, you can”. We all develop and think differently. I have chronic illnesses which makes it more painful for me to workout on top of chronic fatigue; I can make all of the excuses I want to not workout because I don’t want to make my conditions worse. Just like you! If you don’t want to inflame horrible thoughts, or an eating disorder….people need to get excited about it! They need to be encouraged and so far, joining the Crush family…..I HAVE SEEN THAT! I see people constantly encouraging and not PUSHING! Omg it is so refreshing to see it, too!

So thanks bbbenwilliamson and aubernutter for allowing people to ease into your program and for not making us feel badly for not having the motivation that comes so easily for other people.