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do you have any headcanons about the get down brothers growing old ? I'm trying to picture them as like, old ass grandfathers and I'm laughing

my only real headcanon on this is that they all annoy the fuck out of their kids like everybody else now that was born in the 50/60′s. these niggas always having cookouts, or parties, or social gatherings with their friends and each others families and they always yellin at their kids to clean the damn house or “put on some real rap and not that bullshit y'all listenin to now” or talkin about “the good old days” and how “these kids don’t know nothin bout that”

shao probably be tryna dance n shit embarrassing tf out of his daughter

y'all ever see that video of somebody hood ass auntie rappin about gettin dick? thats zeke now

ra ra chillin talkin bout how his son got into harvard (in reality he means his son sent in an application 3 minutes ago but he’s just gonna assume its an acceptance)

dizzee’s kids are drawing on the wall fuckin up shao’s house and the only thing he says is “they remind me of me when i was younger” meanwhile shao is ready to get a belt

boo is the only cool one and all the kids get real excited when he shows up and try to go with him when he leaves

I feel like you all need a french lesson about “je suis allé au cinéma avec mon copain et ma famille.”

“Mon copain” has a double meaning in French. It could be “my friend” or “my boyfriend”.

But let’s be clear: you’re using “mon copain” as “my friend” when you’re 8 yo. If you’re on age of dating, it will be interpreted automatically as “my boyfriend”.

(But “mes copains” as plural will automatically be interpreted as “my friends”, even if you’re 20yo.)(or maybe you’re in a polyamory relationship but it doesn’t happen this often ^^’)

(also you can say “je suis allé au cinéma avec un copain”, and it will be interpreted as “just a friend”. Example : “tu sors avec lui? - Non, c’est un copain / oui c’est mon copain” Are you dating him ? No it’s a friend/ yes it’s my boyfriend”)

Yeah, French is subtle like that.

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Hey Um,I don't know if you still do requests but if you do and you find the time,Could You maybe draw Seb and Jim Watching "Family Guy" for the first time and Seb just can't help but constantly point out how much Stewie reminds him of Jim and Jim just kind of laughs as he proceeds to secretly hold up a pocket knife behind Seb's back.ALSO I FRICKING LOVE YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOUR ARTSTYLE AND YOU'RE THE BEST MORMOR ARTIST OUT THERE ILYSM

I hate this a lot thank you

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, and Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia will attend the joint 80th birthday celebrations of King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway on May 9th and 10th, 2017 in Oslo, Norway.
—  Swedish Royal Court

unedited and lazy/borin but I couldn’t help myself :x It’s 4am here and I’ll have something proper tomorrow maybe whoops once I have some sleep but here have pics cause I’m really feelin him right now yessss

(PS all cause of the lovely @neversayenevermore and their fantastic photoshoot with the Ralphster Corbin was allowed to crash ;Dc lel)

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For the prompts, may I request one of the Hunk getting drunk or something on a strange alien drink/food and gets really sappy on the others, saying how much he loves them etc :D

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration!

I have never really written Hunk and this was a really great way to get to know him. Thank you so much :)

As always, thanks to @melonbugg, whom I love.

“We’re,” Hunk paused, as if figuring out what it is they were, before realization lit up his eyes. He gasped in glee.


Lance nodded, his face squished between Hunk’s hands, before he was pulled into a tight hug. Pidge, standing against the counter in the kitchen with Keith, laughed.

“This is the absolute best thing I have ever seen.“

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side note i just hit 2k yesterday and forgot to say anything!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 7 months??? ago when i made this account i never thought I’d get more than like 26 followers. THANK YOU ALL, I LOVE YOU ALL. (here’s a lil gif of a rhys resembling creature, enjoy:)

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Swan Ave 1305

Whooooooop! I am so satisfied with this build. The floor-plan is your typical Danish family house. You might or might have seen some of the pictures before. This is the huge WIP I have been posting pictures off the past week. Yes, it took me over a week to finish @_@ 

Please accept this as a 700+ follower gift as a sign of my gratitude for your patience and loyalty to my silly blog ♥


Size: 40x30
Price: §100,348
Bedrooms: 4-5
Bathrooms: 2

Homey | Romantic Aura | Good schools


Get to work | Get together | City living
Spa Day | Dine Out
Romantic Garden | Cool Kitchen | Kids Room | Backyard Stuff

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Comes with ALL the CC, but you are free not to include it. CC in separate folders. 

Download (SFS) or via the gallery at XLilyChanX