on my 16th bday

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my 16th bday is in 9 days and im telling you this because.... 2001 kids ya know 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

ayyy sweet 16 my dude

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can we learn a little about cerise? if it's not asking too much..!

You just unleashed the floodgates holy crap GET READY

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yeah i relate to the other nose piercing anon, i want my septum pierced and i'm abt to turn 16 so i'm getting it done, but it took a lot of fighting to do so. i was always told "no one will think you're attractive", "you'll look like a butch", "boys won't like it on you" and it was SO ridiculous that my family was assuming that i would pierce my OWN FACE for other people!!? but it's whatever i don't let it get to me and on my 16th bday i'm getting it down so 🤷🏼‍♀️

pfffft yeah cause everything I do in my life is for boys

Hey so for the last couple of months I’ve been questioning my sexuality. Ever since I was 15 I thought myself to be bisexual, but the label didnt last for long. A couple months after my 16th bday, I started questioning whether or not I was something else. I thought abt pansexual for awhile, but it didn’t quite feel right.

Now, at 18 years old, and after years of struggling with trying to figure out who I am, I think I can safely say I’m a lesbian. It was a hard battle to get here, really. When I came out as bi to my parents, they quickly made me feel unsafe. Spouting the whole ‘as long as you don’t act on your sinful inclinations, god will accept you’ rhetoric. My mom questioned if I was a lesbian at first, and I think my brain went to bi bc it would keep me safer. There was relief on her face when I told her I was bi rather than a lesbian. And that’s where I started fighting with the idea of being a lesbian; because I was scared.

I still am, to be quite honest. Its no secret that the world hates lesbians. Lesbian is treated like a dirty word, like it should be kept a secret. But I’ve built a loving group of people around me, not just on Tumblr but irl. Every single one of you has given me the strength to push past the fear and embrace who I really am: a nonbinary lesbian. And I don’t want to hide it anymore.

For all those out there that are struggling to accept themselves; the battle will be hard. There will be more times where you feel like quitting and just be happy with the labels given to you. But I promise you, there will be a moment where you just won’t give a flying fuck. A moment where all the confusion will turn into clarity, and that will give you the strength to realize who you are, and not only that, start to accept who you are.

The fight doesn’t end here, I know that. I know that my family will never truly accept me. I know they think God will never accept me, but their version of God is not my version of him. And as long as I keep my new, healthier family around me, then there isn’t a thing I can’t do.

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hi!!! i'm alexia, i have alot of pets and my bday was on the 16th!!! i really like the flavor mint and i like tea. im just a hopeless romantic who sits alone at night thinking about what a good girlfriend id be. i have a cat, 4 dogs, and a lizard yes. my lizard is my favorite hes so so so cute. i sit on tumblr making and reading fanfics!!! 🌿🌿

Hi! It’s great to meet you and happy belated birthday!- Kris

B day Wish Rising

I know I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t talked to you all half as much as I’d like, but since my bday is technically tomorrow now (its june 16th) I thought I’d throw up a wish rising just in case

Bigger things:

-eggs since I’m addicted to hatching things
-metallic/alloy for my 2013 bday gal
-art of any of my lore kiddos (anyone in my lair with a familiar)

Little things:

-lair reviews
-questions about my dragons/lore so maybe I’ll find the inspiration to finish any of my half-written stuff or bios
-outfit ideas for any dragons
-mage tunics and scarves/cowls in pretty much every colour. I love those things.

Ootd. I’m an undercover magical girl! ;)
Today, I got my bangs trimmed and went to my nephew’s 16th bday. He wasn’t around much, though, so I hung out with my brother, sister in law, parents, my other niece and nephew, who are older than us and my niece’s kids. It was fun. My family is so silly and rambunctious. XD
On another note, my new stockings and my cardigan are perfect match it seems! ^_^
Top~ Kawaii Machine
Skirt~ Sweet Mildred
Socks~ Lolita Charm
Shoes~ Bodyline
Moon necklace~ Kawaii Power Up
Hair clip~ Bonjour Honey
Everything else~ off brand/etc.


Happy 33rd Birthday Prithviraj Sukumaran